Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Report 87 deers in the parking lot!!

Like I've writing in my goal page, I finish NaNoWriMo in two weeks. I was going to start revising it but I want to wait a bit more. So I made plan to be able to write a short story I outlined, and with now only a week left of nano I made a draft of how much I need to write to finish the short in a week thanks to this website

When done in December I will start revising Ghost Trackers, I can't wait. With the Holly Lisle How to Revise your Novel course. I start reading the first leson but had to stop in the middle because right in the first lesson I'm doing work to make my novel better.

Also a few days ago one of my most trusty USB died on me :( I mean not even a few hours before it died I was able to transfer my novel info on the desktop, so I'm a bit relieve but I had music in there that I just discovered and like and sad that I lost them. But on good news next friday, well the coming Friday, at work there will be a USB 32GB for 20buck! So I'm going to take that to replace it. And get one for my sister boyfriends Christmas gift.

That and Friday I`m getting my car new tire and oil! I have to change my car winter tires, because the ones I was supposed to get, was used but during summer. When I received the car in April, my dad changed the winter tires but he didn`t notice he change winter tires for winter tires XD But at least the whole change only cost 590$ I was so sure it would be much more expensive so I`m happy.

Except of that nothing much, my mother is starting to understand that I want to be a writer, one lady at work, when I was telling her about I printed my manuscript she said she would buy my books when it would be in print XD I liked her, she was nice.

Talking about work this morning I cried because I didn't have my camcorder with me. This morning, I came early to the store, but there wasn't  a manager in so I was waiting in my car, it was chilly out, only minus 5. I was looking out to the entrance, and I got happy when I saw my manager car coming in, I turn my head to the other side and right there, in the middle of the parking, was a deer. He was in the middle of my manager parking so I kept turning my head to her car and back to the deer, hoping that she saw it, but then, There was two deers! In the middle of the parking lot! In the city joint! Its rare to see deers in the city joint because of all the noises so imagine my surprise to see one right in my face (well car).

It only last for five second, me and my manager shrug and got back to work. HEy I lived for 18 years of my life in the middle of the wood where my neightbord is ether a bear or a moose, seeing a deer isn't new, or see a bear cross the road. Its just everyday things for canadians.

"Ho hey look a deer...How was work yesterday?" XD

Well that was all for now, I need to start righting down notes of what I want to talk about in my reports.But fro now take care!


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