Sunday, October 31, 2010

Report 52 I sold a game :D

Yup, the game I help make for the Jalloo festival is finally sold! I made 281.25 US buck! I'm using it to by a camcorder and me and my roommate are planning to do mini series of a cosplay we did. Its some jesters from Final fantasy 9, I don't know how to spell their name sorry.Tomorrow were going to wal-mart and buying candy on sale and the rest of the white paint make up, and look for camcorder price.

shortest report I ever did, but I need sleep, I had a big day today and tomorrow is the first day of NaNoWriMo, I need my sleep for its one of the most eventfull month I ever had!

take care,


11/11/2011 -> I actually bought HTTS course with that money, I think I did a report on it. Best purchase ever I don't regret it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Report 51, less work OM- HAAAA

I work all day for the past few days, except Saturday where I relax and played games all day. My boyfriend found his first few games he bought with his DS and Final Fantasy 3 was in there, I start playing it and never let it go since.

my homework when down a bit. Less Unity work that's for sure, but I really have to start to work on the StarShip homework. Really bad. Tonight I will try and understand how Java programming work and start the StarShip Java version then. I still have C#, witch I will send a email to my teacher for some example since I have no idea how to approach that language.

I have a feeling that I will finish the game in Java easier and faster then in C++, the language I been programming for the past year or so.Also in a few day NaNoWriMo will start and I'm scared, my fear is gripping on me and not letting go. Because of the so much homework I have no idea how I would do it, I still will I know I will, but now I don't know if I'm doing the write story or plan the outline correctly.I have a fear that I wont be able to work much on it and...and abandon it.

I was lost when I start my first year in programming. I didn't know where I wanted to work anymore. But I did some research and then I though I knew what I wanted to do and that was what motivated me enough through half the year.Then it change by the end of my first year. Game story writer, that motivated me, but not enough to care for my homework, I just wanted to write story ideas and pitching ideas. Them, yet again, I notice most of my ideas where to story driven. I just wanted to write a story and I notice that when I start this year, and so my motivation for working on my homework is completely down. Yes I'm really proud and happy/ excited when ever one of my code work the way I wanted, but I just hate all the process to get it there, I don't understand most of the word coming out of my colleagues and teachers.I'm basically just doing what the assignment want me to do and that's it. I failed quiz and test ( mostly quiz) but the assignment I'm not to bad.

I'm a bit afraid I will fail the comparitive programming, but I know deep down if I do the assignment and a awesome power point/ presentation I will succeed.BUt he is throwing us 3 new language to learn in a limit of time, few tutorial explain in 5 min ( it actually doesn't take long I understand the process) and throw a really huge assignment on something the tutorial wont help us with. Like right now for Java, I don't even know if, when I do a new project what to select to post image.I don't even know how to make a new project in netbeans, that's how confuse I am in that new language. I don't even want to go for C# I understand Microsoft visual since that's the software I use for C++ but in C++, to deal with image I use SDL, but in C# its something else that I never heard of. I wrote it down some where.

I an go and tell that to my teach, that I am completely confuse but what can he do to help?Give me other tutorial? I don't know. Even for 3D animation programming, Darren have to sit next to me and tell me step by step what I have to do for it to work and me understand. That's bad, if I can't find the problem and try to figure out a solution I fail as a programmer.Hell that's what basically happening to me now. On the group project my script had to be done 2 weeks ago. 2weeks! I'm still working on it because everything brakes on mee D:

It's only the first term and it feels like the last term. Well I'm off to work on Java with my hearth lighter now that I vent a bit :D I just send a email to my teacher and I'm pretty sure the way I wrote it he can sense how much trouble I'm having, we'll see

take care!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Zenxara Report...50 HOLLY SHNAP!

yeah.. 50 wow,


Anyway Yesterday something click in my head... We're mid term, in less then 2 week it's November... I have everything started, but nothing works and incomplete. Like I probably say in previous Report, I have 4 game to do, 3 where its the same game but 3 different programming language ( C++, C#,Java), the last one is the group project, and I still have to ask my team manager if we ask the teacher if we can user or product in another class.Oh boy.

I also have a paper to write for... well crap I forgot the paper that goes with the 3 games... I modify my schedule later. Anyway, I need to write a paper for one of my programming language studies and do a power point presentation. I broke every task even ( ish) and wrote it on a white board I see every morning to remind me what to do today.It's basicly that:

  • Python paper done
  • StarShip C++ done
  • StarShip C# done
  • Starship Java done
  • Unity Wizard Path finding done
  • Unity Hit detection done
  • start Power Point for Python presentation
  • Finish power point
  • Make list of things to pack/bring for MIGS
  • paper for StarShip Assignment
A bit confusing for people not in my class so I will try to explain the best of my ability, bear with me. Python is the Programming language I choose to do my research on, and right now I really like it even if I didn't work much with it lately. ( blame on laziness and I don't care anymore)

Unity3d is the programme my team choose to work on our game, and I am charge of writing one the enemy( which is a Wizard) pathfinding, aka the AI...I'm pretty sure I rant on how I hate it on a previous report.I am also in charge of writing the hit detection, is how much does the enemy attack of how much the player attack stuff like that anyway.

StarShip, is the name I give to the game I'm programming.Its an astroid game were the ship shoots at astroid and blow them up, yadi yadi yada. The only thing I got for that is the image, that still don't animate, astroid that don't random places, and transparency that doesn't work. I just send a email to one of my teacher for help before starting this report.

I did a scheduale of day per day of what homework I will be working on:

  • Monday: StarShip work C++
  • Tuesday: Unity all day please
  • Wednesday:python
  • thursday:Unity all day
  • Friday:StarShip work in Java
  • Saturday: Unity all day
  • Sunday: Writing~ :D
that will be what I work on till November hits. By then I should have a few things done. Probably the Python paper will be done and then I can replace that day for a StarShip work, since by the look at it I will have to restart and I think its would be much easier for me. I took an old homework and modified it to do my homework, but it doesn't work much for me I really need to just, start anew.

Saturday I work all day to put more paper in the Sketchbook ( will post a report on the respective blog soon...someday) I took some pictures, but I forgot the camera at my parent place. They change everything at home! My room is now my brother-in-law office, so I had to share a bed with my other sister.

Now my sister is moving out to a house with a friend, like an apartment, she is ranting a room ( the house is so beautiful!) , so when she finally move out her room at my parent place will become mine or also know as the guest room.My big sister is moving back in my parent house, since it will become her house now.My brother-in-law will then work at home and my room become his office.

And in all that! My parent bought a cottage.Really beautiful one too ( only saw the pictures). There is a lot of moving, boxes and furniture exchange everywhere. In the count I have now the living room and kitchen set when I move to my own apartment with my boyfriend in July.Yeah what my parents have right now in the house... it's mine.

I also know a really great news! Since in line 2 years from now, me and my boyfriend want to move in PEI since the game business over there is growing and it's great. But I was afread for the apartment price and the moving and all the money things, and I said: " I wish that the people that own this apartment building would have some apartment in PEI, it would be much easier and would help me a whole lot."

Well guess what. They do. So now I can just ask for an apartment and just worry about the moving part now XD Well I will only worry about that when the time comes.Also I just add the picture now so who ever actually read all this will know what it is. It's my StarShip game. The alien ship was a test to know if it was just my file that was I wonder if it would be the size of it?Donno, I will know soon.Hope so >.>

Well that's all, take care!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Report 49,WORK!

I would take a picture of my work, but it would look like 2 page only, but it feels a lot like that! So last Saturday was work-all-day on project. 8 hour, 8 hours of work down the toilet. I'm working on Unity3d, and my job was to program the Artificial Intellegence of a wizard. He would find the player, advance to a distance and shoot fireball, if the player is to close he would back away with a slow speed.

It fail so baad, I got piss and just scrap everything and whent to bed. Sunday I want down to Grand-Falls with my boyfriend to visite his family and have thanks giving whit them.Had a great time, when to the US for the first time! I got some stuff for the pen-pale exchange for NaNoWriMo, eat at a chinese place and their buffet had so much choice! And their Walmart was HUGE, it took me 5 minute to walk half way I'm pretty sure. NOw my boyfriend is happy that I can cross over. HIs family too, they all want to shop together in the state during Christmas break.

But I find it funny that on that day I throw a penny to a wishing well for help on my homework and on that night, I had a dream, that my friend and her boyfriend was playing a game and explaining to me what it was, but there explication was a tip on how to make my program work.You know I woke up, and I only remember half of the dream ( ghost all the way!) which has nothing to do about my homework, but on the drive back home, I remember it. So I took my laptop and usb, and work away, and guess what. In 8 hours what I couldn't done was finish in 2 hours. I find that so cool. When I came back home I thank my friend XD

Anyway I should go back to my work. Take to you guys later!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Report 48, back to normal

like you guys notice, I'm back to normal, with a new design! I saw that, I have way to much project going on right now and posting progress on one blog would have been so confusing, for me and the readers, so I seperated NaNo to another blog, and Sketchbook Project.

By the way, I didn't really explain what was the Sketchbook Project much on my previous post, but the project is, you pay 25$ and they send you a sketchbook, you fill it out and when its full or the due date is close you send it back and they take them in a tour around US to show people.

Also from now on, I will post a picture that related to my report, I find it catch the eye and its more interesting then a bunch of words.Well that's all for now, I'm doing a 3 things at the same time so, need a break and actually eat haha

take care!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Report 47, brainstorming for story plot and boy names

But first, GAHHH CATT YOU SMELL BAD WHEN YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM AHHHHRRRRGGG ( bedroom is just next to bathroom where litter box for cat is)

okay, anyway this report is for my brain storming of my NaNoWriMo novel.(instead of doing that paper that's due tomorrow, or the hours on the group project, yey me) Okay so my main plot is simple you have the young teen girl Leslie who is train to be a spy for 2 years now under Maxime the neighbored boy, she use strategie and gadget to finish her mission since the agency only work if your not seen. She is mad since she was suppose to have a raise for a while but didn't get it because her mission are to small, but in a family summer trip she accept a really dangerous mission. But under the gases of her older brother and sister she had hard time doing her mission, to only know that her sibling use to be spy for the same agency but got caught once and couldn't work anymore. And all 4 ( sibling and Max) try to succeed the mission but it goes bad.

My main female Character is Leslie
Main male Character is Maxime
then you have older Sister : Lauraline
and I'm stuck on the older brother name!

I know who he is, how he look like, his personality and all but I can't find a good name for him. I have right now :
Sheldon ( that just make me think of Big Bang Theory though XD)

Yeah I know it have to start by an 'S' if possible.. here his small bio:

Age: 21-22
DOB: 25 December
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair length: short and wild
Eye color: brown with a mix of green
Height: 6.2"
Job: Pilot

He is a genius, his parent are all over him and proud and always ignoring Leslie,after the accident as a spy with his lil sister Lauraline, he always blame her for the lost of the spy job.He know how his parents are always ignoring and not caring for Leslie so he try to be friend with her but he is social awkward. When at the summer family trip, him and Lauraline notice the odd behavior of Leslie they try to stop her, only to get deeper in trouble.

Its a new story so I don't have much written for it compare to the fantasy romance story I was planning before, but I really like the feeling of this story. I still don't have a title but if you wish to give me ideas I am grateful for all the help! I will post more about the other character after supper but first!

What you guys think of the idea? I know the character sheet is reaally small but is there something you think I should add to know more about the character or story? What name I should give to the older brother?And for writer or readers of Spy novels ( or movies) is there something I should emphasize more in?Plot, characters, why villain decided to use Nanotechnology to kill millions of people?

thanks and take care!