Saturday, March 12, 2011

Report 66, pokemon!

I got the pokemon game White the day it was release. Last Sunday the 6.The store was only open at 12 but me and my boyfriend was ( second and third) in line since 10. We planned to only be there at 11:30 in advence but our plan got... mixed up. At 7 in the morning Scott got a called from a co-worker to go come and replace him because he was sick. So I drove him there. I clean the house the best I could because I was still recovering from a very bad food poisoning ( very baaad) at 8:20 I get a text from him saying he was able to ask someone to take his shift so I came get him. He clean his apartment and pack the rest of his thing while I finish but got a very bad swing of nosia so I just sit in the car with the window open trying to feel better while Scott finish cleaning.

9:30 he drove to get some money from the bank and him his breakfast. The weather was very warm so bored and from a text Scott receive from his friend. We join him in line for the release of pokemon white and Black.

I start playing the game when we were safe and sound at my parent place, an hour of driving. We came just in time because it started to rain like hell outside so I was happy. We started the Nuzlocke challenge and I lost royally at the first gym. I was sad but we continue playing normally from then.But what I LOVE the most. For people that already bough and play the game will k now that there is a lady that give you a type monkey in dreamland place. I got mine and I felt like my female water type monkey was...different.

I named it rain and start trainning and whole and behold...Its a shiny.YUP my gift pokemon is a shiny how rare is this? (12% chance of having a female and what 0.000001 chance of having it shiny? yeah my friend hate me right now XD). She still with me in this adventure. Me and Scott are always trading pokemon here and there so much its fast and easy now with the c-gear. Love itt~

I still will do the comic I was planning even if I lost so fast in the nuzlocke challenge.My roommate is also doing the comic. She wasn't going to buy the game ( black she got) she vow to not buy it and play it since she got the SoulSilver and still at second gym, she didn't touch it a week after she got it so. She though it would happen the same thing for that game but nop she still playing and super surprise with the 3d and new battle system and more. There is so many new things that I get blown away everytime!

Right now my favorit gym puzzle is the 6 gym its awesome and fun XD I love it. I giggle. Anyway My team right now is:

King the Serperior
Rain the panpour
Excadrill( Scott trade him to me!)
Tom the Scrafty
Minipete the Emolga ( in-game trade pokemon If I could I would call him Mini or just Pete)
Litwick (scott trade him to me since I want it now I didn't want to wait a few more minute of walking to the tower to get it XD I will nickname him Lit when Scott come back from work.)

They are in level range of 38-41. I will train them till level 44 or 43 for the next badge.

I'm a bit sad since I don't have a flyer yet nor a pokemon to have surf. I'm not going to use Rain for surf.There is this fish pokemon that can learn cut and 3 of the water move HM so I will use that one for the HM slave.

Well now I have to go, no more procrastination for me work again arg. Having a long break make you go back to laziness.

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  1. Hi - is this the best blog to be in touch with you at?? I got confused by all your blogs :D

    I responded to your proof copy question on my blog, but FYI here is what I said:

    Zenxara - nah, I put the proof copy aside, haven't used it for editing. Just for a hug now and then. lol. I'm doing all my work on the computer - though I did print out a copy when I travelled, to edit on paper. But I did that too soon, before many changes were made afterwards on the computer. So when I'm done with this current revision, I'll print out another copy and do a read-through that way.

    THEN I think I'll be ready for a beta :)

    With the proof though, I think I did read a few things in it and thought, "Hey, that needs editing!" :P I'm excited to hear you got your copy, you should share photos when you have it!! :)