Monday, January 25, 2010

Report 22, Found it!!

My future desktop!

Like I rage on the last post, I need a new computer. To be more specific, I need a new Desktop. Because my laptop is crap for the software I need.

Anyway I found the desktop I want! I technically the same as the one I use at school so I know its a good one for my homework, and can hold a lot yey! I will be able to place 3DMax on it and practice! I can place Visual Studio and it wont crash on me!

But its 1300$, Not a lot at all trust me, really good price, but I can't afford it on my student budget right now. and It's on sale too so it will go up soon-ish. SO when I talk to my parent ( and discovered that my dad can give me a flat screen 14inch screen. yessss) I told them my problem, that its over my visa credit so, they told me to ask my college!

I was like whut? they would say no, no way they would help me, they can't afford a software for our sound class, guess a student desktop. It took like 20 min before I finally got what they where saying ( my dad had to take the phone from my mom and explain better in 5 min less XD)

They say, some college ( Mostly government really) can give percentage off of the product they buy if its the same company. Its not advertise or anything because people could just get in college get the computer they want for cheap and leave so. I need to ask my teach if they have, if not, I will have to call again. And I will have 2 choice:

a) call the Bank and raise my visa credit,

b) parent buy it for me and I will pay them back bits by bits.

I really like the 'b' choice, but its a big if. that and I need to clean my room to make place ( will start when knowing I probably will have a percentage off) for a table. Meaning, one library will have to go...sad. I will have to place them in a plastic box ( like that books and paper wont get destroy...much) and probably be under my bed in my parent place. Since my HUGE library is full there...and I have 3 book coming up! ( inner me : yeeey) But it's for the game design technique. kinda.

Anyway all in all, I will ask the teacher if I can have a percentage off because I'm buying form the same company there dealing with. Clean my room, storing books and paper out of the apartment, make place for table, and get ready for studies and new more important books coming up!

Most importantly ( and the goal of this post)


07/01/2011-> ask my teacher didn't work. Called the bank, was closes. Got a credit and place on visa and payed desktop, work like a charm.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Report 21, THAT"S IT!


I'm buying a desktop.

you see I had to work on my problem set on visual studio 2008 on my laptop yesterday but NOP! Visual decided to crash on me. SO I will use my Wii found money to not only buy the books I need ( will explain shortly) but to also start to save up for my desktop.

YUP no Wii for me for quite a long while. I have been reading a lot of article about game design in the industry and I really like what they are doing so I decided to fallow that path after I finish programming! I found a lot of books that ( good website about the game industry) talk about and will buy them. There is 3 right now on my list.

I bought one just this morning, because I discovered there was only a few left on Amazone and Chapters didn't have them on stock so I bought it right away. So now I'm forcing myself to now buy the rest online!! I'm going down to moncton in a month so I will go to chapters then and buy them with all the cash I have save up for the Wii.

I also download the ZNES on my computer! so I finally start EathBound! I also have Zelda, Final fantasy III and Secret of Mana, but detail!~ I have made a Twitter too! I post the link on my links section just on the left. I'm in a lot of website I find. Ho well. I decided to have a Twitter when my teacher was talking about social and communication website. There was Twitter and facebook...or blogs. haha. so now I have all three, I just could post my facebook there, but I never go on it anyway. It was just to show pictures of my boyfriend to my family cause they where curious XD

well I have to go, my turn to drive to the apartment and my roommate is finally ready to leave XD time to fix up Visual Studio on my laptop and finish the programming Problem set! At least the extra time give me time to mostly finish my math homework! I just need one chapter on Linear Algebra, and a few numbers on Descrete Math!

Anyway see ya!,

07/01/2011-> I want to chapters trying to get the books. They where not there. So I bought them all online. I think I say it later.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Report 20, Home work list

Just some homework list that I don't want to forget.

  • game-sound and effect paper( gonna work on it tonight)
  • math, discrete and linear algebra
  • ethics and education paper
  • Problem Set 1 in Programming

that's it. I just need to write it down somewhere for me to remember it. And since I forgot most of my folders at home today I did remember where I was for my homework.

I will probably have a tutor for Linear Algebra. I know all the formula, I just don't know when and where to apply it. I just need for 2 chapters and after that I be good, since we finally start the Matrix today witch is fun ( weirdly) and more understandable.

I have been reading D-Gray men lately ( cause of BB over there! *point at boyfriend a few desk away*) and I'm hook. I'm already at chapter 88 on 190. It's a lot of chapters I find. Usually I never go for series who have a lot of chapters.HO well, It's good for now and its not like 25 page every chapter, witch is why I read it so fast. It's a good thing, but I have to stop reading and do my math homework XD HAHA.

anyway I have to do my homework while waiting for my Boyfriend to finish his class for today.



07/01/2011-> never finish D-Gray men. I think? I think that I read till in the 120 chapter but that's it. I stopped. now I'm less in anime or manga. I only read one manga now and it is Bakuman.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Report 19, mom's giftsss

Location: Apartment.
missions: finish homework
comments: now * turn paper upside down* what does he want again?

During the Christmas break, I vaguely remembered that I did tell my mom that soon I would need new clothing, to look more my age and professional. So 3 days ago my mom called, This is what our conversation was:

mom: hey Steph, remember how you said you need new clothes soon?

Me: vaguely, only near summer though, why?

mom: well me and Denise when to the mall today! and I bought you some shirts!

me: oh nice! what color?

mom: I bought you 16 shirts.


mom: I bought you 16 shirts! sweaters, t-shirt, tank-top-

me: 16?

mom: YUP 16!

me: ho god!!

So yes, I have now a HOLE NEW wardrobe. Really, since yesterday I bought new jeans ( what was missing from my list so) annnd I paid all my bills now. Still don't have the loan, but it's coming.

On another note, my boyfriend is going to buy a PS3. he played on the one of his roommate and he reaaallly want one now XD it was funny. But now he's anti-social, and he still have to do his homework ( Ho crap MY homework!)

I will have my Wii soon too, I have all the money saved, I just have to find a wal-mart ( cause I have some gift card from there) that have one in stock. Really hard to find.

I read some articles about being a game designer and programmer. And now I'm not sure what I want to go in. I still gonna work my way as a Programmer, but I like what Designers do. So I may aim for that title one day. Another article taught me on how to learn to make games by playing them. I took notes on what I should do and will start doing that. In one way it force me to play game, and finish them in a way.

Well, now it's homework time! going to do some Discrete Math and Linear Algebra!~

yeeeey ( sarcastic, don't like linear algebra, I like Discrete math more.)


07/01/2011-> by the end of that term I liked Linear algebra more then Discrete math. That is a good exemple on how live change all the time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Report 18, the meme

Location: Apartment, looking at Boyfriend playing darksiders, now devil may cry 4.
mission: start and finish a character meme
comment: QUICK QUICK QUICK! must find a eighth characterrr!

Character Meme time!!

I usually don't do a lot of memes, but I saw this one on Deviantart ( tealpirate, a girl I watch is studying to be a writer so she does a lot of those kind of meme) and I told myself that it be good for me to try one at least. Since I start to write all the biography of my characters in a book.All my characters. And I have a lot.

So yeah, I took some of my most favorite character that I ever created and place it in there. Thank god that I'm starting a story in where all my character are in one huge house. So they're kinda in the same story now instead of 5 different one haha.

And now... the meme:


1) First list all your OCs by first name so we can see your list of all your wonderful OCs:

1. Isaac
2. Ken

2) Who is your favourite OC?
Zerox, I love the design and his personality I give him, if he would be a real person, it would be really interesting to talk with him.

3) Who is your least favourite?
Yuki, she was born out of my anime\Japanese fandom.

4) Who is your most developed?
Zerox and Lavender, since there my most fresh out of my head, characters.

5) How many girl OCs do you have? Boy OCs? It OCs?
In the list, 1 girl and 6 boys. But I do have more girls here and there. And some its characters to. I didn’t want to list them here cause they don’t go with the group.

6) If you were stuck in a burning building what do you think the third OC (Zerox) on your list would do?
He would find a way to get out. Call 911 on his phone, jump out of the window, stuff like that.

7) Name one thing you regret about one of your OCs.
I regret making Daniel so lazy and bored all the time. Daniel was supposed to be my man self but he and up looking like a emo guy. But that’s because he’s tired and bored all the time.

8) Which of your OCs do you think would make the best father/mother/it parent out of all your OCs and why?
Zerox would be a great father, but because of his look everyone is scared of him.
Lavender is good with children but he doesn’t really like them. Probably will only like his own.
Andrew would be a good father took, strict and lovable.

9) Which of your OCs do you think will most likely be put in jail?
Kurk, cause he look like a trouble maker, but he isn’t. And Lavender cause HE is a trouble maker XD

10) The eighth of your OCs was put into the future! What will their job be?!

Andrew? Probably a translator and researcher of old language.

11) Name the first OCs catch phrase!
Isaac: “ I think I can handle it”

12) Do all your OCs live together or are they separated?
Right now they all live in a huge house, their room are like small apartment, does that count as living together?

13) Are there any pairings that are in your OC list?
Ken x Yuki
Daniel x Kurk ( in a friendly way not couple)
Andrew x Yuki

Zerox have a boyfriend that I didn't list
Isaac is a ghost.
Lavender can’t get girls even if his life depend on it

14) Your seventh OC switched bodies with you for a day! How will they react at the end of the day?
Kurk? Me as Kurk?! Oh god, I don’t want to know what I will come back to after the switch… ho god.

15) Your fourth OC just became a fifteen year old. What do they do?
Lavender, would just flirt with 15 year old girls, go to arcade, mall and such.

16) Now randomly select a person on your OC list. Who was it?

17) That OC you just chose? Yeah they think they are superman (even if they are a girl)
and are on the roof about to jump off.
Daniel is always with Kurk so Kurk would stop him and say: : You idiot suger cake! You have super power yes, but its only in STRENGH not flying…dumb ass”

18) Are any of your OCs bored of this meme?
Isaac: “ it’s quite interesting”
Ken: “ hum I-I don’t really do much so…it’s okay?”
Zerox: “I don’t really care. Its fun to know your enemy”
Lavender: “ it’s fun! But don’t have a lot of me in it.”
Yuki: “ Gomennasai Tomodachi, but I have homework. ^^”
Daniel: “ can I go now?”
Kurk: “…” looks a Daniel “ …I like it…”
Andrew:” I have more important stuff to do right now.”

19) Would your second OC prefer the beach or the mountains?
He like to walk around, so both, but he would like mountain a tiny ,tiny bit more. Cause he doesn’t like heat much.

20) Would your 5th OC battle a shark?
Yuki could but wouldn’t she’s a animal friend. Even the huge and men eater one.

21) Which OCs hate each other?
Andrew HATES Daniel, but Daniel doesn’t care much.

22) Which OC did you create first? And last?
In that list, Daniel is the first one, Lavender is the last.

23) If seven and three got into a fight, who would win?
Zerox VS Kurk

Kurk, he have super strength when holding some kind of stone so.

24) What are your first 2 OC's favourite foods?
Isaac can’t eat, so nothing. But Ken love sweets

25) If your listed OCs were in a fight to the death, who would emerge victorious?
Daniel. At first I would say Kurk because Daniel is lazy, but Kurk wouldn’t want to hurt Daniel so would do a fake death.

26) There's a zombie attack and your OCs are stranded. Who do they elect to be their leader?
Andrew, because he’s the smart one, and the best strategist and knowledgeable.

27) During said zombie attack, who's the first to die?
Yuki…I’m sorry Yuki but your power is not really helpful sometimes.

28) Which one of these OCs do you think would have the most fangirls/boys?
Zerox or Lavender.

29) Okay, so does OC number four have any last thoughts?
“ If you’re a single lady, and looking for a date, I would love to gave you the honour, of a date.”

30) If possible, what's your characters' height?
Ken-5’4”(still growing)
Lavender- 5’6”
Daniel- 5’8”
Kurk- 5’11”
Andrew- 5’8”

31) Can your characters dance?
All except Ken, he’s to shy to dance

... I find that meme can be really helpful in a way, but useless for other people to read since they don't know how the character look like XD haha I should post some of my character sheets someday, or post some half stories. Anyway, hope someone would find it useful to use someday


07/01/2011-> I still love those characters, I am trying to work there story to write it but there is a lot missing and ...not working. Need a lot of planning and I have a lot on my mind right now. But I know I will work with them. Zerox still in my head sometime, and Daniel and Kurk.

11/11/2011 -> Zerox still in my heart, Kurk is now Curt from Curtis and I am writing DAniel's story to be publish. Doing NaNoWriMo for it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Report 17

Mission: Take notes on programming, and Ethics

Comments:...What the hell is ethics?

No really. I look in the blue paper for the class description and it was something under the line of: " the introduction of Ethics, the student will study Ethics."

...It's Introduction to Ethics, I think I can figure that one.

On other note, I had to buy a headphone with mic for my sound class and I talk with my boyfriend over xFire most of the night XD He was playing borderland though. It was hilarious.

Last night too, my stress on "not enough money" will be gone! My mom said she will call the bank to have my credit, since my loan is not in yet. That and I need to buy a 170$ calculator. It's a graphic calculator, so it is pricey. I'm trying to find other place where I can buy for cheaper. I found 140$ one in staple right now so it's good.

I already have homework in my quality management class,it's not due in an other few week, but still. I didn't really understand what the problem set is. Something about waterfall in game industry.Waterfall being a step by step way to make a game. It's like the higher position of concept paper I did last term.

Writing concept paper was fun. I still write some now and then. Concept paper are a one page game idea that you can send to game industry, for them to consider your idea and may or may not do it.

Now I guess it's the step after the game concept paper, the steps for industries have to go trough to have the money, the process of making the game and the over load of stress to publish it.

How fascinating.

Except for that, life's pretty good now.Well, there is some friend problem, but I don't know a lot since all my friend are in Animation, so I don't hear a lot. They know if they ask my opinion or help, I would tell the horrible truth, and they don't want that so they will try and work it out. Since where all friend i the same boat of going trough the college stress.


07/01/2011-> ... okay yeah other report I may delete cause I don't even understand myself.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Observation report 16 (I guess)

I just re-read all my old post and I notice that I start to sign my really name at report 9, for odd reason, and that I post less and less ever since I when out to a date. I feel kinda bad. I mean I start this just to type out and see that stuff happen in my life, that its not always the same and I will get reward in the end.But now I'm less motivated. okay yeah today I just want to vent and talk ( aka:type) for hours.

Just to know where I'm at now. I am, bit by bit, moving on to kingdom heart fandom teen, to a college programmer, going to professional life women. It's scared me. I actually clean my room and took out all my plushies out of my bed. ( now on top of my library with all my figurine) I felt bad every night my boyfriend sleep over and see all does plushies. At least there anime one, but still his 21, I don't think its nice for him to see toys on his girlfriend bed.But I did told him when I be 20 all does kid and weird 14-15 stuff I do will go away.

Why I act like a 14-15 year old teen? Because when I was that old, I was acting like I was 18-20. serious business all the time, and I notice when I was 17...I miss it. I want to have my teen life back. So I am.

Thinking on it right now make me see that, I'm not a kid anymore. My cosine I use to play outside with is getting married in June. I'm in a actually serious relationship. I finish my first term of my future profession. I finish it in 80+, and I have only 1 year and few months before...Before I actually go in to the "real world" like they call it.

I wonder. What is the feeling of finish your studies, get your degree and start to work in what you always dream of? How those it feel to actually do what you been dreaming of for so long. And how about now. What you do when your dream is accomplish?You been dreaming of this for so long, thinking of what you would do on that time when your a kid, but as an Adult. Isn't different?

I'm going to be a game programmer, but that's because I always have a curious eye on how game's work.But my heart is always on writing. I love to write, come up with stories, create characters, build new worlds. I always find it interesting. I love to just lie down, close my eyes and let my imagination run wild. That's the other reason I choose programming. It's the closes thing to write stories.

Why did I choose something different from what I love? Simple.

I suck at writing. French or English.

My grammar is always wrong, I mix up rules, and I can't stand verbs. ( especially french oh god)

Programming is a mix of what I love to do and what I'm good at. Love to come up with stories, and good at math! 10-4 for me!

I don't know if people would read this, If some one does:
is your dream what you love? do you seek other dreams?


07/01/2011-> the only thing left from my fandom in my room is the pokemon stuff. Thats the only thing I love and that will stay. Boyfriend doesn't mind he like pokemon too XD Also my career of choice is now Novel writing. Programming game may just be a hobby or money on the side now.

Report 15

Happy New Year!

I've been busy the last few weeks with last assignment and holiday coming up. But now its all done and the stress of new class start! Usually people say stress? what stress? Teacher just babble for the first week and we do nothing!

But I beg the differ. The first class is always the most important. Its when the teacher give away on how he mark stuff, like that you know on how to do your homework properly for each teacher and have good marks. It's in the first class on where you learn what the class you take is all about, what you have to do for the next few months.

I have two different programming class this term ( with two different teacher too). I have two math class, linear algebra and discrete math.Sound Design in where the teacher will try to fail every one ( no really), quality Management and Ethics where I have no idea what it is. Even the description says nothing.

But what I'm mostly stress on? Money. student loan. Yeah last term I was fine if I was watching my spending, but Holiday came and I spend to much on gifts, and now my second loan, I don't have enough to live for the next few months. I be fine anyway, my parent knew from the start it would come someday so they loan some money from the bank.

I just wish I could live without it, cause its a huge pain to pay back.

Except for that, everything is fine. Still with my boyfriend! ( yey!) First time I spend holiday with someone on my side! Usually they bail on me before the school start. First year I'm actually happy!

I had lot's of candy ( LOT'S), Professor Layton's games! It was really fun to see all my family again, and see there reaction when they saw my boyfriend. Even my grand-ma say he was cute XD That I laugh.

I really like him. I find it fun that he know me, and my weirdness, and fandom, before we start going out thanks to the school project. So I'm not scared of being myself around him... I find it funny too that his the one always searching for my hand to hold or randomly hugging me XD Ho I do the same thing but its fun to know that he like as much as I do to do the same thing ( he start it too XD)

Let's just say, I'm a normal ( in my own way) person with normal stress and drama life.but I actually do something to fix it. Money problem? have some loan from bank. School drama? well none actual cause I'm not social enough to have any XD

God I could still go on and on about stuff, I should write it down on a journal or something. But the feeling on writing it for some one to know is really satisfying. People with the same life problem can just weirdly stop on my page and read on how I deal with it and may find it a good idea and try it? maybe? don't know.


07/01/2011-> fix a few spelling mistake also the money problem? yeah I was on the dot. I had to ask my parent for 500 buck enough to pay my rant for June and I start working but I only got my first pay check a month after.