Saturday, June 4, 2011

Report 73, the faitfull Ghostly day.

There is a lot I want to report and in the same time nothing. It's really funny.Well then first thing first; I will be graduation in two weeks or so less. I have my website done, only need a video of my practicum game I made, I can't link the game itself since that game is a facebook game :D We be placing it in public by the end of this month, its our goal, so I hope you guys could just check it out and help support me! And send report on how much it sucks and how to improved it XD

Other thing I been watching, well I watch the whole second season of Glee in one week-end, I drove my boyfriend crazy since he doesn't really like does kind of shows. Kids dancing and singing is not his forte, while I LOVE it.And because of glee I bought like I don't know how my CDs I have volume 4,5 and the Warblers plus the new Lady Gaga CD. All that in the same week XD

But that's not all, Glee made my muse click on something and I can't stop writing another story instead of the one I should be working on right now. I don't complain in case that I stop writing that one out of the blue and I will end up with two unfinished novel. (knock on wood). It all started when my roommate was cleaning in her room and starting to pack her stuff to bring down, things that she doesn't want in Federicton, anyway she found lots of pens and paper and just give them to me ( yeey) , one is a fountain pen ( Classic Calligraphy mini) with ink tube that I have to place inside. I only had like 4 colors: green,blue,red and black, yeay well it all gone now. I wanted to test the pen so I place the green ink in and took out some of my white sheet of paper and just randomly start writing.

And I just end up loving the character, I can hear him live and breath next to me while he rant about his story and I just could stop writing. I have now in total 20 white page fill up and two tube of ink drain up. I was out of white paper so I bought a sketch pad, the same size of the white print paper and continue. so in total I have right now 30 page written and it is incredible I can't stop writing I love it I even write when I'm supposed to be working on the game at school.

I'm pretty sure if you go down down in some of my report you heard of my characters, its Daniel and co. I was always confuse of what his story was and when even I ask he always give me mix answer that just didn't link up together or make any sense at all. Well I was asking the wrong question all that time cause when I was testing the pen and looking at the blank page in front of me, the only though that was in my head was what should I write?And Daniel just pop in my head and said "ME, ME I'm flamboyant you love me" So I just shrug and start writing his story as he told me. Bearly any description around yet I feel like I knew what it was going on. I don't need to describe what a school looks like or feel much since every one whent in a school some point in there life, why over describe it? Isn't part of the writer to let the reader imagine it like they want? I just want to to present the reader about my characters and there story, their life.

And now I just lost my train of though...goody.Well...I have a math exam comming up? I didn't even do any homework and miss half the class all the time because well I'm sick. When I get super nervous and stress I get sick and I can't concentrate much so I just give my teacher the question he give us and leave class because I don't want to throw up in there thank you very much.This week was wurst, I started a cold and I didn't have medication ( all expired since 2009?! wtf) so I was really bad by friday so I just staid home and read a whole book ( Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, really good love her style would recommended)

And now I feel better, I bought new medication and well I guess its a none drawnzy one cause I didn't get a blink of sleep all night. I had to move to sleep on the sofa in the living room because I kept waking up the boyfriend and he had to get up at 5 in the morning, and I also kept coughing so it was better that way.

So well now I guess I will go back to writing in the sketchbook with the Hi-jell sparklers pen I got for free from my roommate XD

take care,