Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Report 37 I didn't forget!

I know I have this blog,I just didn't know how to start a new report. For a while I wanted to do a new report. mostly on the new Pokemon game coming up. White and Black. At first I was like every one else, I didn't like it but I knew I will buy it anyway since I'm a huge Pokemon fan. And no matter what I will buy their game.

But the more I see and hear of it, the more I'm excited about it. The new starters are reveal for a while. I like the grass starter, the fire one is okay, but god I don't like the water Pokemon.But I don't really bash it every time I see it since I know a lot more people like it so.

I received the clothing for my Zexion doll, and his wig! I took some pictures and will post them up soon ish, when I be back at my place. And now I want to save up for a girl. I already know witch one I want!


I'll name her Julianne ( pronounce in french), and I calculate, all the stuff I want to buy for her will be in around 500$ XD

mind you a lot of the stuff I want for her is for Zexion too.

Julianne will have green eyes and orange/red hair.

Except for money spending, School nearly over and summer is coming up! meaning money MAKING! Yup my aunt told me its official I have a job, the same one basically I had last summer, but I got an upgrade! My boyfriend start working again in 2 weeks. The kitchen he was working at was doing some repairs , but they found something wrong in a wall and had to destroy everything so he been off for 6 month now.

my class are okay, I understand 3D a bit better, sound design is interesting but confusing at time. Enhance concept. Is... special. I mean my Quiz today was done outside, and we act the code up... oral quiz are awesome. we all did 95% XD

I mean, he had a written quiz all ready for us ( 3 question! yeey) but he got up this morning and saw the beautiful weather out so. We had the class outside. Now I need to work on battle system rules, since in a few weeks, my last problem set for that class I need to program a battle system. Tomorrow, the problem set is to make the enemy move by them self by time.

for audio and 3D we have two problem set in one. I will give sound to my 3D witch is a shooter collision game ...ish.

anyway, on other note, I start to EV train my Pokemon! It start well, but I notice in the middle of my training that my Pokemon had the wrong ability. I didn't give a danm so I continue. Now I'm training in my platinum while my boyfriend is playing the HeartGold and try to get more Battle point in the battle frontier.

now I have to go, my class start in 5 min. or so and I want to buy some food first.

take care!


11/11/2011 -> Julianne is actually base on a character on one of my story novel attempt about superheros and villain. I still love my story and character but Ghost took more part in my heart and mind, I had to much trouble trying to write in a place I never been. I needed more time to get prepare I jump to fast in the writing bandwagon.

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