Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Report 35#


I finish the two problem Set for Kevin yesterday, and post it in his in file today! it feel great! That and my roommate bought a wig for my Zexion doll. Its the exact color! She bought it on eBay, I bought a carrier for him and she bought his first outfit.

I just have to do two test for Math. two home test, I can bring the test with me for the week-end and work on it. I don't have anything for 2D programming... I think anyway. I finish the last in class assignment in Concept Programming yesterday, I only have a PS4 and the last quiz to do and I'm done.

except for the work load I bought a book! Its "the Secret to teen power" I already have the book for the Secret but I was feeling down a few days ago and when I saw that I just bought it from instinct. When I'm down or depress I need books to bring my mood up. It's basically the same thing as the original book "The Secret" but its written with example for teens to understand better. Sports, actors, music and clothing thing. It's really funny to read.

I believe in The Secret. You can call me stupid all you want, but hey its frigging free and its just by Thinking, come on. You can make money more, have what ever you want, and be happy for ever! Yeah you have your down moment, but you need to be sad to enjoy happiness fully!

I may be down the day I bought the book, but I wasn't alone. I had my Boyfriend next to me and it never happen for me in the last 19 year of my life! Even with my previous relationship.My boyfriend usually stop me when I buy a book that I don't really need but he knew in a way that I needed it. He know that books is what makes me happy when I'm down. That and pens.

I love pens. If you want to make my day give me a pen and I be super happy and show it off to everyone. Ask my roommate, I just bought a recycle pen where its biodegradable and I was showing it off to her. My boyfriend laugh since it was the first time he ever saw me like that.

anyway class will start soon-ish

take care!


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