Monday, September 14, 2009

Zenxara's Report 6

I only wanted to state that I did some updates, I place some links of where I am, plus Tara's drawing Jam. She was my teacher last year and I didn't want to loose the link. I enjoy looking at the drawing people do in the drawing Jam. Some time I will probably draw one or two too.

I place a list of stuff I want and my goal... I write my goal everywhere Like that I wont loose sight of it. I know I will in the middle of the term and I don't want that. PLUS my mom said, since its been ever I actually ask for something for Christmas, she said that If i do well in college ( I feel like in middle school again) she will help me pay for my Wii ( in 3 years, I say that I will only take Birthday and Christmas money to pay it so in 3 years is kinda a joke).

SO tomorrow I will have my first programming class! I'm exited, plus scribblenauts is coming out. 4 of My friend is going to get it, since they are all in Animation, they can go get it, I will be in the middle of class so. And I didn't pre-order it. I save up of Kingdom Heart 358\2 days.

Today I had Communication and Student Success class, I already had that class last year but this year is a bit different because I'm in a different course, I'm doing this class for a different reason all together. I couldn't get exented from it but I want to practice my English, since I know I suck at writing.

On the other note, long time ago, when I was what..13...I start my own language for this story I had in my head, and I found my note 2 days ago...I wasn't far in it ...I had all the writing done, and just a few pronunciation of like 3 letters. So I was like; " HEY it be really cool if I continue it!" so I am...when I'm bored and I have nothing to do. I got all the pronunciation for the letters, and now I'm working on the exception, like all the positive answer is just one word. And all the word that say the same thing. like... me, myself and I. They all mean the same thing...kinda so I just place then from one sound.

when I got most of the basic done I probably would post it. If I'm proud of it. I got an old English basic booklet somewhere ( use it long time ago) and I gonna use it as reference on how to continue for the basic idea.

Well, that's what I wanted to say, lators~


07/01/2011 -> I got the wii summer 2010 from my boyfriend, I used all the chrismas and birthday money to buy books on Game story writing. And the language thing? yeah I work on it for two days and stop. Its back under my bed. Won't make promises since the plan of writing the series with that language in it is in the far back futur.

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