Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Report 78 , changes

This morning, when I woke up, like usual I bug my boyfriend to get up like that he can eat breakfast and get ready for college, or else he just sleep in all the time. But yesterday we both made a promise that if he start to work out in the morning I will too, to get more flexible because I'm as flexible as a plank and really not fun.

But like always when he have to get up because of something new, he wines so much that its to late when he is done eating breakfast. He told me he had to do gradually, like his showers in the morning, once a week and it be fine ( he showers at night!). The only thing is He take his shower in the morning randomly. One week its a Monday the next is a Thursday and etc... It bugs the hell at of me! If he wants that to be a habit at least start by making it weekly pick a date and do it every week during a Monday or something.

I tried to tell him that, if he wants to start somewhere today is the best time, not next month, or else he never learn to hold the habit long enough, I know I do it all the time!But at least I'm trying for weeks before the habit fails me.So then as I was thinking of that after he left for college ( ran mostly he was getting late) I though of a different tactic. We make a lot of odd deals like, if I stop placing my clothing on the bed he will start taking showers in the morning or he can only buy pop when I'm done drinking the apple juice and I'm the only one allowed to drink the juice unless he ask me for a glass. Its really stupid and random but it make it work, I stop placing my clothing on the bed all the time and start actually place them in hangers, while he...well randomly pick a day to take his shower in the morning instead of nights.

But the thing is on all those deals, he was the one that suggested and I was always the one waiting for him to play his part before I start mine. But this time I will start doing the exercise before him, like that he will owe me HA! We both get up at 7 in the morning, so I can at least do a 15min exercise and leave the other 15 min for him. I want to do at least 30min a day but with work and soon NaNO I know it wont last long. HE is the one who keep complaining he doesn't do exerciser enough and is getting a belly because I feed him to much ( HEy the men hungry I give him food) so if he keeps the habit of everyday 15 min exercise its fine, I can do mine later.

I decided to talk about that because its a topic commonly know in human. We don't like changes. Who does? I mean recently facebook change there layout and everyone hate it, because its not what they are used to. And I find it funny because not even a year before it changed and they didn't like it ether! But eventually they will accept the changes and get use to it, slowly but surly. I always take the same roads to go to college, work or super store, when Scott tell me to go to the back roads because its quicker I don't do it because I'm not use to it, its a change in my routine and I don't like it. I know about it and I try to change my ways by accepting the changes around me and take different roads to go to the superstore.

Every time there is something that changes and the people complains about it because they don't like their life to be changed it only remind me of a speech my mother told me she heard once.

"We're all like babies in diapers, When the mother change the baby's diaper it will cry, but the only thing the mother will do is continue and finish changing it and say its okay.She doesn't stop and ask the baby if he wants to change, the baby doesn't know any better he just cry because he doesn't like change, she knows better, she knows if she doesn't change the baby he will be filthy and smelly.But eventually the baby stop crying because it doesn't remember why he was crying in the first place and eventually get use to get its diaper changed.People are like babies, they complain when we change their diapers, we just say its okay since they wont remember the changes anyway and will find something else to complain about.'"

it was a speech a men said during a meeting for the new changes for Avon. My mother really liked it, some other ladies didn't because it was aim at them, but he is right, if a baby can get use to changes, so can we. So now if someone keep complaining about a change in its life he or she doesn't like, just tell him to stop being a baby and let them change their diapers.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Report 77, RIP kitty Cat

There is a lot I want to say in this report. One is that... We had to put down our cat, she was a lovely adoring cat, but she had a tumor in her ear and we could afford the laser surgery, and even there it was only a slim chance she would still have both ear. We tried to clean it and take care of her but after two weeks, it was to much, it was really hurting her and much.

RIP Pixie, 2008-2011

I think it was harder for me then the cat!

On other good and better news I went to my sister wedding, it was really amazing, I think the most beautiful thing that happen for them was that an eagle flew behind them when they where exchanging rings. It was a really short and sweet ceremony, the food was amazingly good, the cooks there are superb I want to go there again just for the food! I really enjoy myself. I may cough a cold because it was in mid september and the weater was chilly but it was totaly worth it.

I also went to the football match yesterday, got a nasty sun burns but it was one great match! I enjoy it also XD But now today I had it off I was planning to go to the library but not only they change the hours ( open at 1-8pm what?) it was close on mondays... I wasn't to to happy but it made me think while I was waiting in front of the building... I need a writing decipline. I tried all those "I will write 500 word a day no matter what!" It works...for two weeks then something pops and I forget one day because of work or something happen and I forget the rest and only remembers a month after. I get distract easily, I can do things if I place my mind into it but when I get distract and its more fun heck never mind what I was previously doing I will do the fun thing instead.

But that's not only that, I wanted to at least write once a week in this blog, about how its going well with me ( Its not, yet, I have way to much anxiety attacks for it to be well but I'm half way done my treatments to fix that) and I only what...write once every two months? That's not right. I'm a writer! I should find all the opportunity to write what ever I want. I have a notebook full of great ideas waiting for to writing down, even if its a short or a long time novel.( I did lost that notebook, but I think I only forgot it at my parents place.They know what I was talking about when I was describing it and they think they saw it in the living room, cross fingures I have things in there I do not want them to read!) I did wrote two short stories, but one was what would be my life if I was a boy instead, and the other is what would be life if Hogwarts really existed in Canada though... Oddly enough they all end up being gay romance in the end...I blame glee I'm a huge Klaine...

Anyhow I have this great idea now and I know that NaNoWriMo is coming but really I shouldn't just stop and wait for NaNo to start to be able to decipline myself to write what ever I want and finish it! I know I can I have proof with all my shorts and the last year NaNo behind me, so why would I have problems with the other stories. They all well plan out with minimum detail for my muse to play around when I'm writing, I love all my characters and the stories, but yet I just let it play in my head but never in word on the paper.There is something stopping me, its not fear that's for sure, I don't care what people think, I mean last year nano I told a group and my boyfriend the summery of my novel and they all laugh at me saying it was all wrong that I used Fairys that way and I still finish it anyway I just shrug and bluntly said that was how I pick them out in this worls though. I can't be the fear that I have a whole lots of mistake since I turn off the word check like that I dont see it at all time.

So what? Thats what I'm trying to find out. I'm only working as a part timer so I do have enough hour every day to write so its not a problem, end there is days where I just read instead of writing or look in the end of space thinking about my new found stories and write the new details in a notebook.There is something else from stopping me of writing and now that I am conscience of it I will try to find it and kick its ass!

It probably all im my head also we may never know. There is a lot going in there, Scott doesn't have enough money to go through his last year of college so he will have to use his student loan that we didn't plan, but I told him, if he have to go for it, he doesn't have to live off mr.noodle just because he want to do minimal payment no no, we have money eat for crying out loud! But on good start tomorrow after work, I'm going to call the student loan and ask if they can stop they payment for me since I'm the only one paying the bill in this place right now and I'm only a part timer I get my check and its gone with rant and food, I'm saving, slowly but I can see it. I know I wont be rich in the first month, it doesn't work like that, I know it will tkae time but in like 4 more months, the student loan will contact me and take the rest I need money to save up in case something happens (lol Christmas) Me and Scott are planning to move at PEI after he graduate, were aiming there ( and I know there is a big community on the island for NaNo so I cant wait to see that!) and with all my crap ( no really the only thing he own is the TV and his clothing...and maybe a few kitchen appliance but except for that the whole mine. I'm going to post pictures of before and now of my working place. Its hilarious.) we would need to rent a truck or those moving vane to move there, no way my parents will drive 5 hours just to help us out, way to far and way to expensive on gas. I refuse and wont tell them the details.

So anyway we have big plans I want to get transfer at another staples in PEI, everyone want me to work or try at a game companie since I studie there and blah, blah blah. But I really didn't like it and I love working at Staples, why would I throw this out to work at a place that I would be miserable every day? I only say "will see" but not gonna happen. I may be working at a low salary but I'm happy. When I get my novel done and send it out I will get another payment there so it be like two jobs yey! I told my sister ( the oldest the one newly wed) that I wrote a novel, I like her since she did ask what it was about only ask the genre and told me she was curious now of what I was writing. After I'm done writing the one in my head, that I'm planning for NaNo, she will be the first one I'll send a copy to see if there is a plot wholes. Because I know she will search for the plot wholes not the details that I misspell a word. I like that about her. I can send it to both my sisters really since the other one she did some translation of fanfic, she knows on how to pick about plot wholes and not details.

okay well this was a very long report of what is/had happen since last time I report and for a writing discipline I decided I will write at least once a week, every Wednesday starting this week so yes there will be another report this week also, and when I reach report 100 I will do a special! and now I have to go, I wrote enough and super is done.

take care!