Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zenxara's Report 12

I post the full story on my live journal if someone want to, the programming course homework list I have to do XD lots of report and presentation.


Im Happy~

yeah....long story short...I had a date...whent see the movie Cristmas Carol... Since I had the car brough him back to his place....and I don't know how I got back home...its so...blurry~

I'm on a pink, cloud now...and I think I have to go to bed... Its night...hehehe


07/01/20110-> ... It creep me out I may just... delete that post, but working on the changing report number will be long process so I will just explain more...okay never mind that I will just copy past what my life journal said XD

Yeah, I post this on my blog but...I want to tell the full story. Its a weird way I mean, not something to laugh at. Okay so A few days ago ( I think its a week and half now) I watch all the video of Demyx Time on youtube, and weirdly the videos made me really happy, I would smile more, be more energetic and talk to people more.

So...Being a programmer, we have to work in group...a lot.And in one of my class I had a project to do with Media studies ( Art kids), and... I meet one guy...and we talk a lot( since Im supper happy), joke around, hang out ( A lot XD) and well...on the 11. I read on Live journal, from Dual_Avi, since it was the 11.11 to make a wish...not even what? 5 min after, he ask me out XD

That was the best time ever.He's awesome.

He doesn't care that I read boyxboy fanfic. No he ask me what the story is XD, he want to cosplay with me and do crazy shit. HE COOKS! thats like the best thing ever....And what I love the most, he's not clingy...He doesn't need me.all.the.time!(AKA independent) I can continue what I do and just include him in the picture, I find that a big relive.

He's maybe 2 year older then me but that's okay ( he call me Granny cause I watch old movies, I call him grand-pa cause he's 2 year older then me. fair, fair in love and war. XD), He pass my friend test witch give him 10 points...when I'm going back home tomorrow my family going to jump on me for info...but I kinda slip a lil detail...I didn't tell my family we had a date....

Since...I know if I tell them they all want to meet him...and well...I have a big family...I'm afraid on what they gonna tell him XD

On other notes! I bought Patapon2 for the PSP! I download the demo for the first one, I reaally like it so I decided to buy it, but there was only the 2 one in story so I just bough that one XD. PLUS I have my sister Dessidia. She bough Final Fantasy, so I just...never give back her game when I left. haha.

I have a lot of project and homework to do for my course...I had a quiz in programing today! I forgot, I was soposed to study yesterday, but I was so nervous and excited for my date I couldn't think XD, I could at least go and meet my group for a project. Try to make politics interesting in games? its hard...especially when you don't know how it works much.

I have a Math test tomorrow, I'm ready.I don't know what we have to do for Photoshop class, the teacher didn't show up for the class. Next Monday I have my presentation. Was supposed to be last Monday, but one of my partner did a small car accident and was stuck in Fredericton so.I have Problem Set 3? in programming to do for next week, I have to start working on it this week-end ( gonna ask a lot of people to push me on doing it, since when I'm at my parent place I do nothing...)

I have to edit my Volunteering write down the Pay it Forward assignment\report...If people actually read till here, then they will now I attach a bit of my luck and happiness on this post.

So yeah...Now that I type down a list on stuff I have to do, I can see I have a lot, and I now I have a pressur on my shoulder...but I'm soo happy I don't feel it at allll. YEAH!

hope you guys have a fun week! ( I sure as hell know I have one! XD)


there that's better.