Thursday, May 31, 2012

Report 121

Okay it is so not my fault. I actually remember thinking on Wednesday to write a report, but now I'm still thinking where Friday and days of the week is completely mix up. We've been very busy at the copy center at work, and when I get back home I get busy with making a list of things to do in June before we leave.

We reserved our uHaul  yesterday :D tomorrow its changing the oil on the car, calling the car assurance ( since mine is expires on the 21st of June, that's like ASAP)

ANYWAY I'm working on the lesson 16? I think of the revise your novel, its going slowly now with the moving around, but I'm always thinking of it. Soon I will be cutting down my manuscript ( even if you know I'm basically writing everything from scratch) and I cant wait. I just cant wait to start writing. I'm writing on the side mostly fanfics of jolt ideas around in one place, its better then nothing.

Last week-end I want down to bathurst ( alone) and got my girl night! I got my nails done ( I cant stop staring at it, its so pretty), got a hair cut and color! I feel all pretty and refresh actually. I had fun, lot of it. I talk about going down the PEI, my writing. I feel great saying I'm going in writing! Its great to actually honest with yourself. For years I only coated what I say and hide what I really wanted to do. Just to protect myself from what other would say about my choices. My mom still on my case on it because she wants me to have a good paying job straight after I'm done college when I just remember on how it took her years before she got the job she had... and they still made her work her ass off for an ass pay and now she is on disability pension plan because she can't work anymore. She's 50 and she can't even do half the day before she have to lie down for a nap.

I have my dream job in my mind right now and I will pursue it the best I can. And even better.

OKay I have to go, I dont have a lot to say anyway, and I wanted to finish reading about the lesson before taking notes tonight so TAKE CARE!! :D


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Report 120 - Home

For the longest time I called my parent house, home.  It's only when I stayed for the summer last year did I start saying that this apartment being home. For a whole year this was home...Until last week. Last week end we went down to PEI for apartment shopping, but the only thing was that eh, I was a chicken and was only able to contact one apartment I called a few others but they where all off during the long week end ( I CALL BULLSHIT!) so We went down to visit one apartment. And it was the most perfect place we ever saw. Never mind coming back for visiting others, we jump on that one. It's just behind the wal-mart in Charlottetown, the building is so well sound proof that I kid you not when the landlord close the door behind him it cut the noise, we couldn't here a thing of what was happening outside.

I fell in love with that place with the pictures, Scott fell in love with it the second we got in. We're sending our damage deposit today, like that its ours and we're moving in on the first of July. The landlord is doing some renovation of the place in June, his taking off the carpet and place hard flooring, paint and fix the walls and double check the plumbing is working properly.

the place is like 5 minute of walk from EVERYTHING! The university isn't far at all ether, and and and CHAPTERS!! For 22 years of my life I will finally be living close to a flipping chapters, its like dream come true. And the wurst ( well best ) is that it is a dream come true.

Few month ago I had a dream about this room a room where it was my office, I had my l shape desk close to the windows still, it was open and the wind was coming in, the sun was out but I don't know if it was setting rising, it was very bright in the room. The wind was moving some of my paper on the wall I stick there for my work. It was warm and perfect, I felt relax and at home I felt great. I was getting ready to work, I was holding a glass in hand and just looking at the scene in my office on how beautiful it was and great.

And the spare bedroom in the apartment is exactly like in my dream. There is also on how the living room place is exactly like how I wanted. I made a list of details on how I want my next home to be and this is exactly like I wanted. AND FANS ON THE CEILING THANK GOD!

so yeah, We're moving in on the first of July, I stop working on the 28 of June and start again at Charlottetown the 9 of July giving us a week to unpack and get to know the place better.

Anyway on last report I was working on a method to basically strip down my story and see the holes in it, well there was A LOT and I am now down to two. Which is mostly the motivation of the bad guy, why he waited 2 days before making his move to kill Dan. If I strip down the date to the day before the accident Dan wouldn't have enough training on his power to survive the treat, that's why my muse give me a two day time frame between the scenes, making enough time for Dan to get comfortable with his power and try to make sense of what he know and try to tell Ken ( his mentor) the treat against Greg. Ken doesn't believe that Greg is evil, he believe that Greg is posses by a Ugly( corrupted souls look like floating snot that screech with horrible smells) and that he just need a hit on the head to get it clear up.

If I do decide to make it a series, then it be true, Greg is being posses by the Boss Ugly. BUT shhhh you didn't hear it from me!

It just, I need to find a reason for why Greg waited so long before he makes his move and it has to matter, because if I throw something random or say it just has to, when I write my  novel it will have a gap and readers will know. I need to find a reason that matters, that will make sense for the readers and me.

But after I'm done that its lesson 16 which is the last few prep before I go to the cutting. Where its both exciting and frighting. Ether or. I was planning to do the camp nano this year but with the moving, new work and getting ready for Uni I will stick on just working on my novel for now. ANd use my new knowledge on how to work plots to make my Not so Hero story for NaNoWriMo 2012. The plot is still the same but I just change a few things, its still running in my head, both the male main character and his uncle are the same. Eccentric, loud and wild manners, he work on like three things at the same time, very smart, build things from just scraps, and prefer to leave it like that, hate new things always paranoid that its being tab on.

Anyway, its going to be fun. ANd that was all I wanted to report, we have an apartment at PEI, going to move out in a month time and that I'm working hard on my novel!

Take care,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Report 119 - Writers Solitair

Sorry I'm late with my report, I've been busy with well, moving XD I was supposed to call people today but hum I don't have their name so I  still send emails, but I know I will get answers back since now I actually give my phone number, fuck the long distance its worth it.

I also came back late from work and just... Eat and work on my novel revision. I'm doing this exercise that holly lisle call the Writers solitaire where I basically play around white my scenes card and hell its amazing! I find teh perfect starter chapter that way. Now I placed all my card in descended numbers next to each other ( 30-29-28...) and I'm writing like the battle and then questions of what I don't know about it like why are they battling, why is the bad guy after him, why isn't he fighting back, then I mark the time frame between the two scenes like "30 minute before" mark down whats the scene and write every question that the scene give me and so fort.

I manage to find like 3 plot holes I never tough before because, some question I ask myself I can answer later but there is some that I just froze and be like..." why? HOlly crap I don't know why... Need to figure it ouut" I also did, after a few scenes down when it just click in place and not only did I find how to fix the plot holes I was able to make my bad guy more...bad. well scary because I always find that he wasn't motivated enough or scary enough for anyone to care.

Anyway I fix it with technology that open portals, bad guy eating souls and killing someone because he said the wrong answer. And shooting the MC lover through a portal, good times good times. But there is still a lot that need fix up. Like in my story right at the end before they battle the bad guy I made that Daniel ( Main character) rescue his old dad now the King of the ghost dimension, but the king all super powerful doesn't want to be rescued, not yet, he say its not his time yet to move out. And well, it made me think...why did I made Daniel rescue someone who doesn't want or need rescuing in the first place? I can take all those scene away and it still make sense, because the only thing the king does is take out the force field the bad guy place to beat up Daniel and try to eat his soul.

HO god I'm a genius. I love writing my reports to you guys I always figure out things later. I was just letting my train of though saying that someone else could easily destroy the force field, when I ask who to my muse she just shrug and say guess and that's were I go "ho god I'm a genius" KEN! Ken is another character that teaches Daniel on how to control his power, I could just change the scene around where Dan goes to rescue Ken, because hell he care for the men and he did save his life ( twice) so now Daniel actually have motivation to go down and rescue his mentor! You guys are awesome!

This is awesome. I just have to write down the details of the evil technology, the back story of how Gregory ( bad guy) decide to go on the dark side, when he started, how he climb titles and what power he was able to absorb ( I know a few, he has senses, make force field and purple fire beam thing) and I also have to make a time line of when and how Daniel start to get his powers, cause they accumulated and I know at the middle, he is using his whole power like instinct when he is trying to get away and survive. I saw that extra scene like a movie, I could see the fluent movement of Daniel as he roll out grab his clothing and fade through the wall in the hall way, use his ghost vision to see in the dark and a green steam just above the floor like a cord in a maze showing where to go to get out of there, it was...mesmerizing. and exciting. I just like how it ends

"What the hell are you doing? And where is your shoes? We had that conversation Daniel, you need shoes."

"Sorry I was to busy trying to survive to think about SHOES!"

haha take care!

Steph~ :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Report 118 Avengers + rant on conflict in story

I saw the movie :D ON the day of its release May the 4th, at 310. It was awesome! I'm a big sad since I miss the second bonus clip after the credit but was able to find it youtube, so no biggy! I still want to see it again, I am pretty sure I miss a few awesome part because I blink or something.

Except of that, not so much, I finally found "The magic by Rhanda Byne" Its a part of the Secret books, I'm well I'm a fan of the process, I use it often ( mostly my vision board) But this book is a 28 step on how the process work and make everything better. I'm slowly fallowing it because it say at the right beginning that I needed a list of what I want in my life and I was like...well shit. I don't know! So for a few days it was just me mauling around in my brain for all the tiny details of what I want in my life in Careers, Health, Relationship, Material things, Personal desires and money.

I find it funny on how in the money part I was like /shrug thanks? I don't know I'm happy the way I'm living right now even if my parents hate it and its very dangerous, but I'm actually comfortable with it. I just have enough to live by and It stop me from buying things that I don't need or have like bijilions of it ( ho like pens and notebooks?)

Its the first time I actually sit down with a pen and notebook and write exactly what I would love to do in a career or work place. I wrote what I wanted to do, how I would like my coworkers, how I can work at home and have an office at a building anyway. What I would be doing there, if its pen and paper or computer only, how much I would be paid, if I be traveling and all the tiniest detail of what I would love my job to be.

I wrote everything down then I had to photocopy them since I'm place it as a list form now. I didn't want to shred the paper out of the notebook, making it unbalance, I don't like that.

Anyway now I'm back to fix up my book revising, I'm at lesson 13 and I have procrastinate long enough. I only procrastinate when I don't understand something and don't want to try to understand it or make the research to understand it I push aside until one day I will turn look at it and be like " Hoo yeaah" and pick it up again to work on it. This time I'm forcing myself to do it, I think I understand it but its...iffy. I'm just doing it to fill out the forms and see if I can fix up my scenes better.

Its the conflict tracker, I read the lesson a month ago, I should read it again, really ( HA I took notes here I go cheat sheets!) buuut I don't want to, I nearly fall asleep last time trying to understand things. My comprehensions isn't all. If I don't get it at the first 3 go, welll. I usually try to make my brain shut up and say if they say it work that way then suck it up that's how it work, don't need to make sense of it ( LIKE GRAMMAR IT DOESN'T"T MAKE SENSE Hence why I fail most of my french grammar class).

I'm just very confuse about conflict and trying to find in my scenes conflict is really hard because half my brain goes: " NO IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY SHUT UP!" The other goes " BUT IT HAVE TO HAVE A REASON! WHAT IS IIITTT"

and I just go in fry mode and stare at a wall until both side shut up.

Like okay, the very beginning of my story, Its just my main character, Daniel walking to point A from point B and get a phone call. BUT its a very important phone call that make Daniel doubt about loyalty and just shrug off the warning and leave anyway to point C and I'm like, is the phone call the conflict because its trying  to stop Daniel from going to  point C? Even if you know, if you take out the phone call everything will be the same anyway, but I need the phone call for introduction with the characters loyalty and place in the world in the first place, without the phone call I be like WTF is that guy doing there, how come they know each other what the hell is happening here!

with the phone call you be more like HOLLY SHIT HE LIIEED! Bigger conflict BAM! SO the phone call is like the little bump in the road before the three falls in! Awesome! You all awesome..Imma Awesome... Awesome. GOOD! I think its time for me to actually, you know, do work

Take care! :D


Monday, May 7, 2012

A-to-Z blog Reflection post!

I actually forgot about it until I check the list of blog I'm fallowing and saw all of the reflection posts. SO here is my crappy one :D

The goal I had during April was to share my stories. And I did, even if it was probably just confusing since when I start I can't stop writing about my stories so I force myself to stop and it probably was stiff ( not probably I know it is.)

Another part of the goal I had for that challenge was to find knew blog friends and fallow different blogs that interest me. and I am proud every day when I see that I get a new comment or a new follower, I try to respond to all the comments since I don't have a lot anyway.

I like the challenge, keep me up on my toes, regular schedule. Different topic and sharing my daydreams of when I was a kid. I really enjoyed it and will plan to do it again next year! :D

I hope you all enjoyed it just like I did!

And now I present:

Take care everyone :D


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Report 117 PEI!! :D

First report of the month! Men last month was so...amazing! I had fun, I can't believe I was stress for that, The ScriptFrenzy finish in  a jiffy ( half script Half novel XD) I enjoyed doing the Blog Challenge, it was different and brought me new readers ( HI!!) and found me more blog to follow! (Stalk)

And now the big news...The cloud has been lift, we're going to PEI! :D I'm  going to study my minor in English, focus on Creative writing at the University! I'm going to be transfers at the Staples there also and Scott will have so many opportunity! We both love the feel of the island, and I place 'live in PEI' on my vision board for like 2-3 years in a row right now, it was a given, but men I'm so excited! We're going down not the coming week end but the next to visit some apartments ( if they reply to me already! :C)

I"m nervous, because hell its in like...2 months, but I'm not to worried anymore, I have a great supportive family who will be next to me until I'm stable again. I love my job and the people I'm working with right now and I know that the people working at Staples in PEI are as welcoming and charming as the ones here.

I will probably be far away from friends, but I will make new ones, with NaNoWriMo and writing community I will make good friends.

I'm still panicking about the money thing, but I'm slowly calming down, I know I'll make it, I'm not alone anymore. I have Scott and my parents, my sisters, my friends. I'm not alone.


HO yeah I did make a new vision board!My board is just behind me at all time just leaning on my book shelves on the ground so when ever I leave or come back I see it before I go on the computer. So a few days ago when I was bored I turn around and saw it, like really looked at it and it dawn on me that hell 3/4 of the stuff on it already happen, I got, or don't really care for anymore, so with my boredom I decided to make a new one. But differently this time.

Last time I pin them on the board so I was limited on the size of the board itself, this time I just stick them together where ever I wanted or felt like it. And you know what? I love it. I like it MUCH better then the last two Vision board I made ( 16-17, 19-20 and now 21-22 year old)

This is it! I find it funny before, I would have never share my board, or my writing or any ideas because I was afraid to be make fun off or something. But I learn to over come that thanks to the A-to-Z blog challenge, that's what I learn the most, to share my vision and weird stories. Anyway I started with Scarlett Johansson and the red shoes and just merge down to that. I added word and stickers after. Some of them I glue magnet to it so I can hold half the images down on the white board with the magnets and I pin down the rest on the other side ( which I have no idea how its called in English right now...nor in french, I have a blank...HO GOD)

Last vision board was things physical object I wanted, now Its more on feelings and future events that makes me happy. I got the mac still of course, and just under it is a cut out of UPEI logo with the course of creative writing, since that's where I'm aiming at now. But most of it is things to make me feel beautiful the way I am. Without make up and the hand me down fancy clothing.

So with my power, I am feeling good about myself the way I am, and those are pretty things that make me feel good.

My first vision board was awful, it was a school assignment and I didn't know the hell I wanted so I just place you know what I though I should place, the car I want, lots of money the men of my dreams, wedding cake and rings. It didn't last long I over come it with lots of post cards and nanowrimo stuff on it. ( still full of crap but good crap about writing and how to over come my fears)

Second one was better, but never about me, was just a list of crap I wanted, bed sheets, graduations, decoration for apartment, my kobo, wedding cake and rings.

New one is about me, on how I want to feel like, what I want to achieve cake and rings.

That's one thing that I kept all those years ( but different model of course) but its only a few months ago that I was like TWO BIRD IN ONE STONE I WANT TO GET MARRIED IN DISNEY WORLD!! Have you seen that shit? Its BEAUTIFUL! And in good price too! And I always say when I get married I gonna hire someone to do all the work, a pro, like that the only thing I have to do is show up in time you know?

I saw my cosine and sister over work themselves for their wedding and hell no I don't want that. I barely no anything about weddings ( I'm not even engage yet!) The only thing I know is on whats shown in movies. SO really I don't want to do the work, I will let the people who work in that division who love their work and I will be free of unnecessary stress. And I get a discount on The honey moon if I get married there :D

Anyway, I didn't place anything about my writing except the school work, because I don't want to mark things like "Have a novel publish by said date" because if I don't achieve it I will be disappointed and my self esteem will go down on saying I can't do shit.

Anyway that's what I wanted to share, my vision board and I"M MOVING TO PEI :D Also I will be updating the Blog challenge page with links of my posts!

Take care,