Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Report 57, 3 nammme I only need 3 name!

Yeah I'm done planning my novel, its just that hum... I'm missing 3 name for a group of villain and they are friends with my male main character so I really do need names...even if I kill them 5 scene later XD I find it funny on how much my planning and original idea change so much... I plan a scheduled on how much work per day I would need to finish character bio, sketch and one sentence scene input.

I end up scrapping everything and just work from the top of my head from scratch. GASP Ho men I forgot one character so its 4 names not 3... haha I still should just call him men HO NO WAIT BETTER Guy... XD that works ( may work on a better name later)

Okay on other note today I'm going back to college, I still have the Work safety training for 2 days and after that finish my last project and give it to my teacher. After that going down back home and celebrate the Holidays! With 3 cat and a dog, where one cat is over protective of kittens and she may eat the other old cat and dog to protect kitten...ho boy

it gonna be entertaining, but its not the wurst... the wurst is that I need to leave my overprotective cat there with my parents like that I can go to my boyfriend place to celebrate there.And my cat is an expensive cat XD she need to eat a curtain food because she's allergic to other kind of food, we need to clean her left ear once every week because wax build up and she scratch and blood build up.

/sigh... that's not the wurst... my family will leave the animal alone for like a week because they are going to their new camp...well at least they will bring the dog so only the cats will be there so less head eating there but lots of butt biting and scratching... /sigh

We will see what will happen. I don't want to bring the cat for a 3 hour long ( maybe more we're taking the long way) ride to go to my boyfriend place and bother his parents more.

Anyway I will start packing up I need to leave early today to go back home, its really icy outside and the ride may take a while. And I want to leave before dark. I will post another report on about my writing course soon, I finish the lesson 4 but I need to work on it more so before I work on lesson 5 I will redo the lesson 4

take care,


PS: my uncle die Saturday morning at 11. I will miss the funeral because of college but in a way I'm okay because I don't want to see him for the last time like that, I have good memories and will keep it like that.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Report 56, the days after

So It been 5 or more days now that I won NaNoWriMo. I wrote a 50500 word novel in 28 days! Yeah me! :D True there was days where I couldn't write but force myself to at least have 1000 for the days and when I look at the count I would tell myself " I wrote X number of word, its a lot already I can stop there it still tell me that I can write!" but the next day, at 7 I would be back in front of the computer writing away, forgetting what I previously said. Because it wasn't the number I wanted to achieve, but a finish, start to end, novel.And I did.

But it doesn't end there, ever since does days of NaNoing, it open my mind that yes it is possible to write a daily number of words everyday and finish with a complete first draft of a novel, therefore I sign up to Thinking Sideways, a course to teach people how to make writing your full time career, and as much it is scaring me I am finishing my school year in the same time writing a new novel I am aiming to publish. Thanks to the course I'm taking my planning for scene and developing characters are much improve already. I want to a 90k one plot twist boring story to a 120k interesting adventure with life to death villain vs heroes! I could have menage that without it but not in that speed. The course help you open your subconscious to write as one with you, it help you understand better and use both the sides of your brains.

It show you how to plan and come up with good interesting ideas for novel in a deadline, and much much more. I'm still in the idea month ( its a 6 month course, 1 day a week) and I came up with so many ideas and characters I wish to work more on but I am more focus on the main idea right now.

If anyone interest to know more on the course I'm taking right now, there is a link on the right, click on it, it will bring to a page that explain more in detail the course, who is giving it, how you can benefit it an more.

Other then that I will briefly say a bad news before going on better one. My uncle is probably dieing and only a few more days left. My mom send me a text saying he wasn't looking good, but I only saw it after she called sounding worried asking how class was, I'm pretty sure she was about to say that he will be gone soon, but didn't want to effect my studies. I have two project to finish plus a presentation.It only click in my head after I saw the text a few hours after. I hope he is okay now...

Okay....back to good news. I will place a progress bar on how my novel writing will be going, I plan myself to write 1500 word per day, 5 day a week and to reach my goal it will take me 4 months to write it. After I'm done this draft I will use the free paperback of my novel from winning NaNo and let it rest for a month before the revision test starts. Ho also I forgot to mention, about my course, I am also taking mini plot clinic course which if 7 week and completely free!

and now I'm surfing the Internets for a progress bar so I will leave this as it is

take care!

11/11/2011 -> unfortunately I had to take off the HTTS link because Holly Lisle will close her door to new students, she want to focus more on her writing. I accept her decision even if its sad and took out my link.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Report 55 *crack glow sticks* :D

11/11/2011 -> I actually did wear glowstick bracelette for a week after I won NaNo2010.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Report 54, first write in online, MIGS, homework stats

Today I did my first online write in for NaNoWriMo, we did a few word war and it boost my writing a lot, I did 2000 word in okay well 2 hours, but its much better usually it takes me 4 hours to write 2000 word. I can't really say I made new friends but I did talk and no one judge me this time witch is great. I have now hit 20k today,which is awesome, I felt great. I also wrote a lot of none sense but who cares.

MIGS was awesome. I made a lot of connection, I still have to contact a guy for the price of prints of one of its concept art of the business. I have a few business card also, there is one place I really wish to go to. Its Silicon Knigh, they live near niagara falls and 30 minute away from toronto, which is a great place I visited it a few time. But I will need a few training during the summer. I want to be a technical programmer, which basically program arts. I need to know how to do models or how 3dMax works like that I can fix any art problems and I need to know 3dMax scrip because I will write code for the models, moving around or appear and disappear.

I want to great panels. I when to a pannel with a guy that work on the concept art of Avatar(nevil page I think), the blue people.I want to a speech on how hard MMORPGS are and tips on how to handle it better. and my favorite on is the game narative (Rafael chandler). The guy talk about how game story are really written, and he actually say how it was and its really is like a movie scrip more then a novel.

I meet a compagnie that knew about my college and come down to the Jalloo festival for quite a while. I told him he will see me this year XD In the end the bus ride was okay, I read a book on the way in, and half finish the second one. I finish it a few days ago at home when I was sick and couldn't sleep much.

I wrote a bit during the trip but not as much as I was planning. only 1700word in 3 days. But I mean I was very busy and I'm catching up now.

I sort off finish my homework that is due tomorrow. I mostly finish the paper work. I was so sick during that week I couldn't understand at all the code so I try my best. I also, started to play Oblivion at my boyfriend place, so I upload it here on my computer but I find it, not hard, but annoying how thing work and have no explication. I attack so many people when I didn't wanted to. So instead, it made me think of Minecraft, the way it is set up as a first person shooter. SO I bought Minecraft and been playing ever since. I like it a lot.

I also receive one package from my pen pal, I should send her a email to say thanks. I got a awesome Frixion pilot pen,green. Its you write with the pen and with the "eraser" you can erase your mistake. It doesn't even use the eraser at all which I like a lot. I want to go and get the rest of the colors when it come out in store here.

anyway I'm tired, I will go now,

take care!


PS no the image are not from my minecraft world I just took the first image from google.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Report 53, NaNoWriMo is doing very well!

If you can see form the progress bar on the...right! I am doing very well this week and will keep this up! If I continue to write 2000 per day I will probably finish a week early! There is also, you know a few report back I had so much problem with my SDL programming? not any more! :D After I look at some C# programming I just face palm myself and re start C++ and it is now working much better. Right now I should be working on the second assignment for Project Management, I only have 2 question on 7 so ...I will go back on home work. My reports will be very small this month.

Take care!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Report 52 I sold a game :D

Yup, the game I help make for the Jalloo festival is finally sold! I made 281.25 US buck! I'm using it to by a camcorder and me and my roommate are planning to do mini series of a cosplay we did. Its some jesters from Final fantasy 9, I don't know how to spell their name sorry.Tomorrow were going to wal-mart and buying candy on sale and the rest of the white paint make up, and look for camcorder price.

shortest report I ever did, but I need sleep, I had a big day today and tomorrow is the first day of NaNoWriMo, I need my sleep for its one of the most eventfull month I ever had!

take care,


11/11/2011 -> I actually bought HTTS course with that money, I think I did a report on it. Best purchase ever I don't regret it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Report 51, less work OM- HAAAA

I work all day for the past few days, except Saturday where I relax and played games all day. My boyfriend found his first few games he bought with his DS and Final Fantasy 3 was in there, I start playing it and never let it go since.

my homework when down a bit. Less Unity work that's for sure, but I really have to start to work on the StarShip homework. Really bad. Tonight I will try and understand how Java programming work and start the StarShip Java version then. I still have C#, witch I will send a email to my teacher for some example since I have no idea how to approach that language.

I have a feeling that I will finish the game in Java easier and faster then in C++, the language I been programming for the past year or so.Also in a few day NaNoWriMo will start and I'm scared, my fear is gripping on me and not letting go. Because of the so much homework I have no idea how I would do it, I still will I know I will, but now I don't know if I'm doing the write story or plan the outline correctly.I have a fear that I wont be able to work much on it and...and abandon it.

I was lost when I start my first year in programming. I didn't know where I wanted to work anymore. But I did some research and then I though I knew what I wanted to do and that was what motivated me enough through half the year.Then it change by the end of my first year. Game story writer, that motivated me, but not enough to care for my homework, I just wanted to write story ideas and pitching ideas. Them, yet again, I notice most of my ideas where to story driven. I just wanted to write a story and I notice that when I start this year, and so my motivation for working on my homework is completely down. Yes I'm really proud and happy/ excited when ever one of my code work the way I wanted, but I just hate all the process to get it there, I don't understand most of the word coming out of my colleagues and teachers.I'm basically just doing what the assignment want me to do and that's it. I failed quiz and test ( mostly quiz) but the assignment I'm not to bad.

I'm a bit afraid I will fail the comparitive programming, but I know deep down if I do the assignment and a awesome power point/ presentation I will succeed.BUt he is throwing us 3 new language to learn in a limit of time, few tutorial explain in 5 min ( it actually doesn't take long I understand the process) and throw a really huge assignment on something the tutorial wont help us with. Like right now for Java, I don't even know if, when I do a new project what to select to post image.I don't even know how to make a new project in netbeans, that's how confuse I am in that new language. I don't even want to go for C# I understand Microsoft visual since that's the software I use for C++ but in C++, to deal with image I use SDL, but in C# its something else that I never heard of. I wrote it down some where.

I an go and tell that to my teach, that I am completely confuse but what can he do to help?Give me other tutorial? I don't know. Even for 3D animation programming, Darren have to sit next to me and tell me step by step what I have to do for it to work and me understand. That's bad, if I can't find the problem and try to figure out a solution I fail as a programmer.Hell that's what basically happening to me now. On the group project my script had to be done 2 weeks ago. 2weeks! I'm still working on it because everything brakes on mee D:

It's only the first term and it feels like the last term. Well I'm off to work on Java with my hearth lighter now that I vent a bit :D I just send a email to my teacher and I'm pretty sure the way I wrote it he can sense how much trouble I'm having, we'll see

take care!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Zenxara Report...50 HOLLY SHNAP!

yeah.. 50 wow,


Anyway Yesterday something click in my head... We're mid term, in less then 2 week it's November... I have everything started, but nothing works and incomplete. Like I probably say in previous Report, I have 4 game to do, 3 where its the same game but 3 different programming language ( C++, C#,Java), the last one is the group project, and I still have to ask my team manager if we ask the teacher if we can user or product in another class.Oh boy.

I also have a paper to write for... well crap I forgot the paper that goes with the 3 games... I modify my schedule later. Anyway, I need to write a paper for one of my programming language studies and do a power point presentation. I broke every task even ( ish) and wrote it on a white board I see every morning to remind me what to do today.It's basicly that:

  • Python paper done
  • StarShip C++ done
  • StarShip C# done
  • Starship Java done
  • Unity Wizard Path finding done
  • Unity Hit detection done
  • start Power Point for Python presentation
  • Finish power point
  • Make list of things to pack/bring for MIGS
  • paper for StarShip Assignment
A bit confusing for people not in my class so I will try to explain the best of my ability, bear with me. Python is the Programming language I choose to do my research on, and right now I really like it even if I didn't work much with it lately. ( blame on laziness and I don't care anymore)

Unity3d is the programme my team choose to work on our game, and I am charge of writing one the enemy( which is a Wizard) pathfinding, aka the AI...I'm pretty sure I rant on how I hate it on a previous report.I am also in charge of writing the hit detection, is how much does the enemy attack of how much the player attack stuff like that anyway.

StarShip, is the name I give to the game I'm programming.Its an astroid game were the ship shoots at astroid and blow them up, yadi yadi yada. The only thing I got for that is the image, that still don't animate, astroid that don't random places, and transparency that doesn't work. I just send a email to one of my teacher for help before starting this report.

I did a scheduale of day per day of what homework I will be working on:

  • Monday: StarShip work C++
  • Tuesday: Unity all day please
  • Wednesday:python
  • thursday:Unity all day
  • Friday:StarShip work in Java
  • Saturday: Unity all day
  • Sunday: Writing~ :D
that will be what I work on till November hits. By then I should have a few things done. Probably the Python paper will be done and then I can replace that day for a StarShip work, since by the look at it I will have to restart and I think its would be much easier for me. I took an old homework and modified it to do my homework, but it doesn't work much for me I really need to just, start anew.

Saturday I work all day to put more paper in the Sketchbook ( will post a report on the respective blog soon...someday) I took some pictures, but I forgot the camera at my parent place. They change everything at home! My room is now my brother-in-law office, so I had to share a bed with my other sister.

Now my sister is moving out to a house with a friend, like an apartment, she is ranting a room ( the house is so beautiful!) , so when she finally move out her room at my parent place will become mine or also know as the guest room.My big sister is moving back in my parent house, since it will become her house now.My brother-in-law will then work at home and my room become his office.

And in all that! My parent bought a cottage.Really beautiful one too ( only saw the pictures). There is a lot of moving, boxes and furniture exchange everywhere. In the count I have now the living room and kitchen set when I move to my own apartment with my boyfriend in July.Yeah what my parents have right now in the house... it's mine.

I also know a really great news! Since in line 2 years from now, me and my boyfriend want to move in PEI since the game business over there is growing and it's great. But I was afread for the apartment price and the moving and all the money things, and I said: " I wish that the people that own this apartment building would have some apartment in PEI, it would be much easier and would help me a whole lot."

Well guess what. They do. So now I can just ask for an apartment and just worry about the moving part now XD Well I will only worry about that when the time comes.Also I just add the picture now so who ever actually read all this will know what it is. It's my StarShip game. The alien ship was a test to know if it was just my file that was weird...now I wonder if it would be the size of it?Donno, I will know soon.Hope so >.>

Well that's all, take care!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Report 49,WORK!

I would take a picture of my work, but it would look like 2 page only, but it feels a lot like that! So last Saturday was work-all-day on project. 8 hour, 8 hours of work down the toilet. I'm working on Unity3d, and my job was to program the Artificial Intellegence of a wizard. He would find the player, advance to a distance and shoot fireball, if the player is to close he would back away with a slow speed.

It fail so baad, I got piss and just scrap everything and whent to bed. Sunday I want down to Grand-Falls with my boyfriend to visite his family and have thanks giving whit them.Had a great time, when to the US for the first time! I got some stuff for the pen-pale exchange for NaNoWriMo, eat at a chinese place and their buffet had so much choice! And their Walmart was HUGE, it took me 5 minute to walk half way I'm pretty sure. NOw my boyfriend is happy that I can cross over. HIs family too, they all want to shop together in the state during Christmas break.

But I find it funny that on that day I throw a penny to a wishing well for help on my homework and on that night, I had a dream, that my friend and her boyfriend was playing a game and explaining to me what it was, but there explication was a tip on how to make my program work.You know I woke up, and I only remember half of the dream ( ghost all the way!) which has nothing to do about my homework, but on the drive back home, I remember it. So I took my laptop and usb, and work away, and guess what. In 8 hours what I couldn't done was finish in 2 hours. I find that so cool. When I came back home I thank my friend XD

Anyway I should go back to my work. Take to you guys later!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Report 48, back to normal

like you guys notice, I'm back to normal, with a new design! I saw that, I have way to much project going on right now and posting progress on one blog would have been so confusing, for me and the readers, so I seperated NaNo to another blog, and Sketchbook Project.

By the way, I didn't really explain what was the Sketchbook Project much on my previous post, but the project is, you pay 25$ and they send you a sketchbook, you fill it out and when its full or the due date is close you send it back and they take them in a tour around US to show people.

Also from now on, I will post a picture that related to my report, I find it catch the eye and its more interesting then a bunch of words.Well that's all for now, I'm doing a 3 things at the same time so, need a break and actually eat haha

take care!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Report 47, brainstorming for story plot and boy names

But first, GAHHH CATT YOU SMELL BAD WHEN YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM AHHHHRRRRGGG ( bedroom is just next to bathroom where litter box for cat is)

okay, anyway this report is for my brain storming of my NaNoWriMo novel.(instead of doing that paper that's due tomorrow, or the hours on the group project, yey me) Okay so my main plot is simple you have the young teen girl Leslie who is train to be a spy for 2 years now under Maxime the neighbored boy, she use strategie and gadget to finish her mission since the agency only work if your not seen. She is mad since she was suppose to have a raise for a while but didn't get it because her mission are to small, but in a family summer trip she accept a really dangerous mission. But under the gases of her older brother and sister she had hard time doing her mission, to only know that her sibling use to be spy for the same agency but got caught once and couldn't work anymore. And all 4 ( sibling and Max) try to succeed the mission but it goes bad.

My main female Character is Leslie
Main male Character is Maxime
then you have older Sister : Lauraline
and I'm stuck on the older brother name!

I know who he is, how he look like, his personality and all but I can't find a good name for him. I have right now :
Sheldon ( that just make me think of Big Bang Theory though XD)

Yeah I know it have to start by an 'S' if possible.. here his small bio:

Age: 21-22
DOB: 25 December
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair length: short and wild
Eye color: brown with a mix of green
Height: 6.2"
Job: Pilot

He is a genius, his parent are all over him and proud and always ignoring Leslie,after the accident as a spy with his lil sister Lauraline, he always blame her for the lost of the spy job.He know how his parents are always ignoring and not caring for Leslie so he try to be friend with her but he is social awkward. When at the summer family trip, him and Lauraline notice the odd behavior of Leslie they try to stop her, only to get deeper in trouble.

Its a new story so I don't have much written for it compare to the fantasy romance story I was planning before, but I really like the feeling of this story. I still don't have a title but if you wish to give me ideas I am grateful for all the help! I will post more about the other character after supper but first!

What you guys think of the idea? I know the character sheet is reaally small but is there something you think I should add to know more about the character or story? What name I should give to the older brother?And for writer or readers of Spy novels ( or movies) is there something I should emphasize more in?Plot, characters, why villain decided to use Nanotechnology to kill millions of people?

thanks and take care!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Report 46,Skechbook project tour, NaNo and assigment

holly blue cows, I will hit the 50 reports soon, sad I'm the only one reading this blog. Any how to business.

Like I state on my previous report, I had a dream for a good story and I wanted to write that story for NaNo, but I was debating since I place long hours thinking and giving birth to characters I like with my fantasy story and I didn't want to leave it. BUT few days ago I saw on a post in NaNo forums this Sketchbook project tour and it got me thinking. I can do what ever with that sketchbook and give it back for million of people to read or see. Soo I decided to write my fantasy story in that sketchbook! I have to unbind it to place more page in it tough, since I plan it to be a 50k word novel. Now in November I will write my spy idea novel ( which I still have much to plan, character placement and I want to take a real place to give the realism factor) and in December, I will write my fantasy novel!

My friends are participating to the sketchbook project too, since you know they are animators.And I will be the lonely programmer writing in the sketchbook haha. Also on writing subject, NaNo forums will be wip out tomorrow! Its my first year and I can't wait oddly to start fresh and new with fallow WriMos. I was soo excited this week to see who will post first and what would people talk about that I neglect my home work to much, now I have 7 hours of tutorial for Unity 3D to catch up for the group project.

  • group project for Project Management course
  • box Helicopter for 3D animation programming
  • paper work for cooperative Programming ( will work during week end since I can do that on the laptop easily)
  • Artificial Intelligence programming.. well I just finish a paper for that so I don't have to worry for it till next week.
  • Emerging trend... I finish that thank god. It's an interesting course, mostly talking and try to find new tools for programming or 3D that would bring that job must easier.
All in All I have big course this semester, but oddly its not that hard, I'm just lazy and because I didn't programme all summer I forgot a few things. That's why I laught when I was better at programming in two new language I'm learning in Comperative Programming then C++ the language I learn for the past 10 month.By the way the two programming language are Python, and Java. I don't really like C# much, but I love Python, its so easy. After you understand how it works.

On other note, me and my boyfriend had been talking, since my car is really old we need a new one soon, but we both hate small car and love jeeps. So my boyfriend had the idea, that next year he is taking another student loan and since he didn't touch the one of this year, we will accumulate the money and buy a Equinox Chevy in 2012. That's our goal. I will be working so incomes will come in and I can pay my bills and save a bit by bit every month. Though in the same time I want to change bank so it will be a bit hard in a way.

Also, when my boyfriend will be done school, we both want to move out and work in PEI, its a bit risk, but there is good game industry there, we probably ahve to make sure we have a job before we move, but if it happens like my sister, they only hired local people, so I want to move there and show an awesome portfolio and work there... I still probably want to work as a librarian then though, And when I have less bill to pay I notice that the PEI university have creative course, I am considering to take them. by that time I will have a few novel under my belt. And some mobile games too. We are thinking big ( so so) and far ahead but a year pass really fast when you have fun doing something you like, so I prefer to think now of things I can do before it is throw in my face and would have to walk in a bad path ( mind you they will all be ruff, but at least I wont be miserable).

So just like I promise myself in one of my big,fun,scary list is to write a novel each month, well two is on the way. The only thing is the fantasy one will be a donation kinda to a expo/library. I will write a note on the beginning to explain what it is to me and all and I may do another email address and ask for people opinion on the story and to send me an email. Since it will only be a dummy email I don't care for the crap I will receive! I can just delete the bad stuff.

Some guy I use to work with long time ago did something, not similar be the idea is near the same ( make them cosine or something) What he would do is by a Harry Potter book, read it and inside he would write his name and phone number in pen, and just leave it in a public place. He told us that he did it for all the Harry Potter book ( the 5 one just came out then) and only one person called to say he found his book. HE told the guy that he could keep it, he only like to read a book once and leave it to someone else that he doesn't know. The guy only leave the book in a public place again.

My idea with my novel is quite the same since its a tour, my novel will travel in different area in the unite stats and people around will pick up my book and read it. If someone want to take the book home they have to scan there library card and the bar code on the book and all the information is only for me to read. ( only my book.) I wont be able to publish that novel again, but at least people will pick it up and read it, and with the note inside with my other fake email I will know if someone like it. or catch some eye.

Aww now I can't wait for NaNoWriMo to start! I ask my boyfriend ( since he is a cook) if he could do munchies for me, healthy ones since I really need it this year, and he told me so. I will have carots and apple slices, some chocolate hidden in a box cause he will take them away from me. I will probably have different fruits or veggies knowing him. KIWIS! I so love kiwis I want that too.Strawberry's... and stuff...

HO I will soon start a collage of my other "big, fun, scary list of stuff I want to do and have in 3 to 5 year to come" I have all the picture in my usb I just bought a board and now I just need to print, cut and glue together. It's funny cause when I was talking about it to Scott he said I wouldn't need PEI as vacation on my list since we will live there. HE never read the book "The Secret" but the way he said it is just like the principle of the secret, he talk as if we are moving to PEI already ( may be my fault I keep talking about it). I ask him if there is something, a goal he wish to reach one day to just print it out and glue it with my list, but he just kiss me so I take it he have all he needs. LOL.

I think that's all... the bar show me it is going to be a big report so I end it here, the last September post! Before I jump into October in NaNOWriMo life! So excited~

take care,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Report 45; Dreams are scary but I love them

I had a dream last night that could consider as a spy movie. I love the idea so much that when I woke up I just took my new sharpie pencil, what ever piece of writing source around and start to write the scene/ idea down.And I love that story! I'm actually thinking of using that story idea for NaNo more then the fantasy one from before.If I have time to come up with the characters first.

The story is all base around sibling relationship. I have the older brother and 2 young sister. The older brother is a prodigy and now a plane pilot. The oldest girl is now 18 and out to studies but really she only parties all day since she doesn't like what she is force to studies because of the parents. The youngest girl is the main character and completely ignored by her parents, since she is consider as a trouble maker, or really a trouble finder!

The scene I dream was the sibling was in a fair having fun, but when the oldest where talking about studies the youngest find that she was left out and start to explore by herself. And she saw someone get killed.The killer saw her and while she was running away to find her sibling, the Killers caught her and her brother and sister. They are brought to an hotel where the brother was able to escape. The two sister was brought in a limo and on the drive the Oldest sister bash the young one so the killer decided to save the oldest life. They brought them at a home ( that I soon knew it was the killers oldest son's house) and behind the house there is a small cliff after the cliff there is a river with rapids. They throw the youngest sister in a boat to try to get her killed as an accident in the rapids. Nearly work but she jump out in time and swam to the cliffs. she climb and throw a locket for her oldest sister to know she was alive.

And that was my dream, I basically wrote a back story that would help or explain how to start the novel. But now I'm like missing 2 act to finish the novel! I never read books with story similar to it so I don't know how to approach it. I know a few books but I can't buy them yet, so I'm thinking of watching movies base on those books. But if any of you have a spy adventure book that you want to share with me I would be grateful. The one I have in mind is Alex rider, I remember watching the movie with my dad and I love does kind of movie so why not read the book yeah?

Anyway I will go and edit some stuff around, take care!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Report 44, Lots of stuff

I'm in class and the space bar suck so bear with me for a while k? k.

So yesterday I saw a football game in Moncton! it was awesome. My boyfriend got a sun burn but oddly I didn't and we were sitting next to each other XD I finally receive my Kobo eReader, I also got the New Sharpie Pencil. A lot of reviews online said it was a piece of crap ( bought it anyway I wanted to test it myself) and really I don't find it bad at all. The only thing missing to test is the dry after 3 days... Okay I will explain a bit. The new Sharpie pencil is a liquid pen with graphite in it that will write and erase like a pencil, but it is said after 3 days it dry's up and act like a pen! And a lot of reviews on Amazon said that the liquid flow was bad and leave a lot of shunk of ink in one place or doesn't write on the other. But I wrote a page or too and even drew with it and the flow was okay. Yes if you didn't press on the page it would draw much.

The other bad review was that the ink wasn't black but a light gray. I say they need new glasses or they don't know how to write with a pencil. The ink was gray yes, but a really dark gray, I compare with a normal pencil next to it and the normal pencil was more light gray the the sharpie pencil.

And for last, is that it doesn't dry after 3 days. I only try it 2 days ago so I can't compare yet, but even with 2 days, yes at some place I could erase but not a lot.So it look like it was working for me, I will try again tomorrow or the next day to prove again my theory, or more likely the sharpie theory.

I also wrote down the list of things I want to buy in the near so future, yes 5 years from now is noting for me. Ho darn I forgot the Equinos car in the list...I think... Anyway, this is all the things I want to buy and do in the future, make it vocation/ voyage, furniture, decoration and others. Books are in my book list under, but now that I have the Kobo, I can buy for cheap and don't have to wait for shipping! My sister bought one too, in black, last Saturday.

We want shopping for new clothing because... My uncle only have 6 month to live. He have cancer for the past 3 years and the doctors can't do anything for him now and sad as it is, me and my sisters had to shop for good funeral clothing. I good black pants and a new wool shirt with a big belt around the waist. I bought 2 dress skirt in case too.

...NO MORE DRAMA, okay change of subject. In November, not only will I do NaNoWriMo but I also volunteer to go for free in MIGS ( Montreal International Game Summit...not sure for the International bits tough) and since the tickets where 175 ( now 200$) all the bilingual people in class apply to be volunteer to go in for free. We all got in thanks to a guy in my class that pull strings to get our name in there, even to be able to pay the percentage off after the set dates they place because we are a big group. ( like 22 people, and its 2 class XD)

Not only that but I have the group project due In November so I have a lot so scheduling to do, but wurst come to wurst, I will waking up one hour early every day to write the 1667 word quota everyday for NaNo. No matter what I want to work on NaNo.

okay I need to go, even if I want to talk about the release of pokemon Black and white and how awesome it is, but my roommate is waiting for me to leave so

Take care!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Report 43, dreams are scary

(Okay this post have the HIGHEST stats, meaning its the most popular...what is so awesome for everyone to read that post? please comment)

I had a dream last night. One part of it was a plot, or place to help one story I have in mind. The other part, was weird. It was simply me and my bestfriend at her place and she was planning a birthday party, whit my post its every where in her room and stairs. Not any kind of post its, the one I filled with story plot, character names and odd things, I have no idea what she was thinking of doing, but that's what dream are.But that's not the point, she was telling me who she was inviting to the party and one name came out that surprise me, I was happy and so excited when she said that she invited her.

"her" is an old friend we had in high school, she was a good friend of mine, we both love coming up with stories and she would actually listen to me rambling about dreams and characters. Anyway, I was excited because I remember that she loved to write stories and I thought ( in the dream) to ask her if she was doing NaNoWriMo and if she would want to be buddies for this year! And that's when I woke up, still with the idea to ask her to be my buddy for NaNo.

I was all pump this morning and excited because I could just ask her to be my writing buddy, if she still write. And then that's where it hit me. I have absolutely no contact whats so ever with her. We lost contact 3 month after she moved away. So now I'm still down. I did try to find her contact the only problem I don't remember her last name XD Im so sad. Any way I tried to find her on some fencing, sword club website since I remember that she love to do that sport, but I guess they are only good at sport not website.

It's kinda odd on how, even after years of never talking or even thinking of her, she pop out in my dreams, and more often then not, my dreams mean something, even if its small ( I pass a math test thanks to a dream XD). so In a way I think that she would help me with my writing, that would explain the party planning with my story notes and her on the guest lists.

...On other note, my anti-virus talk in pirate talk now! lol because the 19 its talk like a pirate day, and my anti virus is Avast, which mean something loong time ago in the pirate language ( don't remember) and to celebrate they made a fild that change the normal English to pirate English XD Its awesome. I don't understand a single thing but it's still awesome.

My teacher love pirates therefore for that day, not only did he talk like a pirate, he dress up like one. And it was a festival so all Miramichi saw him and his crew of pirate volunteering for the festival.It's sad that it's on a sunday, the pirate day, it mean the new first year wont know about talk like a pirate day, sad sad, and lost for them.

Anyway back to my search crew, take care!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Report 42, back to school

And back to school, second your of Game Programming study will be done in 10 months. or close. I just past my first week as a second your student and man I already have work! But nothing much, I did a 2 slide show on Saturo Iwata, the director of Nintendo. I will have to write a paper on Pokemon AI. Learning new language and writing about the process. All the new jazz, HO and I have a major project ( that I'm supposes to work on right now but I don't feel like it. Like ever) where its build a project in group. The project can be anything, that's why I didn't say game.

My group, we decided to build a mobile game with Unity, a 3D program, but most programmer in my group ( including me) never program in Unity so while we do the paper work, we do tutorial on how Unity works!Humm I should write down what our game is to post on the website. Forgot about that. Oupss

There is also in my 3D programming class we start again in just building a cube ( or my British box XD I pronounce the word box in a British accent.) and I was the first one who was able to make a box and every time we press the space bar I shoot box XD the Assignment is to make the class box in a different file and call it every-time I press the space bar in different shape, size and color.Its due Wednesday. I only have to call it now and I'm done. I can work and finish that today too, but I want to write instead XD

I want shopping with my best friend in Moncton yesterday. I used my gift card of chapters and bought, P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern and the Power by Rhonda Byrne. Its another "the secret" book. I like to read them to boost my moral haha. I bought a few magazine and the first of Bakuman manga. I read that online but its a good series that make me continue reading so I buy to suport the series.

I also bought, just today, the new Sharpie liquid pencil online. a friend read to me it wont come in store so I try to get it with cheap shipping. I bought 2 for 14 buck! I know it have a lot of bad reviews, but I want to try them for myself, and even if it doesn't dry, I still have a cool awesome pencil in my hand now!

HOO I also got Kingdom Heart: birth by sleep! One game less in my list! now just pokemon ranger and pokemon white... monster tale too wait is that the title?lets see I have Nintendo power next to me...Ho hey yeah Monster tail. and then there is Wii game, epic mickey, Kirby's epic yarn, Donkey Kong country return! and more. I will get the wii games later more in the next summer, I like DS much more. and well , I will buy the 3DS when its out. May way a few months though, in case there is problems with the first batch.

I'm getting more idea coming for novel now that NaNo is coming faster! I got a new idea when my boyfriend was watching the movie, "she's out of my league" My idea is similar to the movie, mostly the guy will be a game programmer ( oh may) and teaching programming at a college ( might as well take a subject I know well XD, teacher always say to write about what you know. and I know college!) and the girl will be really pretty ( no shit) and have a steady job of some sort. I don't know her part yet. BUt I have a scene, where the guy invite girl to a lan party, sure that she wouldn't come, yup she does and she know the game enough to beat a few ass.

That's all I have now but I am brain storming, coming up with a few scene I can work with. I don't really want to say I definitely work on the Holly's story for NaNo, but I have a big feeling that it will be that one. I probably work on Daniel's in December.Me and a guy in class was talking about NaNo and we both conclude that with the amount of project that will be due in November we didn't know how we will do NaNo, but I know what I will do. I will write in the morning. I will wake up one hour earlier and work on my novel 1667 work at a time! I will probably be tired after November, but I doubt it. Im a morning person. Ish. And if I'm done work later the day in college I can work on it on paper or on my usb!It's the perfect plan. Since you know in November I also have the 3 days of MIG's I can just work on it on my laptop. Or paper on the drive there.

I will work with my new pencil coming! Well I'm out of word write now. I will continue reading my book and play bejeweled on facebook. I love that game XD I can play Diablo, but I don't feel like it.

well take care!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Report 41


Yes I have a Wii, not the one I was planning to buy at Moncton, not even close! My boyfriend, friend was selling his Wii plus two remote controle ( with numchock) and a Nintendo classic remote, plus 3 new game ( Zelda twilight princess, Brawl, and the new Mario game that was out last Christmas) for only 175$ When Scott heard that he bought it on the spot. Mind you we still didn't give the money but its a detail.He know where we live and go to the same college XD

Tomorrow is going to be my birthday, good bye teen years and hello adult world of the twenties. Goody I already feel old.But I have a kid heart, when you see me and my boyfriend play pokemon on the wii XD

I've been good for my writing! I've been practicing a tinny bit. Mostly caring post cards( flash card?) with me and when I have a scene or idea I stop and write it, no mater where I am. I have..minute Im counting XD.. 7 story plot and idea written down. One that have already been change and tweak a bit.

I start playing with the writing software yWrite a bit yesterday and really I love that program a lot.I can write all the character notes, locations description down in one same place. When I start writing a scene I can just click on the tabs to look at the description of a character if I forgot what color was his eyes or where he grew up or something.

I start writing down each project already in yWrite, like that when November comes and I know which project I want to work, I can just open the file and start typing away! I only have two project I start typing about since yesterday was my birthday supper with family. I will work more today, after the shopping for Kitty cat.

My boyfriend doesn't mind, he is playing his DS right now, and probably after the shopping he will go to his place and play on his PS3 with his friend. We don't have to be at the same place all the time, just knowing he is fine is okay with me.We both have different pass time, he like to play his games with friend I like to came up with stories and write about them.

On another note. My big sister give me my birthday present last week-end. and its a calligraphic pen made in blue glass, I will take a picture someday, but I don't have my camera right now. I try it out this morning and it write really well. I try it whit other colors ink I have and the blue ink it came with it and the black ink are the best. The red ink look pink and tame on the pen, the other blue make a lot of mess, yellow you barely can read it.

well that's it for me this morning! time to push Scott to dress up and go shop!
take care,


11/11/2011-> its funny on how I think I wrote already that between 5 of August to then I decided to change my  game ideas to writing, that I found NaNoWriMo and decided to participate and thats in between those time, I became a writer and enjoy most of my summer. I also finish working and moved back to Miramichi to live, for a while, with my boyfriend.

Also I don't use yWrite anymore, its really fun and easy to use, I just prefer to have every thing I brainstorm on paper.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Report 40

I didn't forget about it ( even if no one goes here except of me) I just have been busy with work and catching up on stuff. Kinda funny I have lots to say but no where to start! Even the beginning doesn't do justice to all I want to say. May have to do 2 post.

okay well I FINALLY brought my laptop to get it clean.31 buck later and the technician found a HUGE chunk of dust. Its bigger then My fan I'm pretty sure I laugh when I saw it and told him: " Hey I found my cat!" Its not that big to be a cat but, yeah.

The Kitty Cat, Pixie is doing well, lonely and she miss my roommate a lot. My boyfriend is taking care of her while I'm in Bathurst working.She's a bit annoying the morning though. Since she is use to have my boyfriend getting up at 5 to go to work but when he is not she thinks he be late so she decide to miawl till he gets up. When she understand its a day off. At 8-9 she miawls again because she doesn't want to be alone in the living room anymore. XD Its cute. But annoying.

I'm on twitter often so, I did tweet about that but 2 days ago I got a flash for a awesome Mobile phone game, but the only paper near me at work I could write on was sticky notes!So I'm pretty sure my boss( who's office next to mine) must find it weird that I was drawing odd dinosaurs mumbling codes and none sense.

I do have another idea for a game but it look like its coming to be a 3A title. I'm cutting out a bit to look more simple. now its more a adventure/mystery PC game. The title will be " My Shadow's Relic" It just pop out in my mind today and text everyone in my contact list what they think when they read that. Oddly only the people who when to school for animation or gaming could guess right. The others I had to explain a bit more ( except one person.)

I may use that idea for a final piece for next year. I will write the game idea first. Story a bit later.Since you know that's what I want to do in the industry, Game story writing.

Other note, I want to Costco when summer started and you know what I saw? a Wii... for 100$!! So I decided I will buy it for my birthday gift me-to-me. LOL I already got all my birthday gift a month in advance! I got Zexion doll from my friend. A really expensive purse from my sisters; new cellphone from my mom ( ho yeahh I got a new phone now ! I pay 15$ a month instead of 30. unlimited text and have a key pad I love it so much); 2 TB portable hard-drive from my Boyfriend. But since it cause 200 $ we will use it both of us. I already place all my movies and music in there.

I'm in a new website, called pokefarm. Its about pokemon of cause but that's not it. The guy ( owner) is doing a new game for the website but could work out the game story so he ask the people in the website to apply for a writing job. I applied, when I saw all the application of the 12-13 year old I know I had MUCH bigger chance to have the project. And Indeed I did. Was small mind you, I was done the same day I got it. I just hope I did well, since he didn't ask me more about it.

I made my boyfriend buy a DS, and now we can play pokemon together ( aww were geeks XD). He like Final Fantasy's games and last week-end we both bought new games. Him FF Tactic A2 for DS and I got Myst for DS witch is the same as the PC version.I start playing his game when my battery of my DS died and I can't stop playing. I already have 17 hours on it and I only been playing for 2 days? he land me the game since he was working most of the week.He is going to show me the first version when I come down this friday, his brother have it.

What else is new? Ha yes I will start learning AS3 with the professional Andy I work with for the game jam? yeah him. I kept contact with all the group like that if something new open, I will finally have experience and flash programming and I could help much more! more opportunity for jobs!

I ask my boyfriend last week, if I had a job opportunity but I had to move away, if he would leave everything and fallow me. He told me of cause and why I ask? I told him that I just wanted to make sure he would do the same for me XD It been 10 months and we're still love birds XD

I even told him I'm less afraid to move down in the US, only rule is that we have to be close to the border in case.I'm not scared of US, I'm scared of leaving Canada. I'm a proud Canadian Eh!

What else, what else, what else...I think that's all for now, I tweet often so you can see what I think or what happen in the job I find funny or odd.( Like the two moose walking in the river in front of my work place. In the middle of the city!)

take care very one, and we will see again when College start!


11/11/2011 -> learn AS3 by myself, at school. Did teh dinasaur game. the 3A title game? yeah no it was just a story in my head more then anything but that was a flash of what started my Ghost Tracker story, thats when it all started.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Report 39, End of School for this year

YUP yesterday was my last day of school.

I actually finish the 15 but we have the Jalloo festival. Witch is a Animation and gaming festival. Its mostly a social networking festival, where the guest look at the portfolio and games the year 2 make. And each guest give a panel speech.

Last year I missed every thing because I was a volunteer, I saw one panel, but it was run by 2 German person. They where good! they knew what they were talking about. But no one could understand them. So this year I said fuck it to volunteer and saw all the gaming panel!

After the festival we had 2 different 24hours jam. Game Jam and Comic Jam. I had to participate to the Game jam since it was part of my school notes. I was fortunate! I ask if I could work with 2 professional. Gene Fowler owner of Loogaroo here at miramichi, Robbie Anderson an animator at Loogaroo and Andy Moore and Flash Programmer. I help with the programming even if I didn't know AS3. I learn a bit on does 24 hours.

So I didn't sleep for more them 24 hours on that day. I only sleep yesterday at 11 and woke up at 10:30 today haha. Also our game that we made is on sale now! 3 sponsor played it and one will bit on the game next week. It is going to be a great piece on my resume, I help to make a game in 24 hour and we sold it. I don't really care on how much we sell it, just the fact that we're going to sell it mean much more for me.

Our game was called Shadow defence, its a tower defense kind of game where you play the character in the middle of the woods and monsters are coming all around you. You have to cut wood to build fires to kill the monsters. You can heal if you go in the cabin but the monster can destroy the cabin too. You can repair the cabin with wood you collect.

Some of the art is on the Loogaroo website that I link earlier.

My plan for this summer is to practice my programming, learn Action Scrip3, get my camcorder, and save up some moneys!That and I want to train my pokemon a bit too. I finally got my first level 100 train by myself! now I'm trying to get a bold eevee but the step are sooo long. I want a wish, toxic Vaporeon. There is a list of pokemon I wish to EV train.

I find its much easier to start EV train when your done the game. easier to calculate. After that you can just send them in other games. My new team will be:

Dusknoir, (that I finish train just need the right move)

I didn't play much for the past week because of my homework. I wanted to have all my focus on my work first.

I saw E3 on nintendo and oh my god the games they are coming back with is amazing!

-Donkey Kong Country is back baby!! It was one of my favorite game when I was a kid!!
-Kirby new idea is well though, I can't wait to see that one.
-Epic mickey is still Epic, I want to buy a Wii just for that haha
-I'm actually interest to buy the new pokemon ranger game. I find them interesting enough so I want to see the potential they have.
-The new Zelda look amazing, and really interesting, I hope there is not, transform into wolf thing and more like the nintendo 64 game look like. I will try that one for sure!
-The new remake of Goldeneye! it was my first person shooter game I ever had when I was young, I wont buy it that's for sure but I would rant it!

and the last one...Nintendo 3DS! I so want. I was considering to buy a new DS since mine is old ( first gen!) But i didn't like the DS light or other version of it so, when I heard of the 3DS I said I would wait for that one, if it have potential I would buy it. I will still keep my old one since its the only version ( and DS light) that still can play gameboy advance game. And I want my pokemon thank you!

It will be a great year, next one too since Pokemon black and white will be out haha.

hope you guys will have a great summer!
take care


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Report 38, I am proud

I am,

I finally did my first EV train pokemon! It have the effort ribbon and now I'm leveling him up at level 100. He's at 81 now. It is my first pokemon I ever train over 60.Even when I was a Kid I never could finish a game with a pokemon at level 60, I usually restart a game before.

By the way, its a Dusknoir. I had him in my HeartGold originally, and I'm training him in my platinum, holding a lucky egg like that he have the double exp!My next EV train pokemon will be my vaporeon with egg move wish!~

I first need to train my togepi for him to learn wish, a female skitty, and get a male skitty with wish to actually have my vaporeon, but I'm on my way! *shake pokewalker*

except of that, at school I only have 3 project to do. 2 of them are technically the same one. the last one is my 3D and audio mash together. I think I explain that over the last Report? Probably.

Anyway I've been listening to the same song since ever!

blame it on the pop!

It's all because of jenxtheJinx, that I watch on youtube. she did a video with that song wearing all her cosplay.It is supper awesome.

Well except pokemon and some fluff story of Zexion and Demyx going in my head, nothing much happen.Well, I will adopt a cat in like 3 weeks XD

My boyfriend is staying down miramichi so he can take care of her, while me and my roommate are in Bathurst working. It is technically me, my roommate and Scott's cat, my roommate pick her up, I will like any cat really, and Scott give the okay. Next year I will be staying in miramichi for another year and so, we agreed that the cat will be mine and Scott's.

So that beautiful cat, is mine XD.Her name is Pixie, she's a year old or so.We have to ask our landlord if its okay that we have a cat though. But I mean there is no reason for them to no. We didn't do mess, destroy things or bother people.They never, never hear bad from us, or just anything back from us, so why would they say no to just a simple thing as that. Even if they say, when we both sign the contract that no pet was allowed. They have a cat themself.

all my neighbored around me have 2 cat each. We are allowed to have one cat. That doesn't do a single sound, lazy all about and just ask to be pet once and a while.

anyway I will go now. I'll post the picture of Zexion .

take care,


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Report 37 I didn't forget!

I know I have this blog,I just didn't know how to start a new report. For a while I wanted to do a new report. mostly on the new Pokemon game coming up. White and Black. At first I was like every one else, I didn't like it but I knew I will buy it anyway since I'm a huge Pokemon fan. And no matter what I will buy their game.

But the more I see and hear of it, the more I'm excited about it. The new starters are reveal for a while. I like the grass starter, the fire one is okay, but god I don't like the water Pokemon.But I don't really bash it every time I see it since I know a lot more people like it so.

I received the clothing for my Zexion doll, and his wig! I took some pictures and will post them up soon ish, when I be back at my place. And now I want to save up for a girl. I already know witch one I want!


I'll name her Julianne ( pronounce in french), and I calculate, all the stuff I want to buy for her will be in around 500$ XD

mind you a lot of the stuff I want for her is for Zexion too.

Julianne will have green eyes and orange/red hair.

Except for money spending, School nearly over and summer is coming up! meaning money MAKING! Yup my aunt told me its official I have a job, the same one basically I had last summer, but I got an upgrade! My boyfriend start working again in 2 weeks. The kitchen he was working at was doing some repairs , but they found something wrong in a wall and had to destroy everything so he been off for 6 month now.

my class are okay, I understand 3D a bit better, sound design is interesting but confusing at time. Enhance concept. Is... special. I mean my Quiz today was done outside, and we act the code up... oral quiz are awesome. we all did 95% XD

I mean, he had a written quiz all ready for us ( 3 question! yeey) but he got up this morning and saw the beautiful weather out so. We had the class outside. Now I need to work on battle system rules, since in a few weeks, my last problem set for that class I need to program a battle system. Tomorrow, the problem set is to make the enemy move by them self by time.

for audio and 3D we have two problem set in one. I will give sound to my 3D witch is a shooter collision game ...ish.

anyway, on other note, I start to EV train my Pokemon! It start well, but I notice in the middle of my training that my Pokemon had the wrong ability. I didn't give a danm so I continue. Now I'm training in my platinum while my boyfriend is playing the HeartGold and try to get more Battle point in the battle frontier.

now I have to go, my class start in 5 min. or so and I want to buy some food first.

take care!


11/11/2011 -> Julianne is actually base on a character on one of my story novel attempt about superheros and villain. I still love my story and character but Ghost took more part in my heart and mind, I had to much trouble trying to write in a place I never been. I needed more time to get prepare I jump to fast in the writing bandwagon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Report 36 New term!

I finish my second term in 80 or more, not sure yet since they didn't give out the final notes.

BUT I started the new and last term for this year and it start great! We only have 3 class, all in the same room. All week. I don't even have to leave the damn room man! I can camp there and it wont matter!

I have:
  • Audio programming
  • 3D programming
  • Enhance concept programming
Audio and 3d are tough with the new teacher, while Enhance concept is still With Brian. I have no problem with enhance programming! witch I'm supper happy and grateful for. I understand Audio more then I though witch I'm happy with too. I need to focus on 3D a bit more since its a whole new programming language, but like it happen with 2D, the more we work on the codes the more I understand it. Like already I know what I need to do, and where I need to change my codes. I just not sure on how to approach it. I will ask for some help tomorrow after I'm done my in class assignment witch I will go through fluently.

Except for that, nothing much new, still with Scott YEY!! I'm still addicted on small facebook games. HO I know I want shopping with the girls Saturday! I spend what? 200$? yeah XD I bough shirts, books and food! its the books ( and one movie) that ruin me. A 100 just there. and I did got a new purse and a dress for my new job this summer!

yeah my family came down to visit use at the apartment Sunday, and my mom told me that I got a place as a data entry online for Service Canada. Really its the same thing I had 4 year ago, but instead of entry the date from paper into the computer I will scan the paper or make it myself with some data I will receive.It will be fun, and great for me since I already know how the system work!

humm back to the shopping day with friends, I got distracted. We want to the Sex shop! We all bought something XD I just bough a simple dress nothing major.We want to Pink Sushi for lunch, since I don't like sea food, I took chicken and vegetable.I laugh when I saw that it was deep fried. EVERYTHING! even the vegetables!It was really interesting to guess what I was eating most of the lunch.At supper we when out with one of my friend dad since he was down.

Friday coming up, me and my boyfriend are going down to grand falls to see his parents.And eat at the famous pizza place that he like so much XD, last time we want down the pizza place was close because of a water flood in the kitchen.

Tomorrow I'm bringing the car to get his tires a lined. finally XD it was since September I needed to do that, but now that my dad change the tires I will go do that. And it be all ready for the drive Friday!

Anyway that was all I wanted to say. If I find more, I will just write another report!

take care,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Report 35#


I finish the two problem Set for Kevin yesterday, and post it in his in file today! it feel great! That and my roommate bought a wig for my Zexion doll. Its the exact color! She bought it on eBay, I bought a carrier for him and she bought his first outfit.

I just have to do two test for Math. two home test, I can bring the test with me for the week-end and work on it. I don't have anything for 2D programming... I think anyway. I finish the last in class assignment in Concept Programming yesterday, I only have a PS4 and the last quiz to do and I'm done.

except for the work load I bought a book! Its "the Secret to teen power" I already have the book for the Secret but I was feeling down a few days ago and when I saw that I just bought it from instinct. When I'm down or depress I need books to bring my mood up. It's basically the same thing as the original book "The Secret" but its written with example for teens to understand better. Sports, actors, music and clothing thing. It's really funny to read.

I believe in The Secret. You can call me stupid all you want, but hey its frigging free and its just by Thinking, come on. You can make money more, have what ever you want, and be happy for ever! Yeah you have your down moment, but you need to be sad to enjoy happiness fully!

I may be down the day I bought the book, but I wasn't alone. I had my Boyfriend next to me and it never happen for me in the last 19 year of my life! Even with my previous relationship.My boyfriend usually stop me when I buy a book that I don't really need but he knew in a way that I needed it. He know that books is what makes me happy when I'm down. That and pens.

I love pens. If you want to make my day give me a pen and I be super happy and show it off to everyone. Ask my roommate, I just bought a recycle pen where its biodegradable and I was showing it off to her. My boyfriend laugh since it was the first time he ever saw me like that.

anyway class will start soon-ish

take care!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Report 34

So I will give a big guess and say I suck at holding the 20min daily blog. I was good for 2 whole weeks, but after that, BAM one week-end that I miss and now I keep missing days. I tried my best really, but It's hard during the week-end when I keep moving around.

I finish a lot of my problem set today, I celebrate Easter with my family last friday. My boyfriend had to come back to Miramichi because he have a shit load of homework. I was the only source of drive.But I had a good day. Relaxing, no dog running around, barking. No cat asking for attention or to go outside. NO sister to ask me to go out, no mother to ask me to help her around. Nothing... Just my boyfriend me and the two cat hidden under the sofa XD

I'm supposed to go see my friend tomorrow, I hope anyway.

I eat a lot of candy, chocolate, and now I'm sickish. Not to bad anyway I just going to sleep it off. If I can its so warm outside god!

I'm tinkering for a story I've been wanting for ever to write. I got a few points clear up.

and now I should go, cause my boyfriend want to watch Toy Story before going to bed and It's on my computer XD

take care,


Monday, March 29, 2010

report 33

I'm in college right now, but I'm done and just waiting for my boyfriend to be done his class.

I have my Dollfie! and bit by bit I'm transforming him into Zexion! He came in with only green boxers so my roommate made him a black suit. I have one or two picture on the other website. He came in with a black wig and brown eyes. And everyone, everyone told me he look like me. He have the same shade of brown eyes as me. But now I switch doll eyes with my roommate dollfie and he have light blue eyes now. Everyone still say he look like me.

For the long week-end, Friday and Saturday I'm at my parent place, Sunday and Monday I'm at my boyfriend place. I going to miss a lot from my family, but like my mom said, I need to learn to divided in two now that I have a good relationship. I need ot learn to chose the side I need to go.

At first I was sad because I will miss a lot, but thinking of it, my mom must have miss a lot of event to when she dated my dad.So I suck it up and I will have lots of fun and chocolate. HO now I want my egg chocolate I bought yesterday, danm.

My family will do the Easter dinner Friday for me. I probably will have pasta while my family will have crab or something under that line.No meat! that's for sure. I didn't play pokemon for a while, I'm training a Zubat because the pidgiotto is not that good in heartgold I find. He doesn't learn attacks! and I'm stuck with gust all the time. So I decided to change my flier to a Crobat.

okay so I started to play Country Story on facebook for a project. I played for a week right now and every time I played my boyfriend would see me play and now...he's addicted to the game.It's really funny to see. He's playing a clicker game now too, Castle Age? I'm playing too because he ask, and we defeat monsters together. Okay HIS monsters, I still have mine to beat up.

Anyway got to goo~


07/01/2011-> My crobat is awesome. I stop playing those facebook game, Now I only play monster galaxie, Gaiaonline developer that game, I'm sending all kind of report to them from some glitch and if there going to fix the memory leek yet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Report 32

I love my class.

The new Pokemon game is out and EVERYONE have it. And now, instead of working on the problem set 3 in programming concept their talking about good pokemon breeding, EV training and more.

I love my class.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Report 31, homework list

  • not playing on Poekmon HeartGold.
  • Give the pokewalker to Scott like that I wont play
  • Math Problem sets,
  • Programming 2D project
  • Read over what to do on Programming concept PS3

just a list of homework like that I know where I'm heading. And like that I'm not playing pokemon all day. I was able to finish the ethic problem set 2 yesterday...even if its only due in 2 days. I though my ethic class was today. But at least I finish that and its out of the way. I finish on problem set in Math. Okay half way I still have to send my program via email to my teacher. I need to find the plug to do that.

Except of that. I'm battling the second gym leader in HeartGold! All my pokemon are at level 18, except for flaffy but shes getting there. That's why I'm training her right now in the gym, easier.The pokewalker is still awesome. Scott have it because he walk around more during the day then I do so yey, more steps and walts! I already unlock like. 4-5 routs. But me and Scott when want to see all the routs and try to catcher all the pokemon we can. I catcher he trains. I don't like to spend hours just training.

anyway, lunch time FOOOD and pokewalker


Friday, March 12, 2010

Report 30, missing teacher

yeah, I'm in class, only 3 of my classmate finish the project. ish. And our teacher still not here and its been an hour already. Hour and a half really. One guy send a email to the teacher. Another one is going to go see the secretary to know if he left a note is going to be there anyway.

half the class is watching videos and it starting to piss me off. I mean, people are trying to work. Some are still not able to do the scrolling and need peace and quite. But nooo they have to watch does stupid videos. I wish I could start working but I have no idea what to do. Okay I know I have to program in the mouse to click and grab the tile and work there. But I have no idea what to write to make it work. I mean I only start programming this year, I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time in this class.

I got the mouse scrolling work ish, I'm pretty sure he will find something wrong with it anyway. I just have to make him tell me how the mouse work. When I will understand how it work everything will fell in place, but right now, I'm pretty sure no one will stick for 2-3 hours just o see if he's coming to class.

I think the project is only due in an other week. But if its next week. Every one will object. Really I'm more of a visual then anything, if he would show us the code part by part it would be easier for me and maybe other people. Or even if he could explain more on the board. Since he's always explaining on the board it be easier for him too. I understand when he explain on the board more that when he tell use to figure it out.

ho well less bitching. I will leave it like that. My teacher is a good teacher, he just had a lot of bad luck this year and was sick most of last semester.I will never bash down my teacher. I will only try to make the understanding of the subject better.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report 29, lost motivation

I'm supposed to be working on my project right now. But I have no motivation at all. The project is to do a tile editor in 2D programming. I have a mouse and I need to click on the tile I need and click where ever tile I want to change. It's a simple design and idea, but I don't have the motivation at all to try and figure out the code and do it.

I will try and find some motivation music, I know that my sound design teacher have a lot ( since you know he work as a music composer?) I wish I knew where his office where like that I could ask for some cd to rip the music out and place them on my USB. But he doesn't like lending them since he lost a few because of some previous students.

My roommate have the same problem, she can see that she's getting behind her workload. Her grade still good, but its really tiring after a while. Same thing with me, I still do good grades but I barely know what I did or it takes for ever to work on it.

I will do a research to find a good motivation tonight, and work on 2D programming that I didn't even touch today.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Report 28, Holly crap since when?

Since when did my report got in the 20?...ho well

Okay so I have like 15 minute. I should have enough time. I'm in my programming class, it only start at 9:30. Anyway, I am writing this report to say that I place a new link, it's Zenxara 20 min daily blog.

I did a new blog to post everyday for 20 min I will write what ever is on my mind, what happen today and about my stories.I don't want to post here because the blog here is different. Here is like a summery of my mind and I write about something really awesome that happen in my life that I want to share.

Thinking of that I need to tell you guys, my roommate getting a car! So we wont have to run a 10 year old Ford Focus anymore!~ So when we're going down to our parent place, not only will she have a car, but her doll will be there, and HeartGold and SoulSilver will be out Sunday! So really it's only me who will have to wait for Sunday since I don't have anything to wait for now haha

But there is a doll that she found who is PERFECT for Zerox, and she may buy it for my birthday. Since she was saving up to buy one for me anyway, but the one she was saving up was like... a younger version of Zerox. Now he look more like his 18-20 and I can just buy an other set of clothing and wig and make a Zexion doll too!

Ho teacher is here Got to go, bye


on break. so before people ask ( yeah right) the doll Im talking about are dollfies doll, there really beautiful, Google it. they have different height for different price, different model.Like you can have dear feet or demons horn, cat eyes, everything you ever want.

I was interest to buy a 40 inch tall doll, but there between 300-800$ the one my roommate was saving for was 600$ but she found someone selling teh doll for 200$ and much better then the first one we found. But it's only the body, but I can find cheap eyes and wig. since Zerox have deep purple eye ( because of his contact really) and bright red hair. Like a firetruck red hair. Zerox really eye colour is deep blue, which are the same as Zexion so he can cosplay him!

Zexion is my motivation to work.My roommate is to buy dollfies, dollfies are her motivation to continue to sow and work. She like to sow, but after a while its tiring so she just look up at, I don't know many website of dollfies, and get back to sow again.

For me I'm trying to write every day. so I place my gingerbread plushie of Zexion just next too my speakers where every time I looking down at the time in the corner of the screen, I see him and make me work and type again. I should start to have a specific time to write the 20 min, cause I notice I'm more energetic to write during the mid-morning.

Not right in the morning, way to tired. My roommate calculated that it takes me 20min before I'm actually awake and aware of my surrounding. I just do things on auto pilot. My boyfriend found it weird at first but when I explain he laugh. My mom just notice after a while. I don't XD haha

I probably will write after school, like at 5 or something.Like that half an hour will have pass after I'm done college and wouldn't be to tired to write, and still have a lot to say.

okay break over, back to work.

bye bye


Hey so yeah I was able to write on my other blog when it was what? 6-7 o'clock, and no matter when or where I am, I will alway get bothered and loose count of my timing XD But it doesn't matter, I write to practice my writing. And I notice the way I write here and the way I write there are different. Maybe because I have a different motive in both blog, I have different thing to say.

So only 5 days till HeartGold and SoulSilver and I really should stop making that report longer and give my computer back to my boyfriend for him to do his test. Ho god I think h fell asleep. poor him. Well that's all I wanted to say. Some people who watch me here can watch me on my other blog too. Since I will say things I wont in another. I'm weird.

take care!

07/01/2011-> the 20 min Zenxara blog is death; the dolls are really called boll joint dolll BJD in short and I did Zexion not Zerox as my doll. More info on later post.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Report 27, Time to leave~

Well, march break nearly over,

And I didn't even do most of the stuff I wanted to do!I wanted to practice my programming, but never had time to do it. I wanted to read some of my book, but never feel like it.Couldn't go see my friends in Miramichi since I didn't had the car. The only thing I really did was going to Grand-Falls with Scott.

I got my last book yesterday, it look really amazing, it does have 1000 page haha. And I found "lord Sunday" by Garth Nix, I was waiting for that book for a year and a half! I didn't even finish Saturday cause I knew it would take a while for the last book to be out. And now I know my boyfriend will be a bit mad since I not suppose to spend money XD ho well.

Well now tomorrow, I'm back to my apartment, I will clean my room better to make place for my table and computer, Scott will help place internet on my computer, since I'm not sure on how to.Not sure. And it better when someone who know do it for me.

I will start my journey to because a game designer. With the books I bought it will help me a lot. I will try to write stories every night for 20 min. Probably only start next week since I will have a lot to do around my room to make everything okay for my computer, and clean the bathroom since the cats probably did some mess and it did smell bad when I got in a few days ago.

I will have to clean the sofa too since I don't need all my thing there now, I will have to make place in my room. I like to have everything close and at reach. I need my things next to me or else I weirdly panic.

It's probably the same thing when I'm alone to long now, I need loud music or light everywhere. I didn't need to do that when I was young but now I'm so use to have people around me that I need my thing close to me to keep the feeling that I'm not alone anymore.

I will finaly finish Saturday book. I'm half way done so... I should by the rest of the series it's a really amazing story. Original, captiving, and intriging, always suprise me everytime. The only thing I didn't really like is that he took his time to write the series, but thats normal, he was working on 3 series in the same time. And the book was always ending in a cliff hanger! you had to wait a year and half to have the new book out before you can finaly know what happen to just finish with another cliffhanger.

I start that series when he was working on Friday. I only had to wait for Friday, Sturday and Sunday, so I was fine. But poor people that had to wait for all the years.

Oh well, I have to wrap it up.

March Break over, time to work hard, clean up and studie!


11/11/2011-> You know I change my profession a lot, I only wanted to be a game designer because I could make up characters their story, the world and all that. So it was another form of me trying to fool myself that I couldn't write a novel. HA how surprise was I during November!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Report 26, Back home

I'm back home from my Boyfriend parent place.

It was really nice, Grand-Falls was small but really warming. I really like on how they build the city.

When I came back to my parent place I had one book I order there! now I'm only missing the other one. I got the character development book. I had my computer on last friday XD.

Pokemon is comming in 10 days!~ and I can't wait! I was so bored a few days ago, that I start a pokeFarm ( in my head, since I know for the Wii theres the pokeRanch thing.) My boyfriend stats his idea too.But he mostly said that I was mean toTauros and Miltanks.My farm is mostly a berry\ vegetable farm. Hunny on the side and eggs. If I can find a good bird look like a chicken pokemon. Scott said I should use pidgey, but hes a pigion! not a chicken! and I will not kill pidgey for chicken food. no way...I like pidgeys.

Anyway, so I made my team for my farm. Witch is:

Vaporeon- to help me water the plants,
Machamp- carry heavy stuff, move stuff around and hold the basket when I pick up berrys XD come on he have 4 arms~
Breloom- to help grow the berrys and... I don't know really he's my favorit pokemon.
Pidgeot- help transport thing by air.
Blaziken- cut wood, and fire on winter days, or help dry the land for some berries.
Luxray- for electricity, recharge machinery.

Scott team is just his normal trainer team:


he like steel type pokemon. I use to be a water type person, but I think that by time I'm changing for grass.But anywhere I will go, any game I will take, Vaporeon is my water type pokemon in my team. No matter what.

I guess his team can help build thing around, or get ready for winter times and bad weather.

Or you know, I be the wife, working in the farm, waiting for her man to come back from his pokemon trainer journey.

...I'm bored okay. The only thing I do is about pokemon, because I can't wait for HeartGold to be out in 10 days.That and I am a big pokemon fan XD.

I wish I could talk on about how my new computer is super awesome, but the room he is now, is to cold and far away from the living room, and my parents don't like it wen I'm not social with the family, so I'm still on my laptop till March Break is over. I didn't start reading my new book yet, but planning to do it soon ish.

so that's it, will post soon when the break is over.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Report 25, IT'S COMMING!

yup, my computer is coming home baby~

I wanted to post earlier but I just didn't know how to start the post. Like now XD

One week before March break! 2 weeks and HeartGold and SoulSilver is out!And the two books I was missing is coming in 2 weeks too.

I have 2 math test coming up! Probably a programming test and/or a problem set, one test in Quality management ( which suckuls) I finish 2D programming a week in advance!

Sooo Valentine day was awesome. We had the apartment for our self, we watch American Pie movies, He bake me a diner, it was chicken wrap in bacon with some tomato pasta. IT WAS SOO GOOOD! But he said he failed it. I told him if that was the ruin one I can't wait to eat the right one.It was Delicious.There was much more but no need to tell.

My march break gonna be PACK, on Friday I'm going down to bring my roommate to her place, and my boyfriend coming down too. on Sunday morning we're leaving to my BF place to meet his parents till Tuesday. After that I'm bringing him to his apartment because he want to play WoW, while I go back to my parent place, since my computer will be there. on Thursday, going down to my apartment for a girl night! Maybe, since most of my friend will be down to Bathurst and be easier for our old graduate friend to drive down Bathurst instead of Miramichi.

I don't know when I will bring down my computer to my place. Cause I need to clean up my room to make place there, and after the girl night, me and my roommate are just going to stay there. I probably will ask my parent to come down on Friday since we have to bring down a shelve to make place for the table.

I'm a bit sad that HeartGold is only coming out after the March break.

ANYWAY, tomorrow it's Nerf Tag assassination event! That my class worked on. SO it will be wicked, people will hold Nerf gun/ sword everywhere, and shoot people. My teacher have to call the police to tell them what where going to do. I didn't participated, but half my class did, all my boyfriend class participated, I wonder how many people is going to participated.

I want to Moncton this week-end, I was okay, we celebrate my big sister birthday, watch the Olympic, sleep a whole lot and got a horrible back pain because the bed wasn't great. My mom let me and my boyfriend sleep in the same room, witch was really impressive, but I guess it's because she know that I'm not the baby anymore XD I want "shopping" was supposed to go get my new books, but they where all out of stock so I just bought them online. Scott bought a book on cooking anything with chocolate, its awesome.

now where back home, doing our homework we where supposed to do on the week-end but didn't.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Report 24, Kittens

I has kitties,

Okay not mine really, its my friend's cats. She's having problem with her roommate and have to live with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend is allergic to animals so, we took the cats in for a while.

TWO cats!, brother and sisters~ One fat, gingerbread ( male) and a tiny slim girl, Leo. They though she was a male for quite a while so.

This Friday my class will show 2 movies for a fund raising to our trip! to Montreal Game Summit next year! I did the posters! I post them everywhere in college! Friday I will go get candy! arrange the centine... and guide people around... wow I do a lot. At least Friday some of my class mate will help so, since I have to eat somewhere in between. Saturday is a girl trip to help my friend buy make up, teach her all about it, but at 2 I have to pick up my boyfriend from work, and after that...allll week end just me and him, ho yeah.

Since I don't like valentine day where probably do nothing, only a supper ( chicken bacon wrap baby! hey that's what I ask, and he's the cook), I probably will ask him on what he want me to do for valentine day since he's the one cooking, and Valentine day is not just about guy giving chocolate and flowers to the girl. Its about COUPLES! girls have to give something too, show the affection! come on.

He probably will say NO since I give him a 50$ gift card on EBGames for his birthday last Friday. XD

So I start reading my book I order. "The Ultimate Guide to Video Games writing and design".

really interesting! they wrote the book as a game, you have some activities to do, beta , alpha and gold. Beta being: you don't have to do it really. Alpha : you should do it, may help.Gold: do itt doooo ittttt.

I'm on chapter 6 on 14. I already pass the character and world template. On how to develop characters. Not just the main character, NPC, ally, enemies and natural people. They give use a template where we can base on off, but they did say depending on the game we want to build, some question would not be apply so we can just skip it. But except of that I'm really impress, There is stuff or question I never though of, and it make me think a lot about my game, it fixed a lot of flaws I had, developed the Organization characters I had ( they have a section on Organization people template, reaally useful)

The same thing with the world, there is stuff I never though on my world. They ask so many question on the world itself that when you finish answering them all you have a realistic world living in your mind, it can have a life of its own! same thing with characters!

The book teach you on how to organize your though and imagination, to never let any ideas go away, even if there completely useless and crazy, to just write it somewhere and you never know, that that crazy idea may be useful for future project.

see I know I'm writing so vaguely right now, but that's because I want to force you guys to buy the book. Not even 20$ on amazon, and its a really useful book for student who want to go in game design or writing. Even there it's good for future writers! who likes games, since the book think not only about the designer but to normal writers to, even if they don't like games. They use James Bond and Indiana Jones as reference a lot, or other movies, cause every one watch movies!

I want to read it once before starting all the activities they assign us. Since a lot will be useful for where I want to go.And I want to write it on my new computer, I feel like my laptop will blow up if I try.

On an other note, completely unrelated ( kinda) I'm going to Moncton next week-end! all week-end, gonna relax and do nothing except read my book, and the new one I want to buy who is on my list. I invited my boyfriend to come since he really need a good week-end to relax and no video games. But with his work load, were not sure. I hope he can! I really want to go to Moncton with him! And my family leave us alone when he's there so more quite time for me to read and him to sleeep!

anyway, long post was long enough, no more me writing nonsense.