Sunday, November 28, 2010

Report 55 *crack glow sticks* :D

11/11/2011 -> I actually did wear glowstick bracelette for a week after I won NaNo2010.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Report 54, first write in online, MIGS, homework stats

Today I did my first online write in for NaNoWriMo, we did a few word war and it boost my writing a lot, I did 2000 word in okay well 2 hours, but its much better usually it takes me 4 hours to write 2000 word. I can't really say I made new friends but I did talk and no one judge me this time witch is great. I have now hit 20k today,which is awesome, I felt great. I also wrote a lot of none sense but who cares.

MIGS was awesome. I made a lot of connection, I still have to contact a guy for the price of prints of one of its concept art of the business. I have a few business card also, there is one place I really wish to go to. Its Silicon Knigh, they live near niagara falls and 30 minute away from toronto, which is a great place I visited it a few time. But I will need a few training during the summer. I want to be a technical programmer, which basically program arts. I need to know how to do models or how 3dMax works like that I can fix any art problems and I need to know 3dMax scrip because I will write code for the models, moving around or appear and disappear.

I want to great panels. I when to a pannel with a guy that work on the concept art of Avatar(nevil page I think), the blue people.I want to a speech on how hard MMORPGS are and tips on how to handle it better. and my favorite on is the game narative (Rafael chandler). The guy talk about how game story are really written, and he actually say how it was and its really is like a movie scrip more then a novel.

I meet a compagnie that knew about my college and come down to the Jalloo festival for quite a while. I told him he will see me this year XD In the end the bus ride was okay, I read a book on the way in, and half finish the second one. I finish it a few days ago at home when I was sick and couldn't sleep much.

I wrote a bit during the trip but not as much as I was planning. only 1700word in 3 days. But I mean I was very busy and I'm catching up now.

I sort off finish my homework that is due tomorrow. I mostly finish the paper work. I was so sick during that week I couldn't understand at all the code so I try my best. I also, started to play Oblivion at my boyfriend place, so I upload it here on my computer but I find it, not hard, but annoying how thing work and have no explication. I attack so many people when I didn't wanted to. So instead, it made me think of Minecraft, the way it is set up as a first person shooter. SO I bought Minecraft and been playing ever since. I like it a lot.

I also receive one package from my pen pal, I should send her a email to say thanks. I got a awesome Frixion pilot pen,green. Its you write with the pen and with the "eraser" you can erase your mistake. It doesn't even use the eraser at all which I like a lot. I want to go and get the rest of the colors when it come out in store here.

anyway I'm tired, I will go now,

take care!


PS no the image are not from my minecraft world I just took the first image from google.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Report 53, NaNoWriMo is doing very well!

If you can see form the progress bar on the...right! I am doing very well this week and will keep this up! If I continue to write 2000 per day I will probably finish a week early! There is also, you know a few report back I had so much problem with my SDL programming? not any more! :D After I look at some C# programming I just face palm myself and re start C++ and it is now working much better. Right now I should be working on the second assignment for Project Management, I only have 2 question on 7 so ...I will go back on home work. My reports will be very small this month.

Take care!