Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Report 120 - Home

For the longest time I called my parent house, home.  It's only when I stayed for the summer last year did I start saying that this apartment being home. For a whole year this was home...Until last week. Last week end we went down to PEI for apartment shopping, but the only thing was that eh, I was a chicken and was only able to contact one apartment I called a few others but they where all off during the long week end ( I CALL BULLSHIT!) so We went down to visit one apartment. And it was the most perfect place we ever saw. Never mind coming back for visiting others, we jump on that one. It's just behind the wal-mart in Charlottetown, the building is so well sound proof that I kid you not when the landlord close the door behind him it cut the noise, we couldn't here a thing of what was happening outside.

I fell in love with that place with the pictures, Scott fell in love with it the second we got in. We're sending our damage deposit today, like that its ours and we're moving in on the first of July. The landlord is doing some renovation of the place in June, his taking off the carpet and place hard flooring, paint and fix the walls and double check the plumbing is working properly.

the place is like 5 minute of walk from EVERYTHING! The university isn't far at all ether, and and and CHAPTERS!! For 22 years of my life I will finally be living close to a flipping chapters, its like dream come true. And the wurst ( well best ) is that it is a dream come true.

Few month ago I had a dream about this room a room where it was my office, I had my l shape desk close to the windows still, it was open and the wind was coming in, the sun was out but I don't know if it was setting rising, it was very bright in the room. The wind was moving some of my paper on the wall I stick there for my work. It was warm and perfect, I felt relax and at home I felt great. I was getting ready to work, I was holding a glass in hand and just looking at the scene in my office on how beautiful it was and great.

And the spare bedroom in the apartment is exactly like in my dream. There is also on how the living room place is exactly like how I wanted. I made a list of details on how I want my next home to be and this is exactly like I wanted. AND FANS ON THE CEILING THANK GOD!

so yeah, We're moving in on the first of July, I stop working on the 28 of June and start again at Charlottetown the 9 of July giving us a week to unpack and get to know the place better.

Anyway on last report I was working on a method to basically strip down my story and see the holes in it, well there was A LOT and I am now down to two. Which is mostly the motivation of the bad guy, why he waited 2 days before making his move to kill Dan. If I strip down the date to the day before the accident Dan wouldn't have enough training on his power to survive the treat, that's why my muse give me a two day time frame between the scenes, making enough time for Dan to get comfortable with his power and try to make sense of what he know and try to tell Ken ( his mentor) the treat against Greg. Ken doesn't believe that Greg is evil, he believe that Greg is posses by a Ugly( corrupted souls look like floating snot that screech with horrible smells) and that he just need a hit on the head to get it clear up.

If I do decide to make it a series, then it be true, Greg is being posses by the Boss Ugly. BUT shhhh you didn't hear it from me!

It just, I need to find a reason for why Greg waited so long before he makes his move and it has to matter, because if I throw something random or say it just has to, when I write my  novel it will have a gap and readers will know. I need to find a reason that matters, that will make sense for the readers and me.

But after I'm done that its lesson 16 which is the last few prep before I go to the cutting. Where its both exciting and frighting. Ether or. I was planning to do the camp nano this year but with the moving, new work and getting ready for Uni I will stick on just working on my novel for now. ANd use my new knowledge on how to work plots to make my Not so Hero story for NaNoWriMo 2012. The plot is still the same but I just change a few things, its still running in my head, both the male main character and his uncle are the same. Eccentric, loud and wild manners, he work on like three things at the same time, very smart, build things from just scraps, and prefer to leave it like that, hate new things always paranoid that its being tab on.

Anyway, its going to be fun. ANd that was all I wanted to report, we have an apartment at PEI, going to move out in a month time and that I'm working hard on my novel!

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