Sunday, December 16, 2012

Report 134 - Christmas Tree

 A few weeks ago, my mother told me that my sister and her friends where doing a contest of whom has the best looking Christmas tree. It just happened that I bought a christmas tree from Zellers on sale ( since the store is closing). Half the light is working, I barely have any decoration at all, and am forbidden to buy any. SO I told myself: I'm a crafter, I have a lot of things at home that I can use as decoration for my christmas tree, and scott does not want to be part of it – it is all my idea – so I told my mom that hey I will participated too!

Therefor, a few day after, taking a break from studying. I sat down in the middle of my office with those:

I already have a box full of small decoration (top left corner) from my grandmother a few years ago and my sister, as gifts. When I used to work at Staples in Miramichi, after the holidays my boss was getting rid of the window decoration she got for the store, it just happened that I go my hands on them.

SO I have: small decoration, a laminator, window snow-flake decoration, tape, paper clip, scissors, single hole puncher, and construction paper.

I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted to do for my christmas tree. No okay, I had no idea in the first place, I just took out what I could used and went with it. So the first thing I did was laminated the window decoration like that they are more stable.

Then I cut them up and place a single whole on the top, and with the paper clips I improvised.

I end up with a lot more then expected so I was happy. Today I finish off the top decoration: a star, like always, and took a picture of the end product. It is ugly. But it is okay, because I made it. I made it with my own hand and that's what I like. Good thing out of that ugly thing is that there won't be any glitter on the floor! So there it is, my Christmas tree. Under the tree there is the fake snow with the village, and my family's gifts.

I also finished my first semester of University! I loved it. I still didn't receive my final grade but I am confident that I did well, against everyones believed. Scott and I love living on the island, we've been slowly saving up and taking care of the car ( new battery!). Scott is working away, while still looking for a better paying job, but it is hard to find, but he still apply to some. I went and saw a career counsellor, like I was asked, and I feel bad for the poor women since I was just there bawling crying because I have no idea what I want to do anymore, since everyone I tell are just saying it is not good enough and should do better. Or that I will fail because I suck. Thanks guys, my depression is just in need of more wood for the fire!

I compiled a mind map, the day after the meeting with the counsellor, of everything I loved working in and what I would love to do in my future. With what I discovered in myself, I changed my course outline for my second semester and chosen the classes I want to take in the summer to see if I really want to go in that path.

I know I ask for material thing for christmas, but what I really want to have when I go down, is conversation that is not about my future jobs, my inability to make a decision with only TWO class under my belt.I want to talk about the news, weather, my new friends, Scott's friends, my future classes, books, movies, my writing, cooking, funny stories, how everyone is, new projects, how Scott's family is, plans for the summer, camping. Anything else that will bring the joy in our stay.

That is all I'm asking. You can all send me a rent of text in a email or text the day after we leave, but not before. Because I will pack and leave.  I love you all deeply, but there is so much kick in the guts feeling I can take in a month.

Thank you,