Saturday, December 31, 2011

Report 96 Happy new Year

Happy New year everyone!

in the coming year I have a lot more goals and determination I want to do.  Its the first year where I dont have school work related and I can do what I want. And I will take full advantage of that.

I hope everyone had a good year and lets hope this coming year will be as adventurous then the last.

Happy new Year, and good luck.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Report 95 the jazz

I forgot yesterday was Wednesday, that and I was so tired and hungry, I had just came back from a 8 hour shift and I was a bit sick on the last few hours.

Me and Scott are back home, we want grocery shopping, and I got a new keyboard and mouses! :D I wanted for a few months a new keyboard with buttons on the to to click next, pause or play my music. It was on special on staples for like 20 bucks and its really great. I'm not use to the mouse yet, its so fast!

except for that, today will be a busy day, I have to go and fax my papers for the student loan, get a few other things, hair cut. I'm going to pick up a parcel that been here since the 23, I can't wait to open it, I think its my knock knock items I got a few weeks ago.

My nanonovel I order is still stuck in Quebec. I a bit disappointing, I paid 40$ for the books to be here on the 22 of December. ON the 22 the books where just finish production and was just shipping. If I knew that I wouldn't receive it in time that I wanted I wouldn't have paid for extra shipping, now I'm just losing more then anything. I will ask whatsup on why I didn't receive it in time, if its been more then 2 weeks. One week I would understand, but more then two, hell no. I paid for express shipping here.

Now that the biggest stir is done, I'm back to revising my novel, I miss it actually, I didn't brought it with me for the week I was at my parents place, because I though I would be to busy with my family. I was busy, but I still manage to read Gini Koch latest book on the Alien series.

anyway, I don't have more to say, we're both alive, lots to do to finish the year 2011, back to revising, the jazz.

Take care!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Report 94 Emergency vacation

I had took a week off for the holiday, 23-29, I made sure with my managers that they give me those days off.


Well it changed. My boyfriend got really sick on Friday so I brought him to the hospital thinking that it was just a cold getting wurst and he would need better medicine. HA

He finally was out of the Hospital yesterday at 330, he had a heart infection, and the doc at Miramichi as sooo sure it was a heart attack that there is damage on his heart (note my sarcasm), we want to Saint John for test and now he is fine, the heart still soar but he have medication he have to take for 2 weeks straight.

He can't do much for two month though, no driving, no drinking, no sport, no fun. But just the fact that he is fine is enough for me, he is with his parents right now, he need to be with his family, I miss him, but we text time to time, well I text him, he sleeps through it, poor guy he barely had any sleep with the nurses poking him every two hours.

Bt yeah, my week vacation that I made sure I had off, is gone, I had to call work and ask if I could switch my week of for this one because of an emergency and I told what happen, they are nice, they said no problem and done it, but I still have to call and ask when I be back to work, I'm ready to be back to work Monday!

I actually film my stay at the hospital for Scott, he wanted me to record it, I have the cafeteria, some of him looking all sad, the hotel we stayed and... I think thats it, I have them in my other computer. I charge my camcorder for some holiday fun filming. I have a few days to relax and take a breathe, I'm still on the edge because Scott isn't here for me to watch over him, but I be okay.

I didn't bring my novel though, with my family hovering I knew I wouldn't be able to work on it much, but I was able to work on a few pages when I was at the hospital with Scott.But I downloaded new books: "Alien Proliferation" by Gini Koch and "the lost hero" by Rick Riordan.

Two books I couldn't wait to read, and now that I have them ( since Saturday) I didn't even touch them! I started the Alien one of course on the drive but I got a bit carsick and tired so I let it down. But now I have four whole days of nothing but family and relaxation so what better way to relax then reading books :D

and now it's time for me to go, take care !


Friday, December 16, 2011

Report 93

So, today I was just surfing on Tumblr,procrastinating the important phone call I have to make when I came over something cool, it was just a picture of someones background. I've been in a Marvel mood for the past, well , month or two now. and what I saw was AMAZING :D

It was a background acting like Jarvis from the Iron Men movies, my reaction of course was to ctrl save and use it as my back ground for like...45 second until I read the post and saw that hey, it interact too!

Curious I look up the links the person posted and check it, but feeling warry I download it in my laptop, like that if something bad happen to it, I wouldn't feel bad.


When I saw it works well on my laptop I jump back on my desktop and did the change! So here it is:

The center button open up Chrome, I had to download iTunes for the music plays work properly, I still have to fix up the dimension because I have a big screen XD But I laugh SO HARD, when I click on play on the music to see if the path I coded worked and Highway to hell started to play XD

The weather channel is set on Miramichi on the picture but I changed to Bathurst because the Miramichi path is broken, it doesn't say if its sunny or cloudy.

The visual part is a slide show, I set it on the wallpaper file I had before on my last background that would change image every 3 minutes.

So there you have it, thats what I've been doing for all morning XD what would be MORE cool would be that the circles would actually move allong, but thats to much programming and I don't understand rainmeter well enough to frig with it, I'm happy on how it stand right now XD

Now back to figuring out iTunes.

take care,


For people who are interest about rainmeter and, well , Jarvis here are the links
Jarvis theme

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Report 92 Marvel

I had a dream, few days ago, that I was working for Reed Richards and he bought the store I work at right now, so my job was to clean the shop and pack the box to bring the shop empty for him to transform it into some kind of lab or what ever. BUT when I was pouching a dolly full of box I heard the news that was on a fat TV suspended on a wall (that we dont have but was in my dream anyway) that there was an explosion and the fume of it revevied all the super hero and villain in the contry. I saw that some cities where bombard and they need heros

SO I ran to Reed, told him the city needs him and the fantastic 4 but he ignore me mumbling that science is more important, so I got mad telling him that millions of life is more important then silly experiment and storm off.

I pass a magazine stan ( that we don't have again, but was just ...there) close to where the TV was but where I wasn't. There was old comics on it about Avengers and X-men I took one up and flip through it, thats when Sue

Just apeared next to me saying that the city needs help that if I saw the news or that Reed saw the news. I told her that I told him but he is to much into his science to find a cure or something to stop the fume that reviveds super villain and heros then trying to protect the city. +

She got angry sortoff and say she will talk to him, and then Storm from X-Man got next to me. She told me about some strategic plan and that her and the avengers will help the city but will need back up, ready to help I volunteer and said I would call Professor Xavier and tell him that we needed X=men, cause they where better heroes right now.


I woke up after that, I didn't even had time to call the x-men, I was running to reach the phone then I woke up confuse, and I got MORE confuse when I got to work in the morning because the evironment look excactly like my dream so I was expecting the fantastic four and x-men to just fly through the door and demande the managers XD

Except for that epic dream nothing much happened. I ordered my NaNoNovel copies with the NaNo win coupon. BUT It wasn't the proof copy this year it was, not only one but FIVE copies of the NOVEL itself. FIVE!! I got 110 buck worth of novels for FREE I only payed shipping (express) that was like..22 buck. How epic is that. I'm supposed to received them next week or so.

I'm still on week 2 of the revision part, I've been working a lot lately because of Christmas time, plus my boyfriend got a men cold and I've been doing supper straight after work, I get so tired that I can't concentrate long enough to understand what I'm reading most of the time and I'm afraid to miss important cues. But I'm at page 70 of 164. I have Friday off and will be working on it more then.

Also, the Student loan people finally tried to contact me! They called my parent place first and left a number for me to call, dad said there was also a letter, I hope in a way that there is a email that I can contact, the only time I can call back is Friday and I want that day to be Revising day.

I don't want to call during my break at work since I know its going to take longer then half an hour and its impolite to eat while taking a really important call. And anyway I'm applying for an extention for another 6 month I don't pay without intres because well I'm only a part time at work and half my pay goes to on the rant and food, the other is to pay my student credit on my other bank.

Except of that, Christmas is coming, I finish most of my gift shopping, just missing my dad. I got fed up with Scott cellphone because his battery life only lasted an hour and when I would come back home, from a storm after work, and he wasn't home yet, I get scared something happen and he wouldn't answer his phone, so I got piss, chuck his phone away and bought him a new one with my visa.

I'm so jealous.

Its a pre-paid phone from Telus, its touch screen and android powered I want it so baad, but its barely a year I got my phone and I want a iPhone anyway so I wait. He like it a lot, it really easy to use and we didn't have to go to the Telus store to change phone we manage online so it was quick and easy with no brain damage XD

Anyway, that was all I wanted to say, how is your holiday shopping coming along? Anything you would love to have this year?

take care,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Report 91 new cellphone

I didn't get the new phone, scott did. I got fed up that his only have an hour of battery life so I point to a touch telus phone that Staples sells and told him I would go half on it. So now here it is, next to me charging. We still have to do the switch account phone thing, but it may take some times we both working really hard, me for the fact that its Christmas rush and him: the end of his term.

This week have been really hard on me, I couldn't get enough sleep and was really tired at work but I got better, I was able to get some sleep last night, AND we lost power at the store, I was able to leave half an hour before my shift ends, for two hours I was paid to sit around and watch the emergency light go off one after the other. When I left it was pitch black and we had each an glow stick/ flash light for safety more then anything. After I left, not even 10 minute the power came back on XD

I want and got scott at his college. He wasn't at home so I search for him, there was only two place I could think off and college was the first one XD We eat out ( well he did I got an ice cream ) and got him to buy a new cell phone, because it was his old one fault that I half panic and didn't know where he was.

I got him the LG telus touch screen one powered by Android now I'm jealous, but he said that if there is something of the same amouth ( 120$) he would pay half like I did for a christmas gift. He refuse the Kindle idea because I already have a kobo :C I tried.

So now I'm thinking of what I need ( and want) for around that same price I could get.

Also Gini Koch newest book is out but its not in eBook format yet :C I'm so sad, I was so excited to read it and now I still have to wait. Plus I made a deal with Scott, that there is some book I have that I don't read anymore, if I find a way to sell them or get ride of them I can get more eBook instead.

SO I place some of my book on Amazon, nothing yet happen so I will try and place a few more up to sell and see. If nothing happens, well I will loose 300 buck worth of books and donate everything to my local library. They would love me right there.

Talking about books, I'm working on the NaNoNovel proof copy I can get for free from the coupon I got from winning this year, I set up my novel like I wanted and just have to set it up on the website but there is something wrong from the way the text is saved that it doesn't resize correctly when I upload it to the proof, so I need to play around with the setting on acrobat or Word or something.

I also, close, to finish christmas shopping. Missing my dad and my godson. I took out the money I needed for christmas shopping and will give my credit and debit card to Scott, to stop me from spending all the time now! So many sells! So many shiny new things I want! BUt anyway, there is already one order from Chapters that got it wrong I have to send him back and try and get it again. We will see.

ON other sad news, the cheap ring that scott bught me started to rust :C It was a ring he bought when we went to maine with his parents, it would change colout depending of my mood ( mostly by my fingure temprature, it was always blue or purple.) and it was cheap so it started to rust from over abusing XD

I ask him to get me a new one at least up to 10$. it was a joke since, the first ring he got me was from a 25 cent slot machine, the second one was the mood ring thatw was around 5-7 buck so I was teasing him that at least the next one be 10 buck. So when we went to Wal - Mart I saw a rack with silver rings for 12 bucks I laugh, pick one I like and my size and ask if he wanted to buy it for me XD

SO I got a new shiny silver ring, that doesn't turn my fingure green ( fake silver and coper turn my fingure green because I have to much iron in my blood, something under that line.)

I like it.

ON my novel part, its going there slowly, with the Hollidays and jobs I had hard time spairing an hour or two to work on it, but I still am, I find the time and work a few page a night, its better then nothing.

Well thats everything, see you next week :D

take care,


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Report 90 brochetta Pizza

I made a list, at work, of all the things I wanted to say in this report. The big one is that I bought the domain name so in a few days the blog will be! And I slowly changed the google account like that I will stop using my hotmail as the google account.

Secondly, I finished the Week 1 part 2 of the HTRYN, and it was amazing! I learn more during this lesson then I did doing HTTS. I'm going to start week 2 soon, after I write down the bigger change I did from the story I imagine to the story I wrote. There is a few one is that I can't write a villain for my own sake. AT all, most of my story was the character moving forward because he wanted to free some ghost and all, the villain wasn't there most of the novel witch was wrong because he is a big part of the war so That's one problem that need to be fix. The others are mostly my character acting out of well characters and some scenes where the description where to vague and I couldn't see it.

Third, There is a guy at work who called me "your highness" It made my day XD AND I was for 15 minute I only pose for pictures for my manager to get ready for some presentation she have to do. It was hilarious. My parents also came down to visit last Sunday, they where only coming down to show off their new truck. We want to go shopping a bit after, and well I'm broke now. But I got new clothing that I can actually wear under my uniform so its a plus.

My Christmas shopping is nearly done, I'm only missing my dad and my sister boyfriend again but now I'm back to eating my pizza finish week 1 and start week 2 of revision,

take care :D


Friday, November 25, 2011

Report 89 Black Friday

So Today when I got up I was a bit anoyed because, well its friday, but its BLACK Friday so there would be lots of people in the road and in the mall, but I had to go early in the morning to change my car tires. but but BUT! Okay heres the story.

SO I was able to find a parking, finally in the Canadian Tires because theres like MILLION of people shopping there, but I'm the only one here for the guarage, dont ask. So I go see the guy and give him my keys BUT! He told me, like last night call, that he couldn't align the tires like he promiss SO when he will get the machine fix next week, not only I will be one of the first to get a call to get my tires allign but I get a pourcentage of because of the trouble! I was like, yeah no biggy, save a bit of money for and all, BUT!, but but but it wasn;t all! I was able to get, for the same price of the so-so good winter tires I was supposed to get I got, GOODYEAR ( Or something) really great winter tires.... For the same price so yeah I got that. BUT I also, when I whent to paid ( and because I was only going to pay for that instelation I was able to cut in line, so no WAITING IN LINE! ) I got a free ticket for a new oil change for next time in next year. So yeah I save lots of money.

BUT THATS NOT ALL, Thats just in Canadian Tire, so I want to Staples, feeling giggly because, ho god the car run so smoothly now, but anyway I want to Staples okay, because there was this awesome sales on 32GB USB drives, so I was able to get TWO for the price of.. well less then one. SO happy that I was able to save so much money I want to Wal-Mart next and got, not only Scott new headphones like that he stops stealing mine, but I also got him new kitchen tools because he kept complainning about the one we got, so..

Who gonna love me now eh!?

Ho and I got febreeze, because the trash smelted bad, and we where out of Galade sent thing.

BUT ALLL THAT and its not even 10 in the morning yet XD PLUS I saved lots of money. AND I didn't have to used the in case money I took from the treasure chest if I didn't have enough to get Scott headphones ( HE really needed new ones okay.)

So yeah, totally awesome

Take care,


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Report 88 Revising without Revising.

I really like the How To Rivise Your Novel class, I really do.

I start the first week class and had to stop because I wanted to wait a bit more like that the story when I read it, it would be something fresh in my mind and I wouldn't remember much on how I wrote it (not working so far). BUt then I remember on how I started and it made me think about how the first few lines doesn't say who is the main character at all, and on how I wrote the MC sister, she is supposed to be bold, not afraid to say whats on her mind and is the first in line to kick ass in some fights, but I wrote her mostly...doing nothing like a robot waiting for a coint to be insert. I hate that, and I was thinking on how to change it before i want to bed last night.

I woke up with a great idea, it match what I did when working on the worksheet of how my story came to be in the first place, on how my MC couldn't see the ghost but his blood was attracting ghosts like Honey to bees, and his two friends, they where there around him all the time because they where assign to protect him until they figure out what the hell is wrong with his blood to attract so many ghosts.

But then I'm cutting one treat that will make me have to write the whole story again ( well I wrote it in two weeks I think I can do it again no sweat.), I decided that Yuki wasn't the MC sister anymore, she would be older and she would be his bestfriend, that he knew Curt before, but he knew him as Curtis so when Yuki talk about Curt he though of a different person all together.

Basicaly I will write the story that I first saw in my head that made me want to write it in the first place. Its going to be so epic. Its like reconnecting to old friends again!

ON other note, 1. I got my donation gift from NaNoWriMo today! :D I got a bookmark and a bumper sticker that I slide in the HTRYN binder. The bookmark is staying close to me. 2. We lost electricity for a while. I find it funny because I was reading a comic online on my computer and I look down to check the time and was like: " Ho I should start working on my short story, well I will finihs this comic, only a few page left then I will start-" POOF Computer shut down.

At first I though it was just my computer so I quickly got up to check my alarm clock and saw it was off also so I was relieved. But then when I went out to get Scott from college because they lost electricity also not only did I hear lots of siren but the radio was down also XD So now I;m curious to what happen. If the power would have been down for another hour I would have probably start the revision worksheet, but I was too busy trying to figure out how to say this report that when I finally had mark everything down the power went back on.

So I jump on to write this report XD so now I'm back to normal procrastination from writing, tomorrow I'm off work but they have this door crashers where basically they have HUGE sales on a few items and one of it is a 32GB USB drives that I want so I'll be grabbing one quickly. I have to be up and early this morning, the car gets new tires and I cant wait, there is already snow on the ground today so it was a bit slippery with my old tires.

take care


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Report 87 deers in the parking lot!!

Like I've writing in my goal page, I finish NaNoWriMo in two weeks. I was going to start revising it but I want to wait a bit more. So I made plan to be able to write a short story I outlined, and with now only a week left of nano I made a draft of how much I need to write to finish the short in a week thanks to this website

When done in December I will start revising Ghost Trackers, I can't wait. With the Holly Lisle How to Revise your Novel course. I start reading the first leson but had to stop in the middle because right in the first lesson I'm doing work to make my novel better.

Also a few days ago one of my most trusty USB died on me :( I mean not even a few hours before it died I was able to transfer my novel info on the desktop, so I'm a bit relieve but I had music in there that I just discovered and like and sad that I lost them. But on good news next friday, well the coming Friday, at work there will be a USB 32GB for 20buck! So I'm going to take that to replace it. And get one for my sister boyfriends Christmas gift.

That and Friday I`m getting my car new tire and oil! I have to change my car winter tires, because the ones I was supposed to get, was used but during summer. When I received the car in April, my dad changed the winter tires but he didn`t notice he change winter tires for winter tires XD But at least the whole change only cost 590$ I was so sure it would be much more expensive so I`m happy.

Except of that nothing much, my mother is starting to understand that I want to be a writer, one lady at work, when I was telling her about I printed my manuscript she said she would buy my books when it would be in print XD I liked her, she was nice.

Talking about work this morning I cried because I didn't have my camcorder with me. This morning, I came early to the store, but there wasn't  a manager in so I was waiting in my car, it was chilly out, only minus 5. I was looking out to the entrance, and I got happy when I saw my manager car coming in, I turn my head to the other side and right there, in the middle of the parking, was a deer. He was in the middle of my manager parking so I kept turning my head to her car and back to the deer, hoping that she saw it, but then, There was two deers! In the middle of the parking lot! In the city joint! Its rare to see deers in the city joint because of all the noises so imagine my surprise to see one right in my face (well car).

It only last for five second, me and my manager shrug and got back to work. HEy I lived for 18 years of my life in the middle of the wood where my neightbord is ether a bear or a moose, seeing a deer isn't new, or see a bear cross the road. Its just everyday things for canadians.

"Ho hey look a deer...How was work yesterday?" XD

Well that was all for now, I need to start righting down notes of what I want to talk about in my reports.But fro now take care!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Report 86 Christmas gift :D

I had other things I wanted to said, but I didn't write them down and then I forgot. BUT I got a new toy :D I bough a camcorder, its basically mine and Scott Christmas gift from each other. We wanted to exchange Guild Wars 2 for Christmas, but I don't thing it be coming out soon.

I change my picture, I cut my hair and it's so much shorter then what I had before so I want to wait until I get a better picture, for now the one I place is what my work station looked like during Last year NaNo. It was a DUMP It still is but humm I got a 'L' shape desk so I don't have to use my bed or the small table.

I also edit my Writing page with a preview of Ghost Trackers, the novel I'm finishing writing now, and the sentence of a novel I will write to push down the GT story for when its ready for me to revise it. I modified my goal page with some 2012 ready. I want to participate to ScripFrenzy this time and NaNoEdMo were I  schedule 50 hours to edit a novel.

I also have one that I'm not sure I would have the guts to do and its videoblog. A Daily videoblog. Now that I have a camcorder I always admire the people who had the guts to do it and I would like to try it out. I would start at the first of January and continue onward. And I find that in 2012 a lot will happen since I be working on my novel, Scott will graduate and we would start a new life together as we will try to find work for him and move around. It be interesting.

But just talking out loud, to a camera is not something I do. saying my though out loud is not something I'm use to I usually plan ahead and make index card or something. But I want to break that, that's why I want to do videoblog, I want to break my fear that block my brain to mouth connection and make me sound like an idiot. I want to have confidence to say what I need to say out loud in a voice. And I though that maybe this would be one way for me to do so.

I'm still debating, we will see.

I also change the style of the blog, I do that often I can't stay with the same style long enough, I did this because on my Writing page, with my old style it did show the difference when I bold the titles, so I change it to be less confusing because I had a report that I bold some title of novel to stand out and I could see it and it was very hard to read. And I like this style, it make me think of my novel, I just wish it was green instead of blue. I  probably will make my own background to make it look and feel like my novel, it be epic.

And now I have to go I still  have 2k to write to do my goal of the day. I just didn't want to forget to post a report I work late tonight, if I remember what I wanted to say before I will make another post.

take care everyone!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Report 85 Its getting better then I hope

Its the first time that I don't want to go to work D:

I want to go back to college cafeteria, plug my laptop and write my novel. I've been doing well with NaNoWriMo and my novel, for two days I was going to the College cafeteria and was writing away until lunch. I was able to fill up 10k right there!

Its going very well I really like my story but I know I will need major revision, so I bough yesterday ( a year later) "How to Reviser your novel" by Holly Lisle. Just like last year, in mid November I bought "How To Think Sideways", a course on how to take an idea for a novel, polish it and bring the novel to live. How to Revise your novel will bring the novel you have to the novel you want!

In a way I shouldn't have bought it, my finance is really tight, but Holly Lisle will close her door to new student soon because she wants to focus on her writing ( Understandable) and I didn't want to miss the oportunity, so I jump on it when I had a 20% discount from graduating HTTS

I am glad I did, I wont regret it, never did for the HTTS not gonna start. It made me see though that I have to start paying my student credit, I'm close to my limit. So I decided, every paycheck I'm going to cash out a 100$ and will save for my other bank to pay the credit. It will take a long time to pay for it, but I know I will get some bonus or time I will be able to pay more then 200$ a month. Its better then nothing right now really.

Also I finally got "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxies" from the library and I though it would been...thicker, like 300 pages but its 180 pages. I nearly finish it when I got it, nearly I started to late and I had to go to bed before I could finish it. I will tonight for sure there is only like 40 pages left. Puff. But  Ihave to order the other books, there is 5 in total in the series. And really I was impress more buy the fact that the movie was word from word from the book, its fun. I really like it, its just my kind of cup of tea. (LOL tea :D)

I also started Good Omen like last month, but I'm having a hard time reading it. So I took a break for that one and reading the rest of the books I have here. I have the whole Sherlock Holmes series that I've been waiting to start, some of Cecelia Ahern books I ordered that I didn't read yet.

I also start watching a new TV show on ( all hail online tv) its "Once Upon A Time" where fairy tale is mix with real life, its very good, I like it, you can see (if you tilt your head a bit) the fairy tale story being told again but in this town where no one can leave and no one can come in. It's a very interesting concept of writing, if it would be a book I would read it, its well plot out.

Anyway I have to get ready for work, unfortunately, I will probably fix up a few things on my blog, one a new about me page, I don't like what I wrote. Then my writing page, I will actually place a few information on my Ghost Trackers novel GASP! But before all that I have to write 1667 word on my novel.

take care everyone!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Report 84

Something amazing happen to me last night, and I couldn't wait to tell it. I still cant wrap my mind into it, half my brain said I saw it, the other say I was dreaming, but I knew I wasn't since I woke up from a nightmare when it happened.

I guess I will start from the begining yeah?

For two nights, Scott was away to Montreal for his class trip and I've been having a hard time sleeping, because, well I get scared when I'm alone, and night with the silence and the darkness, doesn't help my fear. Last night, I had a weird dream, that could have been consider as a nightmare. I was backing away in a coridore, pushing down plates, knifes ( no idea why there was a block with knifes on a cabinet in a hallway but it was there) in front of me, trying to slow down they woman coming at me, angrily. And thinking of it now, she look a whole lot like me, but she was a psychopate, who wanted to eat me alive really so I was scared shitless, trying to get away but the house was block down and the only door to escape, she was blocking it.

I was scared, and I knew, my sucontion knew that I was dreaming so it was forcing myself to wake up but, the dream kept pulling me back, I saw a few version I got up on the table, trying to pring down the chandalair on the demon lady, fuzzy seeing my covers, and the next scene, she was looking up at me in surprise, her corner of her lips was bleeding and I could tast blood in my mouth. Then it was dark I saw a light, that I knew was the moon light. I was waking up but not completely. The last scene I saw before fully waking up was her, screaming, her mouth wide open, like if she crack her jaw down, full of blood, her eyes on fire, demon really.

I woke up, heart beating fast cause hell it was scary as shit and really realistic but I was staring straight at Pixie. From how you know as be dead for two months now, because she was sofering, but she was looking at me, her head tilt like asking whatsup, you okay, can I get pet now?

I didn't blink, I wasn't sure what I was looking it, I knew it was Pixie, but it look like a glass, moving glass form of my cat. I heard a purr, but it was covered by a stupid car screatching its tire in front. I got more scared, still having the image of the screaming demon lady in my head and looking at a glass form of my decead cat I look away.

But Kitty cat had another idea, I saw her move on my arm and look down at me. I did blink then, and she was still there. I didn't know what to do, I tried to lift my arm but I couldn't it was so heavy,so I want on auto pilot, when Pixie was still alive she would do that to me in the middle of night to get attation a bit or just to make me move to get a place on the pillow, so I nod to her to move up over my head to get my pillow, and I saw her move over my face, and get on my pillow.

I was still regestrating what the hell I was seeing, I move to look up on my pillow, and there was nothing. I look around and it was just empty, no more car tire scratching and anything. I look at the time: 5 in the morning. So I cuddle scott pillow, close my eyes and said to myself.

The fuck?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Report 83, NaNoWriMo

Last year, I start something that change me for the rest of my days. I start NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. This year is no different, with no project, homework and people expecting me to do my best on my school work, I can finally focus on what I like to do. Write.

Last year, I wrote a fantasy novel, the idea was in my head ( as a fanfic of some sort) since the summer 2009, I wrote it in a black, wireless bind, notebook. In summer 2010, I decided I would participate in this crazy event and brain storm for an idea for what to write, completely forgot about the idea I wrote in the black notebook a year ago. I came up with this ghost story, but I was in the middle of work so I couldn't write it down much. Coming home I rush to my room and took the first notebook in my head to write to idea down, to brain storm it. But the book was full, I was shock, I didn't remember completing any notebook before, so I open it in the first page and read it all. I had more then 10 story flush out in there, but one caught my mind and I couldn't take it out.

The Magician Servant came to be in November 2010.

I never forgot the ghost story since that day, but it change so much during that time. I didn't understand what my muse was telling me I couldn't see properly what he was showing me. He got mad and stop all together. I tried to write a story I though I liked, but failed. There was something that stop me from getting into writing that story, full of heroes, mysteries and action.

When I was stuck, again, frustrate that I could go past more then 300 word a day, my best friend give me new pens and textured paper. The pen, was new to me and I wanted to test it, I pop the green ink in it and stare at it in front of a blank white paper.

what to write?

And it came to me like a wave, scene after scene, ghost, tacky uniforms, romance, mysteries, powers, everything was there, in a corner of my mind, tuck away carefully waiting for the day I would discover it, the day I would appreciated it without even thinking about making sense of it and just write it like it was telling me.

I wrote the whole story, in 3 months, I hand wrote it on a sketchbook, I was able to finish it with around 50K also. And now, satisfied and love the story that I was telling, November 2011 is here and its now time to tell it again, the real way, what really happen for NaNoWriMo 2011.

For everyone doing NaNoWriMo this year good luck! :D I take a sip of my cold tea for you all to wish you a great month of none stop writing!

take care


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Report 82 Discoveries~

I've been living for 3 years in Miramichi now, and I still descover new stuff. Like a few days ago, I finally learn that we do have a bookstore! (named Books-inn) I tried to check it out yesterday after my visit with the library, but what google map showed me was just the location of a berger joint, then it started to rain and I didn't want to ruin the book ( plus the NaNoWriMo flyers) so I just leave it for now.

I know where it is now, I ask on facebook and the people that lived here longer told me where it really is located. I probably will go again today ( have to print more flyers of NaNo) since last night I got another call from the library saying I got a book that I ordered. Couldn't they check in the morning? I was just there, it is a 15 min drive. 9 I saw a black bear cross the road on my way there yesterday morning also.)

And yes, NaNoWriMo will start soon, I post flyers at the library and all around the college, I am ready! I have a new coffee mug for my tea, laptop clean up with motivation/ inspiration background, three usb on me at all time in case XD

Also I notice I'm starting to be a magazine freak, I always check the magazine before I pay things at shops, in case I can find the Glamour British version ( really hard to get here, but the best fashion magazine.EVER) But then I want to buy EVERYTHING! There was a magazine about Archeology! and and a bunch of studies about the human brain and all that. ( got one about how the mind works with motivation, very interesting... But I mostly took it for the Ancient temples articles.)

I must have made the cashier think or something because here I was buying a fashion magazine, a ideas & Discoveries talking about motivation, Ancient temples and galaxies...and a coffee mug. I looked like a smart girl that would travel a lot ( hence the coffee mug) that looks good. I sound like a self centered bitch, but I'm not. I had really bad low self estime in my teens ( the bulling didn't help), I always like fashion but when ever I would pick up a fashion magazine or a piece of cloathing I could hear the snickers in my ear or actually see some of my classmate laugh at me.So I really never bothered. But after a bad Axiaty attack, I change my mind track, I change on how I think of myself, and I never second guess what I like anymore. If I want to buy that dress because it would make me look good, and feel good about myself, then dammit I will buy it!

It actually help, I didn't have any panic attacks for 2 months now, I have a kind and handsome boyfriend that I though would never have me because he look like out of my league.(Thank you Nintendo!) I wrote three (horrible) novels, but hey I did it, because I stop thinking about what they would say and start listening to myself.

There is things to discover everyday, that it is about a friend, the place you live, or even about yourself you didn't know you would like, and that's how I see everyday of my life, a new things to learn, something new to discover. My co worker find it amazing on how I'm surprise or amaze by just small little things, I like it that way, because now it doesn't take much to make my day.

Take care


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Report 81 the life of a dreamer

I heard often that writers are big dreamers, must be a gift because without dreams you can really create books. I find its a damn curse! For hours on end I cant stop my mind from running stupid cannon stories from fandoms. I was off for four days this week, I had plan to work on my novel and I didn't write a single word on it because I cant consentrate on my characters, Sherlock Holmes keep poping out and tell me a story in my head. Mostly retold short stories I read of him, but its frustrating.

I also was planning to participate on a writing contest, I was just waiting for my sister with her reply with edits. But then I reread the entries on how to apply. I have to pay 25$ to enter the contest. 25 buck! for 1500 word? hell no. 10k for 25$ yes, that's reasonable but barely 1000 word no. I am not paying to get my story read and tell me I suck. Not that amount and anyway 1500word does not Justice to my story. I should, I did, but it doesn't show the romance, action and the world I build.

I didn't tell my sister I still want her input on my short, and if she like it I will tell her good, thats the beginning of the novel I'm rewriting. I have decided for NaNO I will write the first novel again, I am still fuzzy about on how to take on the institute and relation ship with the boys with out making it dull. But then I had an idea, fuck the classes only make it as practices and the character visiting and trying to understand the new life he is about to start. ONly that every fiber of his mind and body scream to  get the hell out of there.I did have a scene (or two) in a small notebook I bring at work, I write in it when the time is long, witch is often.

If I'm not writing I'm reading, and I am reading a lot lately. Mostly Sherlock Holmes fanfiction ( really well writen thank you!), but I finally was able to get other books at the library I finish 3 in ...well 2 days. I got Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I've been after this book for 2 to 3 years now and its finally in my hands!

I read the back summery and it made me think of a french book I read in high school, seven days in heaven or something under that line, where an angle and demon fell in love with each other and their friends want them dead because they cant live, blah blah blah. I barely remember the book, but I liked the character! God and Satan was arguing to whom the grand kid like better.

I only have one book of Terry Pratchett, that I never read ( I get bored after two page I just cant, but I love the movie version of his diskworld series.) and I read one book of Neil Gaiman...maybe two I don't remember, his style is not really books I would read, too dark. Yet here I am in pursuit for 3 years of a book by two authors ( great authors) that I don't really read their books off because they ether bored me or scared me.

I just heared so much about Good Omens I couldnt leave it and the fact that I could place my hand on it ( Chapters was selling it for a 100$! ) would only place me more determine to get it.Its the same thing about Stephen King, great author, only have one books of him in my shelves and its his biography.I could never be able to read any of his novels.Unless I want nightmares for weeks.

So I'm off now, done my ranting a bit, I have a short story ( pff fanfic) stuck in my head so I took out another of my black notebook and start writing it down, might as well consider it in my wordwatchers count. I know that until I write it out of my head I wont be able to think about my novel so might as well do it. When the muse wants something, it will wine until it gets it really XD

take care!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Report 80 Colour changed

I did the modification I needed for my submission for the writing contest, then I ask my sister, if she wanted to critique it. She was interest in my writing for a while, and curious and since she doesn't have work yet I ask. I'm a bit nervous to know what her opinion on it would be, she was always strict and not afraid to tell me to work on it, that's what I like about her. It hurt but it makes me work harder to get her approval. I was thinking that when the contest is done and show the winners, I will post the submission here. I know that the winner will have his story print out in a magazine ( plus cash money but detail) but I figures I could show it here also, like a preview of my story and what the hell I've been writing for the past months XD

last week I was able to reach my weeks word quota being 5000 word. This week I have a lot of hours at work so I only challenge myself to write 3000 word, I'm already excited to know what my muse have for me. I finally finish the scene with the owl and now its the fallow up with the eagle then treasure! I also got a third novel idea about a witch and the ghost dimension, with fights about who's in power. typical but I just love the witch she's funny.

Today I was walking in the kitchen to make myself breakfast when I finally look outside and notice that hey, the leaves on the three is yellow! All of it! Usually there is some leaves that are red or orange but nop not that one it was all the same hue, yellow. That's only when it click me that all the three leaves color change. Its getting cold out winter is coming! I really didn't notice at all that the colors where changing. I did notice when I went down at my parents place but its only today that I realize that the color changed also.

Yes I want down to Bathurst for Thanks giving, I had a great time, it was the first thanks giving my sister and her husband does and it was awesome. We were 10, only close friends all around our age group ( no parents! :D) we played games and drink till midnight. My bestfriend came down from Frederiction and I hang out with her too. Well friday night I hang out with Elise and Chrissi. It been a long time I didn't see Chrissi, she grab me in her arms and lift me for like...5 minute. then we meet a cat she is babysitting until it gets a new home.

It so cuuute. Its a female, color gray with white spot. Very playful and hilarious.Her name was Priscilla, which I laugh because its the same name as my sister female cat ( that I call kitten of Minouch) I wanted to take her home but in the end they made me think through it. I didn't have enough money ( and dont make enough money) to take care of another female cat. It cost a lot to fix a female cat, so I decided to take a male one next time. Which probably when I be living at PEI.

Also, NaNoWriMo will start in a month! I'm debating to ether do the remake of my ghost story number one, or the romantic witch story I had a few weeks ago.I probably know when the time comes, close to the end of October.

I'm still obsess with Sherlock Holmes. I was able to go to the library yesterday and got books I ordered and all the missing short stories of Sherlock Holmes, and one of its novel. I heard the author wrote two novels of Sherlock Holmes but only found one so I need to look through  more to see if there is some I'm missing. I also got the Hunger Game by Suzanne Colins. I still didn't start to read it yet, I'm going by the thicker book first then lower, I think its the third on the list. I'm reading one of Meg Cabot books first, just happen its the thickest because its Large print, haha.

Anyway that was all I had to report today, I hope you all have a pleasent Thanks Giving!

take care,


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Report 79, New ways

I have a lot of news today, so I wrote down every thing I want to say and go down the list. The first good news is that I found this website called Write-brained network. Which is basically a blog forum site to encourage writers around the world. But what got me in that site in the first place is an activities that help you write every day or so.

Its called wordWatchers. Its like the weightWatchers, I'm pretty sure you hear it where the person who wants to loose wait, have a number of points they can have during the week and every food have a certain amount of points. The goal is to stay in that goal of points every week. So the wordWatchers is the same principle. I have a set of words or page that I need to acheive in the end of the week. I can be anything really but still something challengable. So I deceided to start small numbers I said 5000 by the end of the week. I wasn't sure if I would have been able to reach it when I started. HA yeah right. just yesterday, second day in the week I had 3600 on 5000 word. More then half way there. I wanted to write a bit more to bring my numbers up but I decided agains;t is since I'm doing this blog report today. ( The word of wordWatchers doesn't cound on blog, twitter and status updates. Thats just plan sad and lazy.)

The other good one is that I'm participating in a writing contest, it was silly really. Its a contest for all Canadian writers and I can win 6000$ on first prize or 1000 on the next 4 winners. So its a win-win. Its a short story contest, when I read that I though " Ho okay could be around 10 -15k word" I though it would be to hard since the submission is on the first of Novembers. HA silly me, the maximum is 1500word. 1500! I type that in half an hour! So yes I have my story, I print it out like that I can see and change the text, because there is a lot of loop whole in there. Verbs doesn't make sense and the odd present to past tense mix up here and there, so I have to do a few make overs. Then I will ask a few people to critique it and do more modification then maybe submit it.

The second news, I got a new hair cut! and color. I have much shorter hair now, and I don't know if you heard that saying or story, but I see it often. When someone ( often a girl) have really long hair, but had a lot of bad memories that she wants to forget or move on, she cuts her hair and feel much better. Well it kinda happen to me. I had long hair, down my shoulders, and I cut it to up my chin and I feel so much better.

Also my muse love the TV show BBC Sherlock. He absolutely love it, because I can't stop listening to it. I don't have to watch it I just use it as background music and I get so motivated, that's how I was able to write 3000 word in one day, I usually get bored after 1700word.Ever since I watch them, I got inspired, my muse, in middle of work, got me a hint on how I could continue, and finish the second novel of my series. That and how to properly start the first one. That's what I wrote for the writing contest, I wrote the first 1500 word of the story, I end it in a cliff hanger of some sort to make the reader want more. I describe whats happening and my characters but the how he will react on the news is a mystery of somesort. I don't want to talk to much about my story here.

Anyway that is it I think. I though it would be much more but really it only feel big, when it really isn't...well I could say I got a 4 dictionary in one! :D Staples was selling does electronic device that hold the dictionary and you can just type the word you want and it gives the definition, where you can use it, the jazz. But the one I got is a English, French and bilingual Thesaurus. It have a calculator, money converter, history and geography. And It only cast me 44$ :D I am Happy I waited before I bough it.

I will go now there is more I need to do before going to bed, I work early tomorrow morning,

Take care!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Report 78 , changes

This morning, when I woke up, like usual I bug my boyfriend to get up like that he can eat breakfast and get ready for college, or else he just sleep in all the time. But yesterday we both made a promise that if he start to work out in the morning I will too, to get more flexible because I'm as flexible as a plank and really not fun.

But like always when he have to get up because of something new, he wines so much that its to late when he is done eating breakfast. He told me he had to do gradually, like his showers in the morning, once a week and it be fine ( he showers at night!). The only thing is He take his shower in the morning randomly. One week its a Monday the next is a Thursday and etc... It bugs the hell at of me! If he wants that to be a habit at least start by making it weekly pick a date and do it every week during a Monday or something.

I tried to tell him that, if he wants to start somewhere today is the best time, not next month, or else he never learn to hold the habit long enough, I know I do it all the time!But at least I'm trying for weeks before the habit fails me.So then as I was thinking of that after he left for college ( ran mostly he was getting late) I though of a different tactic. We make a lot of odd deals like, if I stop placing my clothing on the bed he will start taking showers in the morning or he can only buy pop when I'm done drinking the apple juice and I'm the only one allowed to drink the juice unless he ask me for a glass. Its really stupid and random but it make it work, I stop placing my clothing on the bed all the time and start actually place them in hangers, while he...well randomly pick a day to take his shower in the morning instead of nights.

But the thing is on all those deals, he was the one that suggested and I was always the one waiting for him to play his part before I start mine. But this time I will start doing the exercise before him, like that he will owe me HA! We both get up at 7 in the morning, so I can at least do a 15min exercise and leave the other 15 min for him. I want to do at least 30min a day but with work and soon NaNO I know it wont last long. HE is the one who keep complaining he doesn't do exerciser enough and is getting a belly because I feed him to much ( HEy the men hungry I give him food) so if he keeps the habit of everyday 15 min exercise its fine, I can do mine later.

I decided to talk about that because its a topic commonly know in human. We don't like changes. Who does? I mean recently facebook change there layout and everyone hate it, because its not what they are used to. And I find it funny because not even a year before it changed and they didn't like it ether! But eventually they will accept the changes and get use to it, slowly but surly. I always take the same roads to go to college, work or super store, when Scott tell me to go to the back roads because its quicker I don't do it because I'm not use to it, its a change in my routine and I don't like it. I know about it and I try to change my ways by accepting the changes around me and take different roads to go to the superstore.

Every time there is something that changes and the people complains about it because they don't like their life to be changed it only remind me of a speech my mother told me she heard once.

"We're all like babies in diapers, When the mother change the baby's diaper it will cry, but the only thing the mother will do is continue and finish changing it and say its okay.She doesn't stop and ask the baby if he wants to change, the baby doesn't know any better he just cry because he doesn't like change, she knows better, she knows if she doesn't change the baby he will be filthy and smelly.But eventually the baby stop crying because it doesn't remember why he was crying in the first place and eventually get use to get its diaper changed.People are like babies, they complain when we change their diapers, we just say its okay since they wont remember the changes anyway and will find something else to complain about.'"

it was a speech a men said during a meeting for the new changes for Avon. My mother really liked it, some other ladies didn't because it was aim at them, but he is right, if a baby can get use to changes, so can we. So now if someone keep complaining about a change in its life he or she doesn't like, just tell him to stop being a baby and let them change their diapers.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Report 77, RIP kitty Cat

There is a lot I want to say in this report. One is that... We had to put down our cat, she was a lovely adoring cat, but she had a tumor in her ear and we could afford the laser surgery, and even there it was only a slim chance she would still have both ear. We tried to clean it and take care of her but after two weeks, it was to much, it was really hurting her and much.

RIP Pixie, 2008-2011

I think it was harder for me then the cat!

On other good and better news I went to my sister wedding, it was really amazing, I think the most beautiful thing that happen for them was that an eagle flew behind them when they where exchanging rings. It was a really short and sweet ceremony, the food was amazingly good, the cooks there are superb I want to go there again just for the food! I really enjoy myself. I may cough a cold because it was in mid september and the weater was chilly but it was totaly worth it.

I also went to the football match yesterday, got a nasty sun burns but it was one great match! I enjoy it also XD But now today I had it off I was planning to go to the library but not only they change the hours ( open at 1-8pm what?) it was close on mondays... I wasn't to to happy but it made me think while I was waiting in front of the building... I need a writing decipline. I tried all those "I will write 500 word a day no matter what!" It works...for two weeks then something pops and I forget one day because of work or something happen and I forget the rest and only remembers a month after. I get distract easily, I can do things if I place my mind into it but when I get distract and its more fun heck never mind what I was previously doing I will do the fun thing instead.

But that's not only that, I wanted to at least write once a week in this blog, about how its going well with me ( Its not, yet, I have way to much anxiety attacks for it to be well but I'm half way done my treatments to fix that) and I only what...write once every two months? That's not right. I'm a writer! I should find all the opportunity to write what ever I want. I have a notebook full of great ideas waiting for to writing down, even if its a short or a long time novel.( I did lost that notebook, but I think I only forgot it at my parents place.They know what I was talking about when I was describing it and they think they saw it in the living room, cross fingures I have things in there I do not want them to read!) I did wrote two short stories, but one was what would be my life if I was a boy instead, and the other is what would be life if Hogwarts really existed in Canada though... Oddly enough they all end up being gay romance in the end...I blame glee I'm a huge Klaine...

Anyhow I have this great idea now and I know that NaNoWriMo is coming but really I shouldn't just stop and wait for NaNo to start to be able to decipline myself to write what ever I want and finish it! I know I can I have proof with all my shorts and the last year NaNo behind me, so why would I have problems with the other stories. They all well plan out with minimum detail for my muse to play around when I'm writing, I love all my characters and the stories, but yet I just let it play in my head but never in word on the paper.There is something stopping me, its not fear that's for sure, I don't care what people think, I mean last year nano I told a group and my boyfriend the summery of my novel and they all laugh at me saying it was all wrong that I used Fairys that way and I still finish it anyway I just shrug and bluntly said that was how I pick them out in this worls though. I can't be the fear that I have a whole lots of mistake since I turn off the word check like that I dont see it at all time.

So what? Thats what I'm trying to find out. I'm only working as a part timer so I do have enough hour every day to write so its not a problem, end there is days where I just read instead of writing or look in the end of space thinking about my new found stories and write the new details in a notebook.There is something else from stopping me of writing and now that I am conscience of it I will try to find it and kick its ass!

It probably all im my head also we may never know. There is a lot going in there, Scott doesn't have enough money to go through his last year of college so he will have to use his student loan that we didn't plan, but I told him, if he have to go for it, he doesn't have to live off mr.noodle just because he want to do minimal payment no no, we have money eat for crying out loud! But on good start tomorrow after work, I'm going to call the student loan and ask if they can stop they payment for me since I'm the only one paying the bill in this place right now and I'm only a part timer I get my check and its gone with rant and food, I'm saving, slowly but I can see it. I know I wont be rich in the first month, it doesn't work like that, I know it will tkae time but in like 4 more months, the student loan will contact me and take the rest I need money to save up in case something happens (lol Christmas) Me and Scott are planning to move at PEI after he graduate, were aiming there ( and I know there is a big community on the island for NaNo so I cant wait to see that!) and with all my crap ( no really the only thing he own is the TV and his clothing...and maybe a few kitchen appliance but except for that the whole mine. I'm going to post pictures of before and now of my working place. Its hilarious.) we would need to rent a truck or those moving vane to move there, no way my parents will drive 5 hours just to help us out, way to far and way to expensive on gas. I refuse and wont tell them the details.

So anyway we have big plans I want to get transfer at another staples in PEI, everyone want me to work or try at a game companie since I studie there and blah, blah blah. But I really didn't like it and I love working at Staples, why would I throw this out to work at a place that I would be miserable every day? I only say "will see" but not gonna happen. I may be working at a low salary but I'm happy. When I get my novel done and send it out I will get another payment there so it be like two jobs yey! I told my sister ( the oldest the one newly wed) that I wrote a novel, I like her since she did ask what it was about only ask the genre and told me she was curious now of what I was writing. After I'm done writing the one in my head, that I'm planning for NaNo, she will be the first one I'll send a copy to see if there is a plot wholes. Because I know she will search for the plot wholes not the details that I misspell a word. I like that about her. I can send it to both my sisters really since the other one she did some translation of fanfic, she knows on how to pick about plot wholes and not details.

okay well this was a very long report of what is/had happen since last time I report and for a writing discipline I decided I will write at least once a week, every Wednesday starting this week so yes there will be another report this week also, and when I reach report 100 I will do a special! and now I have to go, I wrote enough and super is done.

take care!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Report 76, the job, the first draft and the HO shit I have to rewrite everything.


I did mention I had an interview with Staples in the beginning of August. I got the job, the manager called me saying that he didn't get a chance to contact my reference yet but is still hiring me. I love it, I'm getting more confident with the printing part of the job and understand the cash completely now, well sort off, I understand it as much as I can.

I work at least 4 days a week right now, its only a part time job but its great. The people I work with are amazing and fun to talk to, I don't remember half their name but its getting better, I'm only been working for two weeks now.

And also, like the title says I finish writing my first draft of the Ghost story but I have major re write to do and I will basically be re writing everything and its a good thing anyway since I be writing it on the computer this time. I am writing down, chapter description of what I want to write about, just like I did to prepare for NaNo 2010

On other news I want to the US last week end and got new books! Stephen King on Writing witch is interest and hilarious in the same time. And Wicked by Gregory Maguire I can't wait to start reading that novel, I started Stephen King first so I have to wait, I don't like to read two books at the same time I always get mix up in the stories. But like King said in his book, to be a good writer I need to read a lot and write a lot, so I read when ever I can and write in the morning. I also finish the first book of Harry Potter in french again, I restart the series in one language only XD I started to read them in french and finish in English ( 1-5 french 6-7 English) it was a bit confusing. I though I got it, but when watching the movies and read some people ( on Tumblr) comments about the novel I understood better that I miss something crucial here. I only have the series in french so I continue in French. I also can't wait for Pottermore, its going to be epic.

I also whent to see the Glee movie last night. I whent still wearing my uniform, alone. I cried when it started, I sang with the song I knew, I gleed and freak when the Warblers showed up and hold myself from screaming on the last scene when the light shows behind the warblers leaving them in their shadows, having the feeling of rock star epicness. I love it. I did sang with the Warblers. No regret.

I wasn't alone in the theater, there was a few teens, young kids and their parents. Mostly girls, I was disappointed. But I laugh when the movie was done and got back in my car, the listen to more glee music XD I'm not just a gleek, I'm a tumblr. Meaning I have more then one fandom.Glee music is a huge inspiration for me to write, I love it.

well I have to leave now, got two hours to eat and get ready before starting my shift at work,

take care!

11/11/2011-> you know it just dawn on me. In 3 month I start and finish ( hand written) a story. Amazing.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Report 75, the Tank DS have finally been put down...

I don't know if I ever said that once, but I own the very first DS, the tank I called it. I bought it when the DS light JUST came out. I had it for ... what 5-6 years now? well a long time and I told myself that the next handheld console Nintendo will come out I will replace my tank since its a long time over due. And then the 3DS came out but it was expansive and I didn't have a job ( good news about jobs will talk about that soon) so I waited.

And the wait as been done! Because of the back to school price off, the 3DS was 100 buck less! so I ask my boyfriend if he could pick it up and I would pay him back because I'm pretty sure by the time I got my first pay check it would be back to his original price.

To only been told to my friend that if I bought a 3DS before the 11 I had 20 free games because after the 11 of August they put down the prices by 130$ ( Ive paid 190$) so its a double win. I will only receive the games the 12 of August. In the same time as the Glee movie comes out!! Witch I will totally go see, with out my boyfriend I am not that mean.

Well on job news it is great! I had my final interview for Staples ( witch I squeel of HAPPINESS! :D) and now waiting for them to reach my reference to see if I'm awesome witch I am and they will call me to start working. It been 3 days, but I know that my old boss doesn't work during the week end so I will only know something by middle of this week. And tomorrow I have an Interview for Bentley. But I love Staples and Ill go to them with my eyes close, everyone told me they see me work there and be more happy working there. I love Staples, I love their merchandise and printing services.

I wonder if I get a discount on merchandise if I work there because there is a few pens I would love to have and my first draft is nearly done being written, the second draft will be on computer and when done I need to print it off for the third draft. I had a dream about the second novel of the series with Daniel and co so I can't wait to draft that one. I only have the 2/3 idea figure out there is one piece missing so I am waiting for my muse to play with things while I finish writing what he give me.

I got a new binder and place all the loose paper of that story in there like that I can start what to scratch and what to keep. I already know what to change, I know that Daniel will not know Kurt right away so I will be a whole lot of Character development for the last few scene on how they care for each other a lot. It will be totally awesome.

I did mention that I was a Writer in my Staples interview I think he was interest in that. Its really fun to be able to say I want to be a publish writer in the future.
Well I have to go now, I've said what is new.

take care!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Report 74

Hello I'm still alive, still writing, getting close to the big battle.
Now I know its been a long while I didn't report but really, I've been job searching for the past month. I was late to job search so I have a few chance opening to me in August so cross fingers!

nothing new for me much, my roommate and best friend moved away to Fredericton, my boyfriend is now living with me. He bought me a L shape desk XD like that he could have his desk back haha. The cat is as anoying and funny at times, I bought the DDR game for the wii and play it. It's fun XD

I've start watching Doctor Who and really I wonder why I didn't start watching it before! its like everything I love in one show how great is that! I saw the last Harry Potter movie and loved it, now I'm rereading the series in french XD cause I don't have the books in english. Most of my stuff is at home, but I'm still missing one box! I have most of my important books in there and I want it before my sister sell it in the garage sell they are planning ( mind you I did tell her I was missing a box full of books so she should know, but I don't want to take chances.)

Also yes I want to Animaritime with my friend in the begening of the month, I was cosplaying Zexion and I find it funny that our table was more popular when I was cosplaying haha, but we manage to sell everything! 72 plushies gone! I sold 4 books on 7 XD I've been very sick during the month of June ( graduating, stress does that) but now I never felt better I'm so happy.

Not only that, my mother send me and email yesterday, she can't work anymore because of medical reason and its been 2 years now ( maybe more I don't remember XD) she apply for disability pension things and I guess they accept her because she will receive a amount for the last two year that she miss and now its monthly I guess. But she will give me a part of that money to pay my bills! Student loan and credits be gone! I am sooo happy, it may not be a big amount mind you but enough to get me started since I don't have a job yet.

I still love Glee, wich still bring my boyfriend nuts but its okay, he have his headphones XD He doesn't say anything I don't say anything by his obsession with Katy Parry. So its fair haha. I still have weird and amazing dreams I write them all down in my green note book. One still scare the shit out of me.

HO HO before I leave because I find this report really dry. I made contact with the friend I lost long time ago. I find her on Facebook but she wasn't active for months so I found her DA and send he a note there. We've been talking since. She's still cool, but I was so excited that I sound like I have some kind of crush on her XD but I did mention Scott so I think its fine now. She works during the summer away from internet so we can't talk much now but still it is epic.

now back to my writing, I'm really close to an awesome scene!

take care,


PS: My soul has been taken by Tumblr.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Report 73, the faitfull Ghostly day.

There is a lot I want to report and in the same time nothing. It's really funny.Well then first thing first; I will be graduation in two weeks or so less. I have my website done, only need a video of my practicum game I made, I can't link the game itself since that game is a facebook game :D We be placing it in public by the end of this month, its our goal, so I hope you guys could just check it out and help support me! And send report on how much it sucks and how to improved it XD

Other thing I been watching, well I watch the whole second season of Glee in one week-end, I drove my boyfriend crazy since he doesn't really like does kind of shows. Kids dancing and singing is not his forte, while I LOVE it.And because of glee I bought like I don't know how my CDs I have volume 4,5 and the Warblers plus the new Lady Gaga CD. All that in the same week XD

But that's not all, Glee made my muse click on something and I can't stop writing another story instead of the one I should be working on right now. I don't complain in case that I stop writing that one out of the blue and I will end up with two unfinished novel. (knock on wood). It all started when my roommate was cleaning in her room and starting to pack her stuff to bring down, things that she doesn't want in Federicton, anyway she found lots of pens and paper and just give them to me ( yeey) , one is a fountain pen ( Classic Calligraphy mini) with ink tube that I have to place inside. I only had like 4 colors: green,blue,red and black, yeay well it all gone now. I wanted to test the pen so I place the green ink in and took out some of my white sheet of paper and just randomly start writing.

And I just end up loving the character, I can hear him live and breath next to me while he rant about his story and I just could stop writing. I have now in total 20 white page fill up and two tube of ink drain up. I was out of white paper so I bought a sketch pad, the same size of the white print paper and continue. so in total I have right now 30 page written and it is incredible I can't stop writing I love it I even write when I'm supposed to be working on the game at school.

I'm pretty sure if you go down down in some of my report you heard of my characters, its Daniel and co. I was always confuse of what his story was and when even I ask he always give me mix answer that just didn't link up together or make any sense at all. Well I was asking the wrong question all that time cause when I was testing the pen and looking at the blank page in front of me, the only though that was in my head was what should I write?And Daniel just pop in my head and said "ME, ME I'm flamboyant you love me" So I just shrug and start writing his story as he told me. Bearly any description around yet I feel like I knew what it was going on. I don't need to describe what a school looks like or feel much since every one whent in a school some point in there life, why over describe it? Isn't part of the writer to let the reader imagine it like they want? I just want to to present the reader about my characters and there story, their life.

And now I just lost my train of though...goody.Well...I have a math exam comming up? I didn't even do any homework and miss half the class all the time because well I'm sick. When I get super nervous and stress I get sick and I can't concentrate much so I just give my teacher the question he give us and leave class because I don't want to throw up in there thank you very much.This week was wurst, I started a cold and I didn't have medication ( all expired since 2009?! wtf) so I was really bad by friday so I just staid home and read a whole book ( Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, really good love her style would recommended)

And now I feel better, I bought new medication and well I guess its a none drawnzy one cause I didn't get a blink of sleep all night. I had to move to sleep on the sofa in the living room because I kept waking up the boyfriend and he had to get up at 5 in the morning, and I also kept coughing so it was better that way.

So well now I guess I will go back to writing in the sketchbook with the Hi-jell sparklers pen I got for free from my roommate XD

take care,


Sunday, May 8, 2011

report 72. Pirates!

I had a odd dream:
I was a pirate with my boyfriend and friends, some other crew I didn't recognize. I was the leader, and Scott was the one gearing our money. Don't know who was the navigator I didn't see him but that's not important. We land in a Japanese look like place. It was a small island with houses over houses. It was pack. We enter one and the inside was a grocery store, with cosplayers inside. And it was a convention also!

I send Elise, my friend and another crew to pick some food up cause we need provision, scott said. So I took a cart and we start shopping, me and Scott bickering like usual, then he want to get some pop, just to bring on my nerves, cause I hate when he drink to much pop, and he came with a tall but tin book. It look like fake leather and was wine red. SO I ask where he got that. He said it was a convention in the grocery store and stole it like a good pirate. I pat him but then I notice a white sticker tag on it. Instead of a price, it was a name.

Holly Lisle.
My writing teacher from How to Think Sideways course.

I got surprise and nervous I told a crew member next use to change the ship place cause they be after us.And I turn back to Scott, I told him that we have to give it back.

I had to explain who that person is and in that world Holly was the one guiding us, so we both went to the boots where she was there, waiting for teaching he lesson and selling her books. I explain that we were pirates and sorry that my partner stole her book and give it back.

She was suprise that we use the HTTS to guide us in the sea. After that it was a bit fuzzy we where in a rush because something was after us. I when to get my crew members I found my friend in a isle with bottles of water and we left.

The odd of dreams eh? Writing about it I'm pretty sure I'm sailing in the sea of writing, a pirate because I dare the fail and fight against what everyone say to stop me. And the people that I was running away from I'm pretty sure is the four barriers : VICTIM, PERFECT, SAFE, FEEL.

and Holly is the superior of all Pirate, she's the pirate King! XD
well Pirate Queen.

Its odd because on the last report I just said I was afraid of deep sea, I love pirate but me watching the anime One Piece probably didn't help the vision of me being a pirate. But I wont be able to navigate or lead XD And Scott isn't a writer, he actually laugh at my naming fantasy things from my books. I huff at him and ignore him, but he said my idea he like he just doesn't like the way I called them.

It was Fairys. I'm still not over that.

anwyay to all mothers out there, Happy mothers day!

take care


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Report 71, Black Water

You all probably heard in your life that if your afraid of something, to not be afraid anymore you have to live it right? Like if your afraid of heights go on top of the tallest building and look down, thing like that. Yeah well it didn't work for me.

I'm afraid of deep water. I can't go under water at all, I know how to swim, my mother made sure I knew how, but I will not go under water. Even there when I take a shower I need a hand tower over my eyes to make sure no water goes on my face, its that bad, if water goes on my face I panic.

My panic attack was going down lately and I didn't need the hand tower anymore ( still had it close in case ). but two days ago, I think my fear just double.

Two days ago I was taking my show, thinking of how I will manage to graduate and stuff when, as I open my eyes, every thing was black. Pitch Black.

I scream and nearly fell of the shower tub. I wrap my towel around me shaking cause I was in shock, my arms and leg was black, and the water was running black. I shit you not. It was a mess, it look like someone decided to dump black paint in our water and it sprinkle EVERY WERE in the bathroom ( mostly because of me really from the way I got out)

I don't have nightmares ( thank god) but I can't sleep well because of fear that black water will just run everywhere in my room. The water is still black, but only a tint of it like gray black and still leaving residue behind ( black send, I wonder how many time I said the word black in this report right now). My roommate is going to go see the landlords tonight, I can't since I have a night class but she have pictures of the mess after I manage to get out and videos of the black water running.

And really I don't think I can take a shower normally for quite a while now. Its the second time it happen to me where the water change color in the middle. The first time I was mostly mad because it was only brown water and it happen often in spring time, so I knew what was happening( and my hair was still full of shampoo so I had to figure a way to wash it off before getting out XD was quite an adventure.)

But yeah, my boyfriend came after the mess since I send him a text to come over ASAP having a panic attack, he had fun washing the black streaks off my back.He is nice enough to ask me every morning if I'm okay.

So yeah, now my fear of water got wurst. On other more happier note ( ha!) I'm 1 credit away from graduating! :D I failed one of my class and since I had drop out of another I was missing 5-4 points, but I was able to take a math class to give me 3 more credit ( I think) and since we notice that the mobile class, the class I drop out, was still at incomplete level, I was able to get those credit too if I send in all the missing home work and still have to take the "project" to get my grade up from my failed class to get those missing credit.

Soo In three days I finish my mobile class, tomorrow I will know what is the project I need to do to get a passing grade and tonight Math class which is a night class ...yeey Thank god our teacher was able to get a match class this term or else I wouldn't be able to graduate at all.

And in all that I want to write my book. This term I have Math class, portfolio and Practicum class. Its not bad, just that I don't have a lot to show off in my portfolio so I need to work hard in my Practicum to get things to show off... Kinda funny that most of my games will be flash games XD I'm working on my Run Dino Run game right now. I will post them here when I figure how too XD

For the writing part, I'm done plotting I just have to get myself to sit and start to write.My characters are getting mad at me for not starting to write. I have a long week-end ahead of me so I probably will start then. I'm going down to see my family and this time boyfriend is coming down too! It been a while that they didn't see him and everyone keep asking where he is XD They like him better haha.

I had plan to start writing tonight, if everything goes fine with the landlords or that we don't have to much work from math class.Probably not so yeah I will start writing tomorrow. I wont keep track here anymore I like it but it was time I spend surfing then I should be writing. Also I start reading this series ( lol start I finish that long time ago) by Gini Koch. It's awesome I love it. The first book of the "Alien" series is called, "touched by an Alien" I have them all in eBook format but I bought the paper back anyway like that I can study it. I love the way Gini write, you really feel the characters bone and flesh in front of your. You are Kitty Katt ( not a stripper) and going trough all her drama killing alien and falling in love. At first glance it feel like there is nothing that moves, only information throwing at you and its boring but the way she made it that Kitty tries to understand and see the plot wholes and fixing it you get surprise yourself.

But above all, its HILARIOUS.The characters are believable, the writing style is fun and easy to understand I would recommend it tenfold. I read her three books ( all around 400 pages) in less then 3 days, and I'm starting it over again.First time for the plot, second time for detail, third time as a writer XD

I think that's all for me, failed one class, need to catchup, black water, awesome books,black water, me writing, black water, got new professional clothing, black water,Math class, practicum, games... yeah sounds good, well then.

Take care every one! I leave you with a super long report haha


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Report 70, Just to push the fish down

Just a report to push down the April fool one down the main page haha but in the mean time since I start a report already might as well make a official one. ( yes the April fool is consider as a official report too. I said so)

I want down to my parent place this week-end, to relax and make me get out of this apartment, it was starting to get me on my nerve, I had to get out. SO I was at my parent place and we watch some episode of Stargate, I don't really remember which one was it, I think it was Atlantis? not sure, anyway I was there, making my power - point for homework but I got to listen to the episode they where watching since it was very interesting. The concept was the main physic engineer guy got a girl mind in his, so two soul in one basically, it was hilarious. He must have a hard time to act when the "girl" was taking over his body. So then this part click in my mind and my muse send me a whole concept for a script.

Its the same concept of the girl mind in the boy and taking over his body sometime. BUt vise versa too. Its a boy and girl collide because of an accident, and they both wake up from a two week coma and continue on there way but as the day goes by they notice that they have someone else memories and old habit. The boy stop smoking and actually clean himself ( he is a mechanic) The girl, who use to be clean and proper, never mad and always on time is actually listening to rock music and know all the lyrics, start to smoke as if she was doing it for years and leaving her apartment in a mess.

But its only when they start having the memories of each other that they knew it was going to be bad and try to fix it but doesn't really work until the last minute of cause. But in the moral it show the girl to loosen up and have fun and the boy to start living properly instead of spending all his cash every time he has any.

It still in my idea stage my muse is jumping around ideas of instead both awake only boy awake and he can hear the girl in his head but it sound too much like the Stargate episode so I'm trying to variate it but I'm still writing everything down and developing the different scene to match the theme at the end.

Its a comedy romance go figure, but my muse keep saying that both the girl and boy will NOT end up together in the end.

I did finish my presentation power point in the end, by the way, even after 2 hours of none stop writing and hiding the grin on my face for my sister fiance to not see and still think I'm crazy again.

I played a board game with my sisters and their friend, it was interesting and fun. Especially when they are all drinking wine XD

Today I finish the speech for my presentation I just need to write up my program to finish up and I be done and ready. Monday I will do the other presentation, what I need to say and all. Its for my group presentation this time. Also today, my boyfriend bought the bundle for a new DSi with pokemon gen 5 engrave on plus a case and the game pokemon white OR black. He took the black one of cause and I bought the game from him so now I have both pokemon white and black! :D yey

I did re start my heartgold game after I transfer all my pokemon in white, and doing the nuzlocke challenge. No badge yet, I'm training until my first catch a metapod evolve to be a b it useful. I start with totodile again, and no one died yet! I have pidgey, totodile, metapod and a geodude that I send in my pokewalker as a treasure hunter XD

I can't capture pokemon in my pokewalker can only take items.I'm taking all notes about that challenge and have a great idea for a comic with it. My character is actually a boy and he is a pirate look alike ( totally not because I've been watching One Piece lately. Totally) and he actually only want to be a treasure hunter but he can't go out without a pokemon so he sign on to be a pokemon trainer but he will actually only ditch all that to be a treasure hunter. Doesn't go as according to plan though.

I feel bad every time I talk about pokemon. I love pokemon and I can talk about it for hours, ask my boyfriend XD But this is my professional website and I want to talk about my writing and posibly my games I make and the progress but it is also just my website so I can talk about what ever I want and I will never hide anything, whats the point, when I get a novel publish people will find out in 3 second that I love pokemon and its easier to tell the truth the deep myself in deny.

anyway I got to go now

take care all!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Report 69 April foool!

...see? Its a fish paper cut out glue on the wall XD made with PAINT and MOUSE cause I'm AWESOME! And to lazy to reach for my tablet and plug it...

Happy April fools


Monday, March 28, 2011

report 68 feel like I need to

I'm supposed to be working right now since I only have 2 week left and 5 thing to do before it's due. But I feel like I need to post a new report.

I did some changes at my goals page and add to the writing page. I may had no free time (shush you) to write but I had lots of time to think and man I have a lot of ideas in thinking/ planning stage where maybe even some will never come to life but I still love to talk about it. The super villain project have now a title. Not So Hero. I think I wrote a report already about that but I finally confirmed it by changing it in the writing page. I also have a new story that I came up with: Forbidden and My Wicked Witch Life are in the same world idea, My neighbor is a vampire is an old story that I though long time ago and that when seeing my old notes and tries to write it at the seat of my pants I decided that I can start plannign for that one too, and modified the so on logic. His a Vampire! He burst in flame at the contact of the sun! done.It's still a typical human girl fell in love with vampire boy but I twist it a bit.

fun fact. Most of those idea came form a unrelated dream. The vampire came from a dream of, me going to my neighbor house to find out that its not my best friend living there but a vampire family with a really funny gray dog. They are all punk and goth like but the only person/character I remember so clearly is one of the son, and he became my male character for that story. The family still there ( minus the dog) but they are human.

the Which story came from a really funny and cool dream. I was walking back to my parent house when two which burst in the house and destroy it, but the debris transform itself into a bigger house and held a beauty pageant for witches. And then there was this ritual to make me a sacrifice witch but I wasn't one so they had to make me a witch by signing me up for the beauty pageant. I woke up and I remember some flash color of the pageant but god I remember clearly all the witches there. The two first witches that destroy my parent house are in the story. There is twins also. Female with long dirty blond hair, dark blue eye that look like it lost life long time ago and only fallow the order of the two first witches.They are tall and strong looking but not muscly.Just the air around the twins make you feel to not mess with them cause they cam kick your ass.

World of Tjar... is more complicated. I had this story running for years. I used to tell tales about those characters and world to pass time with my friend in middle school. I was in works of writing that story down in high school but my only writing friend moved away and I lost motivation and confidence in my writing with it. She help me a lot with the world, combat and twist for those characters and when I have the chance to write that story ( in reality writing all the story about those characters and that world will bring more then 11 book combine of 200- to 250 pages, so around 75 to 90k each)I will dedicated it to her in hope she find it XD

Its really cheesy but she was one of my best friend and lost connection with her and some time I wonder if she still writes and wonder if she would let me be a beta reader for her.She was the only person where we could talk for hours about our story and characters and culture development.

and its time up, now time to actually get some work done before I stress myself more. I finally got better XD

take care everyone!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Report 67 proof copy of NaNo novel and good news!

PS: No i didn't do a typo on the cover that's how I decided to name the magician in that work, with a 'j' because I find it more fancy~

It been a week or two now but I was swap by homework and now,even if I'm sick, I was able to finish two project and took some pictures of my novel! Here they are:

I didn't have time( our more like I didn't know what to draw) to draw a cover so I took one of the free ones. I didn't like how I couldn't change the pictures to make them all different.

But, see see! My name at the bottom! My silly picture on the back and my bad English on the resume XD

I read it all on the day I recived it and dear got its the wurst peice of lecture I ever read... I love it. I like how, right after I finish writing the novel the character, story, world ,plot everything just disappear from my head and I completely forgot all about them. When reading the story was like meeting them for the first time. I fell in love again with the character I like to write the most about, I laugh at the scenes I was giggling when writing. I was stuck on words where I knew I didn't know how to proper spell and try to figure out what the hell I was trying to say. It was one heck of an adventure.

My roommate thinks I'm crazy now XD Its around 150 pages but there is 24k missing since thats what I wrote by head and there is a 2k I lost( and was to lazy to re-write.). But I still like it, its the most awful, atrocious thing in the novel world, but I still love it because its the first piece of writing I started, finished and have the proof that I actually accomplish a novel and its not that hard to write a story when you just stop thinking perfect and just sit down and write the danm story you had in your head for the pass century.

Except of that...GOOD NEWS! :D One of my teacher ( use to be teacher he replace someone for the last term of my first year in Game Design college) contacted me ( via facebook, never forgetting that part)saying if I didn't have anything plan for the Practicum in April that he may have something for me.

I only had plan to stay at school and work on my own project but heck if I could get someone to monitor me I said that I was interest. Turn out he had a request game for a bilingual edutainment game and since I'm french he wanted me to help programming/ translating for the game. And if his pitch for the game get accepted I will be hired as a full time contract.

And he did tell me that he will hired me anyway, even if they don't get the contract because Im a big asset for his team.He also said it will refresh the team a bit since I will be the first girl there XD Thats not new. I am the only girl in my class and in group project I'm still the only girl. I'm not sexist ( use to but the first year of college, in art, I slap myself and not anymore), but My teachers always make sure they don't make to much sexist jokes around me XD

anyway not the point, the point is not only will I have a job, but I will have a job in here!I don't have to move at all! And it help a lot since I have to wait for a year for my boyfriend to finish his degree and I told him it was perfect timing.

For the practicum he send us ( me and a guy in my class that he contacted ) a email telling us what would be the plan and I had a choice to, if I have an idea of a game I can work on at polish state for the practicum he will help use manage that, or else it would be a sort of mini game jam where we come up with a design and work at it.

Like I post already on the game page, I started a game for my flash class, but I fallowed a tutorial in a book and when I try to do some of my modification its very buggy and I want to ask if if it is possible for me to just work o n that game, basically re-write the codes to make it my own. I already have the art done so I don't have to make task for it and just focus on perfect my skill in flash by re-starting a game from scratch now that I have a basic understanding on how it will work.

So now for the end since I smell food and I'm getting hungry ( sick so I didn't eat much today)
here is the list of task I need to be done before the 8 of April:

  • Presentation group project
  • Presentation individual project
  • Presentation Data Structure
  • ---need to write a small program for that presentation
  • Data Struct 2
  • Data Struct 3
  • Flash scrolling Homework
not bad, I'm getting things done. I have my individual presentation next Monday and I will fix up a short power point to say what thing when right and what went wrong, and what I learn from it. The group presentation is the week after that. And I'm going to send a email to my teacher for him to choose my topic for the data struct presentation.

I will be able to finish at least if not both data struct homework. And tomorrow I am working on the flash scroolling homework and get it done.

so not bad. I'm proud I may actually be able to graduate!haha anyway I will leave to it now

take care,