Friday, November 23, 2012

Report 133 - Ghost Ship

(I have a feeling that ghost pirate ship is a recurring theme in my blog...HO WELL)

This is a funny story of me and my dad during the first opening day of Sobey's in Bathurst. It was a really big deal during that time because the only grocery store we had was the atlantic super store.  I was around 16 and picking up my dad from work at like 4:30 and we decided to stop by and check the place.

The Sobey's is not as big as the atlantic store, but it has a huge fruit and veggie section, and my dad love that. So when we got in the parking lot, it was fairly busy, so keeping together we walk in the building and the first thing you could see was a tall table displaying some product but behind the table, kept high, was this most beautiful, detailed ice sculpture of a ship sailing the waves.

It was magnificent, I stood there like an idiot staring at it, trying to capture all the detail in memory, mouth open and drooling. My dad with a grin, warp an arm around my shoulder and told me it was a ghost ship.

"yes, if you look at it for a period of time it will disappear." He said to me, I stood there for another maybe five minute, before following my dad checking the place. There was a lot of small tables to taste some new products. My dad goal was to taste EVERYTHING, even the goat milk. There was something about chicken, that was not about its egg or the meat that I don't remember and I know I don't want to remember anyway.

But the point is, I couldn't stop thinking about the ghost ship at the entrance. I kept turning around to look at it and try to figure out how it would disappear. My dad would grin every time I would turn around, and i kept having this feeling of wrongness about the whole thing. Thats when it click.

Its a fucking ice sculpture.

I groan and my dad laugh and pat my shoulder, it took me maybe 10-15 minutes to get his joke.

Its a ice sculpture, it will melt after a while, hence disappearing making it a ghost ship. I hated myself for the whole way back home and dad counted the story to my family, laughing at my stupidity. My dad is a joker, a trickster and my oldest sister and I always fall for his joke.

Still in the ghost ship topic, we do have a ghost ship in the Bathurst area. My mother said she saw it when she was young, walking to the bus stop for school. She said she heard two really strong dongs and when she look at the bay she saw a ship burning as it sink in the sea. It last for maybe a second, she blinked and it was gone. They call it the phantom ship, many people seen it, for a bare second to hours.