Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Report 20, Home work list

Just some homework list that I don't want to forget.

  • game-sound and effect paper( gonna work on it tonight)
  • math, discrete and linear algebra
  • ethics and education paper
  • Problem Set 1 in Programming

that's it. I just need to write it down somewhere for me to remember it. And since I forgot most of my folders at home today I did remember where I was for my homework.

I will probably have a tutor for Linear Algebra. I know all the formula, I just don't know when and where to apply it. I just need for 2 chapters and after that I be good, since we finally start the Matrix today witch is fun ( weirdly) and more understandable.

I have been reading D-Gray men lately ( cause of BB over there! *point at boyfriend a few desk away*) and I'm hook. I'm already at chapter 88 on 190. It's a lot of chapters I find. Usually I never go for series who have a lot of chapters.HO well, It's good for now and its not like 25 page every chapter, witch is why I read it so fast. It's a good thing, but I have to stop reading and do my math homework XD HAHA.

anyway I have to do my homework while waiting for my Boyfriend to finish his class for today.



07/01/2011-> never finish D-Gray men. I think? I think that I read till in the 120 chapter but that's it. I stopped. now I'm less in anime or manga. I only read one manga now and it is Bakuman.

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