Friday, August 28, 2009

Zenxara Report 3

( its 3 right?...okay )

In 3 days, its my birthday.

in 6 days, I will be in college again for my second year!

exited? hell yes.

OH OH annnnd in 32 days, Kingdom Heart 358\2 will be out. And I already pre-order my copie a few days ago. In the same time My best friend pre-order Scribblenauts just to get the pink hat that goes with it XD... I may buy that game later on.

Nothing much change from the usual. Except that I'm done work now. And moving crap in my appart.

Whats big news is that, My grand-mother bought a new puppy! BUT she can't take care of it so, was going to give it back to the previous owner, when my mother and sister went to see it... My sister love it, so bought it from my while she is working and my parent out...I have to dogsit that puppy...arrgg....

Its a pain. I have to make sure our big dog to not bite the puppy cause the puppy keep jumping on him. Poor dog...AND the cat hates my sister now XD witch I find hilarious.

The puppy is a girl...My mother call her Anook, while my sister call her Rikku...I call her " YOU SMALL DOG!" and push her around XD.

I like dog! don't take the wrong idea, I'm just not ready to have a second one in the house, especially in this time of the year! moving around, sister and Father working...Just my mother home but will soon have work...A 5 year old dog who hate small dog ( especially white one *giggles*) and a anti-social black cat. Ya...

I guess I'm more of a cat person, but I do want to have a dog later...really later on. I weird that I'm more excited to go to college them my own birthday?I don't really care for my birthday since the same thing happen every year and now my birthday present is tickets to go see 'circle Du soleil', witch was amazing by the way, its my second year I see them and I'm still amaze!

welll humm...I don't really have big news to say so, that's it.


PS: reading yaoi fanfic all summer make you girly, thank god I'm a girl XD

07/01/2011-> puppy still still supper excited, black cat less anti-sotial but now we have 2 cat and the dog at my parent place. Sister move to an apartment with puppy and black cat.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Zenxara Report 2

I'm on my break at work now, so I got time to write a lil report.I want to see a movie last friday, I saw Julie & Julia, I was good, in my opinion anyway. It give a after effect though. a) your hungry because of all the delicius food they shoow b) you have a boost to cook. or c) people will make blogs and write about anything really...

I'm on b). And I will cook a LOT for the 15 because my familly is doing a big party. Its "fete de L'Acadie!" the 15 so. My mom place me on cookies, salad side, and maybe cake...not sure. I zone out every time she start talking about the party so. I will probably just be there listening to old stories my father will say...

OH and I don't have the internet for a while at home but its a tiny detail. AND when college start I will probably post in the livejournal I made. I prefer the setting there. Its a shame. I will use teh blog for HTML tests XD since in my course I will have a html class...I think...>.>...


and I will probably doodle a lot because of my artsy friends XD and I need to do some character consept and all. I need to start drawing girls now since I only draw guys lately ( lately as in 2 months ago)...On Kingdom Heart fandom side. I finish my lexicon! ( Zexion's weapon) Its not perfect but I LOVE it anyway XD. I had the materials to make it like months ago and I finaly finish it saturday... the first day of no internet.

Thats all from me


07/01/2011 -> I lied I prefer the blog setting bit confusing at place but when you know where to search your good. Also I don't doodle as much as I expected then XD

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zenxara report 1

SO I kinda forgot I got this? I'm mostly there - Le robot sexy - witch is my friends and I Artsy blog XD.Even there, I barly post. I din't draw a lot latly I only write some story plot. If I disided to post them It will in the blog I link earlier... Annd probably in the livejournal I made, cause I got a 'friend' in there who is a writer, ( good one she go to college\universitie to be a writer) so she probably could give me some tips on some plots.

OK so I'm in , like I say a month ago, In a HUGE Kingddom Heart fandom right now. Mostly because IN a month Kingdom Heart 358\2 will be out, and trust me I'm soooo in line the day its out!... PLUS... even If i have chain of memorie for Game boy advence, I bought the RE:chain of memorie for KH2...even if my best friend have it, I wanted to have my own copy.

So yes I start to play RE:CoM on PS2 and I discovered that...Marluxia have one heck manly( sexy too) voice, I was suprise. I don't remember if in the game boy advence version they talk. Last time I played was like 3 years ago so...

So most of my time, the only thing I do is read, ya read. And write some time, but I din't write plot for quite for a while. I read soo many fanfic ( mostly Kingdom Heart, but I read some others) And I found some really good writers... witch explain the livejournal, I wanted to read other fanfic that she ( dual_avi) made so I made a Livejournal. I could comment but I'm not to good at expressing sometime, and she is like...A pro! I feel emberress to comment on her master pieces XP
OK so like I was soposed to post some art a week after the first post but, now I wont because I find my art crap, BUT I post them in 'le robot sexy'. Mostly its 3 character; 2 boy and a girl, who love to sing and make fun of other people ( mostly prep...and themslef...they are weird). It go in a futur world that I made. All city are in a dome that protect them from acid\toxic rain.There is people around who is called pixie, because they are computer projection ( the computer is a watch they have). Those people protect the humain if there is a accident with the major dome, aka it breaks. ( they hit their watch, and makes a mini dome).

So ya technicly does 3 live there.Have drama high school life....OH I forgot to add the vampires...ya in some of my stories in the world I ...'tried' to explain, have some vampires in them ( those one DO NOT SPARKELS thank you very much...). They drink warm blood, ( no shit) and live the night only, ( they can live the morning, because the dome give fake light, but its still light, the vempires turn to dust ...just slowly{ its like canser with no cure, ouch})

SO if your a restorant and whant to do the 24\7 thing you CAN, with the aide of vampires XD. But only some of my stories have vampires, Im not fond of them . ( since the 'twilight' bug happen)

so ya back to the drama high school life character. Anyway, they live normaly, have fun and such till POOF ~ there is a young girl from the past comming out of no where and their stuck with her... some experiment with scientist. And it just happen that the young girl is a really famous inventer in the futur. So plus drama with the young girl, plus trying to hide her futur because it could alter it ( past going in futur can change it but futur going to the past can stay normal...if s\he shut up XD)

tl;dr- drama\adventure\romance\humor...and lots of fun and experiment XD

thats it for me today ( post in 3 place XD)


PS: sorry for the mistakes.I correct them when I can see them.
PSS 07/01/2011 I see them I just don't want to correct them since it show the gradual of me learning how to spell.