Thursday, May 17, 2012

Report 119 - Writers Solitair

Sorry I'm late with my report, I've been busy with well, moving XD I was supposed to call people today but hum I don't have their name so I  still send emails, but I know I will get answers back since now I actually give my phone number, fuck the long distance its worth it.

I also came back late from work and just... Eat and work on my novel revision. I'm doing this exercise that holly lisle call the Writers solitaire where I basically play around white my scenes card and hell its amazing! I find teh perfect starter chapter that way. Now I placed all my card in descended numbers next to each other ( 30-29-28...) and I'm writing like the battle and then questions of what I don't know about it like why are they battling, why is the bad guy after him, why isn't he fighting back, then I mark the time frame between the two scenes like "30 minute before" mark down whats the scene and write every question that the scene give me and so fort.

I manage to find like 3 plot holes I never tough before because, some question I ask myself I can answer later but there is some that I just froze and be like..." why? HOlly crap I don't know why... Need to figure it ouut" I also did, after a few scenes down when it just click in place and not only did I find how to fix the plot holes I was able to make my bad guy more...bad. well scary because I always find that he wasn't motivated enough or scary enough for anyone to care.

Anyway I fix it with technology that open portals, bad guy eating souls and killing someone because he said the wrong answer. And shooting the MC lover through a portal, good times good times. But there is still a lot that need fix up. Like in my story right at the end before they battle the bad guy I made that Daniel ( Main character) rescue his old dad now the King of the ghost dimension, but the king all super powerful doesn't want to be rescued, not yet, he say its not his time yet to move out. And well, it made me think...why did I made Daniel rescue someone who doesn't want or need rescuing in the first place? I can take all those scene away and it still make sense, because the only thing the king does is take out the force field the bad guy place to beat up Daniel and try to eat his soul.

HO god I'm a genius. I love writing my reports to you guys I always figure out things later. I was just letting my train of though saying that someone else could easily destroy the force field, when I ask who to my muse she just shrug and say guess and that's were I go "ho god I'm a genius" KEN! Ken is another character that teaches Daniel on how to control his power, I could just change the scene around where Dan goes to rescue Ken, because hell he care for the men and he did save his life ( twice) so now Daniel actually have motivation to go down and rescue his mentor! You guys are awesome!

This is awesome. I just have to write down the details of the evil technology, the back story of how Gregory ( bad guy) decide to go on the dark side, when he started, how he climb titles and what power he was able to absorb ( I know a few, he has senses, make force field and purple fire beam thing) and I also have to make a time line of when and how Daniel start to get his powers, cause they accumulated and I know at the middle, he is using his whole power like instinct when he is trying to get away and survive. I saw that extra scene like a movie, I could see the fluent movement of Daniel as he roll out grab his clothing and fade through the wall in the hall way, use his ghost vision to see in the dark and a green steam just above the floor like a cord in a maze showing where to go to get out of there, it was...mesmerizing. and exciting. I just like how it ends

"What the hell are you doing? And where is your shoes? We had that conversation Daniel, you need shoes."

"Sorry I was to busy trying to survive to think about SHOES!"

haha take care!

Steph~ :D

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