Thursday, September 30, 2010

Report 46,Skechbook project tour, NaNo and assigment

holly blue cows, I will hit the 50 reports soon, sad I'm the only one reading this blog. Any how to business.

Like I state on my previous report, I had a dream for a good story and I wanted to write that story for NaNo, but I was debating since I place long hours thinking and giving birth to characters I like with my fantasy story and I didn't want to leave it. BUT few days ago I saw on a post in NaNo forums this Sketchbook project tour and it got me thinking. I can do what ever with that sketchbook and give it back for million of people to read or see. Soo I decided to write my fantasy story in that sketchbook! I have to unbind it to place more page in it tough, since I plan it to be a 50k word novel. Now in November I will write my spy idea novel ( which I still have much to plan, character placement and I want to take a real place to give the realism factor) and in December, I will write my fantasy novel!

My friends are participating to the sketchbook project too, since you know they are animators.And I will be the lonely programmer writing in the sketchbook haha. Also on writing subject, NaNo forums will be wip out tomorrow! Its my first year and I can't wait oddly to start fresh and new with fallow WriMos. I was soo excited this week to see who will post first and what would people talk about that I neglect my home work to much, now I have 7 hours of tutorial for Unity 3D to catch up for the group project.

  • group project for Project Management course
  • box Helicopter for 3D animation programming
  • paper work for cooperative Programming ( will work during week end since I can do that on the laptop easily)
  • Artificial Intelligence programming.. well I just finish a paper for that so I don't have to worry for it till next week.
  • Emerging trend... I finish that thank god. It's an interesting course, mostly talking and try to find new tools for programming or 3D that would bring that job must easier.
All in All I have big course this semester, but oddly its not that hard, I'm just lazy and because I didn't programme all summer I forgot a few things. That's why I laught when I was better at programming in two new language I'm learning in Comperative Programming then C++ the language I learn for the past 10 month.By the way the two programming language are Python, and Java. I don't really like C# much, but I love Python, its so easy. After you understand how it works.

On other note, me and my boyfriend had been talking, since my car is really old we need a new one soon, but we both hate small car and love jeeps. So my boyfriend had the idea, that next year he is taking another student loan and since he didn't touch the one of this year, we will accumulate the money and buy a Equinox Chevy in 2012. That's our goal. I will be working so incomes will come in and I can pay my bills and save a bit by bit every month. Though in the same time I want to change bank so it will be a bit hard in a way.

Also, when my boyfriend will be done school, we both want to move out and work in PEI, its a bit risk, but there is good game industry there, we probably ahve to make sure we have a job before we move, but if it happens like my sister, they only hired local people, so I want to move there and show an awesome portfolio and work there... I still probably want to work as a librarian then though, And when I have less bill to pay I notice that the PEI university have creative course, I am considering to take them. by that time I will have a few novel under my belt. And some mobile games too. We are thinking big ( so so) and far ahead but a year pass really fast when you have fun doing something you like, so I prefer to think now of things I can do before it is throw in my face and would have to walk in a bad path ( mind you they will all be ruff, but at least I wont be miserable).

So just like I promise myself in one of my big,fun,scary list is to write a novel each month, well two is on the way. The only thing is the fantasy one will be a donation kinda to a expo/library. I will write a note on the beginning to explain what it is to me and all and I may do another email address and ask for people opinion on the story and to send me an email. Since it will only be a dummy email I don't care for the crap I will receive! I can just delete the bad stuff.

Some guy I use to work with long time ago did something, not similar be the idea is near the same ( make them cosine or something) What he would do is by a Harry Potter book, read it and inside he would write his name and phone number in pen, and just leave it in a public place. He told us that he did it for all the Harry Potter book ( the 5 one just came out then) and only one person called to say he found his book. HE told the guy that he could keep it, he only like to read a book once and leave it to someone else that he doesn't know. The guy only leave the book in a public place again.

My idea with my novel is quite the same since its a tour, my novel will travel in different area in the unite stats and people around will pick up my book and read it. If someone want to take the book home they have to scan there library card and the bar code on the book and all the information is only for me to read. ( only my book.) I wont be able to publish that novel again, but at least people will pick it up and read it, and with the note inside with my other fake email I will know if someone like it. or catch some eye.

Aww now I can't wait for NaNoWriMo to start! I ask my boyfriend ( since he is a cook) if he could do munchies for me, healthy ones since I really need it this year, and he told me so. I will have carots and apple slices, some chocolate hidden in a box cause he will take them away from me. I will probably have different fruits or veggies knowing him. KIWIS! I so love kiwis I want that too.Strawberry's... and stuff...

HO I will soon start a collage of my other "big, fun, scary list of stuff I want to do and have in 3 to 5 year to come" I have all the picture in my usb I just bought a board and now I just need to print, cut and glue together. It's funny cause when I was talking about it to Scott he said I wouldn't need PEI as vacation on my list since we will live there. HE never read the book "The Secret" but the way he said it is just like the principle of the secret, he talk as if we are moving to PEI already ( may be my fault I keep talking about it). I ask him if there is something, a goal he wish to reach one day to just print it out and glue it with my list, but he just kiss me so I take it he have all he needs. LOL.

I think that's all... the bar show me it is going to be a big report so I end it here, the last September post! Before I jump into October in NaNOWriMo life! So excited~

take care,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Report 45; Dreams are scary but I love them

I had a dream last night that could consider as a spy movie. I love the idea so much that when I woke up I just took my new sharpie pencil, what ever piece of writing source around and start to write the scene/ idea down.And I love that story! I'm actually thinking of using that story idea for NaNo more then the fantasy one from before.If I have time to come up with the characters first.

The story is all base around sibling relationship. I have the older brother and 2 young sister. The older brother is a prodigy and now a plane pilot. The oldest girl is now 18 and out to studies but really she only parties all day since she doesn't like what she is force to studies because of the parents. The youngest girl is the main character and completely ignored by her parents, since she is consider as a trouble maker, or really a trouble finder!

The scene I dream was the sibling was in a fair having fun, but when the oldest where talking about studies the youngest find that she was left out and start to explore by herself. And she saw someone get killed.The killer saw her and while she was running away to find her sibling, the Killers caught her and her brother and sister. They are brought to an hotel where the brother was able to escape. The two sister was brought in a limo and on the drive the Oldest sister bash the young one so the killer decided to save the oldest life. They brought them at a home ( that I soon knew it was the killers oldest son's house) and behind the house there is a small cliff after the cliff there is a river with rapids. They throw the youngest sister in a boat to try to get her killed as an accident in the rapids. Nearly work but she jump out in time and swam to the cliffs. she climb and throw a locket for her oldest sister to know she was alive.

And that was my dream, I basically wrote a back story that would help or explain how to start the novel. But now I'm like missing 2 act to finish the novel! I never read books with story similar to it so I don't know how to approach it. I know a few books but I can't buy them yet, so I'm thinking of watching movies base on those books. But if any of you have a spy adventure book that you want to share with me I would be grateful. The one I have in mind is Alex rider, I remember watching the movie with my dad and I love does kind of movie so why not read the book yeah?

Anyway I will go and edit some stuff around, take care!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Report 44, Lots of stuff

I'm in class and the space bar suck so bear with me for a while k? k.

So yesterday I saw a football game in Moncton! it was awesome. My boyfriend got a sun burn but oddly I didn't and we were sitting next to each other XD I finally receive my Kobo eReader, I also got the New Sharpie Pencil. A lot of reviews online said it was a piece of crap ( bought it anyway I wanted to test it myself) and really I don't find it bad at all. The only thing missing to test is the dry after 3 days... Okay I will explain a bit. The new Sharpie pencil is a liquid pen with graphite in it that will write and erase like a pencil, but it is said after 3 days it dry's up and act like a pen! And a lot of reviews on Amazon said that the liquid flow was bad and leave a lot of shunk of ink in one place or doesn't write on the other. But I wrote a page or too and even drew with it and the flow was okay. Yes if you didn't press on the page it would draw much.

The other bad review was that the ink wasn't black but a light gray. I say they need new glasses or they don't know how to write with a pencil. The ink was gray yes, but a really dark gray, I compare with a normal pencil next to it and the normal pencil was more light gray the the sharpie pencil.

And for last, is that it doesn't dry after 3 days. I only try it 2 days ago so I can't compare yet, but even with 2 days, yes at some place I could erase but not a lot.So it look like it was working for me, I will try again tomorrow or the next day to prove again my theory, or more likely the sharpie theory.

I also wrote down the list of things I want to buy in the near so future, yes 5 years from now is noting for me. Ho darn I forgot the Equinos car in the list...I think... Anyway, this is all the things I want to buy and do in the future, make it vocation/ voyage, furniture, decoration and others. Books are in my book list under, but now that I have the Kobo, I can buy for cheap and don't have to wait for shipping! My sister bought one too, in black, last Saturday.

We want shopping for new clothing because... My uncle only have 6 month to live. He have cancer for the past 3 years and the doctors can't do anything for him now and sad as it is, me and my sisters had to shop for good funeral clothing. I good black pants and a new wool shirt with a big belt around the waist. I bought 2 dress skirt in case too.

...NO MORE DRAMA, okay change of subject. In November, not only will I do NaNoWriMo but I also volunteer to go for free in MIGS ( Montreal International Game Summit...not sure for the International bits tough) and since the tickets where 175 ( now 200$) all the bilingual people in class apply to be volunteer to go in for free. We all got in thanks to a guy in my class that pull strings to get our name in there, even to be able to pay the percentage off after the set dates they place because we are a big group. ( like 22 people, and its 2 class XD)

Not only that but I have the group project due In November so I have a lot so scheduling to do, but wurst come to wurst, I will waking up one hour early every day to write the 1667 word quota everyday for NaNo. No matter what I want to work on NaNo.

okay I need to go, even if I want to talk about the release of pokemon Black and white and how awesome it is, but my roommate is waiting for me to leave so

Take care!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Report 43, dreams are scary

(Okay this post have the HIGHEST stats, meaning its the most popular...what is so awesome for everyone to read that post? please comment)

I had a dream last night. One part of it was a plot, or place to help one story I have in mind. The other part, was weird. It was simply me and my bestfriend at her place and she was planning a birthday party, whit my post its every where in her room and stairs. Not any kind of post its, the one I filled with story plot, character names and odd things, I have no idea what she was thinking of doing, but that's what dream are.But that's not the point, she was telling me who she was inviting to the party and one name came out that surprise me, I was happy and so excited when she said that she invited her.

"her" is an old friend we had in high school, she was a good friend of mine, we both love coming up with stories and she would actually listen to me rambling about dreams and characters. Anyway, I was excited because I remember that she loved to write stories and I thought ( in the dream) to ask her if she was doing NaNoWriMo and if she would want to be buddies for this year! And that's when I woke up, still with the idea to ask her to be my buddy for NaNo.

I was all pump this morning and excited because I could just ask her to be my writing buddy, if she still write. And then that's where it hit me. I have absolutely no contact whats so ever with her. We lost contact 3 month after she moved away. So now I'm still down. I did try to find her contact the only problem I don't remember her last name XD Im so sad. Any way I tried to find her on some fencing, sword club website since I remember that she love to do that sport, but I guess they are only good at sport not website.

It's kinda odd on how, even after years of never talking or even thinking of her, she pop out in my dreams, and more often then not, my dreams mean something, even if its small ( I pass a math test thanks to a dream XD). so In a way I think that she would help me with my writing, that would explain the party planning with my story notes and her on the guest lists.

...On other note, my anti-virus talk in pirate talk now! lol because the 19 its talk like a pirate day, and my anti virus is Avast, which mean something loong time ago in the pirate language ( don't remember) and to celebrate they made a fild that change the normal English to pirate English XD Its awesome. I don't understand a single thing but it's still awesome.

My teacher love pirates therefore for that day, not only did he talk like a pirate, he dress up like one. And it was a festival so all Miramichi saw him and his crew of pirate volunteering for the festival.It's sad that it's on a sunday, the pirate day, it mean the new first year wont know about talk like a pirate day, sad sad, and lost for them.

Anyway back to my search crew, take care!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Report 42, back to school

And back to school, second your of Game Programming study will be done in 10 months. or close. I just past my first week as a second your student and man I already have work! But nothing much, I did a 2 slide show on Saturo Iwata, the director of Nintendo. I will have to write a paper on Pokemon AI. Learning new language and writing about the process. All the new jazz, HO and I have a major project ( that I'm supposes to work on right now but I don't feel like it. Like ever) where its build a project in group. The project can be anything, that's why I didn't say game.

My group, we decided to build a mobile game with Unity, a 3D program, but most programmer in my group ( including me) never program in Unity so while we do the paper work, we do tutorial on how Unity works!Humm I should write down what our game is to post on the website. Forgot about that. Oupss

There is also in my 3D programming class we start again in just building a cube ( or my British box XD I pronounce the word box in a British accent.) and I was the first one who was able to make a box and every time we press the space bar I shoot box XD the Assignment is to make the class box in a different file and call it every-time I press the space bar in different shape, size and color.Its due Wednesday. I only have to call it now and I'm done. I can work and finish that today too, but I want to write instead XD

I want shopping with my best friend in Moncton yesterday. I used my gift card of chapters and bought, P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern and the Power by Rhonda Byrne. Its another "the secret" book. I like to read them to boost my moral haha. I bought a few magazine and the first of Bakuman manga. I read that online but its a good series that make me continue reading so I buy to suport the series.

I also bought, just today, the new Sharpie liquid pencil online. a friend read to me it wont come in store so I try to get it with cheap shipping. I bought 2 for 14 buck! I know it have a lot of bad reviews, but I want to try them for myself, and even if it doesn't dry, I still have a cool awesome pencil in my hand now!

HOO I also got Kingdom Heart: birth by sleep! One game less in my list! now just pokemon ranger and pokemon white... monster tale too wait is that the title?lets see I have Nintendo power next to me...Ho hey yeah Monster tail. and then there is Wii game, epic mickey, Kirby's epic yarn, Donkey Kong country return! and more. I will get the wii games later more in the next summer, I like DS much more. and well , I will buy the 3DS when its out. May way a few months though, in case there is problems with the first batch.

I'm getting more idea coming for novel now that NaNo is coming faster! I got a new idea when my boyfriend was watching the movie, "she's out of my league" My idea is similar to the movie, mostly the guy will be a game programmer ( oh may) and teaching programming at a college ( might as well take a subject I know well XD, teacher always say to write about what you know. and I know college!) and the girl will be really pretty ( no shit) and have a steady job of some sort. I don't know her part yet. BUt I have a scene, where the guy invite girl to a lan party, sure that she wouldn't come, yup she does and she know the game enough to beat a few ass.

That's all I have now but I am brain storming, coming up with a few scene I can work with. I don't really want to say I definitely work on the Holly's story for NaNo, but I have a big feeling that it will be that one. I probably work on Daniel's in December.Me and a guy in class was talking about NaNo and we both conclude that with the amount of project that will be due in November we didn't know how we will do NaNo, but I know what I will do. I will write in the morning. I will wake up one hour earlier and work on my novel 1667 work at a time! I will probably be tired after November, but I doubt it. Im a morning person. Ish. And if I'm done work later the day in college I can work on it on paper or on my usb!It's the perfect plan. Since you know in November I also have the 3 days of MIG's I can just work on it on my laptop. Or paper on the drive there.

I will work with my new pencil coming! Well I'm out of word write now. I will continue reading my book and play bejeweled on facebook. I love that game XD I can play Diablo, but I don't feel like it.

well take care!