Not a Super Villain:
Word Count:  30,000 (NaNoWriMo 2013)
Genre:  romance adventure?

Part 1:
“Drew, a young man who was raised in the life of villainy; saved and help a young Hero named Clara. And together they changed the views of Hero Corporation and survive against a common villain.”

Part 2:
“After saving his husband, Drew learned critical information about four kids.  With a villain that was though disappeared years ago, came back and mind-controlled those four kids into creating a monster. With a common target, Heroes and Villain combine their efforts to save the kids and get rid of the villain once and for all.”

The Secrets of Coolsville:
Word Count: approximately....240,000
Genre:  9-12 young teens Adventure

With the help of his friends, Darcy and Diamond, the white Pomeranian dog, solve mysteries behind their parents back.  To only reveal that there is more to Coolsville then they thought.  What was their parents real life before? Who is trying to hide the secrets of Coolsville?  Only Darcy and his friend will find out...if it is good or bad.

Winter Frost:
Word Count: 90,000
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Adventure

Ghost Trackers: (on hold until I know the story that I want to write properly.)
The only plan I had after I finish High school was to work at the book store and hang out with my sister. But I guess the universe had another plan when a group of ghost attacked the shop, showing me that my sister lied about the instituted for gifted children and that my parents where known to tracking and killing ghosts.

Bad that I'm half one eh?

I'm Daniel SpringField and this is my story on how I survived my summer.

Bring Me Colors: 
Word Count: 20,000
Genre:  paranormal romance

To help her werewolf friend get the new girl, Abby the emo ghost makes friend and distract the bigbrother werewolf, what she didn't know though would be that she would get her colours back this year.

"Okay, that was cool, I'm getting the next shot."

"Bring it wolf-boy"

Give Her Wings:
Word Count : 6100/20,000 (on hold)

Genre: romance fiction

A daydreaming Princess of an extinct race is being force to marry a hot-headed adventurous wizard, to only fall in love with her betrothed young brother when both are trying to find the missing history of her people."I'll teach you how to fly again."
"I would love to see you try."

Not so Hero:
a super hero is "saved" by a super villain and tried to do her duty and bring him to justice but got stuck in a world wind of adventure against both Super Heroes and Villains from wanting them dead.

Magician's Servant - 50K NaNoWriMo 2010.
Genre: young adult, adventure fiction.

Holly life changed upside down when she accept a job as the town Magician maid. The job was more then just clean the house and make food when she is send with the Magician to save the Fairys speciest from a evil rogue powerful Magician from killing them all To only know that she is more then a klutz maiden.

Untitled: - Script Frenzy

Sam got suck up in a world of magic when William Heartlock confess his love to her. Who would have though that a love confession would bring her to her dead bed. Sam has now to learn on controlling magic powers, understanding the magic world all while trying to save her friends from evil hand, hiding the truth from her uncle and graduate high school.