Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zenxara's Report ... 4?

I will guess 4...

My first week of College nearly done and I can say that I will be an EPIC year.

I am in a class of 16...maybe less since there is people switching course...and I am the only girl. I'm in the course of Electronic Game-Design...Also know as, Programing class... There is a class who is often with my group, the Elec. Game- 3D... together we are known as the Gamers.

Last year was a big break, and I enjoy it, was long a bit, but it was nice to not have pressure of some class that you don't like. I learn a lot last year and it's really helpful for this year. Since it cut my shyness a lot, and I'm not sexist so its a bonus in my class XD ( in all the gamer group we are 4 girls, counting me, 3 in 3D and 1 in Programing )

My first day start with a lot of walk...since I got lost...I was in the wrong building, but a guy show me the way back so its okay. The first course was Math, with Clyde. He explain the course, that it's mostly a review of high school math. It's a really good idea because its been 2 years I didn't do math and I forgot a lot XD There is people in my class that it been 5-7 years they didn't do math! so Its a good Idea.

The second class I had is Programming Fundamentals, with Brian McGee. He is a really awesome teacher, geek, and he know what he's teaching. Like Heather said, they have more money on there brain then the house! so I know I will learn a lot from him. Well the way he explain I will learn the basic, and with errors I will learn more.

and the least, Flash...Witch we will only start in a week because we're supposed to have new computer with Flash CS4 but we're still stuck with the old computer and flash nothing much on there.

Yesterday morning I had 2 class in the morning ; Design Foundation, witch will be mostly Talking about game, how they are made, why you like it, the difference between some games and others. ya mostly talking and some concept writing. olol When the teacher was talking about concept report, an idea for a kid game pop in my head, I had to wait 2 hours to write it down because I didn't want to write it while the teacher was talking. One, its rude, and two! What he was saying was important so.

The other Class was Photoshop, I already had a class last year so for the first 3 weeks will only be a review for me and a few of my class mate.

on the afternoon I have interpersonal Communication. I will do a lot on volunteering and ...volontold XD I know I will have 2 Field trip, 1. is for the paint ball fight. first person game shooter style. and 2 other kind of game but I don't know....I'm still not sure if I want to participate or a photographer. I think I will go in the fight. I will have bruise but I will probably have a lot of fun....the other Field trip is the pumpkin fling, that my class is vonlentold to help. It will be fun!

We're going to do lot more but I'm not sure of what it is. And I prefer like that, its more fun when you don't know what to expect.

07/01/2011 -> funny on how I like the basic programming much more then the real thing right now. By the way, design fundation is a GREAT class, just sad that we miss half of it because the teacher god badly sick and the teacher who was supposed to replace him was teaching on that time.

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