Friday, March 12, 2010

Report 30, missing teacher

yeah, I'm in class, only 3 of my classmate finish the project. ish. And our teacher still not here and its been an hour already. Hour and a half really. One guy send a email to the teacher. Another one is going to go see the secretary to know if he left a note is going to be there anyway.

half the class is watching videos and it starting to piss me off. I mean, people are trying to work. Some are still not able to do the scrolling and need peace and quite. But nooo they have to watch does stupid videos. I wish I could start working but I have no idea what to do. Okay I know I have to program in the mouse to click and grab the tile and work there. But I have no idea what to write to make it work. I mean I only start programming this year, I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time in this class.

I got the mouse scrolling work ish, I'm pretty sure he will find something wrong with it anyway. I just have to make him tell me how the mouse work. When I will understand how it work everything will fell in place, but right now, I'm pretty sure no one will stick for 2-3 hours just o see if he's coming to class.

I think the project is only due in an other week. But if its next week. Every one will object. Really I'm more of a visual then anything, if he would show us the code part by part it would be easier for me and maybe other people. Or even if he could explain more on the board. Since he's always explaining on the board it be easier for him too. I understand when he explain on the board more that when he tell use to figure it out.

ho well less bitching. I will leave it like that. My teacher is a good teacher, he just had a lot of bad luck this year and was sick most of last semester.I will never bash down my teacher. I will only try to make the understanding of the subject better.


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