Monday, October 5, 2009

Zenxara Report 9

Well I wanted to post like.. a week ago but thing when in my way...Its called Kingdom Heart 358\2!!

yup I got it...I already have 24 hours on it. haha

When I start the game I was thinking on how much I would hate Xion because she is a Mary sue. But I don't know if people notice, she is just like Roxas, no memories, no feeling, and want to know what it is or what it is. ( I pitty Axel for that, he have to answer all there question XD " Axel, what is love?" ho lol)

I don't like her...but I don't HATE her, I pitty her. That poor thing, because she is made of Sora's memories, she is having memories witch is not hers. Resulting on killing her but by bit.

I would like her a bit...if she wouldn't be like Roxas so much...I don't like Roxas..that much anyway. Most of my time playing is with it sad that I play the story mode just to get more item for Zexion.

So yeah I been playing that game for the past few days. When I'm not playing, I'm doing something related to it.

Its a report paper! there's the number of the mission (167), the 'world' ( witch is my college)... there's my Nobody name, my number (27 for the win!)

mission: titles of the home work
requirement: what I have to do for the homework
Reward: what I get for doing that mission ( grade, cookie, bottle of fun...)

and made by me in the small corner.The only thing I didn't do is the Nobody sign. I want to print a bunch and write my homework on it XD...

I didn't have a lot of homework ( yet! but I smell it coming!) I have to do a game concept paper. Only one page, it is said that its really hard to do, because you have so much to say about the game you want to make that you run out of space. For the first one the teacher said that he will ...Mayybe accept 2 pages, but it have to be a reaally good game concept for him to accept it.

on the other end, I have a group pitch ( of a game), we already started and so far so good! I ask my group if we could finish early like that we will have time to edit the thing we didn't like so much.
I don't remember if I said I start programming already?...oh well, anyway I start programming, at first I though it would be hard to learn, but I was wrong. When you have a good teacher, and work at the same time as he is, you learn a lot! I learn on how to do math, change colours and... make it pause , like that the player can read what I had type. I wonder what I gonna learn tomorrow.. it will be fun.

On a other note, I bought new books! One is "the Demon's Lexicon" dual_avi on livejournal did a review on it and I was really interested to buy it... and I finally found it! the second one is " Genius Squad" by Catherine Jinks... its the second book after Evil Genius. For last, I have the last book of Artemis Fowl: the time paradox. I read all the series, might as well finish it! I really like the first book of the Fowl series. It was the first book I read that the protagonist is evil. It was a really interesting story, slow to developed at first, but you understand after while why he took its time to describe all the thing in the first few chapters. And the way it end was completely the opposite of what I though.

anyway, that's all


07/01/2011-> never finish Kingdom Heart days game. I'm only 3/4 done but I just stop, I lost interest in it.the book "demon Lexicon'? Yeah I didn't read it also. I tried but its not my kind of book. I also didn't read the Artemis Fowl because I don't want to finish the series yeet. I did how ever finish the evil genius series.

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