Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zenxara Report 8

5 dayyys... and Kingdom Heart 358\2 days is ouut!!


So today was a bit interesting. In my programming class some photographer came in the middle of the lecture.You see there taking different picture of all the course in NBCC. SO they stay there, flashing pictures at us while we try to listen to the teacher.But you see...I'm the only girl in programming class...and I'm sitting in the middle of the room, witch apparently is 'the best place to take pictures!'...ya I was nice and all but after a while I get irritate and just want to flip them off...trying to learn here! GAH and they kept telling me to move a bit or just look away and...'smile'

But even if I was annoyed, it was a funny. Because one of the guys ( sitting next to me) was wearing a suit...tie and everything.The only thing that went in my mind when I saw him was "Turk" ( from final fantasy 7? ya 7). Whit his, dirty blond..Mohawk, pircing everywhere and stylish glasses...ya it was stunning XD

It was interesting. The photographer stayed for an hour and a half...And today in class we had our first C++ script writing! I'm trying to find a way to get the program like that I can practice at home and all...There's a website where I can get it for free, because I'm a student... but they don't accept my student email! saying it doesn't exist...I pout XD

But its no biggy, I can ask a technician to download it in my laptop for me, if it doesn't work.

...I feel like it been, days that I last updated....
So here! something to look at! I was bored in one class...I think it was student success...I already did that class, but this year its a bit different so I had to keep it. ho well!

the dark writing that I scribble out was some photoshop note\homework that I finish, bellow it is some Teddy bear! the left is old his top right is some notes to know if I use the right or left side of my brain...I'm right XD ( was left last year!)

Lower right is..Zexion...look better in real life...the drawing I mean...Next to Zexion is some random dude, I drew his body in one line style. Was fun...

Well that's it for meee~

( I feel like bitching, and annoying and a wonna some chocolate...)

07/01/2010-> got the visual studio 2010 from a guy in class that burn it on a CD for me while I was ranting about that in class once. Oddly I got better in drawing even if I didn't draw much. Only some doodle to go with game design idea.

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