Monday, April 30, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Zed/ Zerox

And its the final Its been a great challenge. I meet a lot of new people and learn a lot. It was a adventure that turn in a different way then I expected and really enjoy it, I really want to do this again that's for sure.

For the last day of the challenge, I have Zed, this is how I pronounce the letter Z. It's being made fun a lot because its what a Canadian thing? But I'm proud of my odd pronounce.

I do argue about that over the Telly when people say Zee I'm like "NUUUUU ITs Zed Zed!! Get ittt?!" Scott just look at me with a WTF expression and just shake his head.

The other thing I want to talk about is my Character Zerox ( pronounce like Xerox by mistake, I knew it sounded familiar until my best friend laugh her ass off and say "Like the paper company?" and I was like oh shit! But no, its just supposed to be Zero ( cause he is a super looser in the popularity chart of high schoolers) and just add the X at the end.

Xerox have flaming red hair and dress like a punk, though he have a very weak immune system so when he catch a cold he has to be stabilize at the hospital to make sure his heart doesn't fail.

His parents are rich bastard that didn't really plan to have him so they just give him everything to make him shut the hell up.But they are not heartless enough and make sure he stay alive and is careful during rainy days.

He is gay of cause and in love with another guy who treat him like shit ( My mom use to say if a by pick on you often it mean he love yeah? It sucks and you just want to kill the guy to leave you alone? Yeah that kind of shit.)

But in my story I have that, Zerox was assigned to a ghost to bring his shit up, because he was considering suicide. The girl was able to give him purpose and love to his life, but it ends up he became sick outside ( got in a argument with his parents, didn't plan that it was going to rain) in the rain, his cellphone die and cant contact anyone. I made that the ghost, who can't leave his side try to contact Xehart ( The jerk that Zerox love) and made him just have ideas that hey he wants to go see his now new friend Zerox and find him in time in the rain to bring to the hospital and make a huge scene of confessing their love ( And Xehart yelling at his duchy parents)

ALLL that in the futurictic world. Yeah, I have a huge imagination, and it wasn't a dream! HO okay it was a daydream. I just created Zerox for the hell of it and the rest of his story came up. And I like ghost so I had to add a reason to place a ghost in the story, just had too.

Also I dont edit, at all so all mistake are my own.

Take care :D


Saturday, April 28, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Yonks

Yonks > pl. n. (informal)
     a very long time.

Just to say I laugh my ass off reading this because I just think its a sound effect like someone just take something quickly under someone else nose ( Yoinks). Its hilarious. When I tried to find a good word for the letter Y to talk about, like usual I took out my electronic dictionary...and laugh my ass off XD

"SO how long is it going to take you?"

I just, it makes me laugh, I wanted to share that XD


...yonks /snort

Friday, April 27, 2012

A-to-z Blog Challenge - X

X... just that... the letter x.

Okay so really, honestly I had no flipping idea what to talk about the letter x when I used my electronic dictionary I had like 6 entry with word starting with the letter X. I could talk about the X-men? But I only watch the movies, I don't know much about ( EXCEPT THEIR FLIPPING COOOL!)

But then I remembered my username I use everywhere. My Username is Zenxara ( hence my email address durb)

But the story behind how I decided the name is soo random. MY first nick name ever was Sen. I don't know why or why it just is. But then I fell into the Kingdom Heart fandom and there this Organization 13 the bad guys and all of them have the letter x in it! and with the translation its basically the letter of their name mix match with a x patching everything up in there. SO with that in mind I took the nick name and the letter x and just try to make a good match. Didn't work BUT then my petty of the letter Z ( Zed) cause its never being used as often as it should and being pronounce different ways all the time, anyway I petty that letter so I change the S of Sen into a Z, becoming Zen, with the x in middle "Zenx" and I just came up with the rest to make it sound feminine and right, so Zenxara. It just became that.

Because I petty the letter Zed and like the Organization 13.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Witch

I love magic okay like, really do. There is thing that we cant understand why it happens that way in the world.

Like...Okay I'm going to tell a story. My oldest sister, since she was a kid she was allergic to food colorant. SO she was really limited to what she was able to eat, but as she grew older it would only get wurst to wurst so much that she was getting allergic to the country air. NO its true, when she left to go to the university, her body go so used to the air in the city that during the summer, when she moved back in her throat just slowed up for no reason! Then she got a burn out from working three job in the same time and had to take a year long break because the depression fell in when you know your ALLERGIC TO FLIPPING EVERYTHING even the medicine.

They went to EVERYTHING masseuses, Acupuncture and other things. My mom was desperate, she was taking care of my oldest sister who was so burn out couldn't be left alone in the house and sleep t3/4 of the day.

I don't know how my mom got to know that women, but with the line of work she did, It didn't really matter, but she ask for at least to see what she could do for my sister, at least to help her in the depression because it was bringing her down her health a lot. SO mom brought Jess down to see this lady. She is very nice, always smiling and speaking french really slowly.

Shes a Naturapath ( actually shes a bit different she's like a masonaturopath she doesn't ask to take medecine or herbs like the 'real' Naturopath ask you to take)

With the help of just her hand and knowledge she explain that there is a set over energy link every where in your body ( the Chakra? yeah that) and the allergies or anything that block you is because there is a not or a block in the path of your energy and what she do is unblock those energy. There is 12 ( I think) first treatment of the basic element of food, material and metals. After you do the treatment, depending of your age ( like kid, teen, adult) you have to stay away from the type of food your being treated with, like example when I took the treatment for metals, the last one of the basic I only needed to wait 12 hours to stay way from anything metal, buttons, doorknobs and all that. SO I stay in bed since I took the treatment on a Friday night I just had to wait, but I took out a binder that I printed some story out and I touch the rings and I could feel cold stream running down my arm that I touch the metal with and it was freaky, I could feel my arm getting heavy so I just quickly did my points ( rubbing in circle part of your body where the energy link intersect the most, it unblocks the path and let the good energy flow)

Well that lady, that wonderful lady made her clientele with just us. She is so close to us now that if we needed a emergency treatment ( happen once or twice) She actually open her doors to us ( we do pay her anyway even if she refuse so) My Sister was her first real client and if she wanted to test something new, its us she call first because she know how much in bet we are to her.

My sister, Jess, the kid who was forever allergic to food colorant, ate her first sugar full candy 5 years ago...and got sugar high and decided to clean the whole house in her under pent. It was something.

She eat fish where before just the smell made her hand swollen up red. She ate chocolate where the only thing she knew was people telling her about how good it is. She can travel!

last year, or the year before, was the first time, I saw her without the allergic bracelet she had on her wrist for years.

My cousin who couldn't hear from his left ear was able to hear whisperer only after the third treatment ( he has it fully recovered now) They try to see if we could recover my vision also, because my eyes never develop to see perspective, but I polity refused after the first treatment, I didn't like it and I've been this way for so long I didn't want to be all clumsy with a new vision ( like getting new glasses, but wurst.)

My little cousin, who was always hyper in school, playing and had to take those pills for kid to slow them down, after a few treatment my aunt throw those things away. Not everything can be cured by pills or surgery. You just have to know what is causing those effect and if they are all natural, hey its just a block somewhere in your body and you can get it fix.

My dad called her the Witch as in the good way ( one because he cant never remember her name), because she cured my sister when no one else could and or give up on her case.

Nathuropath, check it, cured my mom arthritis.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Report 116 Nuzlocke

OKay so two stories. OKay? K.

So At work, I'm wearing this black apron that all copies associate supposed to wear okay? and there's three pockets, on my right one I have like...3 pens hand cream and a exacto knife, but like, I always loose my pens! All the time! Like two days ago, I give one if my good pen ( can write on the receipt paper men! Its hard to find.) to someone I cant remember if it was to a client or a coworker, but anyway I didn't receive it back.

But like all the time I do this I don't worries about it, 'cause I manage to always find it back! No matter what. This morning, when I was setting back our display box for the email capture contest, we have like a glass that hold our pens and here it was, my pen! So I just smile brightly, grab it and place it back at its place in my right pocket on my apron, but I guess I must have made some kind of face because one of my manager snorted and the other just laugh and shake her head. It doesn't take a lot to impress me or make my day, my Lead find it funny, sometime she make it just like that to see my expression and make her day 'cause they all find it hilarious and cute XD And I don't exaggerate, I just express myself a lot because it makes me happy.

Other story, is about the Nuzlocke challenge. Its a challenge where you play pokemon but hard mode

1. can only catch one pokemon per route. it faint, its dead you have to release it.

I start it last year on my heartgold, I lost a lot of good fighter and I'm nearly done the challenge, I'm training to get my last badge, but out of the blue I started a new challenge on my Diamond and since I wasn't far and I kept talking about it, Scott start his on my Perl. Its the same gen and so we record everything and later I will write a script where both our character do the adventure together, like me and Scott are doing right now. But the funny part is that, I started the game with my main character from heartgold in mind so its a guy and Scott want absolutely that it was you know a romantic thing with a couple, so he is playing a girl XD I'm the one mostly taking all the detail, he just pin point who he capture who died, if he is training and all that.

I talk about the Nuzlocke challenge to one of my coworker when the pokemon topic came up, because I swear ( "OH Shuckles!") He's going to try it with the originals game he got.

Its a really hard challenge, But it build this connection with the pokemon you train with you  like they are real friends. Scott lost a lot of pokemon already in his game but only now does it start to actually make an effect on him. Before it was just like, "ho shoots, well I have another one". NOw its more like "NOooooo, I liked that pokemon, god dammit!"

I flipping cried when I lost a good pokemon in my heartgold, fucking cried! ( TAR! WHHY WHHHHY TAAAAAAAAR) I know the feeling of just loosing a good friend in pokemon so I train hard and dont take chances as much as I used to. I aslo notice on how it effect my game play when I play my Black where its not my nuzlocke challenge game and its only for fun. I notice because when one of my pokemon died when I was training I went to the pokecenter, then bought a shit load of potions like that it wouldn't happen again. Every time they where close in like yellow life I would heal, instead of taking the risk even if I could just go to the pokecenter after they die.

I like the Nuzlocke challenge because it gives me a reason to care and to play.


A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Vampire

I only have one Vampire character, I don't remember his name right now, but I know that he drink blood, he combustive in light and is the neighbor boy from the main character. I made that he has a power to be unseen by people he don't want them to see him.. He is the middle child in his family, it just happen that, he was dying and his father beg the doctor to do anything to save his son, and the doctor called a Dr Vampire who sort off saved him, but now his father is being a dick because he is abnormal ( basically he would have prefer his son dead then being a monster, when he was the one begging to do anything.)

I have nothing against vampire characters or werewolf, but its being really over used right now  because of the Twilight boom. But I can see that its slowly going down with the Hunger Game boom.

I miss the time where it was about magic and super powers.

Anyway, I had this story about the Vampire character wanting to protect the girl, and its the first time he actually have those kind of feeling before, The girl is not really scared of him, well she is, but she is curious more then anything because he is the only vampire in his family, he have an older sister and a baby brother.

I have nothing against different Vampire, I read the Twilight series, and really enjoyed the first book ( the other ones not so much, but really liked the first one.)

The story with the vampire is really old, I started to write it ( blindingly! No outline! D:) in french when I was in high school ( Instead of listening to some history presentation, it was boring okay?)The only thing I really liked is the title I called it Vepanriten ( French made up word, and even I don't remember how to pronounce it, its been THAT long XD), If I remember correctly its a nickname his sister gave to the vampire a mix of his name and the word Vampire (DHU). I actually don't remember his real name just that nickname, I change the title to " My neighbor is a Vampire" Like a romance comedy chick lit kind of thing.

I wrote a bit more of that story, cause it was stuck in my head, and I wrote it that the name of the vampire is named William ( AGAIN!) but I wrote it a few years after the original so really I think it was just a filler.

those characters came to me again in a dream, where the boy was just really a Gothic guy and was sticking out like a sore thumb in the new family ( in my dream I was living in my bestfriend place and the new family moved at my parent place), I just go so attrack by the boy because he was sooo different from his prepee all go looky family that I just wanted to know more of him. I woke up with the feeling still in. And I wrote it down in a notebook, like I do to every dream that catch my attention.

So note to self: Dream are epic.


Take care!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Universe

I have, in a story that the planet earth is part of the 7 universe ring. ( where my character James and Genito are from the number 5 ring.)  People from the first and second ring, are more advance and intelligent and decided to make some probes that make some sort of invisible shield that stop all kind of space ship the planet earth send to investigate the secret of the universe.

The people decided to stop and hide the truth from Earth because we are consider as a deterioration species, where were ever we land we will exploit the natural recourse until the planet die, earlier then it was said. We kill everything in our touch. We will dig in the deep of the planet to find resource because we are greedy species.

Its just like a story I told myself to go to sleep, but I woke up and wonder, what if its true? Ho shiit.

Its very scary, I mean we don't whats beyond there, its a whole new experience and discovery, s everything I make up in my mind can be true somewhere and we don't even know!

I love looking at the stars outside during summer time, there is time where its so beautiful where we can see everything! It make me feel small and wonder about the other life there, about what is there other then us.

Its scary but it gives me a trill, a good one, because it gives me a reason to give teories and write about to share it with other and make a flipping great book about it.

There is always more to what there is, we just ahve to open our eyes to see it.


Monday, April 23, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Tea

Green Tea two sugar please!

Story time!

Okay so, on Sunday my family, we usually go down to have breakfest to my grand parent place, and when we're all done eating my Grand mother serves coffee or tea, and  at first I saw my oldest sister ask for a green tea, I was like whaaaat? I ask her when she started to drink tea? She said she don't remember, just something she must have pick up at the university.

Two years ago, same deal but it was my cousin! I ask her, since when you drink tea? She said, don't know, a while I guess? And she was just finish up her course at the University, so my mind, the great mind of mine, though HEY do we start drinking Tea or coffee when we go to college or University like grow up/ adult? NAAA

HA I Drink tea, green tea and really I cant tell you WHEN I started to drink it! But I can tell you... I was in college XD

My theory is that, we are so work out that students start drinking tea/ coffee to get their energy back because hey being a grow up Adult is tough. Takes a lot of your money and energy. Need caffeine to finish it.

... Funny I got super sick mental and Physically that it took me a month to get back my bearings... yet I'm going back! :D

Anyway do you ( for who drink coffee and tea) remember when you started drinking coffee or tea? Sugar? Milk? :D


Saturday, April 21, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Scotty actually my boyfriend! :D We've been together for 3 years...I think, wait, SCOTT!!...Yup three years. around..ish. He remember those stuff more then me.

Anyway I mention him often, and My Best friend that I slip her real name time to time, because they are close to me and are very important in my life. That and my oldest sister too.

I first meet Scott during class actually. It was our English communication class, and it was three course mix in one. The Media studies ( where he was in) Programmers and 3D artist. The class was mix and we where partner up in group for a project, and it just happen that we where both in the same group. I actually didn't really look at him until I help with the drawing part for our project. I look up and I was like damn he is hot. But he look like the kind of guy to date like a nurse/ doctor, really smart pretty girl.

and I was in some kind of depression on that time, I was with all kind of Kingdom heart accessories on me, I had chains and belt, black and white rings, I had wrist bands ( wrist warmers more then anything) and like a king of glove with only one wholes for the thumb to go through? yeah that. I was just... well most of my high school time I didn't have time to act my age, so I was just catching up. NO make up and no care in the world, I would snark and snort and steal my candy away from praying hands.

I don't really know how it happens, but I think it was at the end of one group meetings, my cellphone was dead and I needed to call my best friend for a ride home, and it just happen that he was there when I curse and try to think of the apartment number when he ask if I needed a phone. I did took his phone to make the call, but I ask the security guard for the phone book XD.

(" It's not the first time I gone to college you know"
"really what did you study before?"
"If I tell you, you wont stop bugging me"
"I probably wont, so what is it?"
"I'm a cook"
"Okay yeah, your staying with me.)

When my best friend came back, I ask if he needed a lift and that when we knew he live like just across the road we live, in the giant yellow house. ON the ride back my my best friend give me the okay to date, I laugh because, hell I know I was beat red from blushing and I could really say anything.

(" I actually have one ear pierce three time"
"yeah ho and my nipple"
"Its true and I have this dragon tattoo that takes my whole back"
"That I have to see, STRIP STRIP STRIP!!")

But it was the first time my best friend actually approved of someone I wanted to date, so heck I tried to live the most I could.So I flirt. A bit. I mean I never did in my life flirt so I didn't know how, but I did control a bit, like I was always sitting next to him during group meetings, I would place a hand on his arm our shoulder when I wanted to talk to him, and just be a bit in his personal place when I was showing him how Photoshop work.

(" You suck at games"
"I'm usually not that sucky"
"Its probably because your next to me"
"Agreed, your making me bad. HO HEY wonna play Pokemon Stadium?"

Then, the animation threw a gaming night, where we would bring are console and play old game all together like friends. He play Mario with me but I kept dieing I was embarrassed, so laughing I challenge him to pokemon stadium 1 on the N64 and beat his sorry ass! HA!

I'm actually the one who ask him out ( he still denie it) but there was this movie he wanted to see and just on our day off, I check what movies were out for the heck of it ( no really I wasn't thinking of anything and I just... done it) and when I saw the movie was there I text him that. And he ask if I wanted to go with him.

Okay yes It is him who ask me out, but how flipping long would it have take if it wasn't me whoTEXT HIM THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE MOVIE! so yeah. I'm awesome.

But oh god we were sooo clumsy, like you have no idea, it took us like a month and a half ( maybe more) before we could kiss normally XD He was very patient with me, he still is, and he know my twerk now, he know when I'm having a anxiety attack before I know it, he know when I need him close and when I just need fresh air. It took us a year until we fell down like a real couple. the second year I was sick like a dog because of the school stress, the third year, we are normal, well as normal as we can be.

I love him and dear god I am happy I made those calls.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Read

Yeah, come on. Who doesn't like to read a good flipping book now a days right? right?

But I gonna tell you a little secret.

I hated reading when I was a kid. HATE IT! Loved making up stories as I play outside, but staying inside and read? ho hell no. I think I was what 9? 10? when I actually read a full book ( Harry Potter FTW) It took me a whole year to read it, and I find it HILARIOUS that I finished it, on the waiting room of my Optometrist.
It was the first time in ever that I didn't need medication in my eyes, and I was damn. She ask me what I've been doing and when I said I just finish reading a book, she said that reading actually help healing my eyes to be better. So I read, A LOT!

I think, going back that I didn't reading for the fact that I couldn't grasp as quickly like the others. I read like a paragraph or a page a night and I had to read it once or twice before it registered in my mind what the hell I was reading. My comprehension was like... Zero percent. ( 1 reason why I failed a lot of my class. Or well close to failed.) It took bit by bit, before I am at the speed I am now. But men I can still remember the day where It took me months to read a simple 200 page paper back, now give it to me for the afternoon I'll tell you the damn story XD

JK Rowling books change my life completely. Not only did she give a GREAT story for the kids, she help me straight my eyes and build my comprehension skills. Give me a love that I would never have know ( or would but much, much later)

I read now to get away from real life and be another person, I read to get away from my life... What? It helps with my Anxiety attacks! When I stop think about my problems long enough I can calm my mind down to stop the damn Anxiety attacks long enough to do my job.

Kids now a days don't read as much, or if they do its just... arg books that they don't need right now. Where are the great book gone to? Harry Potter, Amos Daragon? Lord of the Ring ( Actually never read it XD ) Where are the great adventure, with actual MEANING in it, instead of like, there this bad girl in class, she is mean to me, here is my revenge VOILA I am now popular girl in school woopy-doo.

There is still good books out there, but I've notice on how the emo ones are taking most of the shelves, thats not something to boost the moral of kids or teens, they need more powerful characters where they fight and grow. Because if they don't have any characters that grow whit them, they wont change or heal like I did.

That's why I'm writing. I'm writing stories where my characters grow and learn just like the teen or kid will.


(damn count = 3... well damn... HA)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A-to-Z blod Challenge - Quartz

I had a hard time to find a word associate with Q when I was doing my calender, so I took my electronic Dictionary ( which I love sooo deeply, it has a thesaurus in it plus a french to English AND both French and English dictionary inside in just a tiny winy little box I can just flip open...instead of all the flipping books in one shelves that weight tones, good god.)

And I found Quartz. Its a clear stone that I wonder why I didn't consider it before. I love stones, or rocks anything really. And if I visit a place, my father made sure I would at least enter a shop that sells rocks like that I could pick a few and every single time I pick a Quartz. I am attract to Quartz. I bough one that was on a key chain once when I visit Quebec city and there was this card with info on it that told me that people from old time used Quartz as a healing tool because of its cool surface, it was believed that it was absorbing the heat of fevers and such. And I'm afraid ( really really afraid) of being sick, so I guard that key chain like it was my life. I actually got frigging scared when the screw that was holding it got lose and I lost it.

I was flipping on the edge for months until I calm down and got a small on that I place in a pouch under my pillow. ( kid you not, but I was scared that I would loose it behind my bed frame so I just placed it in my box of rocks instead.)

I'm still looking for a necklace with a point Quartz, like that I could carry it around with me and I wont be as scared to lose it much. I love all kind of Quartz, but the point ones, like in the picture or my favorites. That and green stones, not jades, just green rocks I have like a glass bottle full of them XD

Every time I go somewhere I collect a rock as memory ( see Report 101 ) be it a rare stone that I buy in a shop, or a ugly rock that I found on the side of the road or a beach ( beach are fun they have all those colors! :D hate water, love picking rocks XD)

so yeah, love rocks, Quartz are magical and heal me when I get panics attack, awesome XD

Take care :D


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Report 115

OKay those Wednesday are coming back waay to fast. I don't even have time to think about writing my reports that its time to do them! Anyway, nothing much happen I've been sick most day and miss 2 days of work :C

I start, well continue my HeartGold Nuzlocke challenge and I'm not even done that one that I start a new one, with the same character in my Diamond! I was training my 'mons in HeartGold when I got this story plot in my head and Now I want to know if I be able to survive to elite four, to know which friends will be with me till the end.

I had this story that, the pokemons can talk but my female Hypno ( called Dwight, I didn't know she was a female okay XD and it was the first name that come up in my head. Its a bit better the Tar the Togatic!) was telekinesis so she was always telling me what my 'mons is thinking. And that because she have the ability insomnia, well she doesn't sleep and watch over us during the night when I sleep. I have it that if she survives during the Elit four that she will come with me when I fly over to the Sinnoh region and she is just a partner, a friend that comes along.

If she doesn't survive I will make it a way that she will, but wont be able to fight anymore.

I like pokemon okay! And when I'm sick I play games to make my mind busy on something else ( I get anxiety attacks if I think to much about being sick, cause I have a fear of being sick, I Google it, its a thing, I didn't even know I was goggling about phobias for a character in one of my story and that one came up I was chock and surprised)

I'm going down down to see my family this coming Saturday, I had it off, so might as well, and I still need to change the winter tires of the car. I Script Frenzy, with half of it being the scrip the rest are like 3 shorts XD two fanfic, one half a plot that I don't really like.

Except of all that, nothing much happen. Next month, me and scott will be looking at other appartments in PEI without being able to see them, that be fun XD Take care now!


PS: For new Followers HI!! :D

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Pink Table

By now you probably have a grasp of what the hell is the Pink Table. If you do please tell me yeah? Cause I have no idea. Its just a reason to show on how weird I am. Cause I don't like pink and that one is like NEON PINK!

James said it represent my soul, I did snort and say my soul is neon green not pink. He just shrug with a knowing smile.

Anyway, I know that most important meetings are made around that table. The Table is a round shape and big, like the round table from Arthur knights ( "Les chevaliers de la table ronde")  It morph into an oval shape when its in The House mansion form, but when its in The House beat up like hell form its a round shape.

I had a lot of meeting around that Table to get my emotion shit together. The best way was to confront why I had those feelings and how better to meet your subconscious himself to help me out? My muse was James for a part of my life but then he became just a character part of me, my muse was a male for as long as I can remember until January 2012 where I notice I've been calling my muse a her. I frig my mind SO much XD ( see Report 99 )

So yeah I feel like every time I sit around that stupid pink table I am planning on how to win a war or something because, before when I was a kid, it was just me Genito and James. Now its like a SERIES of character that I made up from my emotions that are here to help me out in the right path. I have Lavender and Zerox( pronounce like the paper company what is it Xerox? yeah pronounce like that XD) I have Daniel, Yuki, and someone that look exactly like me when I was 16 which creeps me out. ( She is the representative of my childhood memories. That's what he said.)

The pink table is not there to eat lunch on it, its there to have meetings and plan strategies to win the most raging war of all time. Fucking emotions. The Table is where all my character can connect with me and tell me whats on their mind ( one actually insulted me, I treatned to erased him, he said I couldn't even if I wanted to and he was bluntly right that basted. SO I decied to kill him off in every story he could be fit :D)

And this, lady and gentelment was about the Pink Table of doom. Take care :D


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Out doors.

 I was actually really active outside during winter when I was a kid. Putting on my snowsuit and create stories in my mind, playing them out, watching the nature, watching birds...waiting for magic to happen, waiting for my owl to come and say I'm a witch and I'm going to wizard school, you know the deal XD

I pass often my time outside to talk to James out loud, trying to feel it like it is really, trying to trick my mind that it would be real. Most of my story play out when I was outside, the world got created because me and my friends tried to get warm at the school play ground, trying to get away from bullies and I would tell tales of my characters to pass time.

 I don't go outside much anymore I stoped around when I started high school because it "wasn't cool" playing outside anymore, but really, thinking back I find it was the best moments of my life.

I don't like going outside during summer, I cant concentrate with the flipping heat. I hate sweat, bugs and trying to strip down to get some cool air without being neked is hard. But during whiter, hell I still have my snow suit! But the snow is brown here and I wont even put a foot in it. I could go and play still outside at my parent place, but then my mom would make fun of me and make me angry trying to tease me but it just piss me off, she push the wrong button.

I think I be able to go out more when we move to PEI. Its in my plan anyway XD


Monday, April 16, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Names

okay yes, name, character names. I am obsess by using the same names over and over again. Mostly male names they all are like: Ken, James, William, Alexander.

I like old fashion names. HO men The first time I though of the name Todd for a character I just froze and was like... This is a geek name LETS MAKE HIM A SUPER GENIUS AWARD SUPER VILLAIN with SUPER POWERS, and other villain and heroes make fun of him cause his name is Todd. Its like... really your creating this super villain plan to take over the Super Hero facility but your name is Todd? What kind of super villain name is Todd? maybe like Jack or even like Erik but Todd? naaahhh

I also when I was like 11 all my name started by M. ALL OF THEM even the one I was making up.
Mandie, Melody, Madeline, Mikoto, Mei, Maya and all that It was wurst that I keep using the name WIlliam as my male main character for all my story, I'm getting better though I learn that I can't use it or else my readers will get confuse, so during one summer when I was working at my Government job, n my down time I pull out a baby name website and wrote down all the names (Female, male and unisex) that I liked. Some other names on a post it came from actually people that when I was working on their paper work.

That's how I got Erin, Holy, Julien, Audrea,Jayson,Marcus,Lauraline, Axel,Jasper, Julius, annabelle. ( Fun fact all those names are characters in my Magician Servant story that I wrote for NaNWriMo 2010)

I have like maybe two post it with list, plus three notecard pin on my vision board version 1. ( I have two XD Second one is smaller with actually vision on it, first one I made it when I was in Highschool and only have notes on Writing, story idea, letter to myself and  word that I had a hard time to remember on how to spell correctly.

I find that names are important for the characters, it show their personality and who they are. Its like something a women told me once, when she gave birth to her daughter she had plan since she knew she was pregnant that if it was a girl she was going to named her Ariel, but when she saw her for the first time she said, no, this is not an Ariel its a Veronique. Seeing her daughter for the first time she saw that the name she pick up since ever wasn't made for the new born, and change it right then to the name that she saw fit. And She said it was funny because Veronique wasn't even on the list of name her and her husband made during the pregnancy but both agree that it was the perfect name.

When you name your character you give birth to them, its a important trait and I alsways make sure to remeber the character with their proper name ( they usually get angry when I get mix up, but when you have to fill up a notebook with just character sheet its get a bit confusing.)

I have one character that I made up on the spot from an avatar I was doing on a cardgame website, the avatar system was broken and I couldn't change the sex to female so I was stuck with this excentric looking punk guy with lavender colored hair all spike up. I just shrug and called him Lavender and never though of it again ( website was full of bug so I didn't even bother to go on it again) BUt got my surprised when the guy Lavender came up in The HOuse, flirthing with tinny fairies and being in trouble and being good friends with Zerox another punk character I created around the same time. I called him Lavender because of his hair, out of no where but when he start to have a live I tried to renamed him but with what ever I was trying I always end up calling him Lavender because that was the only thing I could make him have a mark in my story.

Anyway , what do you think? was there a character you just named for just a filler and when you try to change it couldn't?

Take care!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Magic

Magic is everywhere not just in books I find.

There is one time during the summer where I would drive down to Miramichi every week-end to see Scott at the apartment since I will living in Bathurst because of my job. And I live in bathurst for part of my life I know the roads and how they look like, but one Sunday when I was coming back down, it just.. It felt like I was finally opening my eyes to a knew world, I could see that the road I was driving in, even if I use the same road every single day for all my life, I saw how different it was. I was like magic that just one day it change all. it was bright, green, the threes where Tall and strong, it was the first time I saw a difference in all my life. Now everyday I try to see a difference in my daily life.

books are full of magic, in and out. The power of a book can bring millions of people together ( Harry Potter, Twilight?) Its not just the magic discript in the book, but the book itself that is magic. WOrd transforming itself into image behind your eyes, making you feel different emotion, making you live a different life that this own.

Books doesn't hold magic, they are magic.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A-to-Z Blog Challenge - Language

Language is a strong thing in my writing. I'm french and I write in English, because hell, last time I tried to write a story in my native language I find my notes back to me full of red pens. So when I tried in English, there was more black then red. But I still know that there is a huge grammar gap between the languages.

I actually had to get night class for my English, could you believe that? ( Don't answer that.)

 I learn to speak and read by watching anime and manga, with my friends in high school, during lunch break we would have scientific debate in English, get yell by the teachers every time. I think they just stop after a while, figuring it would have been useless.

But really I got much better in my writing when I start this blog. I still freeze at time at work, because I cant translate a word, or cant make sense of what the hell I'm saying. Every once in a while I go back to the first report I ever make and read up from the recent one and well, at first I tried to correct everything I could see wrong, but I stop, because that's when I can see my improvement ( I just add like PS or EDIT at the end of the report saying just so and update.)

I also find that its my biggest barrier though. Because I don't understand some of the grammar rules, I feel like I can't do as much as I would be able to. What do you think? Do you feel like there is a  language barrier that stops your potential?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book Review : Hunger Game Trilogy

Title: Hunger game Trilogy
Author: Suzanne Collins
Language: English
Format: eBook
How: bought it.

In overall, I give the serie a 41/2 stars. That's my on opinion, I understand the book by itself is different, I bought the trilogy because I heard how amazing it was so I though I would read it to know myself. The first book was something I usually read, so I really like it, the second one I didn't much but it still grab me because I wanted to know what happen next. The last book, god it took me two weeks to read it when the two previous books only took me up to 3 day max to read, no kidding. So in the overall series, It was new and interesting, everything I was reading I could see the world and characters like I was living it. But the pacing was slow at time, but relevant to see how the character is living in pain, to feel the pain, to see the reason why she think and did things they way she did.

Hunger Game: I give 5/5
I love the character, the gripping action. I like that it was well balance, after great action came down some calming scene for the previous action actually sink in my mind, the pacing was fast at point, but to make the action and the feeling of danger more real. The romance made me grab right away. Tough the fact on how she would act all romantic with Peeta but always deny her feeling. That was bugging me, but I understand that she was what 16, and only been thinking of survival for most of her life, thinking of love during the hardship wasn't something you can survive on especially if you had kids they could get killed off when they turned 12 so yeah.

But except that I like the first book.

Catching Fire: 3/5
Was interesting to see the hardship of going back in the game after they just got there. It was well mix with the rebel and the surviving, but didn't compare to the first one.  I like it anyway, it made me curious to know what was happening to them and what the hell the MockingJay sign mean. But I was getting sick of the denial feeling for Peeta when she keep screaming that she doesn't love him that way but will kill to keep him safe, decided girl, that all I can say.
was waay to long, It took 2/3 of the book before the action started again and it was just dragging and dragging it took me two weeks to read just that book, where I used one afternoon to read the first one. I understand that it was to show about the world history now instead of the life of Katniss but if it would have been like that should have been written in third person instead of listening to the moaning of the girl all day long. Just saying.

Report 114 Second Chance

I had a dream, that I was given a second chance in my life and woke up to be 17-18 and graduating from High school, but still remembered EVERYTHING!

I tried to not change much because hey I have a great life, I don't want to loose it, but I did changed a few things. I made sure I wouldn't loose my awesome white sleek cellphone in Media Studies. I didn't take programming after I took a journalist course they give at the school. I created my blog much earlier and posts some book reviews, I participated in NaNoWriMo much early on. and I "bump" into Scott, trying ( and failing) to flirt a bit, like that we would still be together in the end. ( The flirting didn't work actually, its the weekly game nights the animation people threw at the school once in a while that did it. Because I suck in the games and we would play Nintendo 64 on Pokemon Stadium most of the night, challenging and all that. That's what brought us together. It was always that... ALSO real thing I do suck at games, I blame him he distract me to much XD)

My family did notice the SUPER SUDDEN change, but when I told them if they believed in second chance in life, they didn't so I just didn't elaborate, one person did believe me though, and it was my grand father, he believed that I was given a second chance, that I know what will happen in the next 5 years, and only ask me one question that I didn't answer, because he already knew the answer to it. ( It was bout my Uncle Cancer, I just looked away.)

Instead of working at Staples I had this assistant job at the local journal thing, but I miss Staples, I scared some of the ladies when I came in to print some of the Holly Lisle class work and just say exactly what I want. ( had to say it twice because they just froze there.)

I was able to get a second chance in my life in that dream and saw what I could have, yeah I would love to really change it, but I am scared that I would fuck something up and loose the only thing I don't want to change.

And really, what the dream show me is what I'm doing right now but I just started earlier. I'm working on this dream now, I have more experience in life with wrong choices and heart brake that I actually experience instead of going around them because it hurts. It may Hurt but it make that when I'm happy, my happiness if stronger.

think about it. What would you love to change, but would leave it like that anyway.


A-to-Z blog Challenge - Kitty Cat

At Cat I talk about why I love cats. This post I want to talk abut all my cat Characters.

First one! Is Sir. William McKitten. He prefer to be called Sir, but most my characters call him Willy ( since it's my sister cat Willy XD)

This is his cat version. I also have a new story where he is, well used to be a cat and get transformed into a boy and try to protect a girl from evil Witches. But he still a cat and I make him have cat instinct, he hiss at bullies, the way he talk and act is different from human.

Like he treated to claw their ears off, he say he smell something and the way he eat is like he its the last time he be eating and doesn't use his hands.

I use this character cat often, like right now Sir William is in my script also, he is the cat owning the craft shop, he is a magical creature, with powerful magic and knowledge.

My other cat character is Lady Pixie, my cat. She is the enemy of Sir. William She is proud and will cheat to win, she doesn't care for other only for herself. I only wrote about her during a outline, she is not in the script, I didn't need her.

I also want to place Minouch, a small agile cat with a long tail.

I had Mashmellow Puffball. A fat fluffy white cat who just like to eat, he is the owner of a flower shop close by,  he likes to gossip to Willy often, Willy just find him embarrassing.

Sir. William come more out in my story then any other cats. I raise that cat since he was a kitten, I know him. He is afraid of other people and only listen to me and my sister. He is mean and sly, He can hunt even when he doesn't have claws in his front paws. BUt he cant attack females its so funny and cute XD


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Report 113

I actually don't really have much to say on today's report. I've been rebelling on the script and writing a fanfic in mid way. I just went where my focus was, I'm still half done with the script, and my fanfic is nearly done, I think by tomorrow I will finish it and be able to get my focus back on the script.

There is a men at work that ask if I was still writing when I was price checking today, it was the weirdest thing. I don't remember telling him I was a writer, but I remember seeing at Staples for various stuff so, Probably did told him once or twice. Just find it funny that he ask me today.

I made a discovery, I probably wrote already about it in a few reports ago, but hey I dont remember, so here it is again. I can only write stories if there is an element of magic in it. I have a lot of stories I would love to see written but I can't write it even when I plan it for so long, if there is no magic element in it, I loose interest or its to hard for me to write it.

Like see the fanfic I'm writing is about the Marvel Avengers living like F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv show and I tried to keep all of them normal life and only have the, well , normal life drama, but eh didn't work, I couldn't change Thor, he was still the god of thunder, then SHEILD came in to get the Avengers again and BOOM its a fight to get a magic artifact before the enemy gets their hand on it and take over the world, you know the jazz.

Anyway I did nothing except of work and write all week, even when I was down for ester at my parent place! I had my laptop and wrote in all of my free time. I meet the new addition of the family a dog named Tony ( I didn't squeel like the fangirl I am inside, nop not at all, nada. none. Zipp...okay maybe a litle.) he is a mix of a lab, so basically he be big dog. I dont like big dogs. Okay no let me rephrase that: I'm scared shit less of BIG dogs. Even the super sweet ones. I just ...cant.

So yeah work and write... and read... yeah.

take care :D


A-to-Z blog challenge - James.

I have no idea where to start.

I meet James ( my character)  he was 14, young, long blond hair, was skilled with magic and a bow. he was living in the Mansion with his 13 sisters, protecting the apple fields. He brought me to a wild adventure, he told me about a warrior honor.  I saw so many wonderful place.  I want under the sea with the mermaids, I want in a crater with the colorful fairies, with all the colors of the rainbow. I saw the White village, where everything, threes flowers, the ground was white. The people had all white hair, light color eyes and had a knack of making the best fucking sandwich in the world. Also the most powerful magic users. I climb mountains where I meet a god of the wind, had tea with her as she talk about the future of the world. On how she can see vision and it came true, and she try to whisper it through the wind, hoping a soul will hear and say it to prepare from the in coming catastrophe.

I saved a race of elf from being instinct because of a unfair law down from a greedy king. I ride a dragon over the sea to a floating island. I found a hidden village of magical creature, who like to make pizza. Really good one too. But all that I did with James next to me. I grew with him next to me. When My best friend wasn't he was there, to place me in place, to not crack and hit back the bullies ( unfortunately.)

There is maybe two years in high school, where school work got over my imagination and I lost track, but one nigh I just lost it and went to bed two hours early, close my eyes and let my imagination run, trying to find my inner place to get myself back, to find who I was again and that's when The House came to be. The old beat up one. I got in curious and feared, when I saw the Pink Table I was really unamused. But James was there. Older, wiser and accompanied with new friends that was blurred, that I could remember well or that I wasn't ready to know them yet. But James was there.  Even after two years of me forgotten about them, he was still there for me.

He send me to another small adventure, mostly to remember what I left behind. I meet his Daughter, where I didn't even  knew he had a women. I saw the 13 sister older now, instead of the kids I had fun doing pranks with. They are all grown up, just like I did. I meet Genito partner, I meet new characters like lavender, Daniel.

He brough me back to why I like my stories,but I was still to worried about the red pen going on my pages to actually sit down and write a novel. But he is still there when ever I need it. I love him still dearly, but as a good friend. During that night I promis him, that no matter what I wont forget him ever again, so like what happen in high school will never happen and I will still remember who I am.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A-to-Z blog Challenge - Imagination

 Since I was a kid I had a weird, vast imagination. I live in the middle of the woods, so I was able to play most of my story and imagination, when ever  I tried to write it down, I find it back full of red pen saying I suck. Which is why it took so long for me to get the courage to start to write again, 2 years ago. But it never did stop me from coming up with stories, I wrote short and information in more then 15 notebooks, I had to numbered them and make a cheat sheet to know which notebook have what story.

I still remember parts of old imagination I acted outside in the snow. I remember I was playing a character named Sky, it was a wolf of some sort, with a crown on his head ( gold with sapphires) and some gold plates on the front paws. He was male, I don't remember why I liked playing that character, but I was like the loser of the pack and was trying to save our species. I know that the character I was playing end up falling in love with a girl he saved and she was from another pack, but she was bond to be with the jerk in his pack, a link to strengthen  the packs. I remember Sky's friends and the midnight visits.

Not only that but I also remember, once, during the day of spring, I was outside, laying flat on a snow bank, looking at the clear blue sky, thinking of, I think it was harry potter story then I was just starting the series. But I was looking up when something yellow, gold in the corner of my eye, when I look over to see what the hell I was looking at I saw a golden bird, slowing ( really really slowing) flying across the sky. I know it part of my head that it was just my imagination because I was already thinking of magic, but another part look real. The next year on spring I did the same thing and saw it again. But on the next year I didn't. And never seen it again.

take care,


Monday, April 9, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - House

The House.

Hooo goody, here is the good stuff.

The House ( with capitals) is a place that I created for when I need to be in my inner self . Its a really tall, old, beat up. Its very dusty and dark, the windows are covered in planks, its like a really abandon house. When I need my time to just... recharge or find a solution to something I go there, the keys is around my neck, I open the door, and  it can ether be in two form.

The first one, is just like the beat up house of two floors, it open and I see the stairs on the left, a corridor on the right, a open door which open to the dining room, where a HUGE PINK ( like a highlighter!) round table. Which I will talk on later about this table, its legendary.

Anyway, if I want some insight I usually end up in this place where I can sit down at the table and wait for my council for the verdict.

the other one, it grow, still two floor, but the first floor is at least two meters high, there is two stairs each side circling around to the second floor, where its rows and rows full of doors, rooms and classes. In the middle of the two stairs is a huge double doors, on the right is a open door way that leads to the dining room again, and the HUGE TABLE is still there, but the difference between those two ( except of the hugeness) the second one is clean, royal, I always feel like I'm important and that I have power.

When I want to have control, or am losing control I go THERE. There, is where all my stories,all my characters ( stuck in one time line) live and work. This is where I wind down and have fun with my friends form a childhood, I grew up with all those stories in my head.  I always kept them in me for so long that now just being able to freely telling them, and not sound like a weirdo ( much) is much fun. I love it. I have a lot of stories, in just one place, one world, its incredible to be able to remember them and try to tell them without, you know, 100k word novel XD Just talking about the characters is so much fun.

anyway, The House, is a great place that I made up for me to organize everything, I see the mansion more lately then the beat up house, but I do have to go to the beat up house at time, just... once every 6 months instead of once every month XD

I'll do some sketch of it, I think I do actually so I will post that up some day, for now, that's what I wanted to say about The House. My inner place


Saturday, April 7, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Ghosts/Genito

two things in this post also because I CAN'T DECIDED!

Genito first. I have no idea how he came to me. At all. I think I just wanted a character, with the same characteristic of James, but different personality enough to both piss each other off and bring conflict in the world ( cough/ story /cough).

What I know is that he was the gag character, he was there to make the situation hilarious. He made bets and contest during war fights. He had funny remark and odd rumor about a place or people the character where going to go see. I also know that he is older then what he look, because there is reference of him in three world history story I made up.

He was raise by the fire siren, up high in the mountains on an island. There is no other of his species, that that found out anyway, they are still searching, but I know that they must have found something because there is new island that they discovered and that there is another character  ( two actually) of the same species of him in another later undeveloped stories.

just, anyway, when I first made him up he was alone of his kind. The fire siren are women in nightgown, carnivorous, with bright fire hair, and fire rings around there feet and wrists. They are going instinct so, once a year, they force the nearby village to sacrifice a newborn girl to raise as their own, or else, they kill every new born so. They found Genito and brought him with them, when he was old enough to make his choices, he left the island to find his kind. Leading him to trouble.

He is a master in martial arts, and later became a teacher at the mansion orphanage. He can't read or write, but can talk 3 different language, where one is an old language that people though was dead years ago. Only a handful people know that language.

He is rash, he prefer to rush in a fight instead of talking about the best possibility to win a fight. He doesn't think before talking, which lead him to a looot of trouble with James. But both of them are best pals. They would root for each other, James was there when Genito lost his partner ( ho yeah, his gay also HA), and Genito was there for the birth of James only daughter.

HO yes, before I confuse more then necessary, I have those characters, this world since I was like 11, so they all did their time, they grew as I grew, they marry, had kids, I saw their kids age and they "die".

I say "Die" because, there old version have lived their life and gone to another place, but a part of their life stayed with me when ever I need them or they can remind me of their story. Right now Genito is around 26-28, he didn't meet his partner yet. James' daughter is 9 and a very powerful magic user.

Genito is as mischievous then ever, and is wurst now because there are more  mischievous  character to help him bother James until he crack. see post HOUSE later, it will explain. My head is one big puzzle.

Ghosts? I just like ghosts.  I wrote a full novel about ghosts. XD

Take care!


Friday, April 6, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Family

You all gonna find it funny, but I consider my family to be the most precious thing to me, yet last time I called my mom was last year in December and was to say my boyfriend had a heart attack so our plan gonna be different then planned.

I consider family a close bound in my stories also, It is ether a HUGE FAMILY ( 13 sister, come on.) or only child. Like the story I'm writing right now, for Scrip Frenzy, the main girl is living with her uncle and aunt that she love deeply, but is magic bonded to William, the male main character ( you know the Bamboo story? yeah.) who has a sister, is friend with a PRINCE of the high Elfs from the HighLands. His parents are always around, mother to say how to take better care of his magic bond charger and the father to tell him the Heartlock blood line family ways.

the story with the 13 sisters, is... they all work in a mansion run by MOM ( literally) where they cultivated apples with multiple flavors ( had one tasted like chicken, fun times, fun times.). But they are not all related by blood, but by family bond. They all different and good at something, but what link all of them is that when ever their is a child with no parents or relative, they send it to them and they raise them, ready for his or hers adult life. Its a orphanage of some kind.

A good one in my head. Because they know they can count on them to raise the child like their sister or brother and be part of a better life then the street. They never ran out of food or space and they have the biggest knowledge of the world then anyone else. Everyone is treated equals.

One of a character that stick to me still ( I think I did a post about that.) is the youngest brother of the 13 sisters. The first male to came there. James Sever. The wise sucker. He is the one that tough me so much, I was and still is independent person, and James tough me the way of  life, how to respect it, on how we are all born to do something in or life, even if its to smile at someone who will save us all one day. He tough me about trust, and how there is things around us that we don't see.

I wanted to marry him once, but then I found out he was part of me anyway. I was sad.


I have a post for him later on, about his role on the world. HO man I can't wait to explain the P post, it be hilarious!

anyway, Family, important, more then you care to give, even if its not your bloodline relative, a group of friend you consider closes Family, your uncle and aunt, grand parents. It doesn't even have to be your blood relative to still matter.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Earth

I was supposed to do a post about my best friend, but in the end, I decided otherwise. SO I decided to talk about Earth. Not the planet Earth per say, but the element.

If I ever would have powers I would love to control earth ( EARTHBANDER YEAAAH~), I don't know why I always find it peaceful in my head, its totally weird because their is nothing peaceful about it, but when ever I think of earth, I think of the middle of the rain forest, I think of a valley, I think of a high mountains, I think of climbing threes and seeing the horizon of a thick forest. I think of purple wild flowers. I think of Celtic music playing in the background. I think of golden eagles slowly flying across the sky above me ( another story, trust me.) telling me about spring arriving. I think of rocks covered moss. I think of the smell of wet grass and warm. Fog covering the ground like a mystery.

I think of the heavy air around me, covering me that I feel the change when I move just slightly. the crunchiness of the earth and leave mix under my feet. I think of the warm and smoothness of rocks, the sands sticking on your feet.

Just think about it.


PS: most of my characters have control over earth, and they usually my main characters, that or wind. Second favorite XD

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Even with the A-to-Z blog challenge I still have to do my reports. For now everything is going super well. Scrip Frenzy is easier then I though, much easier then NaNoWriMo. I check the Camp NaNo and I will only participate at the August one, since they will be open June and August this year. In June, it be moving around, Scott graduation, We will only know late that month where we be moving out, its so nerving.

Gini Koch Alien new book came out like yesterday, but its my sister who still have my kobo, I lend it to her like that she could read Hunger Game, but now she have the new Ipad ( gen 3) and download the kobo app, I give my account to them temporary, but really if they want to use it I'm fine, just make sure they change the billing and it wont go on my visa I'm A-Okay XD

I had plan, for two weeks, for the Scrip Frenzy to use my teen spy story, but in the end, when working on one of the challenge post, I remembered an old story and now writing that one instead. in just two days before it started I scrap my idea and start fresh, and I already have what? 41 pages in less then 4 days? I guess I choose well. I figure that if my story doesn't have any kind of magic element in it I wouldn't be interest at all. IN the last few days in March I had a hard time making my story work, to make it interesting and long enough for 100 pages.

The way I'm going with this magic story I gonna have more then 100 pages! I didn't even his the second act yet! I know I should be starting the second act by now, it just because there is a lot of short conversation that make it look long.

anway, I will go, there was nothing much to report today, I want to the creative writing shop saturday and I was very impress, I had fun. But except of that, I've been writing and working away!

Take care,


A-to-Z blog Challenge - Demon/Dreams

Dreams are huge inspiration for my stories. Half of my stories are part of odd dreams I had. The bamboo one, the majician servant story was another, give me wings, not so hero, my neighbor is a vampire, mission:summer vacation, and more. Daniel story didn't came from a dream, its probably why I had a hard time to for the story in the first place. I think it took 2 years total to form a proper plan , that I like and my character fit.

I dream every single night, I have a small notebook and I try to write all of them, some I leave behind, others I will write more in detail, because they could be important ( not so hero was one, and Give me Wings, was like a movie!)

I also write demon, because in the first ever stories I ever imagine, I had the evil guys being demons. They where like a virus, if they kill a Tyrian ( human in that world) and link their blood to the Tyrian blood, it would transform into a demon. Lot like a vampire but they are more... invulnerable. They killed a lot and it takes a lot to kill them. When I was planning for the calender and came to the letter D the first thing that came in my head was the demons, but after that was dreams, and they are both important to me, one explain my vivide imagination and how I can come up with so many stories in a year, the other is part of my childhood.

I had this story, this world and characters since middle school, I invented them, I play around with them because I was bored during recess and I had fun telling the story to my friends, to pass time and try to not get in trouble with bullies, cause I was one of the weirdos, and was proud of it.

I grew up with those stories in my head, those character shape me for who I am. I pass half my life daydreaming and listen to the voice of my characters, I will never forget them and I hope someday I would write their story that they told me ( all 13 of them XD)

take care!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge Cats

This post is actually different from the one I will do in a few days for "Kitty cats."

I want to talk about how cats is a HUGE part of my inspiration for my stories.

I love cats, I like to watch them play around with agility and learn by the time. I like their piercing eyes and their quick  attention to details.

Cats appear in a lot of my stories, they are often cameos of my cats, well my sister cat.

I can consider as my cat because he would only listen to me or her, because during summer when she was goinjg to work, but the kitten was to young yet she would throw him in my room, protect him from our dog. He is a black, long hair cat. Have piercing yellow eyes and skinning in bones. When he sit, his back arch so up it really looks like a cartoon drawing. It always impress me, and he always look at you as if he is bored or find us stupid. ( I can here him being like " you idiot, what do you think I am?")

His name is Willy.

My cat, that me and my best friend adopted, she had long hair and when standing up she looked like a lion, all powerful, but with a soft heart, a great leader. Her name was Pixie, my best friend, used her as a exercise TV show for her class last year, and there was actually a company that wanted to hire her to make that TV show ( cartoon) come to life, but she refuse, she said she was willing to sell the concept to the guy but he really wanted her to supervise and create the story with them so he said no. You can find some of the characters here, its her DeviantArt account. Now she makes plushies, that's what she love to do.

And now there is Minouch ( realy name Priscilla, but its long. Call her Pri-Pri, cat or Minouch), she is my oldest Sister new cat. She is small in figure, tail twice as long as her body, very swift , have extra thumbs and one claw that is stuck out all the time. She is sharp, hear everything, and a quick learner, she learn how to hunt mouses so fast, my dad is proud. ( Find it funny cause when he was Minouch bringing her third mouse in front of the garage, he look at the fat orange cat, Elvis and ask when he would move his butt XD He counter attack by trying to capture a squirrel, which end up him being stuck in a three and my dad laughing.)

I Have a stories where Willy and Pixie are in there ( Pixie is evil, XD ) I still have to come up with a story about Minouch yet, but she intrigue me so much every time I go down for a visit that I know I will come up with the best story for her.

and thats it for today, I know that I have shedual another post about cats, ( Kitty cats, I know, I know, but it was the first thing that came up in my mnind with the letter K) But on that post I will talk about the stories that my cats had influence on, for now: Take care!


Monday, April 2, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenger - Bamboo

Bamboo, odd right?

But it come out in my story often. Well, in one that I really like. It came to me in a dream ( ho how original right?), it was actually me, I was older and asleep, but then I got up sharply after the room shake, I rush out my room ( witch was huge, I felt like I was in a mention, all gold and warm colors) to see smoke coming out of the next room. I felt worried and scared shitless, I rush in the room to see the wall completely blown out and a women, in black armor, on a black smoky horse ( like smoke, really it wasn't tangible.) she was holding a baby in her arm, I scream, the baby cry, the lady laugh and fly away ( no really. Its a dream yeah?)

I rush to the crib and there this, panda plushie toy, look used and floppy. My husband, I guess, rush next to me, and cry
"PANDA" ( I always laugh when I remember that part, its just, unusual.)

and the toy became life. It stood up, look at him, then me, then the wall still smoking. It grew bigger as it move and then gallop in the air after the baby.

Then it god more weird, I cry to my husband ( which I don't really remember the name right now, I think its William but I'm pretty sure its the kid name.) to save our  son, then he look at me ( which I had a hard time cause his his hat was hiding half his face, eyes.) and say
"Get the stake knife"
"No, I told you I wont use them. Its not me!" I cry at him, in distress, he shook his head, took out his lab coat and get out some small bright yellow container.
"Don't do it for me, but for our son." I huff, angry and I took out a stake knife from my belt, there is sparks coming out from it, I hear thunder outside.

The rest is blurry but I know I came out to get my son back and kick some ass.


now your probably wondering what the hell does it have to do with bamboo. Well after that dream I continue daydreaming about those characters and my son, control earth, like I control thunder and my husband water. His guardian is a giant panda, but what trigger his power ( like me its the stake knife) is a bamboo stick, thin and light like a pencil, when ever he grab it in his head, he transform into some kind of ninja with bamboo armor.

I have a daughter, she control the wind, and her guardian is a phoenix. I don't know what trigger her powers though, in my head I say she is to young yet to trigger it. It just happen that for self defense, my husband force trigger our son power at young age(which I was very angry about and nearly kill him by throwing my stake knife at him. He didn't budge, witch I was more angry at him.)

anyway, there this WHOLE story about them, mostly my son, and how because of his magic bond he fell in love with a non magic girl, just like my husband happen to me and when our bond got deeper, my magic came out ( by mistake, what ever first object I touch would be the object that would trigger open my magic.)

I could write a lot more about it, I have a short, well two short, about my link and my son link with his girl. I have in my future plan to write about them someday ( after I Have Daniel story done.)  I will write more when the time come from, but for now, that's what I had to say about today's challenge about bamboo.

Its awesome, with lots of Pandas.



Sunday, April 1, 2012

A-to-Z blog challenge - Amanda

Amanda is not a person, but a character actually!

I chose her to represent the letter A today because of a few things. She wasn't the first character I had invented in my head; she is part of 13 sisters, and the oldest. No I choose her because of her personality that I still admire of her.

She has parts of personality that I give to her that I admired for my oldest sister. She is smart, witty and great leader, she know when to take a joke and when to become serious. She will do everything to protect her sibling, and will listen to them. She have an open mind and heart, she will accept everyone for who they are no matter what.

Amanda, when she pop in my head came (like I said above) with 13 sisters, her being the oldest and wisest. She is part eagle (courage and loyal) she have the long, strong wings and tail in her back. She have long brown hair that match her wings, she is usually wearing a long dress. Her golden eyes are piercing and can see everything.

Sometimes, when I go to my inner place for peace and quiet, it’s never quiet, I go to this really old, beat up, two story high house and she is often there, and I talk to her, to bring my though back in track, to take away the fog in my mind. She never left me; she is still inside me whenever I need her.

I still remember the 13 sisters, but not as much as her, which is a shame since I really liked those characters, they just need more...modification of a sort.

And this, was about Amanda, the loyal eagle. Next up Letter B like bamboo!