Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Report 122

I am oh slowly packing things. I had to take like the BIGGEST box there is for all my creative writing stuff. I felt smug after :D There is nothing that much interesting that happen this week. Well I  received the Bittersweet book that I won from a giveaway ( ) and start reading it, ho so slowly too.

I got more hours at work now, since its the end f the school year a lot of order is piling up. Today we've been working on some post card order, it was at least 700 postcard in total and I kid you not we had to redo like 300 of them (twice!) because of mistakes or not positioned right. My feet and back are sore from being on my feet in one place as I hunch over the counter to cut those things ( and we're not done!)

But men, today was fun, I laugh a lot because of the pranks the guys did to each other. It felt great. I love working there because of those people they love their job and tease each other and make the day a bit brighter. I hope that it would be the same when I be working at the Charlottetown Staples. I can't wait. I made a list of things I have to do this month, before we leave and I just squeel every time I look at it and it's shorter.

I just really cant wait. My parents are coming down on Saturday to give us some plastic box to pack and Sunday there picking up stuff ( green chair) that we dont need or care for.

Yesterday I want down to the bank and I dont know but on the whole drive I felt...weird, different. I left right after watching an episode of Lie to Me ( great tv show, its like bones but instead of reading human remains, they are reading face muscle for emotion or movement that depict if they are lieing or not. and its unbelievable I'm learning a lot from watching the show and notice that I'm like staring at people trying to find those small emotion gesture.) and that episode I guess effect me in some way because I felt drain, scared. So I did the only thing I do when I get high emotion. I want to the library that was closebuy and got some books. I got a procrastination book, one that show how to be sexy with clothing. a idiot huide to discover your perfect career and the perfect english writing book that just explain all the question I wanted to ask. So I be looking into that one after I'm done with the idiot guide XD

I like reading self-help book, it boost my moral, and I learn something different or a different way to see how the mind works for humans. I actually was searching a book on how to read human body language ( I remember one, a small english book to teach french highschoolers english, I read it and still remember some things) because I'm interest to learn more of what the TV show is teaching me. BUt couldn't find any. I try to find a book of Dalai lama, buut there was only one in the whole library and didn't want to search for it, so I didn't :D

I did felt better when I got back home. I start reading right away and work on the question from the idiot guide. A lot of it is already familiar but I know the farther I go in the chapters the more specific it will get and I be better at judging what I want to do for the rest of my life.

If I could like, open fan mails for a magazin for the rest of my life I be happy. I love that. Or work at a copy center but not really taking care of client, just receive everything online I be fine. Ohh If I can andswer those fanmail letters it be fuun!

anyway My mind just like drift into million of futur though, so I will leave it like that. Food is getting ready and I'm hungry so Take care !!

Steph~ :D

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