Thursday, March 4, 2010

Report 26, Back home

I'm back home from my Boyfriend parent place.

It was really nice, Grand-Falls was small but really warming. I really like on how they build the city.

When I came back to my parent place I had one book I order there! now I'm only missing the other one. I got the character development book. I had my computer on last friday XD.

Pokemon is comming in 10 days!~ and I can't wait! I was so bored a few days ago, that I start a pokeFarm ( in my head, since I know for the Wii theres the pokeRanch thing.) My boyfriend stats his idea too.But he mostly said that I was mean toTauros and Miltanks.My farm is mostly a berry\ vegetable farm. Hunny on the side and eggs. If I can find a good bird look like a chicken pokemon. Scott said I should use pidgey, but hes a pigion! not a chicken! and I will not kill pidgey for chicken food. no way...I like pidgeys.

Anyway, so I made my team for my farm. Witch is:

Vaporeon- to help me water the plants,
Machamp- carry heavy stuff, move stuff around and hold the basket when I pick up berrys XD come on he have 4 arms~
Breloom- to help grow the berrys and... I don't know really he's my favorit pokemon.
Pidgeot- help transport thing by air.
Blaziken- cut wood, and fire on winter days, or help dry the land for some berries.
Luxray- for electricity, recharge machinery.

Scott team is just his normal trainer team:


he like steel type pokemon. I use to be a water type person, but I think that by time I'm changing for grass.But anywhere I will go, any game I will take, Vaporeon is my water type pokemon in my team. No matter what.

I guess his team can help build thing around, or get ready for winter times and bad weather.

Or you know, I be the wife, working in the farm, waiting for her man to come back from his pokemon trainer journey.

...I'm bored okay. The only thing I do is about pokemon, because I can't wait for HeartGold to be out in 10 days.That and I am a big pokemon fan XD.

I wish I could talk on about how my new computer is super awesome, but the room he is now, is to cold and far away from the living room, and my parents don't like it wen I'm not social with the family, so I'm still on my laptop till March Break is over. I didn't start reading my new book yet, but planning to do it soon ish.

so that's it, will post soon when the break is over.


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