Friday, November 25, 2011

Report 89 Black Friday

So Today when I got up I was a bit anoyed because, well its friday, but its BLACK Friday so there would be lots of people in the road and in the mall, but I had to go early in the morning to change my car tires. but but BUT! Okay heres the story.

SO I was able to find a parking, finally in the Canadian Tires because theres like MILLION of people shopping there, but I'm the only one here for the guarage, dont ask. So I go see the guy and give him my keys BUT! He told me, like last night call, that he couldn't align the tires like he promiss SO when he will get the machine fix next week, not only I will be one of the first to get a call to get my tires allign but I get a pourcentage of because of the trouble! I was like, yeah no biggy, save a bit of money for and all, BUT!, but but but it wasn;t all! I was able to get, for the same price of the so-so good winter tires I was supposed to get I got, GOODYEAR ( Or something) really great winter tires.... For the same price so yeah I got that. BUT I also, when I whent to paid ( and because I was only going to pay for that instelation I was able to cut in line, so no WAITING IN LINE! ) I got a free ticket for a new oil change for next time in next year. So yeah I save lots of money.

BUT THATS NOT ALL, Thats just in Canadian Tire, so I want to Staples, feeling giggly because, ho god the car run so smoothly now, but anyway I want to Staples okay, because there was this awesome sales on 32GB USB drives, so I was able to get TWO for the price of.. well less then one. SO happy that I was able to save so much money I want to Wal-Mart next and got, not only Scott new headphones like that he stops stealing mine, but I also got him new kitchen tools because he kept complainning about the one we got, so..

Who gonna love me now eh!?

Ho and I got febreeze, because the trash smelted bad, and we where out of Galade sent thing.

BUT ALLL THAT and its not even 10 in the morning yet XD PLUS I saved lots of money. AND I didn't have to used the in case money I took from the treasure chest if I didn't have enough to get Scott headphones ( HE really needed new ones okay.)

So yeah, totally awesome

Take care,


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