Thursday, May 27, 2010

Report 38, I am proud

I am,

I finally did my first EV train pokemon! It have the effort ribbon and now I'm leveling him up at level 100. He's at 81 now. It is my first pokemon I ever train over 60.Even when I was a Kid I never could finish a game with a pokemon at level 60, I usually restart a game before.

By the way, its a Dusknoir. I had him in my HeartGold originally, and I'm training him in my platinum, holding a lucky egg like that he have the double exp!My next EV train pokemon will be my vaporeon with egg move wish!~

I first need to train my togepi for him to learn wish, a female skitty, and get a male skitty with wish to actually have my vaporeon, but I'm on my way! *shake pokewalker*

except of that, at school I only have 3 project to do. 2 of them are technically the same one. the last one is my 3D and audio mash together. I think I explain that over the last Report? Probably.

Anyway I've been listening to the same song since ever!

blame it on the pop!

It's all because of jenxtheJinx, that I watch on youtube. she did a video with that song wearing all her cosplay.It is supper awesome.

Well except pokemon and some fluff story of Zexion and Demyx going in my head, nothing much happen.Well, I will adopt a cat in like 3 weeks XD

My boyfriend is staying down miramichi so he can take care of her, while me and my roommate are in Bathurst working. It is technically me, my roommate and Scott's cat, my roommate pick her up, I will like any cat really, and Scott give the okay. Next year I will be staying in miramichi for another year and so, we agreed that the cat will be mine and Scott's.

So that beautiful cat, is mine XD.Her name is Pixie, she's a year old or so.We have to ask our landlord if its okay that we have a cat though. But I mean there is no reason for them to no. We didn't do mess, destroy things or bother people.They never, never hear bad from us, or just anything back from us, so why would they say no to just a simple thing as that. Even if they say, when we both sign the contract that no pet was allowed. They have a cat themself.

all my neighbored around me have 2 cat each. We are allowed to have one cat. That doesn't do a single sound, lazy all about and just ask to be pet once and a while.

anyway I will go now. I'll post the picture of Zexion .

take care,


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