Monday, March 28, 2011

report 68 feel like I need to

I'm supposed to be working right now since I only have 2 week left and 5 thing to do before it's due. But I feel like I need to post a new report.

I did some changes at my goals page and add to the writing page. I may had no free time (shush you) to write but I had lots of time to think and man I have a lot of ideas in thinking/ planning stage where maybe even some will never come to life but I still love to talk about it. The super villain project have now a title. Not So Hero. I think I wrote a report already about that but I finally confirmed it by changing it in the writing page. I also have a new story that I came up with: Forbidden and My Wicked Witch Life are in the same world idea, My neighbor is a vampire is an old story that I though long time ago and that when seeing my old notes and tries to write it at the seat of my pants I decided that I can start plannign for that one too, and modified the so on logic. His a Vampire! He burst in flame at the contact of the sun! done.It's still a typical human girl fell in love with vampire boy but I twist it a bit.

fun fact. Most of those idea came form a unrelated dream. The vampire came from a dream of, me going to my neighbor house to find out that its not my best friend living there but a vampire family with a really funny gray dog. They are all punk and goth like but the only person/character I remember so clearly is one of the son, and he became my male character for that story. The family still there ( minus the dog) but they are human.

the Which story came from a really funny and cool dream. I was walking back to my parent house when two which burst in the house and destroy it, but the debris transform itself into a bigger house and held a beauty pageant for witches. And then there was this ritual to make me a sacrifice witch but I wasn't one so they had to make me a witch by signing me up for the beauty pageant. I woke up and I remember some flash color of the pageant but god I remember clearly all the witches there. The two first witches that destroy my parent house are in the story. There is twins also. Female with long dirty blond hair, dark blue eye that look like it lost life long time ago and only fallow the order of the two first witches.They are tall and strong looking but not muscly.Just the air around the twins make you feel to not mess with them cause they cam kick your ass.

World of Tjar... is more complicated. I had this story running for years. I used to tell tales about those characters and world to pass time with my friend in middle school. I was in works of writing that story down in high school but my only writing friend moved away and I lost motivation and confidence in my writing with it. She help me a lot with the world, combat and twist for those characters and when I have the chance to write that story ( in reality writing all the story about those characters and that world will bring more then 11 book combine of 200- to 250 pages, so around 75 to 90k each)I will dedicated it to her in hope she find it XD

Its really cheesy but she was one of my best friend and lost connection with her and some time I wonder if she still writes and wonder if she would let me be a beta reader for her.She was the only person where we could talk for hours about our story and characters and culture development.

and its time up, now time to actually get some work done before I stress myself more. I finally got better XD

take care everyone!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Report 67 proof copy of NaNo novel and good news!

PS: No i didn't do a typo on the cover that's how I decided to name the magician in that work, with a 'j' because I find it more fancy~

It been a week or two now but I was swap by homework and now,even if I'm sick, I was able to finish two project and took some pictures of my novel! Here they are:

I didn't have time( our more like I didn't know what to draw) to draw a cover so I took one of the free ones. I didn't like how I couldn't change the pictures to make them all different.

But, see see! My name at the bottom! My silly picture on the back and my bad English on the resume XD

I read it all on the day I recived it and dear got its the wurst peice of lecture I ever read... I love it. I like how, right after I finish writing the novel the character, story, world ,plot everything just disappear from my head and I completely forgot all about them. When reading the story was like meeting them for the first time. I fell in love again with the character I like to write the most about, I laugh at the scenes I was giggling when writing. I was stuck on words where I knew I didn't know how to proper spell and try to figure out what the hell I was trying to say. It was one heck of an adventure.

My roommate thinks I'm crazy now XD Its around 150 pages but there is 24k missing since thats what I wrote by head and there is a 2k I lost( and was to lazy to re-write.). But I still like it, its the most awful, atrocious thing in the novel world, but I still love it because its the first piece of writing I started, finished and have the proof that I actually accomplish a novel and its not that hard to write a story when you just stop thinking perfect and just sit down and write the danm story you had in your head for the pass century.

Except of that...GOOD NEWS! :D One of my teacher ( use to be teacher he replace someone for the last term of my first year in Game Design college) contacted me ( via facebook, never forgetting that part)saying if I didn't have anything plan for the Practicum in April that he may have something for me.

I only had plan to stay at school and work on my own project but heck if I could get someone to monitor me I said that I was interest. Turn out he had a request game for a bilingual edutainment game and since I'm french he wanted me to help programming/ translating for the game. And if his pitch for the game get accepted I will be hired as a full time contract.

And he did tell me that he will hired me anyway, even if they don't get the contract because Im a big asset for his team.He also said it will refresh the team a bit since I will be the first girl there XD Thats not new. I am the only girl in my class and in group project I'm still the only girl. I'm not sexist ( use to but the first year of college, in art, I slap myself and not anymore), but My teachers always make sure they don't make to much sexist jokes around me XD

anyway not the point, the point is not only will I have a job, but I will have a job in here!I don't have to move at all! And it help a lot since I have to wait for a year for my boyfriend to finish his degree and I told him it was perfect timing.

For the practicum he send us ( me and a guy in my class that he contacted ) a email telling us what would be the plan and I had a choice to, if I have an idea of a game I can work on at polish state for the practicum he will help use manage that, or else it would be a sort of mini game jam where we come up with a design and work at it.

Like I post already on the game page, I started a game for my flash class, but I fallowed a tutorial in a book and when I try to do some of my modification its very buggy and I want to ask if if it is possible for me to just work o n that game, basically re-write the codes to make it my own. I already have the art done so I don't have to make task for it and just focus on perfect my skill in flash by re-starting a game from scratch now that I have a basic understanding on how it will work.

So now for the end since I smell food and I'm getting hungry ( sick so I didn't eat much today)
here is the list of task I need to be done before the 8 of April:

  • Presentation group project
  • Presentation individual project
  • Presentation Data Structure
  • ---need to write a small program for that presentation
  • Data Struct 2
  • Data Struct 3
  • Flash scrolling Homework
not bad, I'm getting things done. I have my individual presentation next Monday and I will fix up a short power point to say what thing when right and what went wrong, and what I learn from it. The group presentation is the week after that. And I'm going to send a email to my teacher for him to choose my topic for the data struct presentation.

I will be able to finish at least if not both data struct homework. And tomorrow I am working on the flash scroolling homework and get it done.

so not bad. I'm proud I may actually be able to graduate!haha anyway I will leave to it now

take care,


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Report 66, pokemon!

I got the pokemon game White the day it was release. Last Sunday the 6.The store was only open at 12 but me and my boyfriend was ( second and third) in line since 10. We planned to only be there at 11:30 in advence but our plan got... mixed up. At 7 in the morning Scott got a called from a co-worker to go come and replace him because he was sick. So I drove him there. I clean the house the best I could because I was still recovering from a very bad food poisoning ( very baaad) at 8:20 I get a text from him saying he was able to ask someone to take his shift so I came get him. He clean his apartment and pack the rest of his thing while I finish but got a very bad swing of nosia so I just sit in the car with the window open trying to feel better while Scott finish cleaning.

9:30 he drove to get some money from the bank and him his breakfast. The weather was very warm so bored and from a text Scott receive from his friend. We join him in line for the release of pokemon white and Black.

I start playing the game when we were safe and sound at my parent place, an hour of driving. We came just in time because it started to rain like hell outside so I was happy. We started the Nuzlocke challenge and I lost royally at the first gym. I was sad but we continue playing normally from then.But what I LOVE the most. For people that already bough and play the game will k now that there is a lady that give you a type monkey in dreamland place. I got mine and I felt like my female water type monkey was...different.

I named it rain and start trainning and whole and behold...Its a shiny.YUP my gift pokemon is a shiny how rare is this? (12% chance of having a female and what 0.000001 chance of having it shiny? yeah my friend hate me right now XD). She still with me in this adventure. Me and Scott are always trading pokemon here and there so much its fast and easy now with the c-gear. Love itt~

I still will do the comic I was planning even if I lost so fast in the nuzlocke challenge.My roommate is also doing the comic. She wasn't going to buy the game ( black she got) she vow to not buy it and play it since she got the SoulSilver and still at second gym, she didn't touch it a week after she got it so. She though it would happen the same thing for that game but nop she still playing and super surprise with the 3d and new battle system and more. There is so many new things that I get blown away everytime!

Right now my favorit gym puzzle is the 6 gym its awesome and fun XD I love it. I giggle. Anyway My team right now is:

King the Serperior
Rain the panpour
Excadrill( Scott trade him to me!)
Tom the Scrafty
Minipete the Emolga ( in-game trade pokemon If I could I would call him Mini or just Pete)
Litwick (scott trade him to me since I want it now I didn't want to wait a few more minute of walking to the tower to get it XD I will nickname him Lit when Scott come back from work.)

They are in level range of 38-41. I will train them till level 44 or 43 for the next badge.

I'm a bit sad since I don't have a flyer yet nor a pokemon to have surf. I'm not going to use Rain for surf.There is this fish pokemon that can learn cut and 3 of the water move HM so I will use that one for the HM slave.

Well now I have to go, no more procrastination for me work again arg. Having a long break make you go back to laziness.

take care,