Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Report 36 New term!

I finish my second term in 80 or more, not sure yet since they didn't give out the final notes.

BUT I started the new and last term for this year and it start great! We only have 3 class, all in the same room. All week. I don't even have to leave the damn room man! I can camp there and it wont matter!

I have:
  • Audio programming
  • 3D programming
  • Enhance concept programming
Audio and 3d are tough with the new teacher, while Enhance concept is still With Brian. I have no problem with enhance programming! witch I'm supper happy and grateful for. I understand Audio more then I though witch I'm happy with too. I need to focus on 3D a bit more since its a whole new programming language, but like it happen with 2D, the more we work on the codes the more I understand it. Like already I know what I need to do, and where I need to change my codes. I just not sure on how to approach it. I will ask for some help tomorrow after I'm done my in class assignment witch I will go through fluently.

Except for that, nothing much new, still with Scott YEY!! I'm still addicted on small facebook games. HO I know I want shopping with the girls Saturday! I spend what? 200$? yeah XD I bough shirts, books and food! its the books ( and one movie) that ruin me. A 100 just there. and I did got a new purse and a dress for my new job this summer!

yeah my family came down to visit use at the apartment Sunday, and my mom told me that I got a place as a data entry online for Service Canada. Really its the same thing I had 4 year ago, but instead of entry the date from paper into the computer I will scan the paper or make it myself with some data I will receive.It will be fun, and great for me since I already know how the system work!

humm back to the shopping day with friends, I got distracted. We want to the Sex shop! We all bought something XD I just bough a simple dress nothing major.We want to Pink Sushi for lunch, since I don't like sea food, I took chicken and vegetable.I laugh when I saw that it was deep fried. EVERYTHING! even the vegetables!It was really interesting to guess what I was eating most of the lunch.At supper we when out with one of my friend dad since he was down.

Friday coming up, me and my boyfriend are going down to grand falls to see his parents.And eat at the famous pizza place that he like so much XD, last time we want down the pizza place was close because of a water flood in the kitchen.

Tomorrow I'm bringing the car to get his tires a lined. finally XD it was since September I needed to do that, but now that my dad change the tires I will go do that. And it be all ready for the drive Friday!

Anyway that was all I wanted to say. If I find more, I will just write another report!

take care,


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