Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Report 132 - Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I work very hard for the past year, I’m good at my job and I like it. I study and work hard in my class and I think I deserve to be on the nice list. There is a few things I want, okay a lot of things, but some are not really materials that people you can give me like, Scott’s health, safe drives, and my health being good. Those I want but no one can really give to me except myself, so I made a list of things that I could have.

The first Item on my list is my alligator stapler. I had one for a very long time but recently it broke. It closed its jaw for the last time and I am very sad about it. I found it twice in my whole life, the first time, it wasn’t even my stapler, it was another student that showed it to me in middle school, a few month after I found it again at Dollorama and bought it on the spot. It was the last on too! But now I can’t find it anywhere from where I’m living and I hope that, being around the world and all, you be able to spot one for me.  :D

The second item on my list is the book 7 of Amos Daragon in French, of course. I though I had all the books in the series but I notice I am missing the book 7, and where I live, the book stores do not have a French section. Plus I did a vow to my boyfriend that I wont buy any books, movies, nick knacks and other things, for at least a year, OR until I would have pay my MacBook again. It’s a long story.

The third item on my list, can be either Cinderella Blu-ray DVD or an iTunes card. I like the movie Cinderella and when I saw they release it again in Blu-ray I was very happy, but like I mention above, I can’t buy movies yet. And a iTunes card because there is this album I like very much to get since I’ve been using YouTube to listen to them and the announcement are annoying at times.

There is more on my list, like the Teen Wolf series DVD or a landscape world wonders calendar, but they are not as important as my alligator stapler or the Amos Daragon book. I hope my list will help you, and I hope you keep an eye open for my alligator stapler, thank you and have a safe trip around the world!