Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zenxara's Report 5!

I cut it in 2 post, like that much shorter...and today...I have a lot to say XD


So today I only have 2 class the morning, and the afternoon off. I start with my first Math class, nothing much I read the chapters he ask so I knew what to expect. I understand better when he explain it, then I read it myself and try to understand it XD

The other class, witch is the epic class... Programming Fundamentals.

FIRST! the teacher, start by dividing the class in 4 teams. We give each team...a piece of a maze and some chalk, we want outside in a far corner of the parking lot and...drew the maze! ( big mind you, we had to walk in it so)...but what make me laugh the most is just, not to far from us was the fire department, showing how to pomp water from the hose! So when we did a mistake we where like, turn to the fire department group and yell if they could hose here XD, not loud but enough to make a few people laugh on the other side. XD

After we where done, in each group, a volunteer ( or vonlentold XD) to be a robot ( Bot for short) and we had...4 or 5 level, I mix some.

1 level. the robot only know 3 commend, forword, left and right. so we would yell at the bot-person our commend XD if he hit a wall...he explode. If he crash on en other bot...they get the drift.

2 level. the Bot know new commend...pick up. The first group who would pick up 5 gem ( piece of chalk XD) would win .

3 level was... giving the new commend to the Bot...but we're facing back to him so we don't know where the Bot is... me and my group we where sitting down yelling the commend to the person in the maze, while looking at the maze map we had XD

4 level we did a algorithm? I think... I'm a bit tired so not to sure If I remember the word right...and its probably wrong, I'm so sure.

anyway...I gonna ..try to explain. its kind of... we had this commend 'can move?' if yes- forward. if no 'can turn left?' if yes-left. if no right.

we wrote that on a piece of paper and give it to our bot who would move on its own. now with the commend. It was funny, cause my group we would 1. turn in a endless circle or 2. walk out of the maze.

We all experience that to understand the basic. On how the programming thing work. And have fun in the same time. I mean where gamers! How better to get you to learn then with games right? right!

so ..ya...more will come in the next week probably...


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