Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zenxara Report 8

5 dayyys... and Kingdom Heart 358\2 days is ouut!!


So today was a bit interesting. In my programming class some photographer came in the middle of the lecture.You see there taking different picture of all the course in NBCC. SO they stay there, flashing pictures at us while we try to listen to the teacher.But you see...I'm the only girl in programming class...and I'm sitting in the middle of the room, witch apparently is 'the best place to take pictures!'...ya I was nice and all but after a while I get irritate and just want to flip them off...trying to learn here! GAH and they kept telling me to move a bit or just look away and...'smile'

But even if I was annoyed, it was a funny. Because one of the guys ( sitting next to me) was wearing a suit...tie and everything.The only thing that went in my mind when I saw him was "Turk" ( from final fantasy 7? ya 7). Whit his, dirty blond..Mohawk, pircing everywhere and stylish glasses...ya it was stunning XD

It was interesting. The photographer stayed for an hour and a half...And today in class we had our first C++ script writing! I'm trying to find a way to get the program like that I can practice at home and all...There's a website where I can get it for free, because I'm a student... but they don't accept my student email! saying it doesn't exist...I pout XD

But its no biggy, I can ask a technician to download it in my laptop for me, if it doesn't work.

...I feel like it been, days that I last updated....
So here! something to look at! I was bored in one class...I think it was student success...I already did that class, but this year its a bit different so I had to keep it. ho well!

the dark writing that I scribble out was some photoshop note\homework that I finish, bellow it is some Teddy bear! the left is old his top right is some notes to know if I use the right or left side of my brain...I'm right XD ( was left last year!)

Lower right is..Zexion...look better in real life...the drawing I mean...Next to Zexion is some random dude, I drew his body in one line style. Was fun...

Well that's it for meee~

( I feel like bitching, and annoying and a wonna some chocolate...)

07/01/2010-> got the visual studio 2010 from a guy in class that burn it on a CD for me while I was ranting about that in class once. Oddly I got better in drawing even if I didn't draw much. Only some doodle to go with game design idea.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zenxara's Report 7

Ho yey 7! My lucky number!

So this week I did something completely new...I finish a game...YES I can place final Fantasy: ring of fate on my list of game finish so now instead of 4 I got...5 XD It was a really short easy game it was fun...Now I can re-start it but I still got my items and same level.

Except for that, yesterday I volunteer for the Pumpkin Fling, I was in charge of making prize bags witch was only candy bags! yey for candy. I was there at 8:20 and left at 1. The pumpkin Fling is en even that happen near the Miramichi river, engineer started. They build canons and blast up pumpkins. This year was fun because it was held on the same day of ''talk like a pirate day" so all the people dress up as a pirate XD except of me, cause I didn't have a costume, plus it was freezing as hell so.

Nothing much happen on this week, I got an assignment for my programing class, and a group presentation on a game concept. ( witch, by the way, our game is EPIC)

wow, I think this gonna be the shortest entry already, since I have no idea what to say, My life is normal, nothing new yet...yet since Kingdom Hearts 358\2 days is only out in 2 WEEKS~! BOOYAA~



07/01/2011-> ... group presentation wasn't epic, was just trying to fool myself. I was stuck woth 3 boys ( where one is my boyfriend now. How unexpected event XD) who couldn't draw and could continue talking about the game we were supposed to pitch for hours I was the one pushing them to take action.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Zenxara's Report 6

I only wanted to state that I did some updates, I place some links of where I am, plus Tara's drawing Jam. She was my teacher last year and I didn't want to loose the link. I enjoy looking at the drawing people do in the drawing Jam. Some time I will probably draw one or two too.

I place a list of stuff I want and my goal... I write my goal everywhere Like that I wont loose sight of it. I know I will in the middle of the term and I don't want that. PLUS my mom said, since its been ever I actually ask for something for Christmas, she said that If i do well in college ( I feel like in middle school again) she will help me pay for my Wii ( in 3 years, I say that I will only take Birthday and Christmas money to pay it so in 3 years is kinda a joke).

SO tomorrow I will have my first programming class! I'm exited, plus scribblenauts is coming out. 4 of My friend is going to get it, since they are all in Animation, they can go get it, I will be in the middle of class so. And I didn't pre-order it. I save up of Kingdom Heart 358\2 days.

Today I had Communication and Student Success class, I already had that class last year but this year is a bit different because I'm in a different course, I'm doing this class for a different reason all together. I couldn't get exented from it but I want to practice my English, since I know I suck at writing.

On the other note, long time ago, when I was what..13...I start my own language for this story I had in my head, and I found my note 2 days ago...I wasn't far in it ...I had all the writing done, and just a few pronunciation of like 3 letters. So I was like; " HEY it be really cool if I continue it!" so I am...when I'm bored and I have nothing to do. I got all the pronunciation for the letters, and now I'm working on the exception, like all the positive answer is just one word. And all the word that say the same thing. like... me, myself and I. They all mean the same thing...kinda so I just place then from one sound.

when I got most of the basic done I probably would post it. If I'm proud of it. I got an old English basic booklet somewhere ( use it long time ago) and I gonna use it as reference on how to continue for the basic idea.

Well, that's what I wanted to say, lators~


07/01/2011 -> I got the wii summer 2010 from my boyfriend, I used all the chrismas and birthday money to buy books on Game story writing. And the language thing? yeah I work on it for two days and stop. Its back under my bed. Won't make promises since the plan of writing the series with that language in it is in the far back futur.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zenxara's Report 5!

I cut it in 2 post, like that much shorter...and today...I have a lot to say XD


So today I only have 2 class the morning, and the afternoon off. I start with my first Math class, nothing much I read the chapters he ask so I knew what to expect. I understand better when he explain it, then I read it myself and try to understand it XD

The other class, witch is the epic class... Programming Fundamentals.

FIRST! the teacher, start by dividing the class in 4 teams. We give each team...a piece of a maze and some chalk, we want outside in a far corner of the parking lot and...drew the maze! ( big mind you, we had to walk in it so)...but what make me laugh the most is just, not to far from us was the fire department, showing how to pomp water from the hose! So when we did a mistake we where like, turn to the fire department group and yell if they could hose here XD, not loud but enough to make a few people laugh on the other side. XD

After we where done, in each group, a volunteer ( or vonlentold XD) to be a robot ( Bot for short) and we had...4 or 5 level, I mix some.

1 level. the robot only know 3 commend, forword, left and right. so we would yell at the bot-person our commend XD if he hit a wall...he explode. If he crash on en other bot...they get the drift.

2 level. the Bot know new commend...pick up. The first group who would pick up 5 gem ( piece of chalk XD) would win .

3 level was... giving the new commend to the Bot...but we're facing back to him so we don't know where the Bot is... me and my group we where sitting down yelling the commend to the person in the maze, while looking at the maze map we had XD

4 level we did a algorithm? I think... I'm a bit tired so not to sure If I remember the word right...and its probably wrong, I'm so sure.

anyway...I gonna ..try to explain. its kind of... we had this commend 'can move?' if yes- forward. if no 'can turn left?' if yes-left. if no right.

we wrote that on a piece of paper and give it to our bot who would move on its own. now with the commend. It was funny, cause my group we would 1. turn in a endless circle or 2. walk out of the maze.

We all experience that to understand the basic. On how the programming thing work. And have fun in the same time. I mean where gamers! How better to get you to learn then with games right? right!

so ..ya...more will come in the next week probably...


Zenxara's Report ... 4?

I will guess 4...

My first week of College nearly done and I can say that I will be an EPIC year.

I am in a class of 16...maybe less since there is people switching course...and I am the only girl. I'm in the course of Electronic Game-Design...Also know as, Programing class... There is a class who is often with my group, the Elec. Game- 3D... together we are known as the Gamers.

Last year was a big break, and I enjoy it, was long a bit, but it was nice to not have pressure of some class that you don't like. I learn a lot last year and it's really helpful for this year. Since it cut my shyness a lot, and I'm not sexist so its a bonus in my class XD ( in all the gamer group we are 4 girls, counting me, 3 in 3D and 1 in Programing )

My first day start with a lot of walk...since I got lost...I was in the wrong building, but a guy show me the way back so its okay. The first course was Math, with Clyde. He explain the course, that it's mostly a review of high school math. It's a really good idea because its been 2 years I didn't do math and I forgot a lot XD There is people in my class that it been 5-7 years they didn't do math! so Its a good Idea.

The second class I had is Programming Fundamentals, with Brian McGee. He is a really awesome teacher, geek, and he know what he's teaching. Like Heather said, they have more money on there brain then the house! so I know I will learn a lot from him. Well the way he explain I will learn the basic, and with errors I will learn more.

and the least, Flash...Witch we will only start in a week because we're supposed to have new computer with Flash CS4 but we're still stuck with the old computer and flash nothing much on there.

Yesterday morning I had 2 class in the morning ; Design Foundation, witch will be mostly Talking about game, how they are made, why you like it, the difference between some games and others. ya mostly talking and some concept writing. olol When the teacher was talking about concept report, an idea for a kid game pop in my head, I had to wait 2 hours to write it down because I didn't want to write it while the teacher was talking. One, its rude, and two! What he was saying was important so.

The other Class was Photoshop, I already had a class last year so for the first 3 weeks will only be a review for me and a few of my class mate.

on the afternoon I have interpersonal Communication. I will do a lot on volunteering and ...volontold XD I know I will have 2 Field trip, 1. is for the paint ball fight. first person game shooter style. and 2 other kind of game but I don't know....I'm still not sure if I want to participate or a photographer. I think I will go in the fight. I will have bruise but I will probably have a lot of fun....the other Field trip is the pumpkin fling, that my class is vonlentold to help. It will be fun!

We're going to do lot more but I'm not sure of what it is. And I prefer like that, its more fun when you don't know what to expect.

07/01/2011 -> funny on how I like the basic programming much more then the real thing right now. By the way, design fundation is a GREAT class, just sad that we miss half of it because the teacher god badly sick and the teacher who was supposed to replace him was teaching on that time.