Sunday, April 1, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Amanda

Amanda is not a person, but a character actually!

I chose her to represent the letter A today because of a few things. She wasn't the first character I had invented in my head; she is part of 13 sisters, and the oldest. No I choose her because of her personality that I still admire of her.

She has parts of personality that I give to her that I admired for my oldest sister. She is smart, witty and great leader, she know when to take a joke and when to become serious. She will do everything to protect her sibling, and will listen to them. She have an open mind and heart, she will accept everyone for who they are no matter what.

Amanda, when she pop in my head came (like I said above) with 13 sisters, her being the oldest and wisest. She is part eagle (courage and loyal) she have the long, strong wings and tail in her back. She have long brown hair that match her wings, she is usually wearing a long dress. Her golden eyes are piercing and can see everything.

Sometimes, when I go to my inner place for peace and quiet, it’s never quiet, I go to this really old, beat up, two story high house and she is often there, and I talk to her, to bring my though back in track, to take away the fog in my mind. She never left me; she is still inside me whenever I need her.

I still remember the 13 sisters, but not as much as her, which is a shame since I really liked those characters, they just need more...modification of a sort.

And this, was about Amanda, the loyal eagle. Next up Letter B like bamboo!



  1. lovely A
    by the way I posted mine B now do check it out too :)

  2. Very interesting. Have you written more about Amanda and her 13 sisters? I might enjoy reading more about her!