Sunday, April 3, 2011

Report 70, Just to push the fish down

Just a report to push down the April fool one down the main page haha but in the mean time since I start a report already might as well make a official one. ( yes the April fool is consider as a official report too. I said so)

I want down to my parent place this week-end, to relax and make me get out of this apartment, it was starting to get me on my nerve, I had to get out. SO I was at my parent place and we watch some episode of Stargate, I don't really remember which one was it, I think it was Atlantis? not sure, anyway I was there, making my power - point for homework but I got to listen to the episode they where watching since it was very interesting. The concept was the main physic engineer guy got a girl mind in his, so two soul in one basically, it was hilarious. He must have a hard time to act when the "girl" was taking over his body. So then this part click in my mind and my muse send me a whole concept for a script.

Its the same concept of the girl mind in the boy and taking over his body sometime. BUt vise versa too. Its a boy and girl collide because of an accident, and they both wake up from a two week coma and continue on there way but as the day goes by they notice that they have someone else memories and old habit. The boy stop smoking and actually clean himself ( he is a mechanic) The girl, who use to be clean and proper, never mad and always on time is actually listening to rock music and know all the lyrics, start to smoke as if she was doing it for years and leaving her apartment in a mess.

But its only when they start having the memories of each other that they knew it was going to be bad and try to fix it but doesn't really work until the last minute of cause. But in the moral it show the girl to loosen up and have fun and the boy to start living properly instead of spending all his cash every time he has any.

It still in my idea stage my muse is jumping around ideas of instead both awake only boy awake and he can hear the girl in his head but it sound too much like the Stargate episode so I'm trying to variate it but I'm still writing everything down and developing the different scene to match the theme at the end.

Its a comedy romance go figure, but my muse keep saying that both the girl and boy will NOT end up together in the end.

I did finish my presentation power point in the end, by the way, even after 2 hours of none stop writing and hiding the grin on my face for my sister fiance to not see and still think I'm crazy again.

I played a board game with my sisters and their friend, it was interesting and fun. Especially when they are all drinking wine XD

Today I finish the speech for my presentation I just need to write up my program to finish up and I be done and ready. Monday I will do the other presentation, what I need to say and all. Its for my group presentation this time. Also today, my boyfriend bought the bundle for a new DSi with pokemon gen 5 engrave on plus a case and the game pokemon white OR black. He took the black one of cause and I bought the game from him so now I have both pokemon white and black! :D yey

I did re start my heartgold game after I transfer all my pokemon in white, and doing the nuzlocke challenge. No badge yet, I'm training until my first catch a metapod evolve to be a b it useful. I start with totodile again, and no one died yet! I have pidgey, totodile, metapod and a geodude that I send in my pokewalker as a treasure hunter XD

I can't capture pokemon in my pokewalker can only take items.I'm taking all notes about that challenge and have a great idea for a comic with it. My character is actually a boy and he is a pirate look alike ( totally not because I've been watching One Piece lately. Totally) and he actually only want to be a treasure hunter but he can't go out without a pokemon so he sign on to be a pokemon trainer but he will actually only ditch all that to be a treasure hunter. Doesn't go as according to plan though.

I feel bad every time I talk about pokemon. I love pokemon and I can talk about it for hours, ask my boyfriend XD But this is my professional website and I want to talk about my writing and posibly my games I make and the progress but it is also just my website so I can talk about what ever I want and I will never hide anything, whats the point, when I get a novel publish people will find out in 3 second that I love pokemon and its easier to tell the truth the deep myself in deny.

anyway I got to go now

take care all!


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