Thursday, May 31, 2012

Report 121

Okay it is so not my fault. I actually remember thinking on Wednesday to write a report, but now I'm still thinking where Friday and days of the week is completely mix up. We've been very busy at the copy center at work, and when I get back home I get busy with making a list of things to do in June before we leave.

We reserved our uHaul  yesterday :D tomorrow its changing the oil on the car, calling the car assurance ( since mine is expires on the 21st of June, that's like ASAP)

ANYWAY I'm working on the lesson 16? I think of the revise your novel, its going slowly now with the moving around, but I'm always thinking of it. Soon I will be cutting down my manuscript ( even if you know I'm basically writing everything from scratch) and I cant wait. I just cant wait to start writing. I'm writing on the side mostly fanfics of jolt ideas around in one place, its better then nothing.

Last week-end I want down to bathurst ( alone) and got my girl night! I got my nails done ( I cant stop staring at it, its so pretty), got a hair cut and color! I feel all pretty and refresh actually. I had fun, lot of it. I talk about going down the PEI, my writing. I feel great saying I'm going in writing! Its great to actually honest with yourself. For years I only coated what I say and hide what I really wanted to do. Just to protect myself from what other would say about my choices. My mom still on my case on it because she wants me to have a good paying job straight after I'm done college when I just remember on how it took her years before she got the job she had... and they still made her work her ass off for an ass pay and now she is on disability pension plan because she can't work anymore. She's 50 and she can't even do half the day before she have to lie down for a nap.

I have my dream job in my mind right now and I will pursue it the best I can. And even better.

OKay I have to go, I dont have a lot to say anyway, and I wanted to finish reading about the lesson before taking notes tonight so TAKE CARE!! :D


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