Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Report 125 terrified

In a week, we be moving to PEI and I am absolutely terrified.

IN a week, I"m packing all my shit up and move in another PROVINCE! I wouldn't be as scared if I still be in NB but we decided to move in PEI. I have no regret, I love the island, everyone I talk to and say I be moving there say that I will love, I will enjoy it. Everyone that once lived there say they absolutely adore it.

I think the reason that I am freaking out inside the most is that I was giving all my hopes on Scott having a good job over there but we still didn't hear anything form the company over there when he send his application. Today is the Jalloo festival ( a two day convention where people from the gaming and animation industry comes down and give workshops, plus a time for industries looking for hiring can look through the graduates portfolio.) and there is a few people from PEI that came down. So we have a chance there for Scott to talk and get probably a job, so its good.

I'm freaking out because we don't have friends over there, it will be 4 hours of drive to visit my parents, 6 hours to visit his, around 2 hours to visit my best friend.

I'm freaking out because I only have enough hours at work to pay my half of the rent and food, nothing else and I'm going to University this coming fall. My laptop is dying, I'm giving it him 3-4 months max, its overheating to much and getting to slow no matter how much I'm cleaning it, its to old and probably melting all the parts on the motherboard by now.

I want to get a Mac, but its around 1900$ and that's basically my car assurance right there. I wonder if the school would buy it for me because I need it for my classes. I kinda can bring my big ass tower to school really. I was planning on using my laptop ( and a voice recorder) to take notes for my courses but with the Mac laptop I can just have the app Keynote ( I think that's the one) and I can both recorder the lecture AND take notes. Its awesome.

...Okay I got distract from the apple website, I was looking at the difference with the air and pro mac, because I didn't remember why I went with the mac pro. Then I notice they don't have a 15inch in the mac air so that answer my question. I want to see things, I like the 15inch screen its comfortable for me. And it doesn't have a CD drive, well that settles it!

There is a lot that scares me but in the same time I'm excited, its a new place a new beginning, a new path being fallowed, and I'm doing it with someone I love, in a place we both really, really like. We will make new friends, and there is a lot to see and do over there, so many events! A new place for a new life, doing something that I love to do. Its going to be so fun.

Its going to be quite something.


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