Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Report 90 brochetta Pizza

I made a list, at work, of all the things I wanted to say in this report. The big one is that I bought the domain name so in a few days the blog will be! And I slowly changed the google account like that I will stop using my hotmail as the google account.

Secondly, I finished the Week 1 part 2 of the HTRYN, and it was amazing! I learn more during this lesson then I did doing HTTS. I'm going to start week 2 soon, after I write down the bigger change I did from the story I imagine to the story I wrote. There is a few one is that I can't write a villain for my own sake. AT all, most of my story was the character moving forward because he wanted to free some ghost and all, the villain wasn't there most of the novel witch was wrong because he is a big part of the war so That's one problem that need to be fix. The others are mostly my character acting out of well characters and some scenes where the description where to vague and I couldn't see it.

Third, There is a guy at work who called me "your highness" It made my day XD AND I was for 15 minute I only pose for pictures for my manager to get ready for some presentation she have to do. It was hilarious. My parents also came down to visit last Sunday, they where only coming down to show off their new truck. We want to go shopping a bit after, and well I'm broke now. But I got new clothing that I can actually wear under my uniform so its a plus.

My Christmas shopping is nearly done, I'm only missing my dad and my sister boyfriend again but now I'm back to eating my pizza finish week 1 and start week 2 of revision,

take care :D


Friday, November 25, 2011

Report 89 Black Friday

So Today when I got up I was a bit anoyed because, well its friday, but its BLACK Friday so there would be lots of people in the road and in the mall, but I had to go early in the morning to change my car tires. but but BUT! Okay heres the story.

SO I was able to find a parking, finally in the Canadian Tires because theres like MILLION of people shopping there, but I'm the only one here for the guarage, dont ask. So I go see the guy and give him my keys BUT! He told me, like last night call, that he couldn't align the tires like he promiss SO when he will get the machine fix next week, not only I will be one of the first to get a call to get my tires allign but I get a pourcentage of because of the trouble! I was like, yeah no biggy, save a bit of money for and all, BUT!, but but but it wasn;t all! I was able to get, for the same price of the so-so good winter tires I was supposed to get I got, GOODYEAR ( Or something) really great winter tires.... For the same price so yeah I got that. BUT I also, when I whent to paid ( and because I was only going to pay for that instelation I was able to cut in line, so no WAITING IN LINE! ) I got a free ticket for a new oil change for next time in next year. So yeah I save lots of money.

BUT THATS NOT ALL, Thats just in Canadian Tire, so I want to Staples, feeling giggly because, ho god the car run so smoothly now, but anyway I want to Staples okay, because there was this awesome sales on 32GB USB drives, so I was able to get TWO for the price of.. well less then one. SO happy that I was able to save so much money I want to Wal-Mart next and got, not only Scott new headphones like that he stops stealing mine, but I also got him new kitchen tools because he kept complainning about the one we got, so..

Who gonna love me now eh!?

Ho and I got febreeze, because the trash smelted bad, and we where out of Galade sent thing.

BUT ALLL THAT and its not even 10 in the morning yet XD PLUS I saved lots of money. AND I didn't have to used the in case money I took from the treasure chest if I didn't have enough to get Scott headphones ( HE really needed new ones okay.)

So yeah, totally awesome

Take care,


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Report 88 Revising without Revising.

I really like the How To Rivise Your Novel class, I really do.

I start the first week class and had to stop because I wanted to wait a bit more like that the story when I read it, it would be something fresh in my mind and I wouldn't remember much on how I wrote it (not working so far). BUt then I remember on how I started and it made me think about how the first few lines doesn't say who is the main character at all, and on how I wrote the MC sister, she is supposed to be bold, not afraid to say whats on her mind and is the first in line to kick ass in some fights, but I wrote her mostly...doing nothing like a robot waiting for a coint to be insert. I hate that, and I was thinking on how to change it before i want to bed last night.

I woke up with a great idea, it match what I did when working on the worksheet of how my story came to be in the first place, on how my MC couldn't see the ghost but his blood was attracting ghosts like Honey to bees, and his two friends, they where there around him all the time because they where assign to protect him until they figure out what the hell is wrong with his blood to attract so many ghosts.

But then I'm cutting one treat that will make me have to write the whole story again ( well I wrote it in two weeks I think I can do it again no sweat.), I decided that Yuki wasn't the MC sister anymore, she would be older and she would be his bestfriend, that he knew Curt before, but he knew him as Curtis so when Yuki talk about Curt he though of a different person all together.

Basicaly I will write the story that I first saw in my head that made me want to write it in the first place. Its going to be so epic. Its like reconnecting to old friends again!

ON other note, 1. I got my donation gift from NaNoWriMo today! :D I got a bookmark and a bumper sticker that I slide in the HTRYN binder. The bookmark is staying close to me. 2. We lost electricity for a while. I find it funny because I was reading a comic online on my computer and I look down to check the time and was like: " Ho I should start working on my short story, well I will finihs this comic, only a few page left then I will start-" POOF Computer shut down.

At first I though it was just my computer so I quickly got up to check my alarm clock and saw it was off also so I was relieved. But then when I went out to get Scott from college because they lost electricity also not only did I hear lots of siren but the radio was down also XD So now I;m curious to what happen. If the power would have been down for another hour I would have probably start the revision worksheet, but I was too busy trying to figure out how to say this report that when I finally had mark everything down the power went back on.

So I jump on to write this report XD so now I'm back to normal procrastination from writing, tomorrow I'm off work but they have this door crashers where basically they have HUGE sales on a few items and one of it is a 32GB USB drives that I want so I'll be grabbing one quickly. I have to be up and early this morning, the car gets new tires and I cant wait, there is already snow on the ground today so it was a bit slippery with my old tires.

take care


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Report 87 deers in the parking lot!!

Like I've writing in my goal page, I finish NaNoWriMo in two weeks. I was going to start revising it but I want to wait a bit more. So I made plan to be able to write a short story I outlined, and with now only a week left of nano I made a draft of how much I need to write to finish the short in a week thanks to this website

When done in December I will start revising Ghost Trackers, I can't wait. With the Holly Lisle How to Revise your Novel course. I start reading the first leson but had to stop in the middle because right in the first lesson I'm doing work to make my novel better.

Also a few days ago one of my most trusty USB died on me :( I mean not even a few hours before it died I was able to transfer my novel info on the desktop, so I'm a bit relieve but I had music in there that I just discovered and like and sad that I lost them. But on good news next friday, well the coming Friday, at work there will be a USB 32GB for 20buck! So I'm going to take that to replace it. And get one for my sister boyfriends Christmas gift.

That and Friday I`m getting my car new tire and oil! I have to change my car winter tires, because the ones I was supposed to get, was used but during summer. When I received the car in April, my dad changed the winter tires but he didn`t notice he change winter tires for winter tires XD But at least the whole change only cost 590$ I was so sure it would be much more expensive so I`m happy.

Except of that nothing much, my mother is starting to understand that I want to be a writer, one lady at work, when I was telling her about I printed my manuscript she said she would buy my books when it would be in print XD I liked her, she was nice.

Talking about work this morning I cried because I didn't have my camcorder with me. This morning, I came early to the store, but there wasn't  a manager in so I was waiting in my car, it was chilly out, only minus 5. I was looking out to the entrance, and I got happy when I saw my manager car coming in, I turn my head to the other side and right there, in the middle of the parking, was a deer. He was in the middle of my manager parking so I kept turning my head to her car and back to the deer, hoping that she saw it, but then, There was two deers! In the middle of the parking lot! In the city joint! Its rare to see deers in the city joint because of all the noises so imagine my surprise to see one right in my face (well car).

It only last for five second, me and my manager shrug and got back to work. HEy I lived for 18 years of my life in the middle of the wood where my neightbord is ether a bear or a moose, seeing a deer isn't new, or see a bear cross the road. Its just everyday things for canadians.

"Ho hey look a deer...How was work yesterday?" XD

Well that was all for now, I need to start righting down notes of what I want to talk about in my reports.But fro now take care!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Report 86 Christmas gift :D

I had other things I wanted to said, but I didn't write them down and then I forgot. BUT I got a new toy :D I bough a camcorder, its basically mine and Scott Christmas gift from each other. We wanted to exchange Guild Wars 2 for Christmas, but I don't thing it be coming out soon.

I change my picture, I cut my hair and it's so much shorter then what I had before so I want to wait until I get a better picture, for now the one I place is what my work station looked like during Last year NaNo. It was a DUMP It still is but humm I got a 'L' shape desk so I don't have to use my bed or the small table.

I also edit my Writing page with a preview of Ghost Trackers, the novel I'm finishing writing now, and the sentence of a novel I will write to push down the GT story for when its ready for me to revise it. I modified my goal page with some 2012 ready. I want to participate to ScripFrenzy this time and NaNoEdMo were I  schedule 50 hours to edit a novel.

I also have one that I'm not sure I would have the guts to do and its videoblog. A Daily videoblog. Now that I have a camcorder I always admire the people who had the guts to do it and I would like to try it out. I would start at the first of January and continue onward. And I find that in 2012 a lot will happen since I be working on my novel, Scott will graduate and we would start a new life together as we will try to find work for him and move around. It be interesting.

But just talking out loud, to a camera is not something I do. saying my though out loud is not something I'm use to I usually plan ahead and make index card or something. But I want to break that, that's why I want to do videoblog, I want to break my fear that block my brain to mouth connection and make me sound like an idiot. I want to have confidence to say what I need to say out loud in a voice. And I though that maybe this would be one way for me to do so.

I'm still debating, we will see.

I also change the style of the blog, I do that often I can't stay with the same style long enough, I did this because on my Writing page, with my old style it did show the difference when I bold the titles, so I change it to be less confusing because I had a report that I bold some title of novel to stand out and I could see it and it was very hard to read. And I like this style, it make me think of my novel, I just wish it was green instead of blue. I  probably will make my own background to make it look and feel like my novel, it be epic.

And now I have to go I still  have 2k to write to do my goal of the day. I just didn't want to forget to post a report I work late tonight, if I remember what I wanted to say before I will make another post.

take care everyone!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Report 85 Its getting better then I hope

Its the first time that I don't want to go to work D:

I want to go back to college cafeteria, plug my laptop and write my novel. I've been doing well with NaNoWriMo and my novel, for two days I was going to the College cafeteria and was writing away until lunch. I was able to fill up 10k right there!

Its going very well I really like my story but I know I will need major revision, so I bough yesterday ( a year later) "How to Reviser your novel" by Holly Lisle. Just like last year, in mid November I bought "How To Think Sideways", a course on how to take an idea for a novel, polish it and bring the novel to live. How to Revise your novel will bring the novel you have to the novel you want!

In a way I shouldn't have bought it, my finance is really tight, but Holly Lisle will close her door to new student soon because she wants to focus on her writing ( Understandable) and I didn't want to miss the oportunity, so I jump on it when I had a 20% discount from graduating HTTS

I am glad I did, I wont regret it, never did for the HTTS not gonna start. It made me see though that I have to start paying my student credit, I'm close to my limit. So I decided, every paycheck I'm going to cash out a 100$ and will save for my other bank to pay the credit. It will take a long time to pay for it, but I know I will get some bonus or time I will be able to pay more then 200$ a month. Its better then nothing right now really.

Also I finally got "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxies" from the library and I though it would been...thicker, like 300 pages but its 180 pages. I nearly finish it when I got it, nearly I started to late and I had to go to bed before I could finish it. I will tonight for sure there is only like 40 pages left. Puff. But  Ihave to order the other books, there is 5 in total in the series. And really I was impress more buy the fact that the movie was word from word from the book, its fun. I really like it, its just my kind of cup of tea. (LOL tea :D)

I also started Good Omen like last month, but I'm having a hard time reading it. So I took a break for that one and reading the rest of the books I have here. I have the whole Sherlock Holmes series that I've been waiting to start, some of Cecelia Ahern books I ordered that I didn't read yet.

I also start watching a new TV show on ( all hail online tv) its "Once Upon A Time" where fairy tale is mix with real life, its very good, I like it, you can see (if you tilt your head a bit) the fairy tale story being told again but in this town where no one can leave and no one can come in. It's a very interesting concept of writing, if it would be a book I would read it, its well plot out.

Anyway I have to get ready for work, unfortunately, I will probably fix up a few things on my blog, one a new about me page, I don't like what I wrote. Then my writing page, I will actually place a few information on my Ghost Trackers novel GASP! But before all that I have to write 1667 word on my novel.

take care everyone!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Report 84

Something amazing happen to me last night, and I couldn't wait to tell it. I still cant wrap my mind into it, half my brain said I saw it, the other say I was dreaming, but I knew I wasn't since I woke up from a nightmare when it happened.

I guess I will start from the begining yeah?

For two nights, Scott was away to Montreal for his class trip and I've been having a hard time sleeping, because, well I get scared when I'm alone, and night with the silence and the darkness, doesn't help my fear. Last night, I had a weird dream, that could have been consider as a nightmare. I was backing away in a coridore, pushing down plates, knifes ( no idea why there was a block with knifes on a cabinet in a hallway but it was there) in front of me, trying to slow down they woman coming at me, angrily. And thinking of it now, she look a whole lot like me, but she was a psychopate, who wanted to eat me alive really so I was scared shitless, trying to get away but the house was block down and the only door to escape, she was blocking it.

I was scared, and I knew, my sucontion knew that I was dreaming so it was forcing myself to wake up but, the dream kept pulling me back, I saw a few version I got up on the table, trying to pring down the chandalair on the demon lady, fuzzy seeing my covers, and the next scene, she was looking up at me in surprise, her corner of her lips was bleeding and I could tast blood in my mouth. Then it was dark I saw a light, that I knew was the moon light. I was waking up but not completely. The last scene I saw before fully waking up was her, screaming, her mouth wide open, like if she crack her jaw down, full of blood, her eyes on fire, demon really.

I woke up, heart beating fast cause hell it was scary as shit and really realistic but I was staring straight at Pixie. From how you know as be dead for two months now, because she was sofering, but she was looking at me, her head tilt like asking whatsup, you okay, can I get pet now?

I didn't blink, I wasn't sure what I was looking it, I knew it was Pixie, but it look like a glass, moving glass form of my cat. I heard a purr, but it was covered by a stupid car screatching its tire in front. I got more scared, still having the image of the screaming demon lady in my head and looking at a glass form of my decead cat I look away.

But Kitty cat had another idea, I saw her move on my arm and look down at me. I did blink then, and she was still there. I didn't know what to do, I tried to lift my arm but I couldn't it was so heavy,so I want on auto pilot, when Pixie was still alive she would do that to me in the middle of night to get attation a bit or just to make me move to get a place on the pillow, so I nod to her to move up over my head to get my pillow, and I saw her move over my face, and get on my pillow.

I was still regestrating what the hell I was seeing, I move to look up on my pillow, and there was nothing. I look around and it was just empty, no more car tire scratching and anything. I look at the time: 5 in the morning. So I cuddle scott pillow, close my eyes and said to myself.

The fuck?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Report 83, NaNoWriMo

Last year, I start something that change me for the rest of my days. I start NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. This year is no different, with no project, homework and people expecting me to do my best on my school work, I can finally focus on what I like to do. Write.

Last year, I wrote a fantasy novel, the idea was in my head ( as a fanfic of some sort) since the summer 2009, I wrote it in a black, wireless bind, notebook. In summer 2010, I decided I would participate in this crazy event and brain storm for an idea for what to write, completely forgot about the idea I wrote in the black notebook a year ago. I came up with this ghost story, but I was in the middle of work so I couldn't write it down much. Coming home I rush to my room and took the first notebook in my head to write to idea down, to brain storm it. But the book was full, I was shock, I didn't remember completing any notebook before, so I open it in the first page and read it all. I had more then 10 story flush out in there, but one caught my mind and I couldn't take it out.

The Magician Servant came to be in November 2010.

I never forgot the ghost story since that day, but it change so much during that time. I didn't understand what my muse was telling me I couldn't see properly what he was showing me. He got mad and stop all together. I tried to write a story I though I liked, but failed. There was something that stop me from getting into writing that story, full of heroes, mysteries and action.

When I was stuck, again, frustrate that I could go past more then 300 word a day, my best friend give me new pens and textured paper. The pen, was new to me and I wanted to test it, I pop the green ink in it and stare at it in front of a blank white paper.

what to write?

And it came to me like a wave, scene after scene, ghost, tacky uniforms, romance, mysteries, powers, everything was there, in a corner of my mind, tuck away carefully waiting for the day I would discover it, the day I would appreciated it without even thinking about making sense of it and just write it like it was telling me.

I wrote the whole story, in 3 months, I hand wrote it on a sketchbook, I was able to finish it with around 50K also. And now, satisfied and love the story that I was telling, November 2011 is here and its now time to tell it again, the real way, what really happen for NaNoWriMo 2011.

For everyone doing NaNoWriMo this year good luck! :D I take a sip of my cold tea for you all to wish you a great month of none stop writing!

take care