Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zenxara's Report 14

list of homework like that I don't ferget anything.

  • quiz in math friday
  • Flash assignment due today
  • Problem Set in Programming due the 10
  • quiz in Programming the 10
  • one concept paper Friday( write up today)
  • group project pictures (done) present today
  • plus an other concept paper but different from what he usualy ask.


PS: I find it funny that my bullet point transform into flowers want I post XD

07/01/2011-> I scratch that my bullet point is normal now. I change from different blog design.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zenxara's Report 13

YEAH 13! Best Number EVER....Next to 7.

Men... So its nearly end of the first term, so I'm ...well not pact with home work really. The only thing left before Christmas break is:
  • 1 quiz in Math
  • one last assignment for photoshop( that he give us today)
  • one last assignment in Flash
  • one last Problem set in Programing
  • one last critique ( that I will do soon)
  • and maybe a last quiz in Programming...not sure
  • I'm not quite sure what we're going to have for the design course, Why? because our teacher was sick for a month, and the only other teacher who can teach us, have a class in that time. So we use the extra time to work on Photoshop assignment.
...It look like a lot, but its not. Really. Plus I've been busy being a girlfriend XD I haven date for so long, it feel great to have a special someone next to you. The wurst, I NEARLY said no. If I would have said no, I would be this happy in my life. Since yeah, I wanted to wait after my studies to date, but I find that I have way more fun then I ever in the past year.

So less of me and more of other people. ( I feel selfish every time and I don't like people that only care if we talk about them, so I'm trying my best to not be them XD).

A few people in Animation had a great idea. They discovered that they have enough knowledge to make there own comic/story board or short animation. So they are getting together and try to make a magazine on Student work, or try to publish there work in a way. They ask the Head department already and she give her absolute cooperation since its a great idea.

I wish I could help in a way but the only thing I can work on is Flash so. BUT I told the idea to a guy in my class, he's a write, and the Animation group were saying that it would be interesting to have a writer to write short stories for comics or an animation of some sort.

I still have to tell my friend that he is interest to write for them though, when I want to there class they was no one so. That and it was still class time so...I will tell them when I be done here and have to go get the car XD they will be soo trill and happy~ haha

When I will have enough knowledge I will make a website and post some of my game stuff, concept idea, Photoshop works and some of my drawing and design. Show that I can do both stuff. I probably will help the Animation too, it sound really fun, and I miss drawing... anyway that all for me, I got a busy week, next week since everything will be due then...yeah.



07/01/2011-> the animation magazing didn't work, the pile of homework when on the way and a lot of the procrastination people where in the group and nothing was coming along.