Monday, March 29, 2010

report 33

I'm in college right now, but I'm done and just waiting for my boyfriend to be done his class.

I have my Dollfie! and bit by bit I'm transforming him into Zexion! He came in with only green boxers so my roommate made him a black suit. I have one or two picture on the other website. He came in with a black wig and brown eyes. And everyone, everyone told me he look like me. He have the same shade of brown eyes as me. But now I switch doll eyes with my roommate dollfie and he have light blue eyes now. Everyone still say he look like me.

For the long week-end, Friday and Saturday I'm at my parent place, Sunday and Monday I'm at my boyfriend place. I going to miss a lot from my family, but like my mom said, I need to learn to divided in two now that I have a good relationship. I need ot learn to chose the side I need to go.

At first I was sad because I will miss a lot, but thinking of it, my mom must have miss a lot of event to when she dated my dad.So I suck it up and I will have lots of fun and chocolate. HO now I want my egg chocolate I bought yesterday, danm.

My family will do the Easter dinner Friday for me. I probably will have pasta while my family will have crab or something under that line.No meat! that's for sure. I didn't play pokemon for a while, I'm training a Zubat because the pidgiotto is not that good in heartgold I find. He doesn't learn attacks! and I'm stuck with gust all the time. So I decided to change my flier to a Crobat.

okay so I started to play Country Story on facebook for a project. I played for a week right now and every time I played my boyfriend would see me play and now...he's addicted to the game.It's really funny to see. He's playing a clicker game now too, Castle Age? I'm playing too because he ask, and we defeat monsters together. Okay HIS monsters, I still have mine to beat up.

Anyway got to goo~


07/01/2011-> My crobat is awesome. I stop playing those facebook game, Now I only play monster galaxie, Gaiaonline developer that game, I'm sending all kind of report to them from some glitch and if there going to fix the memory leek yet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Report 32

I love my class.

The new Pokemon game is out and EVERYONE have it. And now, instead of working on the problem set 3 in programming concept their talking about good pokemon breeding, EV training and more.

I love my class.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Report 31, homework list

  • not playing on Poekmon HeartGold.
  • Give the pokewalker to Scott like that I wont play
  • Math Problem sets,
  • Programming 2D project
  • Read over what to do on Programming concept PS3

just a list of homework like that I know where I'm heading. And like that I'm not playing pokemon all day. I was able to finish the ethic problem set 2 yesterday...even if its only due in 2 days. I though my ethic class was today. But at least I finish that and its out of the way. I finish on problem set in Math. Okay half way I still have to send my program via email to my teacher. I need to find the plug to do that.

Except of that. I'm battling the second gym leader in HeartGold! All my pokemon are at level 18, except for flaffy but shes getting there. That's why I'm training her right now in the gym, easier.The pokewalker is still awesome. Scott have it because he walk around more during the day then I do so yey, more steps and walts! I already unlock like. 4-5 routs. But me and Scott when want to see all the routs and try to catcher all the pokemon we can. I catcher he trains. I don't like to spend hours just training.

anyway, lunch time FOOOD and pokewalker


Friday, March 12, 2010

Report 30, missing teacher

yeah, I'm in class, only 3 of my classmate finish the project. ish. And our teacher still not here and its been an hour already. Hour and a half really. One guy send a email to the teacher. Another one is going to go see the secretary to know if he left a note is going to be there anyway.

half the class is watching videos and it starting to piss me off. I mean, people are trying to work. Some are still not able to do the scrolling and need peace and quite. But nooo they have to watch does stupid videos. I wish I could start working but I have no idea what to do. Okay I know I have to program in the mouse to click and grab the tile and work there. But I have no idea what to write to make it work. I mean I only start programming this year, I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time in this class.

I got the mouse scrolling work ish, I'm pretty sure he will find something wrong with it anyway. I just have to make him tell me how the mouse work. When I will understand how it work everything will fell in place, but right now, I'm pretty sure no one will stick for 2-3 hours just o see if he's coming to class.

I think the project is only due in an other week. But if its next week. Every one will object. Really I'm more of a visual then anything, if he would show us the code part by part it would be easier for me and maybe other people. Or even if he could explain more on the board. Since he's always explaining on the board it be easier for him too. I understand when he explain on the board more that when he tell use to figure it out.

ho well less bitching. I will leave it like that. My teacher is a good teacher, he just had a lot of bad luck this year and was sick most of last semester.I will never bash down my teacher. I will only try to make the understanding of the subject better.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report 29, lost motivation

I'm supposed to be working on my project right now. But I have no motivation at all. The project is to do a tile editor in 2D programming. I have a mouse and I need to click on the tile I need and click where ever tile I want to change. It's a simple design and idea, but I don't have the motivation at all to try and figure out the code and do it.

I will try and find some motivation music, I know that my sound design teacher have a lot ( since you know he work as a music composer?) I wish I knew where his office where like that I could ask for some cd to rip the music out and place them on my USB. But he doesn't like lending them since he lost a few because of some previous students.

My roommate have the same problem, she can see that she's getting behind her workload. Her grade still good, but its really tiring after a while. Same thing with me, I still do good grades but I barely know what I did or it takes for ever to work on it.

I will do a research to find a good motivation tonight, and work on 2D programming that I didn't even touch today.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Report 28, Holly crap since when?

Since when did my report got in the 20?...ho well

Okay so I have like 15 minute. I should have enough time. I'm in my programming class, it only start at 9:30. Anyway, I am writing this report to say that I place a new link, it's Zenxara 20 min daily blog.

I did a new blog to post everyday for 20 min I will write what ever is on my mind, what happen today and about my stories.I don't want to post here because the blog here is different. Here is like a summery of my mind and I write about something really awesome that happen in my life that I want to share.

Thinking of that I need to tell you guys, my roommate getting a car! So we wont have to run a 10 year old Ford Focus anymore!~ So when we're going down to our parent place, not only will she have a car, but her doll will be there, and HeartGold and SoulSilver will be out Sunday! So really it's only me who will have to wait for Sunday since I don't have anything to wait for now haha

But there is a doll that she found who is PERFECT for Zerox, and she may buy it for my birthday. Since she was saving up to buy one for me anyway, but the one she was saving up was like... a younger version of Zerox. Now he look more like his 18-20 and I can just buy an other set of clothing and wig and make a Zexion doll too!

Ho teacher is here Got to go, bye


on break. so before people ask ( yeah right) the doll Im talking about are dollfies doll, there really beautiful, Google it. they have different height for different price, different model.Like you can have dear feet or demons horn, cat eyes, everything you ever want.

I was interest to buy a 40 inch tall doll, but there between 300-800$ the one my roommate was saving for was 600$ but she found someone selling teh doll for 200$ and much better then the first one we found. But it's only the body, but I can find cheap eyes and wig. since Zerox have deep purple eye ( because of his contact really) and bright red hair. Like a firetruck red hair. Zerox really eye colour is deep blue, which are the same as Zexion so he can cosplay him!

Zexion is my motivation to work.My roommate is to buy dollfies, dollfies are her motivation to continue to sow and work. She like to sow, but after a while its tiring so she just look up at, I don't know many website of dollfies, and get back to sow again.

For me I'm trying to write every day. so I place my gingerbread plushie of Zexion just next too my speakers where every time I looking down at the time in the corner of the screen, I see him and make me work and type again. I should start to have a specific time to write the 20 min, cause I notice I'm more energetic to write during the mid-morning.

Not right in the morning, way to tired. My roommate calculated that it takes me 20min before I'm actually awake and aware of my surrounding. I just do things on auto pilot. My boyfriend found it weird at first but when I explain he laugh. My mom just notice after a while. I don't XD haha

I probably will write after school, like at 5 or something.Like that half an hour will have pass after I'm done college and wouldn't be to tired to write, and still have a lot to say.

okay break over, back to work.

bye bye


Hey so yeah I was able to write on my other blog when it was what? 6-7 o'clock, and no matter when or where I am, I will alway get bothered and loose count of my timing XD But it doesn't matter, I write to practice my writing. And I notice the way I write here and the way I write there are different. Maybe because I have a different motive in both blog, I have different thing to say.

So only 5 days till HeartGold and SoulSilver and I really should stop making that report longer and give my computer back to my boyfriend for him to do his test. Ho god I think h fell asleep. poor him. Well that's all I wanted to say. Some people who watch me here can watch me on my other blog too. Since I will say things I wont in another. I'm weird.

take care!

07/01/2011-> the 20 min Zenxara blog is death; the dolls are really called boll joint dolll BJD in short and I did Zexion not Zerox as my doll. More info on later post.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Report 27, Time to leave~

Well, march break nearly over,

And I didn't even do most of the stuff I wanted to do!I wanted to practice my programming, but never had time to do it. I wanted to read some of my book, but never feel like it.Couldn't go see my friends in Miramichi since I didn't had the car. The only thing I really did was going to Grand-Falls with Scott.

I got my last book yesterday, it look really amazing, it does have 1000 page haha. And I found "lord Sunday" by Garth Nix, I was waiting for that book for a year and a half! I didn't even finish Saturday cause I knew it would take a while for the last book to be out. And now I know my boyfriend will be a bit mad since I not suppose to spend money XD ho well.

Well now tomorrow, I'm back to my apartment, I will clean my room better to make place for my table and computer, Scott will help place internet on my computer, since I'm not sure on how to.Not sure. And it better when someone who know do it for me.

I will start my journey to because a game designer. With the books I bought it will help me a lot. I will try to write stories every night for 20 min. Probably only start next week since I will have a lot to do around my room to make everything okay for my computer, and clean the bathroom since the cats probably did some mess and it did smell bad when I got in a few days ago.

I will have to clean the sofa too since I don't need all my thing there now, I will have to make place in my room. I like to have everything close and at reach. I need my things next to me or else I weirdly panic.

It's probably the same thing when I'm alone to long now, I need loud music or light everywhere. I didn't need to do that when I was young but now I'm so use to have people around me that I need my thing close to me to keep the feeling that I'm not alone anymore.

I will finaly finish Saturday book. I'm half way done so... I should by the rest of the series it's a really amazing story. Original, captiving, and intriging, always suprise me everytime. The only thing I didn't really like is that he took his time to write the series, but thats normal, he was working on 3 series in the same time. And the book was always ending in a cliff hanger! you had to wait a year and half to have the new book out before you can finaly know what happen to just finish with another cliffhanger.

I start that series when he was working on Friday. I only had to wait for Friday, Sturday and Sunday, so I was fine. But poor people that had to wait for all the years.

Oh well, I have to wrap it up.

March Break over, time to work hard, clean up and studie!


11/11/2011-> You know I change my profession a lot, I only wanted to be a game designer because I could make up characters their story, the world and all that. So it was another form of me trying to fool myself that I couldn't write a novel. HA how surprise was I during November!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Report 26, Back home

I'm back home from my Boyfriend parent place.

It was really nice, Grand-Falls was small but really warming. I really like on how they build the city.

When I came back to my parent place I had one book I order there! now I'm only missing the other one. I got the character development book. I had my computer on last friday XD.

Pokemon is comming in 10 days!~ and I can't wait! I was so bored a few days ago, that I start a pokeFarm ( in my head, since I know for the Wii theres the pokeRanch thing.) My boyfriend stats his idea too.But he mostly said that I was mean toTauros and Miltanks.My farm is mostly a berry\ vegetable farm. Hunny on the side and eggs. If I can find a good bird look like a chicken pokemon. Scott said I should use pidgey, but hes a pigion! not a chicken! and I will not kill pidgey for chicken food. no way...I like pidgeys.

Anyway, so I made my team for my farm. Witch is:

Vaporeon- to help me water the plants,
Machamp- carry heavy stuff, move stuff around and hold the basket when I pick up berrys XD come on he have 4 arms~
Breloom- to help grow the berrys and... I don't know really he's my favorit pokemon.
Pidgeot- help transport thing by air.
Blaziken- cut wood, and fire on winter days, or help dry the land for some berries.
Luxray- for electricity, recharge machinery.

Scott team is just his normal trainer team:


he like steel type pokemon. I use to be a water type person, but I think that by time I'm changing for grass.But anywhere I will go, any game I will take, Vaporeon is my water type pokemon in my team. No matter what.

I guess his team can help build thing around, or get ready for winter times and bad weather.

Or you know, I be the wife, working in the farm, waiting for her man to come back from his pokemon trainer journey.

...I'm bored okay. The only thing I do is about pokemon, because I can't wait for HeartGold to be out in 10 days.That and I am a big pokemon fan XD.

I wish I could talk on about how my new computer is super awesome, but the room he is now, is to cold and far away from the living room, and my parents don't like it wen I'm not social with the family, so I'm still on my laptop till March Break is over. I didn't start reading my new book yet, but planning to do it soon ish.

so that's it, will post soon when the break is over.