Saturday, June 19, 2010

Report 39, End of School for this year

YUP yesterday was my last day of school.

I actually finish the 15 but we have the Jalloo festival. Witch is a Animation and gaming festival. Its mostly a social networking festival, where the guest look at the portfolio and games the year 2 make. And each guest give a panel speech.

Last year I missed every thing because I was a volunteer, I saw one panel, but it was run by 2 German person. They where good! they knew what they were talking about. But no one could understand them. So this year I said fuck it to volunteer and saw all the gaming panel!

After the festival we had 2 different 24hours jam. Game Jam and Comic Jam. I had to participate to the Game jam since it was part of my school notes. I was fortunate! I ask if I could work with 2 professional. Gene Fowler owner of Loogaroo here at miramichi, Robbie Anderson an animator at Loogaroo and Andy Moore and Flash Programmer. I help with the programming even if I didn't know AS3. I learn a bit on does 24 hours.

So I didn't sleep for more them 24 hours on that day. I only sleep yesterday at 11 and woke up at 10:30 today haha. Also our game that we made is on sale now! 3 sponsor played it and one will bit on the game next week. It is going to be a great piece on my resume, I help to make a game in 24 hour and we sold it. I don't really care on how much we sell it, just the fact that we're going to sell it mean much more for me.

Our game was called Shadow defence, its a tower defense kind of game where you play the character in the middle of the woods and monsters are coming all around you. You have to cut wood to build fires to kill the monsters. You can heal if you go in the cabin but the monster can destroy the cabin too. You can repair the cabin with wood you collect.

Some of the art is on the Loogaroo website that I link earlier.

My plan for this summer is to practice my programming, learn Action Scrip3, get my camcorder, and save up some moneys!That and I want to train my pokemon a bit too. I finally got my first level 100 train by myself! now I'm trying to get a bold eevee but the step are sooo long. I want a wish, toxic Vaporeon. There is a list of pokemon I wish to EV train.

I find its much easier to start EV train when your done the game. easier to calculate. After that you can just send them in other games. My new team will be:

Dusknoir, (that I finish train just need the right move)

I didn't play much for the past week because of my homework. I wanted to have all my focus on my work first.

I saw E3 on nintendo and oh my god the games they are coming back with is amazing!

-Donkey Kong Country is back baby!! It was one of my favorite game when I was a kid!!
-Kirby new idea is well though, I can't wait to see that one.
-Epic mickey is still Epic, I want to buy a Wii just for that haha
-I'm actually interest to buy the new pokemon ranger game. I find them interesting enough so I want to see the potential they have.
-The new Zelda look amazing, and really interesting, I hope there is not, transform into wolf thing and more like the nintendo 64 game look like. I will try that one for sure!
-The new remake of Goldeneye! it was my first person shooter game I ever had when I was young, I wont buy it that's for sure but I would rant it!

and the last one...Nintendo 3DS! I so want. I was considering to buy a new DS since mine is old ( first gen!) But i didn't like the DS light or other version of it so, when I heard of the 3DS I said I would wait for that one, if it have potential I would buy it. I will still keep my old one since its the only version ( and DS light) that still can play gameboy advance game. And I want my pokemon thank you!

It will be a great year, next one too since Pokemon black and white will be out haha.

hope you guys will have a great summer!
take care