Monday, January 25, 2010

Report 22, Found it!!

My future desktop!

Like I rage on the last post, I need a new computer. To be more specific, I need a new Desktop. Because my laptop is crap for the software I need.

Anyway I found the desktop I want! I technically the same as the one I use at school so I know its a good one for my homework, and can hold a lot yey! I will be able to place 3DMax on it and practice! I can place Visual Studio and it wont crash on me!

But its 1300$, Not a lot at all trust me, really good price, but I can't afford it on my student budget right now. and It's on sale too so it will go up soon-ish. SO when I talk to my parent ( and discovered that my dad can give me a flat screen 14inch screen. yessss) I told them my problem, that its over my visa credit so, they told me to ask my college!

I was like whut? they would say no, no way they would help me, they can't afford a software for our sound class, guess a student desktop. It took like 20 min before I finally got what they where saying ( my dad had to take the phone from my mom and explain better in 5 min less XD)

They say, some college ( Mostly government really) can give percentage off of the product they buy if its the same company. Its not advertise or anything because people could just get in college get the computer they want for cheap and leave so. I need to ask my teach if they have, if not, I will have to call again. And I will have 2 choice:

a) call the Bank and raise my visa credit,

b) parent buy it for me and I will pay them back bits by bits.

I really like the 'b' choice, but its a big if. that and I need to clean my room to make place ( will start when knowing I probably will have a percentage off) for a table. Meaning, one library will have to go...sad. I will have to place them in a plastic box ( like that books and paper wont get destroy...much) and probably be under my bed in my parent place. Since my HUGE library is full there...and I have 3 book coming up! ( inner me : yeeey) But it's for the game design technique. kinda.

Anyway all in all, I will ask the teacher if I can have a percentage off because I'm buying form the same company there dealing with. Clean my room, storing books and paper out of the apartment, make place for table, and get ready for studies and new more important books coming up!

Most importantly ( and the goal of this post)


07/01/2011-> ask my teacher didn't work. Called the bank, was closes. Got a credit and place on visa and payed desktop, work like a charm.

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