Sunday, September 20, 2009

Zenxara's Report 7

Ho yey 7! My lucky number!

So this week I did something completely new...I finish a game...YES I can place final Fantasy: ring of fate on my list of game finish so now instead of 4 I got...5 XD It was a really short easy game it was fun...Now I can re-start it but I still got my items and same level.

Except for that, yesterday I volunteer for the Pumpkin Fling, I was in charge of making prize bags witch was only candy bags! yey for candy. I was there at 8:20 and left at 1. The pumpkin Fling is en even that happen near the Miramichi river, engineer started. They build canons and blast up pumpkins. This year was fun because it was held on the same day of ''talk like a pirate day" so all the people dress up as a pirate XD except of me, cause I didn't have a costume, plus it was freezing as hell so.

Nothing much happen on this week, I got an assignment for my programing class, and a group presentation on a game concept. ( witch, by the way, our game is EPIC)

wow, I think this gonna be the shortest entry already, since I have no idea what to say, My life is normal, nothing new yet...yet since Kingdom Hearts 358\2 days is only out in 2 WEEKS~! BOOYAA~



07/01/2011-> ... group presentation wasn't epic, was just trying to fool myself. I was stuck woth 3 boys ( where one is my boyfriend now. How unexpected event XD) who couldn't draw and could continue talking about the game we were supposed to pitch for hours I was the one pushing them to take action.

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