Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Report 118 Avengers + rant on conflict in story

I saw the movie :D ON the day of its release May the 4th, at 310. It was awesome! I'm a big sad since I miss the second bonus clip after the credit but was able to find it youtube, so no biggy! I still want to see it again, I am pretty sure I miss a few awesome part because I blink or something.

Except of that, not so much, I finally found "The magic by Rhanda Byne" Its a part of the Secret books, I'm well I'm a fan of the process, I use it often ( mostly my vision board) But this book is a 28 step on how the process work and make everything better. I'm slowly fallowing it because it say at the right beginning that I needed a list of what I want in my life and I was like...well shit. I don't know! So for a few days it was just me mauling around in my brain for all the tiny details of what I want in my life in Careers, Health, Relationship, Material things, Personal desires and money.

I find it funny on how in the money part I was like /shrug thanks? I don't know I'm happy the way I'm living right now even if my parents hate it and its very dangerous, but I'm actually comfortable with it. I just have enough to live by and It stop me from buying things that I don't need or have like bijilions of it ( ho like pens and notebooks?)

Its the first time I actually sit down with a pen and notebook and write exactly what I would love to do in a career or work place. I wrote what I wanted to do, how I would like my coworkers, how I can work at home and have an office at a building anyway. What I would be doing there, if its pen and paper or computer only, how much I would be paid, if I be traveling and all the tiniest detail of what I would love my job to be.

I wrote everything down then I had to photocopy them since I'm place it as a list form now. I didn't want to shred the paper out of the notebook, making it unbalance, I don't like that.

Anyway now I'm back to fix up my book revising, I'm at lesson 13 and I have procrastinate long enough. I only procrastinate when I don't understand something and don't want to try to understand it or make the research to understand it I push aside until one day I will turn look at it and be like " Hoo yeaah" and pick it up again to work on it. This time I'm forcing myself to do it, I think I understand it but its...iffy. I'm just doing it to fill out the forms and see if I can fix up my scenes better.

Its the conflict tracker, I read the lesson a month ago, I should read it again, really ( HA I took notes here I go cheat sheets!) buuut I don't want to, I nearly fall asleep last time trying to understand things. My comprehensions isn't all. If I don't get it at the first 3 go, welll. I usually try to make my brain shut up and say if they say it work that way then suck it up that's how it work, don't need to make sense of it ( LIKE GRAMMAR IT DOESN'T"T MAKE SENSE Hence why I fail most of my french grammar class).

I'm just very confuse about conflict and trying to find in my scenes conflict is really hard because half my brain goes: " NO IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY SHUT UP!" The other goes " BUT IT HAVE TO HAVE A REASON! WHAT IS IIITTT"

and I just go in fry mode and stare at a wall until both side shut up.

Like okay, the very beginning of my story, Its just my main character, Daniel walking to point A from point B and get a phone call. BUT its a very important phone call that make Daniel doubt about loyalty and just shrug off the warning and leave anyway to point C and I'm like, is the phone call the conflict because its trying  to stop Daniel from going to  point C? Even if you know, if you take out the phone call everything will be the same anyway, but I need the phone call for introduction with the characters loyalty and place in the world in the first place, without the phone call I be like WTF is that guy doing there, how come they know each other what the hell is happening here!

with the phone call you be more like HOLLY SHIT HE LIIEED! Bigger conflict BAM! SO the phone call is like the little bump in the road before the three falls in! Awesome! You all awesome..Imma Awesome... Awesome. GOOD! I think its time for me to actually, you know, do work

Take care! :D


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