Monday, October 26, 2009

Zenxarta Report 11


Is anyone going to trick or treat? I AM! in my organization coat too! See on Halloween day it will be one of my beast friend birthday so she said that she want me and my roommate to trick or treat with her! It been sooo long I didn't trick or treat, I think last time I was in 8 grade? don't remember.

Anyway, I learn in programing class how to do loops! and now I use loops for everything XD. I did a program, to practice, and it make me think of pokemon every time I work on it. It ask if your a boy or a girl, and your name after that...and I got a lil animation after, cause I can. And I didn't want to forget the loop animation so.

I didn't read or play much game since last update. I start reading 'The demon Lexicon', but I can't get motivated to finish it. I find it a bit confusing when I start, I get mix up with the brothers and I still don't know who is who.


okay you guys gonna laugh at me for this story.

Last week the school had an event, the Haunted House. It's like a lil maze that take 1\3 of the gym, and this year team was corrupted fairy tells. ( I probably didn't write that well, I will go and edit it later, I'm tired and my head hurts.) I was a character in there for 2 nights, I was playing Cinderella! I was arm with a whip and taunting my step sister that I lock up in a prison.

so Friday night I didn't really know how the whip works so I just practice most of the night, scream and all, trying to be creepy...witch I fail. I'm to nice. BUT by the end of Friday, I got better and could crack it in the air!

Saturday, I was just whipping my whip and PACK...I whip myself on the forehead... I hurt, but I laugh after. That's what happen when you play with dangerous yeah now I have a emo hair cut for a few weeks...trying to hide that red mark XD

other then whipping myself I had a lot of fun. My parent when trough the Haunted House ( Saturday) and didn't recognize me...I was proud!


okay so lately, I've been stalking the Demyx X Zexion page on fanfiction for a while. ( AKA 2 week now)I'm on it so much that I saw the update on fanfic I watch there before I get the email. I review most of the one I watch. I find it funny, that I always fallow the same review pattern , I'm pretty sure soon the authors will see the pattern. It creep me out, I'm trying to change but if I change I sound like a meany, witch is wurst.

So soon in my review I will just be sorry that I got a pattern review, that's the only way I can express myself and not sound mean. Since a lot of fanfic I read are good, just need a bit of tweaking and it be better. Most of the thing that need tweaking are writing style.

So yeah, I help new writers to be better, and I limit myself on saying that it's awesome. I will only say that to like...3 authors, but that's because they want to college or university to be English teacher, editors or authors so...they know what there doing.

humm well that's all for me...


07/01/2011-> It's scares me on how childish I was 2 years ago. I don't read fanfic that much now, maybe once every 3-4 months. Having a boyfriend can change you a lot. It was creeping him out on how childish my room was and how I was so I change.

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