Sunday, May 8, 2011

report 72. Pirates!

I had a odd dream:
I was a pirate with my boyfriend and friends, some other crew I didn't recognize. I was the leader, and Scott was the one gearing our money. Don't know who was the navigator I didn't see him but that's not important. We land in a Japanese look like place. It was a small island with houses over houses. It was pack. We enter one and the inside was a grocery store, with cosplayers inside. And it was a convention also!

I send Elise, my friend and another crew to pick some food up cause we need provision, scott said. So I took a cart and we start shopping, me and Scott bickering like usual, then he want to get some pop, just to bring on my nerves, cause I hate when he drink to much pop, and he came with a tall but tin book. It look like fake leather and was wine red. SO I ask where he got that. He said it was a convention in the grocery store and stole it like a good pirate. I pat him but then I notice a white sticker tag on it. Instead of a price, it was a name.

Holly Lisle.
My writing teacher from How to Think Sideways course.

I got surprise and nervous I told a crew member next use to change the ship place cause they be after us.And I turn back to Scott, I told him that we have to give it back.

I had to explain who that person is and in that world Holly was the one guiding us, so we both went to the boots where she was there, waiting for teaching he lesson and selling her books. I explain that we were pirates and sorry that my partner stole her book and give it back.

She was suprise that we use the HTTS to guide us in the sea. After that it was a bit fuzzy we where in a rush because something was after us. I when to get my crew members I found my friend in a isle with bottles of water and we left.

The odd of dreams eh? Writing about it I'm pretty sure I'm sailing in the sea of writing, a pirate because I dare the fail and fight against what everyone say to stop me. And the people that I was running away from I'm pretty sure is the four barriers : VICTIM, PERFECT, SAFE, FEEL.

and Holly is the superior of all Pirate, she's the pirate King! XD
well Pirate Queen.

Its odd because on the last report I just said I was afraid of deep sea, I love pirate but me watching the anime One Piece probably didn't help the vision of me being a pirate. But I wont be able to navigate or lead XD And Scott isn't a writer, he actually laugh at my naming fantasy things from my books. I huff at him and ignore him, but he said my idea he like he just doesn't like the way I called them.

It was Fairys. I'm still not over that.

anwyay to all mothers out there, Happy mothers day!

take care