Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Report 117 PEI!! :D

First report of the month! Men last month was so...amazing! I had fun, I can't believe I was stress for that, The ScriptFrenzy finish in  a jiffy ( half script Half novel XD) I enjoyed doing the Blog Challenge, it was different and brought me new readers ( HI!!) and found me more blog to follow! (Stalk)

And now the big news...The cloud has been lift, we're going to PEI! :D I'm  going to study my minor in English, focus on Creative writing at the University! I'm going to be transfers at the Staples there also and Scott will have so many opportunity! We both love the feel of the island, and I place 'live in PEI' on my vision board for like 2-3 years in a row right now, it was a given, but men I'm so excited! We're going down not the coming week end but the next to visit some apartments ( if they reply to me already! :C)

I"m nervous, because hell its in like...2 months, but I'm not to worried anymore, I have a great supportive family who will be next to me until I'm stable again. I love my job and the people I'm working with right now and I know that the people working at Staples in PEI are as welcoming and charming as the ones here.

I will probably be far away from friends, but I will make new ones, with NaNoWriMo and writing community I will make good friends.

I'm still panicking about the money thing, but I'm slowly calming down, I know I'll make it, I'm not alone anymore. I have Scott and my parents, my sisters, my friends. I'm not alone.


HO yeah I did make a new vision board!My board is just behind me at all time just leaning on my book shelves on the ground so when ever I leave or come back I see it before I go on the computer. So a few days ago when I was bored I turn around and saw it, like really looked at it and it dawn on me that hell 3/4 of the stuff on it already happen, I got, or don't really care for anymore, so with my boredom I decided to make a new one. But differently this time.

Last time I pin them on the board so I was limited on the size of the board itself, this time I just stick them together where ever I wanted or felt like it. And you know what? I love it. I like it MUCH better then the last two Vision board I made ( 16-17, 19-20 and now 21-22 year old)

This is it! I find it funny before, I would have never share my board, or my writing or any ideas because I was afraid to be make fun off or something. But I learn to over come that thanks to the A-to-Z blog challenge, that's what I learn the most, to share my vision and weird stories. Anyway I started with Scarlett Johansson and the red shoes and just merge down to that. I added word and stickers after. Some of them I glue magnet to it so I can hold half the images down on the white board with the magnets and I pin down the rest on the other side ( which I have no idea how its called in English right now...nor in french, I have a blank...HO GOD)

Last vision board was things physical object I wanted, now Its more on feelings and future events that makes me happy. I got the mac still of course, and just under it is a cut out of UPEI logo with the course of creative writing, since that's where I'm aiming at now. But most of it is things to make me feel beautiful the way I am. Without make up and the hand me down fancy clothing.

So with my power, I am feeling good about myself the way I am, and those are pretty things that make me feel good.

My first vision board was awful, it was a school assignment and I didn't know the hell I wanted so I just place you know what I though I should place, the car I want, lots of money the men of my dreams, wedding cake and rings. It didn't last long I over come it with lots of post cards and nanowrimo stuff on it. ( still full of crap but good crap about writing and how to over come my fears)

Second one was better, but never about me, was just a list of crap I wanted, bed sheets, graduations, decoration for apartment, my kobo, wedding cake and rings.

New one is about me, on how I want to feel like, what I want to achieve cake and rings.

That's one thing that I kept all those years ( but different model of course) but its only a few months ago that I was like TWO BIRD IN ONE STONE I WANT TO GET MARRIED IN DISNEY WORLD!! Have you seen that shit? Its BEAUTIFUL! And in good price too! And I always say when I get married I gonna hire someone to do all the work, a pro, like that the only thing I have to do is show up in time you know?

I saw my cosine and sister over work themselves for their wedding and hell no I don't want that. I barely no anything about weddings ( I'm not even engage yet!) The only thing I know is on whats shown in movies. SO really I don't want to do the work, I will let the people who work in that division who love their work and I will be free of unnecessary stress. And I get a discount on The honey moon if I get married there :D

Anyway, I didn't place anything about my writing except the school work, because I don't want to mark things like "Have a novel publish by said date" because if I don't achieve it I will be disappointed and my self esteem will go down on saying I can't do shit.

Anyway that's what I wanted to share, my vision board and I"M MOVING TO PEI :D Also I will be updating the Blog challenge page with links of my posts!

Take care,


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  1. I don't know where PE is, but congratulations! :D